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General Election 2010

Margot James becomes the second out lesbian in parliament

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Reader comments

  1. So, Margot James, will you now ensure that Philippa Stroud is removed from her position as Head of your party’s think-tank on “Social Justice”. I am sure you are away that your fellow party-member considers that YOU, as a lesbian, are swimming with evil demons.

  2. I wonder if she’ll be going down to her fellow tory candidate’s church to be ‘cured’. She doesn’t like to be pigeonholed as a lesbian, “I truly don’t see myself as a gay this or lesbian that”………..imagine malcolm x, or martin luther king or any other black rights advocate saying “I truly don’t see myself as a black this, or a black that…”

  3. Naturally I’m delighted that another out lesbian should make it into parliament, but it will be interesting to see whether Ms Janes makes much difference for the profile of LGB politicians at Westminster. I heard her speak to a gay audience a couple of years ago about the supposed change in Tory attitudes to homosexuality. After briefly mentioning her own sexuality, and reassuring us that some of Dave’s best friends were now gay, she apent the rest of her address telling us how tough it was being such a successful business woman as her. While this may be the case, it wasn’t the issue at hand, and only made me think that if the Tories did get in, then LGB issues would just diappear from the agenda. I think many gay people will have remained sceptical of how much the conservatives had really changed in the wilderness, as the Pink News polls suggested.

    So, well done Margot. But I for one will be watching what you do and say very carefully.

  4. imagine malcolm x, or martin luther king or any other black rights advocate saying “I truly don’t see myself as a black this, or a black that…”
    And they did. That was the whole point of Martin Luther King Jnr- That the colour of skin DOES(SHOULD) NOT MATTER

    Why is always ‘what about the Blacks?? on these comments?

  5. Niki, you need to read the comments above yours more empathetically.

    Margot James IS a lesbian and therefore is she has INTEGRITY and true self-pride, then she will not permit Stroud to dominate the Centre for Social Justice . . . unless, of course, Margot James is no more a lesbian than Margaret Thatcher was a woman. Possible, of course, since many did say Thatcher wasn’t actually a woman at all. :-)

  6. it’s not surprising that another tory plays their sexuality down to talk about money is it?

  7. She seems quite dismissive of LGBT issues.

  8. Galadriel1010 7 May 2010, 3:32pm

    It sounded more like she was saying that she’s bisexual, but happily settled with a woman. Of course, there is no in between for most people *shrugs*

  9. Please tweet:

    Margot James to replace Philippa Stroud as Head of Conservative’s Centre for Social Justice.

    (The idea might just catch on and become reality!)

  10. #4 – niki – “And they did. That was the whole point of Martin Luther King Jnr- That the colour of skin DOES(SHOULD) NOT MATTER”

    You obviously dont know anything about King’s work. And to leave a comment making out you do is pathetic and misleading to others. Even a simple wiki search would reveal you don’t know what you are talking about.

    “We were taking the young BLACK men who had been crippled by our society and sending them eight thousand miles away to guarantee liberties which they had not found in Southwest Georgia and East Harlem…. We have been repeatedly faced with the cruel irony of watching NEGRO and white boys on TV screens as they kill and die together for a nation that has been unable to seat them in the same schools…..” I think you’ll see he mentions black people specifically, because he was fighting for black rights and equality. Margot on the other hand doesn’t want to mention the ‘lesbian’ pigeonhole.

    My point is she’s no use to us – if anything she’ll do things aginst the LGBT community to prove to her heterosexual tory peers that she is ‘one of them’.

    I mention black rights because they too were a minority who had to gain equality from a majority that treated them like second class citizens. And their fight for equality has been a huge inspiration for me, I have read about it extensively. It’s incredible there is now a mixed race president when not long ago black people had to get on seperate buses. But that’s only possible because people like King and Malcolm spoke to black men about their equality.

  11. Well said, Jay.

  12. Congratulations to Mrs James. Whether she does anything for LGBT equality or not, she’s there, being successful, open and accepted by the electorate. That in iteslf will help break down prejudices among the more batty Sunday Telegraph-reading tories

  13. Sorry, but I just don’t get it. “Lesbian Tory”? Does not compute. The party with the worst ever record on LGBT rights, the party that brought us Clause 28… OK so I know there are other issues, but I just don’t get how one can be LGBT and a Tory. Unless she’s using the argument that they can be changed from within, but she doesn’t seem to be doing even that, going by the previous comments above.

  14. Jay6pac,

    Ypu need to learn how to engage without abuse. I know more about MLK jnr, than you will ever know. He point and struggle as a Black Rights activist were to ensure that Colour of skin should NOT matter. Margo James is not an LGBT activist. Ypu may want her to be, but she is not. She is a politician. Being Gay does not cast LGBT activist just as being Black can confer Black Rights activist on Obama or any poltitican who happens to be non White. Therefore your example was completely out of place, even if you deny it.

  15. Joe Johnston 11 May 2010, 5:14pm

    For the benefit of the usual bigots posting on Pink News – here’s a little reminder.

    Angela Eagle did not come out until 1997 despite being first elected in 1992. She made absolutely sure of her position before trying (and failing) to project herself as a particular friend of the gay community. There are hypocrites and bigots everywhere you see – in the Labour and Lib Dem parties, on Pink News – ESPECIALLY on Pink News. I know all I need to know about Eagle – she’s my MP.

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