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10 May 2010

  • 10th May 2010

    US school district bans gay anthology 11

    Revolutionary Voices was banned by the school district

    6:19 PM — A South Jersey school district has banned a gay-themed book from its library after parents complained it was vulgar and obscene.

  • Gordon Brown to resign as Labour leader 28

    Gordon Brown said he would step down as Labour leader

    5:20 PM — Prime minister Gordon Brown said today he would resign as Labour leader, although he remains as prime minister. He said he was calling for his party to hold a leadership election which he would play no part in.

  • Gay asylum seekers challenge UK’s policy in court 15

    The pair are challenging UK policy on asylum

    5:12 PM — Two gay men are appealing against the UK's policy on returning gay and lesbian asylum seekers to their home countries. Gay asylum campaigners argue that the UK frequently tells gay asylum seekers that they can return to homophobic countries if they are "discreet" or relocate.

  • Bloc Party’s Kele criticises Nigerian attitudes to gays 5

    Kele Okereke said he had problems with some aspects of his heritage

    4:42 PM — Bloc Party singer Kele Okereke has said he finds it hard to relate to his parents' culture. The out gay singer was born in Britain to Nigerian parents, but said that he had problems with Nigerian attitudes to homosexuality and women.

  • Defendant uses ‘gay panic defence’

    The trial continues

    3:45 PM — A man charged with the murder of a gay man has claimed he "flipped" after the victim touched his leg. Rodney Greenland, 47, of Ipswich, stabbed 36-year-old Simon Amers to death last July, Ipswich crown court heard.

  • Friend charged with murder of gay Scottish teenager

    Jack Frew was found dead on election night

    12:08 PM — A friend of 16-year-old gay student Jack Frew has been charged with his murder. Craig Roy, 17, is expected to appear in court today.

  • Gay Boyzone star Stephen Gately ‘died happy’ 9

    Stephen Gately died happy, his civil partner said

    11:43 AM — Stephen Gately died at a time in his life when he was contented and happy, his civil partner Andrew Cowles has said. In one of his first interviews since Gately's death last October, Mr Cowles described his partner's happiness at writing a novel and being open about his sexuality.

  • Boy, 14, pleads guilty to attack on gay Liverpool student 13

    The boy pleaded guilty to the attack

    10:52 AM — A 14-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to taking part in an attack on a gay Liverpool student. Liverpool magistrates' court heard that the boy had been part of a seven-strong gang which hurled homophobic abuse at the 19-year-old student and punched him in the face.

  • Scottish teenager ‘may have been killed for being gay’ 23

    Jack Frew was described as popular and respected

    10:26 AM — The friends of a Scottish 16-year-old found dead last week say they believe he may have been killed in a homophobic attack. Jack Frew was found near a cycle path in Mossneuk, East Kilbride, last Thursday at around 7pm. His throat had been cut.

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