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General Election 2010

Controversial Tory MPs Chris Grayling and Julian Lewis keep seats

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s hope Margot can keep them under control

  2. Margot will defend these neo-fascist bigots. Make no mistake about that.

    She is a Tory after all and we know how the Gay Uncle Toms of the Tories don’t have a problem with homophobia.

    If the Tories form the next government I expect these 2 extremist bigots to remain backbenchers.

    Their moronic bigotry makes them unsuitable for anything else.

  3. BrazilBoysBlog 7 May 2010, 11:11am

    Tory bigots re-elected. What a surprise. At least Ms Stroud was shown the door by the electorate!

  4. They might be reelected but their days are numbered. The gay mafia are on to them and will winkle out the slightest misdeed these bigots have comitted since the day they were unlucky enough to be born bigots…. Case in point, The Vile Iris Robinson. It took just over twelve months to dethrone that bigot and see her off to an upper class nuthouse in London. Her troubles aren’t over yet either…. watch how quickly Pete ditches her, now the London election is over and he will want to be rid, before north of Ireland asssembly elections come up in year or so.


    Proportional representation
    = Will Increase to the lib dems share of the vote and power
    = Will finish the Conservative Party for Good
    = Will reduce the chance of Fundemantalist Christians gaining power

    Tweet it – Tweet it – Tweet it
    Blog it – Blog it – Blog it
    Text it – text it – text it
    E-mail it – email it – email it
    Phone it – Phone it – Phone it
    Fax it – Fax it – Fax it

    Lets change the ELECTORIAL SYSTEM of this country for ever!!!

  6. Tim Hopkins 7 May 2010, 2:44pm

    Looks like a particularly balanced result! The Tories are heading for around 308? If they got 316, they could just make a majority with DUP voting support. But it looks like that combination will be around 8 short of a majority.

    And it looks like a Labour / LibDem combination will also be a similar amount short of a majority.

    Apart from a Conservative / LibDem deal, it looks like a majority could only be formed by getting support from the SNP and Plaid Cymru as well. The SNP say they won’t support the Tories (perhaps in part because the Tories made no progress in Scotland – in fact here, Labour’s share of the vote increased 2.5%, to 42%)

    So maybe that suggests that there will be a lot of pressure on the Tories and LibDems to come to an arrangement?

  7. Tim – thanks for that, I thought I was going mad with this idea of libdem-lab pact, I couldn’t see how on earth there would be a majority, it has to be tory-libdem , any agreement with lab would fail anyway, it doesn’t have a majority…

  8. Lewis used to be my MP. A thoroughly odious man. Challenge him to justify his views on HIV and homosexuality and he strangely refuses to produce the “evidence” which he likes to state is fact…

  9. A memo written by William Hague has been leaked. It reveals the Tory’s true colours and shows us all now, once and for all, that Call-Me-Dave has been nothing but window-dressing, a detestable lie. The Tories have an agenda which is in line with Philippa Stroud being Head of their Centre for Social Justice.


    “we are committed to returning powers from the European level to the UK in three key areas – the Charter of Fundamental Rights, criminal justice, and social and employment legislation.”

    See the whole article at the link below and notice how the arrogant Hague fully expects to be the new Foreign Minister on Monday and has taken it for granted that Call-Me-Dave will be Prime Minister.

    Here is the proof then. Hague has spelt it out. The Tories intend in the coming weeks to withdraw the UK from all EU regulation regarding the Charter of Fundamental Rights, criminal justice, and social and employment legislation.

    That’s the rights of all we non-religionists and LGBTs down the drain.

    That’s back to church on Sunday for Britain.

    That’s all sorts of businesses granted the right to slam the door in the faces of LGBTs.




  10. “He increased his majority in New Forest East by more than 3,600 votes, trouncing his closet Liberal Democrat rival.”

    Typo. Please fix

  11. This is unjust and unfair. Stroud has indeed denied all these allegations quite clearly, see

    Whether you believe her is your choice but you have no business mis-reporting the facts.

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