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Glee creator calls for boycott of ‘bigoted’ magazine column

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Reader comments

  1. 100 percent agree – boycott Newsweek.

  2. It’s so sad when people foolishly imagine a straight actor playing a gay role somehow adds to his heterosexuality (so “brave”, so “courageous”) but the prospect of a known-to-be-gay actor playing a straight role is inconceivable.

    To have a gay writer perpetuating this pernicious double standard is worse than sad, it’s pathetic.

  3. All those years Rock Hudson played the male lead, snogging leading ladies and nobody suspected….

  4. Well it splits both ways, straight actors sometimes play gay roles (Jake Gyllenthal, Heath Ledger, Sacha Baron Cohen, Michael C Hall, Terrence Stamp, Guy Pierce, Ewan McGregor to name the obvious ones) and gay actors sometimes play straight roles (Ian Mackellen, Rupert Everett, Rock Hudson, Nathan Lane, Lily Tomlin etc.)
    I guess that’s why they call it acting. Should straight roles and gay roles only be played by their real life counterparts?
    Depends how much you invest in method acting. Sexual chemistry is relatively easy to mimic, so long as you’re thinking about someone else while you’re kissing and there’s no actual sex scenes.
    It’s not quite in the same un-PC league as white actors blacking up to play Othello, as ethnicity is tricky to fake.
    I think it only becomes an issue if gay people are denied roles that straight actors wouldn’t be, which is why this article is so unhelpful.
    Hollywood has a reputation for keeping A-list actors in the closet which is only just starting to be challenged. We’ve come some way on that but there’s still progress to be made.
    So long as they’re convincing, there’s no reason people of either persuasion can’t ‘play for the other team’ so to speak.

  5. What is it about gay people? I agree that the article was a load of crap, and there is no reason why straights can’t play gays and vice-versa. My niggle is that anyone that has a pop at the “gay community” is immediately deemed homophobic, unless they themselves happen to be gay, then it’s all about “self-loathing” or some deep-seated psychological damage that person must have suffered to be equally gay, yet anti-gay. I am quite happily gay, and have no hang-ups whatsoever with my sexuality. It is all the other selfish faggots that piss me off.

  6. Bitter. Twisted.

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