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Gay hostel allowed to remain open despite complaints

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Reader comments

  1. It’s great that this facility is there for “homeless gay young men”, and no doubt many of them will have experienced traumas and abuse. What is needed, though, is firm, loving leadership from experienced people who run it. Like any young people, the residents need to accept that there are limits on what is deemed “acceptable” behaviour and it must be stressed to them that proven unacceptable behaviour which draws undue attention to them or to their community will not be tollerated and will result in there being asked to leave either for a period of time, or for good. If the rules are laid down as soon as the young people arrive, then they have their own choices as to how they are going to live their lives in this safe, non-judgemental place.
    Some members of society will have it in for them anyhow, so don’t give them any chance to complain.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 63 local residents who have complained about this hostel for homeless young gay men are not homophobes.

    I lived up north once. I was teaching at the time and had no time for anything other than preparing lessons, marking, and going to school each day to teach. Nevertheless the residents of the development on which I lived disapproved of my having been allowed to live on the development BECAUSE they perceived that I was “a homosexual”. Thankfully, though, the city council was pro-gay so they were unable to pursue any efforts to eject me.

    I would be very surprised indeed if these young homeless gay men were brawling in the street and causing any regular or significant disturbance.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if local residents looking ahead to the day when they come to sell their homes do not wish to answer in response to buyers’ questions that the house over the road is occupied by a dozen or so homeless gay men.

    No, better to trump up lies, complain, and try and lever the queers out NOW.

    That’s probably the reality of this situation.

  3. The Halcyon 5 May 2010, 5:58pm

    These stories about Nimbys always make me angry. I can understand neighbours being upset if there are fights in the streets caused by hostel residents – I hate the annual summer street punch-ups where I live at 3am every Saturday.

    Conversely, the petition raised by the residents is total hypocrisy. Are not those homeless/at risk of being homeless also entitled to a “peaceful life”?

  4. I have no knowledge of this case save what I read here. It seems to me wrong to presume homophobia as ;Eddy; does or Nimbyism as ‘The Halcyon’ does, and see what ‘barry’ says as balanced and sensible.

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