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General Election 2010

Caroline Lucas makes history as first Green MP

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Reader comments

  1. Well done! and thanks for all as your help as MEP in getting the CP recognised in France as the equivalent of the French PACs (at least for tax anyway!) – let’s hope you can get that gay marriage issue on the agenda …..

  2. Stuart Neyton 7 May 2010, 10:17am

    This is really good news. Well done Brighton!

  3. Woo hoo! Congratulations Ms Lucas!

  4. Congratulations! Excellent news!

  5. Amazing news! And congratulations on Brighton, I am proud. They elected the most pro gay party and leader in the UK!

  6. silly billy 7 May 2010, 4:34pm

    Excellent news.

  7. Best party for Gay equality! Wooo! Yeah!!!

    Best Party for environmental protection!! Wooo-wooo!!

    Most bloody useless bunch of dungaree-wearing vegetarian politically-correct, aging fcuking hippies on the planet.

    Fantastic. The economy’s utterly fcuked, we have double the population, crime is rampant and we have become the poor equivalent of Greece.

    The good news though is, we all now love each other, you get life for calling someone a “fairy” and all our home-grown alfalfa is dolphin friendly.

    Give me strength…

  8. Rob, you really do have terminal brain rot.

  9. Patrick James 7 May 2010, 11:11pm

    I live in the Hove constituency which is next door to Brighton Pavilion.

    I have mixed feeling about the Caroline Lucas victory in Brighton Pavilion as I feared that there would not be enough votes for her and so she would pave the way for a Conservative victory.

    However it seems this is not the case so I am glad to have Caroline Lucas and not the Conservative who was, in fact, nutty as a fruitcake (just like the others).

    The Labour candidate for Brighton Pavilion was Nancy Platts a really excellent candidate.

    I would very much like to see Proportional Representation in the UK as it would mean that people could more easily vote according to their conscience.

  10. This is EXCELLENT !!!!!!!

  11. Röb_N: you’re always so full of spite. So typical of those on the Right. Is there a positive bone in your entire body?

  12. Well done to Caroline Lucas and the Green Party.

    We really need more diversity in the House of Commons, and the election of the first Green MP is a big step in that direction.

  13. Congratulations Caroline, from all of us Australian Greens!

  14. A memo written by William Hague has been leaked. It reveals the Tory’s true colours and shows us all now, once and for all, that Call-Me-Dave has been nothing but window-dressing, a detestable lie. The Tories have an agenda which is in line with Philippa Stroud being Head of their Centre for Social Justice.


    “we are committed to returning powers from the European level to the UK in three key areas – the Charter of Fundamental Rights, criminal justice, and social and employment legislation.”

    See the whole article at the link below and notice how the arrogant Hague fully expects to be the new Foreign Minister on Monday and has taken it for granted that Call-Me-Dave will be Prime Minister.

    Here is the proof then. Hague has spelt it out. The Tories intend in the coming weeks to withdraw the UK from all EU regulation regarding the Charter of Fundamental Rights, criminal justice, and social and employment legislation.

    That’s the rights of all we non-religionists and LGBTs down the drain.

    That’s back to church on Sunday for Britain.

    That’s all sorts of businesses granted the right to slam the door in the faces of LGBTs.




  15. Oh Eddy, I do not suppose you realised this now albeit you are not surprised. They were not completely sarcastic about it, only that their message was pampering so the fools agreed with them.

    Nevertheless, congrats to Ms. Lucas, although Labour Platts is an awesome and LGBT-supporting kid we would have gained from too.

  16. Congratulations Caroline . . .

    What an amazing break through

    You deserve it

  17. This is great. So great.

    Congratulations, Caroline.

  18. Caroline Lucas is as bad as the LibDems. She hasn’t done anything in Parliament to advance gay rights/equality.

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