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Children are ‘spontaneously gay’, says Brazilian archbishop

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Reader comments

  1. Are we supposed to assume that he got proper guidance and managed to wean himself off of his own spontaneous adolescent proclivities?
    I think his statement tells us more about the Archibishop’s inner life than anything else.

  2. Jean-Paul 6 May 2010, 4:03pm

    Another nutter crawls out of the wood-work.

  3. I am hard pressed indeed to believe that a, supposedly, celibate man has the wherewithal to determine the functions of sexuality in society other than as merely an intellectual exercise.

    His opinion therefore, is less than informed and therefore of no inherent PRACtical understanding or insight. You may dismiss it for the ignorance it is.

  4. And are catholic clergy spontaneously child molesters I wonder.

    This guy is a moron!

  5. LBG equal rights won’t lead to pedos being acceptable, the bishop is another loony who lies that he knows about science

  6. “He condemned the alleged abuse of children inside the church but said that internal punishment of guilty priests was sufficient, rather that involving the police.”

    I hope this would amount to covering up a crime/aiding and abetting in the UK.

  7. For all his religious studies over the years, you would think he might have learned to research sexuality before spouting such rubbish.

  8. Why can’t this c u n t crawl back to his cloister and molester more kids in privet for his demon god and stop projecting his mental issues on our community.

  9. Lyndsey C 6 May 2010, 6:20pm

    The catholic church is full of so much crap its unbelievable! Stop blaming gay people for the fact your staff are kiddie fiddleers! Gay people arent the one with demons these people are!

  10. Mumbo Jumbo 6 May 2010, 6:28pm


  11. another stupid catholic twat

  12. I doubt he is that ignorant or stupid. Rather, I suspect the motivation for these absurd comments is to direct attention away from the molestation issues within the Catholic church.

  13. The man is clearly suffering some a mental condition especially give his “internal punishment of guilty priests was sufficient” comment…. sure, the law is not for the clergy, they’re above it.

    It simply amazes me how people still want to be catholic these days.

    Well I’d like to claim that “religious advocates are “spontaneously stupid” and that religious freedoms will lead to rights for idiots.”

  14. He says: “how are we going to educate our children to use a sexuality that is human and suitable?”

    HUMAN!! WTF???

  15. Gay sex is between consenting adults. Paedophiles prey on children that aren’t of an age to be mentally ready to consent to sex, as is said in law. These T#ssers need to shrink back into their cloistered little cells, and leave the adult world to the rest of us.

  16. Eric Whitney 7 May 2010, 6:20pm

    I hear this guy also runs around saying that the mother of jesus christ was a virgin. hahahhaha

  17. “He added that equal rights for gays and lesbians would “pretty soon” lead to acceptance of paedophilia.”

    Idiot. And his comments about adolescent same sex ‘playing’ says a whole lot about him, and nothing about us. Let me say it for hundredth time – normal adults aren’t interested in what other consenting adults do in bed. Those who are obviously have their own issues, and would do well to sort them out rather than lashing out at other people.

  18. Jean-Paul 9 May 2010, 3:22am

    Brazilian catholic archbishops are spontaneously pro-ben16.

    Surprise, surprise….z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z

  19. Isn’t Porto Alegre one of the most prosperous cities in Brazil? What a disgrace this backward/backwoods archbishop is.

  20. And the head of the BBC, who is a a self-confessed ardent supporter of that archbishop’s church, is currently negotiating to maximise the benefit our publicly-owned broadcaster can bestow upon that church through coverage of the “state visit” of that archbishop’s boss to this country later this year. Why, despite all the history of religious strife in this country (more than their fair share of which originated with the Roman Catholic church, and almost all with christians), are we currently so ludicrously naive when it comes to regulating such political machinations in the name of religion?

  21. The archbishop says: “When sexuality is trivialized, it’s clear that this is going to affect all cases. Homosexuality is such a case. Before, the homosexual wasn’t spoken of. He was discriminated against. …When we begin to say they have rights, rights to demonstrate publicly, pretty soon, we’ll find the rights of paedophiles.”

    So, either he is saying that there is a link between homosexuality and pedophilia (which the Vatican only recently denied it was saying, probably knowing that it was otherwise heading to be charged with promoting hatred) or he is saying that the acceptance of pedophilia follows from all “tivialization of sexuality”.

    I guess, since his church has long maintained that everything to do with sex should be considered sacred (and therefore under its remit), and should only be allowed in the context of a marriage conducted by its priests, he might mean the latter. But it would makes no sense given that pedophilia has been rampant in the roman catholic priesthood since long before people at large decided to give up on its killjoy (and kill sexual minorities) ideas on sexuality.

    Interestingly the archbishop seems not to have received the memo from the Pope that pedophilia in the priesthood has been swept away by a redefinition of their activities as ehebophilia (see ). But then, if your real message is that it is necessary (and good) to persecute sexual minorities, claiming that the alternative leads to ehebophlia in the priesthood just wouldn’t have the same resonance.

    The hate-mongers seem to have gotten caught up in a web of hatred that is just so complicated that they trip themselves up at every turn.

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