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General Election 2010

Lib Dems lose seats, gain another gay MP

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Reader comments

  1. BrazilBoysBlog 7 May 2010, 11:53am

    Why would anyone be surprised at the results? This year, for the first time, the UK held televised debates with all of the main party leaders…

    Nick Clegg, (as a great surprise to some) did a tremendous job in those debates and showed himself to be a real prospect and a good leader..

    The opinion polls reflected this and the Lib-Dems surged forward in the polls..

    The (mostly) Tory UK media newspapers went into immediate panic overload at the prospect of a hung parliament with Clegg holding the balance of power.. They immediately started to vilify Nick Clegg and came up with every possible smear story they could possibly find.

    The level of hate and bile that the Tory media pushed forward as dressed-up as ´news´ was disgusting.

    The result was that where people started off thinking Nick Clegg might actually have a chance of bringing in change to British politics, come election day, they feared what that change might bring.

    The newspapers scare tactics worked perfectly.. The result? Now REAL uncertainty and REAL problems!

    Just seen Nick Clegg on TV saying that he believes the party with the majority of seats should have the right to form a government… (that being the Tories).

    Sorry Nick, the Tories have not been given a clear mandate by the country to govern. No party has been given a clear mandate to govern. The Tories have already said they are against any notion of electoral reform.. Do not make an alliance with them then Nick. Stick to your guns!

  2. How can Lembit Opik be surprised to lose his seat when he’s spent the last five years behaving like a pratt who can avoid the spoloight even tjhough it was obviously an oncoming trucks headlights. He should have been sacked and another seat could have been saved!!!


    Proportional representation
    = Will Increase to the lib dems share of the vote and power
    = Will finish the Conservative Party for Good
    = Will reduce the chance of Fundemantalist Christians gaining power

    Tweet it – Tweet it – Tweet it
    Blog it – Blog it – Blog it
    Text it – text it – text it
    E-mail it – email it – email it
    Phone it – Phone it – Phone it
    Fax it – Fax it – Fax it

    Lets change the ELECTORIAL SYSTEM of this country for ever!!!

  4. Unprecendented – Unprecendented – Unprecendented

    Cameron pleads to the Libdems on national Television

    Desperation is painful to watch

  5. Jean-Paul 7 May 2010, 4:12pm

    A Lib-Lab Pact m-m-m…I never thought of that…he he!

  6. Must be missing something but would a libdem-lab pact give a majority?

  7. The Liberal Democrats increased their votes and vote share, but have a net loss of 5 seats. They received 23% of the votes, but less than 9% of the seats. I don’t support a Lib-Lab pact for the simple reason that the Labour Party was rejected and a pact still would be short of an outright majority.

    Clegg should offer to support the Tories in a vote of confidence only if they promise to do something about electoral reform. Other than that, they will support or oppose policies on a case by case policy. Otherwise, we’re looking at another election very soon. Also, Brown should resign immediately so that Labour can be ready for another election. While I appreciate many of the problems weren’t of Brown’s making, he simply wasn’t up to the task of PM.

  8. Jean-Paul 8 May 2010, 5:12am

    We can keep in touch with LibDem politics by joining DELGA:

  9. “Must be missing something but would a libdem-lab pact give a majority? ”

    No, not unless other parties joined too.

  10. Jean-Paul 9 May 2010, 3:12am

    Also, I expect some Conservative MP’s will abstain from voting…or even cross the floor…gasp!

    Let’s not suppose all Conservative MP’s are delighted with Call-me dave.

  11. A memo written by William Hague has been leaked. It reveals the Tory’s true colours and shows us all now, once and for all, that Call-Me-Dave has been nothing but window-dressing, a detestable lie. The Tories have an agenda which is in line with Philippa Stroud being Head of their Centre for Social Justice.


    “we are committed to returning powers from the European level to the UK in three key areas – the Charter of Fundamental Rights, criminal justice, and social and employment legislation.”

    See the whole article at the link below and notice how the arrogant Hague fully expects to be the new Foreign Minister on Monday and has taken it for granted that Call-Me-Dave will be Prime Minister.

    Here is the proof then. Hague has spelt it out. The Tories intend in the coming weeks to withdraw the UK from all EU regulation regarding the Charter of Fundamental Rights, criminal justice, and social and employment legislation.

    That’s the rights of all we non-religionists and LGBTs down the drain.

    That’s back to church on Sunday for Britain.

    That’s all sorts of businesses granted the right to slam the door in the faces of LGBTs.




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