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General Election 2010

Peter Robinson- husband of ‘homophobe’ Iris Robinson loses his seat

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Reader comments


  2. What a good news? This is first and best good news for the LGBT community. Next to follow: Chris Grayling, Julian Lewis…

  3. Best news of the night so far…now we need to see Grayling and the evil bigoted bitch Philippa Stroud not get in….

  4. Don’t kid yourselves. Robinson lost his seat because of a whiff of corruption, not because Iris was homophobic.

  5. Yes, he lost because of the corruption, but Naomi Long, my new MP, won because she isn’t a bigot. This is progress. Big progress.

  6. Yeehaw!!! Such good news. Now, take your crazy, christian pedophile wife and f*off.

  7. Fantastic News . . . could not sleep, watching the “Election” – Day off tomorrow – lucky me

  8. BrazilBoysBlog 7 May 2010, 3:48am

    There is a god… Whatever the reason… he lost his seat!

    Currently watching the UK election coverage on CNN here in Brazil. Will keep watching till the final results are declared.

  9. you can now spent more time with your wife – maybe this will mean she is not looking around for other men.


  10. I think this calls for a song! Hmmm, what to choose…

  11. The DUP remain the biggest party in NI.

    And they remain bigotted scum. They are mainly ‘frothing at the mouth’ evangelical extremists.

    Hopefully the fallout from Iris Robinson’s insane babblings – namely the exposure of her exploitative affair with a grieving teenager – will teach them that it’s wise not to be too bigotted.

  12. Why does PinkNews put those craven inverted commas around the word homophobe in this headline? What on Earth does someone have to do beyond that which the vile homophobe, good Christian, Iris has already done to be considered a fully paid-up homophobe? Stop being so bloody scared.

  13. Good news.

    And I hope the best for his wife’s psychiatric treatment following her extramarital paedophilic romp with a teenager. I only hope the psychiatrist helps her find the root of all her problems: belief in non-existent supernatural beings.

  14. Thank Goodness. The craven ,cowardly ,INSANE ,nut bag COW is a pervert. Having an affair with a teenager. Awarding contracts to a company she had ties with,having ass backwards beliefs. Maybe she’ll be “cured” during her psychiatric treatments, which may include SHOCK treatment !!! The brazen witch needs to go boff herself. She is a disgusting ,small minded, neanderthal,who needs to crawl back under the rock from whence she came!!

  15. Doesn’t it just break your heart? I haven’t stopped laughing yet.
    Heard a nice piece of wit this morning: Peter and Iris’ lifestyle was so lavish that locals knew them as ‘the SWISH family Robinson’!!

  16. Ray: “Now, take your crazy, christian pedophile wife and f*off.”

    Sh!t mate, he’s 19! Call her a lot of things, but personally, I’d say “fcking jammy bitch” was one of them. ;)

    Anyways, it couldn’t happen have happened to a nicer bloke. Both him and the missus out on their ears in less than a year.

  17. Homophobia, corruption and expenses bit him where it hurts – sadly he is still First Minister so still has a lot of power. The great victory is for Naomi Long and the Alliance Party – the non-sectarian party and the only one in Northern Ireland with a clear equality rights (including, and especially LGBT rights) mandate. For those of us sick to the back teeth of the same-old Unionist/Nationist/bugger-anyone-else politics this is a massive step forward.

  18. Stan James 9 May 2010, 4:21am

    “She was reported to be in psychiatric care after newspapers revealed that she had conducted an affair with a teenager.” quote

    Wonder if the bigot bitch had an affair with a male or a female. It is the usual scene – those who most profess “morality” were explained by Shakespear –

    “methinks thou doth protest to much”. So true, so often. No sympathy on their score unless they find the balls to admit they are gay, and come over to suporting gay people.

  19. Lets hope they rot in their ‘fundie’ Christian HELL!

  20. Whether he was ousted because of Iris or the corruption scandel, I don’t really care. The main thing is he’s being kicked out as an MP after thinking he had a job for life for the past 31 years as an MP. May their downfall continue because it will take a while longer if they are to lose enough influence that people dismiss them for the jokes they are.

  21. the devil sure knows where to get them the crotch and/or the pocket!

    peter in the pocket!

    iris in the pocket and crotch!!

    sad, but it looks good on them — humility does not seem to be one of the gifts of the spirit for them

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