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General Election 2010

Gay Tory candidate’s posters hit by homophobic slurs

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Reader comments

  1. And he can in part blame his own party for what happened to him. If the Tories showed a bit more conviction in tackling homophobia and supporting gay right, that would be an important step further towards the end of this sort of behaviour.

  2. It was probably Tory Party members who defaced his posters.

    The Tories are the homophobic party after all.

  3. de Villiers 11 May 2010, 4:00pm

    Zefrog, you are too hard on the centre-right in England. The Conservative Party is far more liberal than the UMP. And for my experience, more liberal than many members of the PS, which did not even bring in CPs but Pacs which everyone can have.

  4. Regardless of his being with the Tories, no-one deserves to have to put up with homophobic abuse like that. I find it a bit annoying that some people (including here) agree, rightly so, that there is no excuse for homophobic abuse yet are equally as quick to blame it on his being a Tory rather than the pond-life bigots who defaced the posters.

    You either stand up against homophobic abuse or you don’t. Let’s not have an “Animal Farm” hierarchy of “all victims of homophobic abuse are equal but some are to blame for it more than others”.

  5. Patrick James 11 May 2010, 6:55pm

    Nick King is quoted:

    There has been some homophobic insults – but mostly just rudeness really.

    I am a Labour guy but I would not wish homophobia on anyone.

    It is good that Nick King has brought this to the attention of the press because it is absolutely appalling behaviour.

    Nobody knows who is behind the homophobic insults or the rudeness.

  6. Gay tories ?? Let’s watch them facing homophobes in Poland. Better still, let’s tape their conversations and see what power they have to protect their own kind.

  7. dave wainwright 12 May 2010, 12:56am

    what is a gay tory ? a contradiction in terms or masochist ?

  8. de Villiers 12 May 2010, 9:18am

    > what is a gay tory ? a contradiction in terms or masochist ?

    These claims are falsifiable by experience.

    As to whether a gay Tory is a contradiction in terms, to suggest this is to assert that to be gay is to be left-wing. This is no more than an attempt to define what it is to be gay and to exclude others from it. It confers upon the writer the authority to state what makes people gay and the power to exclude others from the gates.

    Being gay is not an ideal or a philosophy or a politics. It is a fact. Insofar a being gay is a fact rather than an idea, there can be no “contradiction in terms” as there are no terms or conditions precedent to attach to being gay.

    There are gay Conservatives, public and private. These are people who are likely to support sound money, limited state action, equality of processes, market policy to support rather than supplant competition, fiscal discipline, monetary policy to control growth in the supply of money.

    Such Conservatives will know that they are not masochists. Conservatives exist through all stages of the political spectrum. Their politics will be informed by education, wealth, geography, family, class, employment, religion etc.

    So to the question, “What is a gay Tory?” the answer is, a person who is gay and who is on the centre-right such that they vote for the Conservative Party. As to the question, of whether this is a contradiction in terms or masochistic, the answer is neither.

  9. A gay Tory is a gay man who has grown up and left the chip-on-the-shoulder mentality far behind and has no time for wallowing in victimhood and revelling in feeling oppressed. The new Conservative-Liberal coalition government is a breath of fresh air.

    No doubt the usual bitter old Tory-hating crones will continue on this site stirring their cauldrons of vinegar and dreaming of the class war days of the 1980s and feeling aggrieved 24/7, but the rest of us will enjoy life as gay men and woman of the 21st Century and make a positive contribution to our society.

    We will always be grateful to the pioneers of the 20th Century who worked hard for our rights and our freedoms but now the world has moved on and sexuality is less and less an issue. Gay Conservative MP’s and Councillors in their 100’s up and down the country are getting on with running the country and concentrating on things that affect all of us like the economy, law and order etc. It is time for all of us to play our part and stop griping and bitching from the side-lines like rancid old has-beens!

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