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Cameron dumps Chris Grayling in favour of Theresa May as home secretary and equalities minister

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Reader comments

  1. She has a very poor record on gay rights, well done everyone who voted Tory/Lib Dem.

  2. And that’s an improvement, how, Mrss Cs? May voted against lowering of age of consent and gay adoption…

  3. Typical LibDems all supporting in opposition but dam right discriminatory in Power!

  4. As I live in the south east, I had no choice but to vote lib dem. As a labour vote was a total waste. But boy do I feel conned. I will never vote for lib dem again

  5. Theresa May voted against an equal age of consent and against adoption equality.

    She needs to be watched like a hawk. Thanks to her neo-fascist tendencies she is not to be trusted.

    She voted against an equal age of consent?

    Is she still bigotted scum?

    Watch this space.

  6. Well there goes any last hint of a pretence of the Tories being born again gay-friendly .. or that the Liberal Torycrats would have a moderating influence on Conservative extremism.

  7. Today is a sad, grey dawn for those who seek progress in the UK. The Liberal Democrats have taken on the role of government policemen. They must now continually be on guard against and continually counter the hungry desires of the backward Christian right-wing of the Tory Party. Will they be able to withstand that force? At the moment, both Tory and LibDem leaders are speaking optimistically of a happy and co-operative power-sharing coalition. But once business gets underway – and as the months pass- it remains to be seen just how much of a moderating influence the LibDems actually can exert and maintain against the right- wing Tory agenda.


  8. The lib dems have made this possible. Clegg is a fraud. I’ll never vote lib dem again.

  9. Everyone needs to stop being so demned melodramatic! The Cabinet has only just been announced; give it some time to show its position on policies. People seem to forget that voting in parliament isn’t based on personal feelings, it’s based on constituency representation and party politics. What has happened is in the past. Allow the new coalition to show what it can do. A government like this hasn’t existed before, so it should be allowed to operate before being criticised.

  10. Absolutely right, Eric; what M/s may did in the past should be buried, anthough not necessarily forgotten – there has been a great deal of change over the past few years, so let’s wait and see what she does now, and if none of us like it, THEN we’ll really have a go at her!
    If whe reads Pink News and its comments (which she certainly should do, if she’s doing her job properly) then she can’t say anything about heeding the gypsy’s warning!

  11. #9 and #10 – absolutely wrong. What has happened in the past is a reference for what will happen in the future. That’s what studying history reveals to you. Wake up, accept she’s homophobic, and hold her account for that. There’s nothing melodramatic about judging the home secretary as homophobic with her track record, it’s a fact. You may want to believe some utopian nonsense, but the reality is – a woman who voted to keep clause 28 and has repeatedly voted to keep gay men as second class citizens is now the home secretary and equalities minister. She doesn’t believe in gay equality.

  12. So, Jay 6pac… We should all still be hating Germans for WW2? Interesting. Small minded AND bigotted. Isn’t that what you are allegedley saying is a problem? Maybe I’m mistaken…

  13. No Eric, what you overlook is that after WWII the Germans went through aprocess of de-Nazification, in public, will a lot of soul-searching, a lot of people being sent to prison, and reparations being made to the victims of the Nazi era. Also, the whole Nazi thing was made culturally beyond the pale. At that point, Germany was re-accepted into the ‘family of nations’.

    That is, they had to face the horror of their actions and choose to turn away from that path. All you’re asking us to do with the Tories is forget how they’ve been over the last 30 years, for us to turn a blind eye, and to give them another chance, Nothing in your words about them making a heartfelt acknowlegement of the pain their bigotry has caused, nothing about them having to state publicly that they (Theresa May, Wm Hague, Eric Pickles, etc etc) have reaslised they were utterly wrong and that they pledge to pursue a radically different (pro-gay) course in the future.

    What Jay 6pac was clearly saying is that “past track record” + “lack of repudiation of those actions” = probability that they have not changed one iota and will be the same in the future.

  14. silly billy 12 May 2010, 6:18pm

    Theresa May? Who she? Oh yes, her of the Nasty Party.

  15. Thankyou David, that is right. I’m certainly not small minded. Amazing that another gay man would attack me and call me small minded when I’m trying to point out a cabinet members homophobia. Maybe Eric likes homophobic politicians?

    I’ve just seen her on channel 4 news, and she was asked about her record on gay rights, and her opinions on gay issues. At no point did she say she believed in gay equality. Just some nonsense party line.

  16. Not sure where I stand on Theresa May at the moment, think you’d be hard pressed to find a Tory candidate for the job who didn’t vote against equalising age of consent etc if they were around at that time.

    Just noticed though that, in spite of trumpeting the fact that they have so many gay MPs now, not a one of them has made it into the Cabinet, Nick Herbert’s portfolio has been given to Cheryl Gillan and no place for Alan Duncan or Greg Barker. Seems odd to me.

  17. Oops sorry, Caroline Spelman has taken Nick Herbert’s portfolio, Cheryl Gillan is welsh secretary

  18. @ SimonM – ‘neo-fascist’? Really, you need to grow up and get out more. People like you do great damage to the LGBT community with this hysteria.

  19. I don’t think it is hysteria to be VERY concerned about this cabinet. Theresa May’s voting record including this year is a matter of concern, serious concern as it is directly opposed to all of the lies we were told.

  20. You don’t think “Eric” who posted here is Eric Pickles, do you ? You know, the Tory MP who voted agains the Sexual Offences Act reforms, agains the equal age of consent, against measures to deal with homophobic bullying in schools, against gay adoptions, against just about every other measure that gave us rights or protection ? Who has just been made minister for local government by Cameron ?

    Oh no, I forgot, we’re not meant to mention that many members of this “progressive” ConDem team have a long track record of voting against our interests or having bigoted views towards us. We’re meant to miss the fact that none of those “out” or “out-ish” gay Tories who we were told proved their party had changed have been given any kind of role. We’re meant to just bob along merrily, not worried about what this suggests is the truth about the Tories under Cameron – that their attitude to us is just what it was 20 years ago.

  21. de Villiers 13 May 2010, 3:20pm

    > Maybe Eric likes homophobic politicians?

    Really, this is so childish. Insults back and forth.

    A mature position is one which recognises that another person may disagree with you without having to impugn their motives. Considering a person to be in error does not render them evil.

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