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General Election 2010

Peer who said schools ‘promote homosexuality’ becomes first female Muslim cabinet member

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Reader comments

  1. silly billy 12 May 2010, 7:39pm

    Another own goal then for all the daft Tory supporters…

  2. comment #1 has been taken off? why?

  3. we all know the torise are bstards the lib dems are worse the’re traitors

  4. Patrick James 12 May 2010, 8:19pm

    Sayeeda Warsi is just another homophobe like Theresa May.

    The religions of these individuals is not very important.

    What matters is that they are both deeply homophobic as has been shown by past comments and voting records.

  5. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

  6. In islam, a womans word is worth half that of a man and she is treated as her husbands property… She must defer to him at his will… so who is she married to and why does this unelected man have sway in the government?

  7. BrazilBoysBlog 12 May 2010, 9:33pm

    Here we go…

  8. I’m surprised the staff writers didn’t also mention her support of the religious opt outs in the Equality Billba.

  9. theotherone 12 May 2010, 10:02pm

    An Arsehole indeed but an obvious choice – an Asian, Muslim AND a Woman! Equal Opportunities heaven!

  10. No doubt there’ll be a couple of the Tory Boy regulars along in a minute to tell us that (a) we shouldn’t judge this notoorious bad-mouthing ‘phobe on the basis of anything she’s done in the past and (b) this doesn’t prove that Cameron’s “commitment” to the LGBT community was just a ruse to get votes, and we can go fvck ourselves now the election is over.

    Just how many excuses can the Tory apologists make without realising their own lack of credibility ?

  11. What the HELL has nick griffin got to do with this topic?
    I agree with what she is trying to say… but YES she did phrase it wrong.
    Im sure if your smart enough to realise that she has probably had just as much if not more discrimination thrown at her, you could realise her intention was not to offend, but rather to educate.

  12. Interesting to see so many Toryphobes showing their true racist colours on this comment. I wrote to Sayeeda Warsi over a year ago about her inappropriate election material back in 2005 and she responded candidly saying she deeply regretted the comments and had fundamentally revised her views towards the gay community, she is on record of supporting civil partnerships.

    Just because she is a woman and a Muslim does not give the bigoted left wingers on this site carte blanche to air their hateful views.

  13. Pumpkin Pie 12 May 2010, 11:54pm

    Just because she is a woman and a Muslim does not give the bigoted left wingers on this site carte blanche to air their hateful views.

    What on Earth are you talking about? She’s a homophobic bigot who uses her power to try to make life worse for us and WE’RE the bigots just for calling her out on this?

    Bear in mind she said she regretted the way she phrased her opposition to equalising the age of consent. She never said anything about changing her mind on the issue. “Fundamentally revised her views towards the gay community”? That’s proper politician speech, that is. Nice of her not to condemn any specific views she “used to” hold… Being pro-CP is a start, but I’m guessing that’s also where it ends.

  14. Courtesy of Eddy

    “Today is a sad grey dawn for those who seek progress in the UK. The Liberal Democrats have taken on the role of government policemen. They must now continually be on guard against and continually counter the hungry desires of the backward Christian right-wing of the Tory Party. Will they be able to withstand that force? At the moment both Tory and LibDem leaders are speaking
    optimistically of a happy and cooperative power-sharing coalition. But once business gets underway and as the months pass it remains to be seen just how much of a moderating influence the LibDems actually can exert and maintain against the right-wing Tory agenda.”

  15. Surprised by Dr. Cameron’s cabinet? Maybe you should have paid more attention to his defense of his rabidly homophobic Polish allies. What can you expect from a man who takes advice on family matters from a woman who doesn’t think gays are sick – just possessed by demons. Or a man who appoints a Home Secretary with an extremely miserable, even antagonistic record on LGBT rights.

    Ms Warsi now regrets her terrible homophobic comments. She hasn’t changed her mind. She just wishes she had been more advanced in the new Tory strategy: hide your true hateful opinions and you’ll have a better chance of seeing them put into practice.

    And maybe – just maybe – this is the death knell for the Lib Dems. How can you ever trust someone who would cravenly sell out all principles for a bit of power? Who could ever vote for any one of them again?

  16. I don’t trust her.

  17. Welcome back to fascism. We’ll get nothing from this lot. The Tories did nothing at all for gay rights in their previous 18 year stint in power. They just completely ignored it, as always. It was a Labour government that decriminalised homosexuality in 1967 & it was Labour again that gave us all our recent freedoms. The Tories are homophobic, end of. Lets just hope this coalition sham falls apart while David Miliband wins the leadership of Labour & calls a vote of no confidence. Then we can have another election soon.

  18. And so the betrayal of the LGBT Community starts……….

  19. Peter & Michael 13 May 2010, 8:19am

    Same Sex Marriage Equality ?

  20. Thomas, that’s a disgusting attempt at a smear on your party. I see no evidence of “many” or really even “any” people opposed to the Tories displaying “racist” opinions on this thread. There’s remarks about the Tories being homophobes but the criticism of Warsi is not about her race, gender or religion. The only person to point her out as a token minority is “theotherone” who is one of the Tory Boy apologists here, so maybe you need to think again about where bigotry resides. I’ll give you a clue: you can find a fat measure of it amongst the Tories that Cameron has given important jobs to, and the bigotry has always been aimed at LGBT people.

  21. Sorry, first line of above post should say “part” not party”

  22. Libel lawyer 13 May 2010, 9:53am

    > Welcome back to fascism

    it’s also disgusting to call the Tories fascist. As someone who has had members of my family in my home country tortured by fascists, to give this shocking label to a party in Englnad disgusts me.

  23. silly burka.

  24. I’d rather be a homosexual than a muslim any day of the week. Oh, I am!

  25. Jock S. Trap 13 May 2010, 10:58am

    I suspect this one will be caught out first! Her Ego will overpower her position.

  26. And let’s be quite clear what this wretch Warsi was trying to imply. Her words were: “allowing schoolchildren to be propositioned for homosexual relationships” – which to me can only be interpreted as trying to plant the bigoted, disgusting notion in peoples’ minds that gay men are interested in sex with schoolchildren.

    That wasn’t just an “old fashioned” bit of Tory gay-baiting, that was a disgusting attempt to stir up hatred towards us. But Cameron finds her fit for government. What do you really think that says about Cameron’s values and his attitude towards us ?

  27. We will have to watch her every word and heavily challenge her for an explanation if she starts any anti-gay campaigning however subtley or ambiguously she words it.

  28. So the Cam and Cegg Condem Circus has a bigoted homoophobic muslim as it’s ring leader. Funny.

    You’ve got to laugh, otherwise you’d cry.

  29. The Big Yin 13 May 2010, 4:32pm

    stupid rug jockeys.

  30. @Libel Lawyer. I’m sorry for what has happened to your family. I’m also sorry if what I say may disgust you, but welcome to the right wing British Tory. The same Tories that led to Scotland now having its own parliament to protect themselves from future Tory fascism after being used as a political guinea pig for the poll tax. The same Tories that starved the miners in Wales, leading to Wales now having a Welsh Assembly themselves as protection yet again against Tory fascism. The same Tories who starved the poor & left the British working classes to rot in the poverty they created. The same Tories that told the working classes what to eat & even showed us a picture of the plate of food for poor people to eat in a Tory newspaper. The same Tories who put pensioners in jail because they couldn’t afford to pay their poll tax. The same Tories that forced the young into years of slave labour on Youth Training Schemes with no promise of a job after it. I mean just dump them after right? Why pay a full wage to them when they could just employ another kid on a YTS scheme for 2 years? Youth training in sweat shop factories? What training is that?

    ‘Starve & enslave the poor to feed the rich’ Tory policy in a nutshell.

    I could go on and on, but the list is very long & very dark. Read up on it yourself. Their actions, but more importantly their none actions. Fascists are just as dangerous, if not more, in their deliberate & calculated action of doing absolutely nothing, especially in regards to human rights. Fascism isn’t defined by concentration camps & gas chambers. That was Hitler’s fascism. Why bother with all that if you can just starve them anyway & force them into slave labour to make money for you like Tories do. Perhaps you should learn more about right wing British Tories before mouthing off to people who know all too well exactly what they are about. Especially me.

  31. James Incer 13 May 2010, 5:07pm

    Congratulations to Sayeeda. A wonderful woman who deeply regrets the 2005 comments. Wish her all the best for the future.

  32. Sayeeda Warsi may well regret her choice of words,but she hasn’t changed her mind about her thoughts on reducing the age of consent for gay men.She clearly still thinks that somehow young gay men need protection from ‘recruitment’!DavidW seems to think,(it appears),that we should somehow give her a chance.Maybe he’s right,and I for one am prepared to do so,though I don’t hold out much hope!Usually,once a bigotd homophobe,always a bigoted homophobe.And,just becuase she is of Pakistani parentage,and has possibly experienced discrimination, doesn’t necessarily follow that she’ll be more empathetic to homosexuals.A very sad day now that her party has the majority in parliament!

  33. She has one hell of a lot more to do if she wants to win forgiveness for her past sins. If she wants people to believe that she isn’t a homophobe then she needs to get busy doing something to benefit the gay community, like speaking up for marriage equality, for example.

  34. Thankfully Sayeeda didnt get the communities job which she shadowed. The contribution at Comment 6 above wonders about Sayeeda’s husband’s political clout being an unelected man( an unelected man who, paraphrasing the Daily Mail, Sayeeda stole from an illiterate Pakistani woman served divorce papers by Sayeeds’s new husband in a language she didn’t understand).

    The travesty here is he is the unelected husband of an unelected Minister. Sayeeda is unelectable & owes Dave big style for her new gig. She tried for the Commons in 2005 (the election to which all of the homphobic campaign material refers) & was thoroughly trounced in Dewsbury.

    I agree with the sentiment above that the leopard may appear to have changed her spots but closer inspection will reveal a very bad dye job.

  35. While it’s excellent that there’s an empowered woman from a minority group in the cabinet, it’s sad that it’s this particular one, who apparently used abuse of our minority, essentially hate literature, to try (unsuccessfully) to get elected. But her position looks like tokenism. Surely there were better candidates.

  36. Seems there are bigots and homophobes in all walks of life, whatever their race, religion or political party (sorry to state the obvious). So rather than bicker amongst ourselves the LGBT community should be asking what is the best way to confront these people and show them the error of their hatefull ways?

    I’d say give this woman a chance, provide her with opportunities to prove that she has indeed ‘fundamentally revised her views towards the gay community’ and keep a sharp eye on her and other recovering ‘phobes in case they slide back to old ways of thinking.

  37. musclelad23 13 May 2010, 8:06pm

    “silly burka”

    “stupid rug jockeys”

    I am no tory fan. I find this woman abhorrant. But arn’t you just mimicking her bigotry with this kind of disgusting name calling?

    I am of arabic heritage so I find that kind of talk offensive. Just as much as if someone was to call me a dirty poof.

    And before anyone starts.. I’m a secular humanist.

  38. Pumpkin Pie 13 May 2010, 9:43pm

    She has one hell of a lot more to do if she wants to win forgiveness for her past sins. If she wants people to believe that she isn’t a homophobe then she needs to get busy doing something to benefit the gay community, like speaking up for marriage equality, for example.

    Hey! That’s completely right! Both sides of this (fortunately fairly one-sided) argument have been forgetting about this. If you’ve abused someone, you shouldn’t be forgiven until you make up for what you did. She used and abused our community in the most disgusting and cynical fashion in order to further her own agenda. Merely not doing anything homophobic again isn’t good enough. Not even close. She owes us a huge debt, and while it remains unpaid, she’s still as awful as she always was.

    There you go, Warsi fans, I’m not judging her on her past now. I’m judging her by her present actions. Why has she not spoken out against homophobia yet? Why is she still not doing anything to mitigate the damage she tried to cause us? See? These are current events, they are disgusting, they are entirely within her power to amend, and they are entirely her fault. Every single day she lives is a chance to prove me wrong. There’s no such thing as judging somebody too soon in cases like this.

  39. Paul (#32 above) can I make it clear, I’m not saying give this wretched woman another chance. She did something really old-school Tory-bigoted, namely: put out election leaflets that smeared gay men as interested in sex with children. I can’t ignore that, and I’m appalled – if not surprised – to find that this new government contains so many people who have consistently and persistently voted against any measure which gave some protection and equality to LGBT people.

    If anyone’s in doubt about what Warsi said, it was this:
    “”Labour reduced the age of consent for homosexuality from 18 to 16 allowing school children to be propositioned for homosexual relationships…. I will campaign strongly for an end to sex education at seven years and the promotion of homosexuality that undermines family life.”

    And when questioned about the leaflet she said “It’s a statement I make as I believe it. It is factually correct. Everything in this leaflet is fact.”

    So there you have it, that’s the kind of person Cameron gives a peerage to and brings into his first government. If she’s had a damascene conversion since then, let’s see the evidence, let her earn our respect, not just be given another chance.

  40. musclelad23, as an Arab secular humanist, how does “silly burka” and “stupid rug jockeys” offend you? It’s not racist!



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    Courtesy of Eddy

    “Today is a sad grey dawn for those who seek progress in the UK. The Liberal Democrats have taken on the role of government policemen.

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