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Worcester man jailed for blackmailing gay victims

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Reader comments

  1. Good I hope he gets his asshole torn out tonight

  2. Why easy blackmail? Why not try working for a living, you lazy, nasty weasley sod.

  3. Andy Nixon 11 May 2010, 3:50pm

    I’m an older guy who faced exactly this well over 30 years ago. It was sily of me to defer going to the p;olice for so long. as well as this being a gut wrnchinglt terrifying crime, that eats at the very essenec of the victim, it is also a very sad indictment on society that victims of blackmail can still feel so intimidated by the fear of being outed. The cure is to be out and fearless, so we clearly have a long way to go. As for the perpetrator, well I’m afarid he deserves our hatred.

  4. Lee Taylor’s ‘defence’ was that he self-harms and has a ‘split-personality’God,how my heart bleeds,NOT! Did he ever try seeking professional help for these issues?!Seems not,it appears he thought it was a softer option to blackmail men he thought were easy targets!Maybe he’ll have time to consider his actions whilst attempting to not bend over in the prison showers!

  5. A routine is what he needs; a routine is what he’ll get.

    Plus, he now has a fixed address.

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