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Lesbian teenagers attend prom in rainbow bus

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Reader comments

  1. Brilliant!! A wonderfully welcomed bit of good news.

  2. Amy and Topaz sound cool.

  3. Pumpkin Pie 13 May 2010, 9:48pm

    Indeed. And if the school is as supportive as it sounds, then that’s also wonderful. Kudos all around!

  4. I hope this story gets plenty of news coverage across the pond in the USA. Gay students over there could use a morale boost by reading this story.

  5. Oh god NO!

    Ram it down their throats why don’t you.

    There is NO need for this.


  6. Milton Keynes isn’t that far away from me. If I can face the prospect of a trip back to the soul-less vacuous hell-hole that it is, I may pop down there tonight after work to wave a flag and wish them well…

    George – Second that sentiment. Getting the support of their school is a bonus.

  7. Lucky lisp 14 May 2010, 2:53pm

    Milly Tant anyone?

  8. Pumpkin Pie 14 May 2010, 8:49pm

    Oh god NO!
    Ram it down their throats why don’t you.
    There is NO need for this.

    Milly Tant anyone?

    Oh, super. People who think having a bit of pride is offensive. I bet you’d be the first to complain if somebody asked you not to fly the flag outside your home.

  9. Great story, retweeted it through @reading_pride makes a nice change from the stories from america. Pleased our schools are being so cool about.

  10. Heyy
    Its weird to still find this story, as i have now come out as transgendered and no longer identify as Topaz
    however i hope this inspires young people to be more confident, and hope it promotes acception and equality for all :)

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