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General Election 2010

Theresa May defends equalities role

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Reader comments

  1. James Incer 13 May 2010, 5:08pm

    Congratulations to Theresa on her appointment. She’ll do a fantastic job.

  2. I’ll congratulate her when she has proved herself worthy of that title.

  3. We’ll have to wait and see. I’ll keep an open mind.

  4. She defends herself by refusing to address what she has done? She completely avoided addressing her homophobic votes and you call this a DEFENCE Pink News?

    How much does Cameron pay this site again?

  5. james Incer, how odd that you pop up on different threads saying how fabulouas these Tory cabinet members are, yet you never one address the one consistent factor they all have in common: a history of voting against measures which extended rights to LGBT people. How odd you don’t find that worth commenting about.

  6. silly billy 13 May 2010, 6:32pm

    “I promise you the best Christmas ever” she said to the lonely turkey. “You’ll be surrounded by friends and in the midst of all the festivities. You wont be cold or left out in the farmyard ever again.”

  7. So she’s committed to ‘taking forward an agenda on equalities across the whole range of equalities’. I wonder what she means by that? I wonder if she even knows what she’s talking about? Never mind LGBT rights – I find the sight of a Tory addressing the very concept of ‘equality’ utterly hilarious.

  8. Charlie I think they mean equality, as in: we all had an equal opportunity to attend Eton…

  9. I’ll keep an open mind. Let’s see what she will do.

  10. m-m, I’ll try too.

    In the meantime, Mrs. May, hold this thought:

    ‘Mrs May said: “In this particular issue we have some very real commitments, for example in terms of homophobic bullying in schools.’

    Ben16 will be here shortly; and he has so much to learn from you on this subject.

  11. Patrick James 13 May 2010, 9:56pm

    I have said on many occasions that the threat presented by the Conservative party does not come from direct repeal of anti-LGBT discrimination legislation.

    The threat is that they will make it possible for others within society to discriminate against LGBT people based on “conscience”.

    If we look at Theresa May’s statement on Channel 4 News we see that she is taking forward an agenda across the whole range of equalities.

    I wonder what she means by whole range of equalities?

    The big “fight” over the coming years will be major religions v. secularism. I come from Northern Ireland originally but I follow things in the Republic and of course the introduction of the Blasphemy law there was truly a monstrous thing to behold.

    I don’t think a Blasphemy law is likely in the UK, although there are many within the Conservative party who would love to see such a thing, but I do think that the Conservative party will be wanting to reinforce the idea that religions have a “right” to discriminate based on “conscience”.

    The first and most obvious place will be in the Faith schools. The Conservatives did all they could to destroy attempts to get some kind of regulation on sex and relationship education in Faith schools in the last parliament. We know that they are planning the biggest expansion of Faith schools since the 19th century as reported in the Daily Mail as well as many other places and in fact this will be facilitated by their policy to allow parents to “set up their own schools”.

    I bet that Theresa May will be giving those Faith schools autonomy about what they should teach on many issues such as LGBT issues etc and she will be defending their “right” to teach what they like as an “equality” issue.

  12. How can she be committed to addressing homophobic bullying when all she seems to be suggesting, is tackling general bullying. Bullying with prejudice, such as homophobic bullying needs much more than giving head teachers more control. It must start with changing attitudes in such people, and this can’t happen if the signal from the powers that be are that they view gay people as being wrong.

    Homophobes could point to her and say “but you think gay people are wrong too, you even voted as such, so don’t tell us not to be against gay people you hypocrite”. Therein lies the problem with her as Equality Minister.

  13. theotherone 14 May 2010, 12:35am

    erm Patrick? I hate to point out but if you criticise Religion in this Country you can be fined or imprisoned.

    LABOUR brought that in as well as allowing Religious groups todiscriminate against us.

  14. The voting record speaks louder than the rhetoric.

  15. Her record speaks for itself.

    Her voting record to date indicates that she is homophobic scum.

    This one needs to be watched.

    Nice picture Pink News. Theresa May looks like she has herpes on her lip in the image used.

  16. Hodge Podge 14 May 2010, 1:43pm

    If this one position, where she can get away with very little, appeases the Tory right, then maybe it’s the lesser of two evils.

  17. Hear Hear Petrick James. That is exactly what has happened here in Bristol, where we saw two schools picketed and teachers intimidated by ‘Faith Groups’ who resorted to a downright thuggish blockade in response to a programme of teaching that included LGBT families amongst others.

    We can expect teh Tory Equality Minister to “take forward the ‘Equality A-gender’ allright: the A-gender of heterosexual, mainstream, right-wing, well-heeled interests!
    By the time the Single Equality Bill has been revised by the Ant Cameron and Deck Clegg Team, it will be “Us and LGBThem who?”.

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