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General Election 2010

Labour ‘to start talks’ with ‘homophobic’ DUP

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Reader comments

  1. Better a Lab/Lib/DUP coalition than a Con/LIb Dem

    At least then the gross homophobes in power would be a minority, rather than the major party

  2. “In 2007, Mr Paisely said he was “repulsed” by gays and lesbians, while in 2005 he said gay relationships were “immoral, offensive and obnoxious”. He also called civil partnerships “abhorrent” in 2004″ well we don’t think much of him and his dad either; who was it stoked the fires of hatred and kept the situation in N Ireland from finding an earlier peace? NO SURRENDER!!!! U know who!

  3. Sister Mary Clarance 11 May 2010, 2:21pm

    I’m afraid its another example of principles being tossed aside in a frantic attempt to cling on to power. Our human rights are being bartered and traded in exchange for a few votes.

    How much equality legislation do you think NuLabour would be able to pass now, if they were beholden to the DUP for the necessary votes to give them a majority??

  4. What did you think would happen, libdem-lab don’t add up to a majority, the minority groups have the power ie plaid cymru, SNP , DUP – without serious concessions to them you won’t get anything thru parliament, in fact sinn fein might want to start voting….. The only healthy maj is libdem-con – do libdems have any choice, to go with lab will mean failure, they can kiss any policy they want out of the window if they don’t..and we can probably kiss any LGBT improvements out of the window as well… Lab start impressing us wit what you are going to offer us in the next election. I personally wasn’t impressed with your last gay manifesto anyway….

  5. Jeffrey Donaldson, DUP, said during the election campaign that he believed the devolution of Policing and Justice powers to NI would allow them to rebalance rights in favour of christians so that they could refuse service (like B&B) to homosexuals and others in line with their christian beliefs.

    Allying to the DUP and being beholden to them is much worse than being in a grouping in the EU which contains a few nutters of no influence in the UK.

  6. pink news is rubbish

  7. Jock S. Trap 11 May 2010, 3:31pm

    The problem with the Lib-Lab alliance is that it would have to be bulked up but the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland parties that the rest of the UK had no part in voting for. Therefore surely undemocratic.

  8. Hopefully we won’t have to worry about it. With regard to a lib-con partnership, as a liberal democrat supporter, I’d rather see the lib-dems “reigning in” some of the more socially right-wing intolerant policies of the Tories, than be out of the loop. I also think it might be more in the national interests as well, to have the right-wing Conservatives with the left-of-centre liberal democrats providing a bit more balance than otherwise.

  9. de Villiers 11 May 2010, 4:03pm

    I agree with George.

  10. I don’t like the idea of any homophobes being in power, nu-labour is betraying everything good it used to stand for

  11. Let’s not forget the role being played by Philippa Stroud when talking about the Conservatives. Cameron is being advised by a woman who believes that gays are possessed by demons.

    We are looking at a backlash in the UK from the religious right-wingers against the hard-won victories of the Human Rights Movement.

  12. more like a backlash from the right as they don’t like people being treated fairly and would rather write off people without regrets or being caught

  13. Patrick James 11 May 2010, 6:48pm

    Iain Dale has made up a lot of nonsense about nothing.

    The DUP will of course open up discussions with the Labour party in that situation.

    As we can see no deal at all arose out of those discussions.

    The Conservative party actively advances grotesque homophobes such as the Law and Justice party in the European Parliament. It is utterly shameful activity. Now that they are entering governance I hope that their activities in the European Parliament come under more scrutiny by the UK press, at least those parts of the UK press that are not owned by Murdoch, one of the Conservative’s paymasters.

  14. Patrick – wake up, lab would have done anything to save their own necks and that includes scrificing gay rights – be realistic, they are nor better than the tories , I doubt whether the story is made up, it’s true, you’re heros can also be a bunch of homophobes when it suits them

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