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Country music star Chely Wright is a lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Chely, I’ve listened to her new album and think it’s easily her best work yet. Her autobiography is amazingly honest and I hope that she is now happy.
    However, this was news on Monday when it was announced. It’s now Thursday. Bit late here!

  2. Her heyday was pretty much mid to late 90’s when there were a lot of great new female country singers coming along. She’s sold a fair few records over the years but had been a bit quiet in the last few years, it seems now due to the breakdown.
    Her most famous songs are…
    Shut Up And Drive
    Single White Female
    Bumper Of My SUV

    You can find the videos on YouTube.

    To be fair, she’s probably known only to hard core country fans. I actually had a few of her albums before she came out.

  3. I hope this brings her a new audience and others in the same situation see her happiness and gain the courage to love themselves.

  4. Sure is purdy!

    Good girl, Chely.

    Say hello to Canada’s trailblazer, k.d.lang.

  5. Good for her!!! Shes a pretty lil lady! Im sooo glad she is being REAL and true to herself and others. Nothing wrong with being a lesbian, you are what you are! She will live a whole alot better now that she is FREE from the lies! You go Chely, you have my support!

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