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07 May 2010

  • 7th May 2010

    Liberal Democrat Evan Harris loses Oxford seat 96

    Evan Harris lost his seat

    4:05 PM — Liberal Democrat science spokesman Evan Harris has lost his seat in Oxford West and Abington to a Christian candidate. One Christian group said his defeat was the "most significant individual result of the election".

  • Updated: David Cameron makes ‘comprehensive offer’ to Lib Dems 113

    David Cameron made an offer to the Lib Dems

    3:14 PM — Tory leader David Cameron has made a "comprehensive offer" to the Liberal Democrats to work with him in parliament. A hung parliament was declared this morning and although the Conservatives won the most votes, they do not have an overall majority.

  • Updated: Out gay Tory shadow ministers retain seats 10

    Alan Duncan kept his Rutland and Melton seat

    11:55 AM — The three out gay men in David Cameron's shadow cabinet have held on to their seats. Nick Herbert, Alan Duncan and Greg Barker were all returned to Westminster. Mr Duncan and Mr Barker saw a slight drop in their majorities to the Liberal Democrats.

  • Lib Dems lose seats, gain another gay MP 11

    Nick Clegg said he was disappointed by the result

    10:49 AM — The Liberal Democrats now have two out gay MPs - but the latest count shows they have lost six seats overall. The result so far has been seen widely as disastrous for Nick Clegg's party, which hoped to capitalise on his perceived good performance in the televised debates.

  • Controversial Tory MPs Chris Grayling and Julian Lewis keep seats 13

    Chris Grayling held his seat

    10:07 AM — Two of the Conservative MPs who provoked controversy with their views on gay rights have kept their seats. Chris Grayling and Julian Lewis were returned to Westminster, while the Scottish candidate who said gays were "not normal" came third in his constituency.

  • Caroline Lucas makes history as first Green MP 19

    Caroline Lucas became the first Green MP

    9:24 AM — Caroline Lucas made history last night by becoming the Green Party's first MP. The party has consistently been ranked the best for gay equality issues by PinkNews.co.uk readers.

  • Top gay Labour MPs hold onto their seats with reduced majorities 5

    Ben Bradshaw kept his seat

    8:51 AM — The most high-profile out gay Labour MPs held onto their seats last night but most suffered a reduction in their majorities. Ben Bradshaw, for Exeter, won with 38.2 per cent, with Tory candidate Hannah Foster behind on 33 per cent. He suffered a reduced majority.

  • Margot James becomes the second out lesbian in parliament 15

    Margot James is the new MP for Stourbridge

    7:55 AM — Margot James has become the Conservative MP for Stourbridge, making her only the second out lesbian in parliament. Ms James joins Labour MP Angela Eagle, who held onto her Wallasey seat last night with 51.8 per cent of the vote.

  • Philippa Stroud fails to win parliamentary seat 49

    Mrs Stroud failed to win the seat

    7:26 AM — Philippa Stroud, the Conservative candidate who allegedly tried to "cure" gay people of demons, failed last night to win a seat. Mrs Stroud was standing in Sutton and Cheam, a seat the Tories hoped to win.

  • Peter Robinson- husband of ‘homophobe’ Iris Robinson loses his seat 21

    Peter Robinson lost his seat

    1:15 AM — The first minister of Northern Ireland, Peter Robinson, has lost his Westminister seat. He is the husband of Iris Robinson, the former MP and Northern Ireland assembly member who called gays an"abomination" and suggested they could be cured.

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