Sources say that coalition talks between Labour and the Liberal Democrats have failed.

The two parties began formal talks yesterday after Gordon Brown announced he would stand down as party leader by autumn.

However, sources have told a number of media outlets including the BBC and Sky News that the discussions failed to take off and the Evening Standard has already reported Mr Brown’s resignation as prime minister.

Five days have passed since the general election but the country remains in a political stalemate.

Over the weekend, a coalition between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats seemed almost certain, until Mr Brown’s statement yesterday opened up formal Lab-Lib negotiations.

However, some Labour MPs, ministers and former ministers attacked the plans.

Today, former home secretary David Blunkett questioned whether Labour could trust the Liberal Democrats and claimed the latter were behaving like “every harlot in history.”

John Reid, another former home secretary, said the electorate would punish Labour if it attempted to “cobble something together that was not in the national interest”.

Tory leader David Cameron is expected by some pundits to be inside 10 Downing Street by tomorrow.