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Baltic Pride suspended after authorities claim marchers could be hurt

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Reader comments

  1. What do you expect in a country that is 80% catholic. Pope Nazinger will be proud of them.

  2. Pumpkin Pie 6 May 2010, 10:45pm

    Well, I guess that’s one way you can admit to the rest of the world that you’re unbelievably incompetent.

    If something like that happened in this country- No, I can’t even entertain that thought. There are incompetent police forces around, but no government official would ever dare to say “we can’t even protect our own citizens during peacetime”. Except this guy, apparently. Did he have a concussion? Did his PR guru take an extended lunch break? “Sorry I’m late, did I miss anything? …You said WHAT?!” I hope they had smelling salts standing by.

    I hope this backfires massively on him.

  3. An Cat Dubh 7 May 2010, 3:29pm

    My grandfather is Lithuanian. … He’s a retard.

  4. If these two ‘men’ are anything to go by, sadly homophobic attitudes seem to be quite common in the Lithuanian:

    Am I prejudiced? Well, put it this way: thank goodness my grandparents left;)

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