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Gay marriage a ‘dangerous threat’, Pope warns

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Reader comments

  1. Shane Woodhouse 13 May 2010, 6:32pm

    This is from the guy who thinks its okay for priests to abuse kids then helps them cover it up. What a hypocrite.

  2. This is why the traitors who call themselves gay catholics should be treated with the contempt and derision that they deserve.

  3. I was brought up Catholic and it really messed me up. Took a long time to sort my head out! I do know one or two gay catholics but what on earth possesses them to be so is beyond me. People say things like “Most catholics don’t agree with what the Pope says”. This is partly true, as a lot of Catholics don’t- but why are they Catholics in that case? If they don’t agree with him they should leave and go to another church they do agree with, surely?

  4. Claire, I couldn’t agree more. When Josef Ratzinger says ‘a dangerous threat’ he is partially right – dangerous to his worldview, which is a hypocritical upholding of patriarchal attitudes, made worse by the closeted queens in the Vatican, including himself.

  5. You would think that after being suspected of being sympathizer of paedophile priests the senile old Nazi would have kept bigoted mouth shut for a while.

  6. It is extremely difficult to distance onesself from the religion by which you were raised as I know.After many,many years of inner-struggle with this I no longer call myself a catholic,prefering instead to use the term christian.I still believe in god and will always look to him for guidance.The roman catholic church,and specifically Ratzinger,does not speak for me.No human,regardless of whether he says he was chosen by god can ever speak for me!If I am at all able to,I will be demonstrating when that vile man visits the UK.

  7. I’d like him to provide the evidence of his claims. How would he account for the world if there were no abortion or gay marriage. Things would remain just the same. Single parents, divorce has been soaring long before gay marriage was a dot on the radar. He and his cult have absolutely NO moral authority to make such idiotic pronouncements based on its tradition of paedophilia, misogyny and subjugation of societies throughout history. I was once catholic but now an avowed atheist. He should be arrested upon arrival in the UK and charged with crimes against humanity. He and his cult are beyond evil.

  8. #3 claire – you are so right. I was brought up protestant, and that messed me up just as much.

    “He has also attacked the use of condoms to tackle HIV, saying they may make the problem worse.”…………

    How can anyone with a brain even consider what this man says to be acceptable?

  9. I wonder whether anyone has calculated the number of people that have died because of the popes stance on condoms.

    And how many children have lost parents or become victims ofthe disease themselves.

    Surely the biggest threat to humanity is ignorance.

  10. What an aejit, you’ve got to larf, except someone might actually believe him.

  11. Bob71350 – I agree with you he is irresponsible and a dangerous joke. Me thinks he protests too much. I think he is a closetted frustrated gay ‘pining for the fiords'(gay life)

  12. Plenty of people do believe him and therein lies the tragedy. The extraordinary lack of self-knowledge of these people is truly incredible. They still wear ‘robes’ which are a throwback to the androgyny of shamen and yet they talk about preserving the boundaries between men and women. Fight them for everything you are worth!

  13. Baron Antonio Massa di Galugnano 13 May 2010, 7:36pm

    With all my respect for my religion and for the Holy Father but I disagree that our Santity stigmatizes against gay marriages and women in the priesthood. Religion should be free of any political and social issues but show tollerance and not enforce hate “Cast the first stone if you are without sins”.

  14. silly billy 13 May 2010, 7:40pm

    Like a bad penny (whoops, I mean Benny)…..

  15. Claire, I was also brought up Catholic in Italy. Growing up I became an atheist but, to be honest with you, when I look back at what I’ve learnt as a child it really wasn’t an overall evil message. I think that these days people like this pope and those that listen to him are really converting catholicism into an ideology of hate. I don’t think it used to be like this. Maybe I wasn’t paying too much attention as a kid but I’m pretty sure it was all about a message of love, love thy neighbour and all that stuff. Mr J Christ hung out with whores and was all about loving the excluded and those who are different, these days (and for a while) it’s all been turned on its head and it’s about excluding people… It’s a new wave of intolerance that hides behind religion (not just Catholicism).

    All I’m saying is we shouldn’t assume that everyone who’s Catholic really believes in all the garbage that this man is spewing… My nonagenarian grandma is very religious and she adores my partner, wants us to get married and when I first came out to her at age 15 she told me the story of how she was in love with Greta Garbo when she was a young woman…

  16. This really annoys me. It makes me so angry that this man is contiuing to support homophobia, and not one world leader stands out and says anything about it – no the oposite, the lib dem leader thinks it a good idea to bring his kid up in this vile religion. The pope is supporting everyone who thinks that being gay is wrong. This man is disgusting. Dispicable. An abomination of human kind. He needs stopping. He contributes towards gay people being bullied, beaten and murdered. He is vile. I hope he dies a very painful death very soon, just like the gay men who have suffered because people like him brainwash others to believe that we do not deserve to live. I hate him.

  17. The only serious threat IS the Catholic Church. They have destroyed so much culture, history, and people since they began they are a serious threat to world peace and safety. Just look at the Catholic priests and what the catholic church covers up from them all the time.

  18. I’m becoming less and less interested in his assessments of what constitues a threat to the common good.
    This is a guy who wouldn’t know a threat to the common good if it bit him on the bum. I suppose he hopes that if he slings enough mud at the usual suspects it’ll detract from his massive coverup of paedophile priests or the Catholic fuelled spread of HIV in Africa due to his antideluvian views on contraception.
    And let’s face it, his views on abortion and gay rights aren’t winning him any friends either.
    In short he can kiss MY ring.

  19. good luck Paul
    the pope is another homophobe who doesn’t see how much evil he causes and is responsible for, he never condemns abusers yet he condemns people who don’t abuse just for being LBG

  20. m-m, speaking of threats to society, to humanity, to the common good, as well as respecting nature:

    “If we don’t halt population growth with justice and compassion, it will be done for us by nature, brutally and without pity – and will leave a ravaged world.”

    ——–Nobel Laureate Dr. Henry W. Kendall, 023934

    What part of this does b16 not understand??

    What exactly are his intentions, then?

    Like, when there are thousands of empty stomachs and only one box of corn flakes, what part of nature, of humanity, of society is being threatened?

    I could be wrong, but if the fairies at fatima say otherwise, well who am I to question an oracle, eg. Delphi, etc.

  21. Pumpkin Pie 13 May 2010, 9:17pm

    val’s post made me smile. We shouldn’t condemn people by association. The catholic church and the pope may be our mortal enemies, but not all catholics are. There are plenty of good people out there who just so happen to be religious.

  22. BobbetStillTheSame 13 May 2010, 9:34pm

    Your rights will be scrapped one by one. This government has a lot of people interested in making your life the same misery it has been in the last few hundreds of years.

  23. “Pope Benedict has called gay marriage and abortion dangerous threats to the common good”

    Shouldn’t that read “Pope Benedict has called priests raping children and covering it up dangerous threats to the common good”

  24. These words are just what the catholic members of the new cabinet, e.g Ian Duncan Smith will be using to justify and implement their new policies for strengthening ‘The Family’.

  25. The Pope’s audacity and hypocrisy truly begger belief. How on earth he can say LGBT people and abortion are a threat to the human race, in the wake of his staff sexually, mentally, physically and emotionally abusing children, is sick beyond belief.

    What a hypocrite. All he’s concerned about is the church’s power over people so the money keeps flowing to the Vatican. Jesus would be totally ashamed and disgusted by the likes of him and his Ilk.

  26. I fully plan to attend a protest against this vile man and the utter destruction he and his cult leave like a slimy trail behind them. I hope other people who clearly feel as strongly I do intend to do the same. We should all make it clear that this peado protector is not welcome here and what a better way to do it with tens of thousands of just minded people who will not stand by idly while countless millions of people suffer at his hand.

    I was brought up in a catholic family and I wouldn’t wish the pain and torment I felt just because I was gay on anybody, and this britain! I can barely imagine what horrors are felt by those in third world countries where the protection and rights of gay people are non existent.
    Razinger fhuck off and take your paedophile friends with you, you vile horrid little troll. you are NOT welcome here

  27. Hopefully Herr Ratzinger will be arrested if he comes to Britain for running a criminal organisation that enables the systematic rape and torture of children while protecting the perpetrators.
    This man has no moral authority whatsoever.

  28. If he feels that strongly about it, he simply must not marry a man. So that’s his personal assistant Father Handsome all in Prada with a broken heart then? If he wasn’t so deluded he might be funny, no hang on, yep he is just deluded.

  29. The biggest threat to humanity is the catholic church. Period. They are a thoroughly evil cult whose practise of hate and child-rape are central to their belief system.

  30. Please God let this monstrosity be shot down during his trip to the UK, almost like the previous sin against humanity had happen to IT (but don’t save the pedo this time;D).

  31. How dare this self-appointed believer in nonsense say such hurtful things!

  32. I think it’s a good thing that Ratzinger keep spilling so much hate like that. I predict that in some 75 or 100 years the LGBT rights will be so commonly accepted as the women’s rights and the black people’s rights are accepted today, and when we look back at history we’ll be able to see how wrong all of the opponents of LGBT rights were, including the Catholic Church. History is going to avenge us.

  33. Whatever he’s paying his Catholic scientists to research the effectiveness of condoms, it’s CLEARLY not enough. I’m not getting paid, and I could tell you that 99% of the time condoms STOP SPERM. Guess what bodily fluid gets transmitted during sexual intercourse that contains the virus?

    That’s right, kids. The Pope needs to start paying me for my fabulous research.

    Do you think he ever feels bad, knowing that he’s lying to his loyal followers? Do you think he feels bad that people are contracting HIV through not using condoms because he says they’re a bad thing?

    Seriously, can we get a religious leader who’s a nice guy and actually cares about people, or is that too much to ask? Hell, I could do his job. I’d just stand up there and say: “Yeah, ok. Everyone be nice to each other.” There. I just found a way he could make his job 95.77% more effective.

    And I’m a bloody athiest.

  34. Herr Ratzinger is the Closeted AntiChrist !!

  35. I thought Brown, labour and Stonewall thought gay marriage wasn’t a good thing… whats the difference? Why critisie the Pope and not the previous lab govt?

  36. I have commented on this cretin before, not going to do so again!

  37. Thought he’d been a bit quiet of late SO lets have another go at the Gays; it won’t wash youu old Arch Homophobe of Rome. You secrets are all out now and the general public know what you have been up to! You are weighed in the Moral Balance and found wanting! SO SHUT THE F*%K up!!!!

  38. “Same-sex marriage … threat to the common good” – HOW, exactly?

    The stupidity and hypocrisy (a celibate lecturing on the importance of marriage between men and women) is so breathtaking it’s almost impressive.

  39. it’s time to treat Catholics like the Nazis they are.

  40. Homosexual relationships are issues for individual consciences.

    Gay rights are human rights.

  41. Vo Dong Cung 14 May 2010, 9:26am

    I never keep my mind on pope’s words because he only want to lead public turn away from Church crimes. Each of us just sent to Vatican this question: “Are pedophil priests the ‘dangerous threat’? What will the head of Church do about it and when, 100 more years?”

    Keep focus on their crimes until they are clean 100%, otherwise they are not priests even nor pope neither…

  42. I spent most of my life under the cosh of the RC Church, being made to feel guilty about my sexuality. Now, I am a ‘recovering Catholic’so can treat this nonsense with the contempt it deserves. But there are still a lot of people who are made to suffer agonies of conscience because of this bollocks.

  43. Goverments shouldn’t listen to these guys, Spain didn’t. BUT – why did our previous govt come out with line that gay marriages should NOT be allowed in the UK becuase of relgious issues, why argue the point that marrigae should only be the traditional one between people of the opposite sex. Henry VIII got rid of the pope’s influence in the UK a long time ago so who exactly are the UK MPs and UK gay organisations pandering to when they say that gay marriage is something that the UK doesn’t need to have. I don’t really care whether we have a gay marriage or not in the UK but the logice and the reasoning that the UK have for also being dead set against it are pretty homophic as well…and doesn’t encourgae equality…I not relgious and my partner is a Quaker, why can’t we get married in the UK if we want to , the Pope has nothing to do with us or the other UK relgions….it’s only the past UK govt and probably the next hundred ones which stop us….

  44. People have raised the issue here of the apparently large number of Catholics – at least in prosperous Western societies – who remain loyal to their church but seem to dissent from its official line about practically everything, from sexuality, contraception and women’s rights to the key doctrine of there being ‘no salvation outside the church’.
    A lot of it seems to be a bit like being Jewish – it’s as much about cultural identity as belief. I know self-styled ‘Catholics’ of all sexualities who love the liturgy, music and images and find them of ‘spiritual’ meaning but don’t take the doctrinal and supernatural stuff seriously at all. I just wish a lot more of them would be noisily and actively critical of the gibberish coming out of the ‘Magisterium’. I admit that that is difficult. The RC Church is one of those highly efficient organisations which squeeze out ‘off-message’ people very deftly.

  45. his views falls in deaf years most of the time and he should be worried indeed… Portugal has legalized abortion 3 years ago, more than half of all marriages are civil marriages, over a third of all births are outside wedlock, divorce lawas are relaxed and on demand (even if one of the parties opposes it)and gay marriage will be approved (even if the President vetos the bill). we all know his views on this anyway…the pope and his church are a bunch of hypocrites. he has no right to interfere with other countries civil liberties!

  46. Alan – Blair was religious plus too many bigoted believers used their influence to push people into voting the way the bigot wants

  47. musclelad23 14 May 2010, 11:25am

    Paedophile factories are a dangerous threat.

  48. I hope the people of Britain give his rousing reception when he visits later in the year.

  49. Last week I was in Vilnius for the Baltic Pride. There was a threat to the public good by 3000 catholic counter protestors.

  50. The danger posed by Bennie XVI because of his enabling/concealment of sex crimes against children and his insistence upon no birth control…not even condoms to help prevent the further spread of AIDS is a far greater danger to the planet than GLBT people or global warming combined could ever be.
    He may as well give it up. Even Catholic countries such as Spain and now Portugal have seen the common sense and justice in extending marriage to GLBT people. I doubt anything His Holeyness could say would be likely to change that.

    Major kudos to those ostensibly Catholic countries who have stood up to the homophobia of the Church and instituted marriage equality in spite of anything Bennie might have to say on the subject.

    The best thing Her Holeyness could do is to resign/retire and let someone else have a go at being Pope–hopefully someone less doctrinaire and homophobic than Her Holeyness. Admittedly not a lot of chance of that happening now that Nazinger has managed to snag the Papacy, but a good choice would be of Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn who has made some pretty shocking, pro-GLBT comments, something extremely rare in the reaction climate in the Roman Catholic Church these days. I am happy and pleasantly surprised to hear someone fairly high up in the Church power structure saying these kinds of things. You GO, Cardinal Schönborn! You also ROCK, especially when compared to Her Holeyness.

    For those who would like to read the story over at, here is a link:

    Enjoy, everyone. If there were more men like this in the church hierarchy, I might not have left the Roman Catholic Church. Given how much of a fascist creep Bennie XVI is, not many upper-echelon officials in the Church could be as creepy as Nazinger. May his reign be a short one!

  51. it just shows you dont have to be intelligent to be pope, what a joke, couldnt care less about his monosylabic nonsense

  52. Merlyn: Cardinal Schonborn didn’t say what you said he said. He was actually talking about what one might call, the objective depravity of an act. If you wnat to know what he actually said, then this story explains it:

    By no means was the Cardinal questioning the Church teaching. He is a Dominican theologian. To understand what he said you have to pay more attention that just taking at face value what the secular media said he said.

  53. When he dies, the world will be a better place. Evil on earth= Pope Benedict

  54. @47 musclelad23:

    A threat to society and more…pedophile catholic priests and bishops are actually criminals who got away with sexually abusing untold thousands of children of straight couples.

    This man who is now pope was in a position to do something about it, and he chose (a choice, a deliberate choice) to protect the institution instead of protecting school children.

    And there is no longer any lack of proof.

    So how should the UK chose to act with regards to this man?

  55. As a former catholic, I am ashamed of the current pope and his unbalanced and hate-filled pronouncements. He is not speaking from a place of love and compassion. We are all made in God’s image and in the Gospels, Jesus Christ never ever condemned homosexuality – in fact he cured the Roman Centurian’s ‘man servant’ (understood to mean his gay lover). Also, why do Catholic priests never marry?

  56. I totally agree with reader who wrote “This is why the traitors who call themselves gay catholics should be treated with the contempt and derision that they deserve”. Gay catholics are traitors. On Saturday they’re at the “Gay Pride” shouting that they’re proud to be gay. On Sunday they go to church to listen to the (pedophile) priest who says gays are sick and abnormal. Gay catholics really make me sick. With so many of us joining the enemy’s army, we will never win the war against homophobia. With gays like that, who needs homophobes?

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