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General Election 2010

Exclusive: Philippa Stroud’s lawyers warn media over ‘gay cure’ claims

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  1. When asked why it had not been contacted, as it was of the few media outlets that reported The Observer’s claims, her lawyer said it did not dispute’s right to cover the issues.

    what does that mean?
    will PinkNews ask them that?

  2. So the Tories get their lawyers out to silence any criticism of this vile bigot.
    This is the shape of things to come if the Tories win – you can see now that they’ve not changed.

  3. This post is just a test to see if my post re. Stroud will be rejected from this thread also.

  4. Ah, well, if this is now a legal matter, it seems inappropriate to comment, and inappropriate to vote Conservative until after the matter has been resolved.

  5. It means the Tories think no one reads gay news websites and they don’t give a f**k about us. They just want to stop the TV news programmes getting this before tomorrow. We need to keep pushing ! The Tories do not own this country.

  6. Patrick James 5 May 2010, 5:52pm

    I think we are getting a glimpse of the shape of things to come if the Conservatives win the general election.

    They are suppressing this story with the threat of lawyers.

    The Conservatives have the backing of phenomenally wealthy people who control vast areas of the media and will use the legal system to bully those parts of the media they don’t own.

    We know that the Conservatives plan to greatly weaken Ofcom with a view to enabling a huge increase in Rupert Murdoch’s power over broadcast media in the UK.

  7. Oh, good. I can post on this thread, but obviously I have to be careful now, don’t I, Benjamin.

    OK, folks. Here is my story.

    I received a private email from another PinkNews member saying that his message on PinkNews had been rejected, that it wouldn’t post. His email announced a public protest to be held against Stroud.

    I tried to post his message for him on PinkNews but mine was rejected too.

    It appears that on the eve of the election there is massive fear on the part of the Tories that revelations about Philippa Stroud (which we now may not learn about) could jeopardise their chances of winning.

    Therefore, the Tories appear to have taken action and through solicitors further discussion and revelations about Stroud have been gagged.

    As is stated by the poster above, this is indeed the shape of things to come if the Tories win. Hopefully now everyone will see that the Tories have not changed.

    There is some story about Philippa Stroud and her doings which the Tories FEAR could lose them the election.

    What is that story?

    We may never know now because solicitors have been instructed to “WARN” the media.

    PLEASE, copy and paste this message and get it out there. We can at least let everybody know that solicitors have, in effect, gagged the media regarding information about Philippa Stroud.

  8. Petursey, I was trying to post to you on your website at the time my message was being rejected. Have you seen the information on Facebook, posted by Abigail? Abigail is probably the trans we know from this site who has direct experience of Stroud.

    Patrick James, did you get my private message. We need to get this story to the BBC etc. They are at liberty to at least state what Pink News has stated.

    Benjamin Cohen, have you forwarded this story on to Channel 4 etc?

  9. Pumpkin Pie 5 May 2010, 6:06pm

    Ah, well, if this is now a legal matter, it seems inappropriate to comment, and inappropriate to vote Conservative until after the matter has been resolved.

    Two thumbs up for this suggestion. :D

  10. #6 And this is a surprise at what level exactly???

  11. benlemarr 5 May 2010, 6:23pm

    One only has to read her policies on social justice or her work with the poor to see she is authentic and the allegations made against her unfounded. The stories about her demonizing the gay community is simply not true. A casual read of her background with the homeless, gay, destitute, socially extricated or otherwise is, in my opinion a bold example of selfless action. I for one fully back Philippa and wish her all the best in the future and her candidacy. We need more authentic people like her!

  12. benlemarr – I hope you are joking as you are not providing anything realistic or factual

    I thought the right-wing condemned the left for what they claim is muzzling the press and suppressing free speech yet they’ve done that here

  13. benlemarr, don’t be a fool.


  14. David Stroud is the key to all this, not his wife. He is the head of the New Frontiers Church in this country. And part of this church’s doctrine is that a wife should implicitly obey her husband.

    Jonathan Bartley of the CHRISTIAN think-tank Ekklesia, which is LGBT-friendly, asks a very good question: “Who would voters be electing in Sutton and Cheam – Philippa Stroud or her husband? The question must be asked whether, in the event she was elected to Parliament, she would on any occasion ‘submit’ to her husband’s will and vote in a way that he thought was right, even if it contradicted her own position, the promises she had made to voters, or the manifesto on which she was elected?” [source:

    David Stroud is listed as the leader of the ChristChurch London New Frontiers Church which takes over the Piccadilly Theatre in Shastsbury Avenue on a Sunday afternoon. He’s the one who is “boss” in that household.

  15. For goodness sake , if it’s wrong , she deserves an apology… It wouldn’t be the first time and the timing of this story is a bit suspicious.

  16. No-ones saying she’s prejudiced – after all, she’s not saying being gay is bad. Its exactly like you said – she considers it an illness.

    Otherwise every doctor could be accused of being prejudiced towards anything they cure. I mean, WTF? Talk about trying to squirm out the accusations by making nonsensical, misdirecting statements.

    I really hope you push at this story. Cameron doesn’t want this out because of the election, but once its over hopefully you’ll have more luck with getting some sort of statement about it.

  17. Alan, the Observer’s legal people would not have given their seal of approval to Sunday’s revelations of what Stroud thinks of YOU if they were not confident that they can be defended in court. The reason for the “warning” from Stroud’s lot is in fear of something else me-thinks. After all, the story from the Observer is still out there, isn’t it! The account on PinkNews is still there for you to read, isn’t it! No, there is something further. They are frightened of something else being revealed. Who knows what it is. For example, it could be that Stroud’s lot have got wind that someone has video footage of Stroud participating in an exorcism of a gay man. There is something extra to the Observer that they are fearful of getting into the media on the eve of the election. I trust you aren’t a fool, Alan, and you won’t be supporting this bunch.

  18. Mumbo Jumbo 5 May 2010, 7:43pm

    “When asked why it had not been contacted, as it was of the few media outlets that reported The Observer’s claims, her lawyer said it did not dispute’s right to cover the issue.”


    You are a tiny and despised minority and do not matter to us – in fact, you and your interests are so far from our minds that we forgot about you completely. Now get used to it.

    (Abi, if you are reading this, I hope you are well).

  19. I notice they’re issuing denials and press gagging orders based on the issue of her telling people gayness is an illness. Significantly what they haven’t denied is that she thinks we’re possessed by demons, they’re deliberately framing their denials around the “I never said it was an ‘illness'” line.
    It’s a classic bait and switch, a straw man. I daresay she doen’t think gayness is an ‘illness’, but I’m still under the firm impression, which her spokespeople haven’t retracted that she thinks of gay people as in the grip of demonic possession and in dire need of some hunky young exorcist shouting “GET THEE BEHIND ME[Satan]!”.
    Based on what evidence there is, I draw the conclusion she still has something homophobic to hide.

  20. Philippa Strouds reluctance to give any further information about this serious allegation is not very convincing, it is a legitimaste concern for the voting public and one that she is simply trying to brush off. There is a lot more to this story to be uncovered.
    New Frontiers Church is a very active supporter of the anti-gay Alpha Course, you can find this information if you plough through the New Frontiers websites, the basic beliefs of the New Frontiers church are hard to discern but appear to be ill-defined and rather wafty, certainly there is at least one quote where giving legitimacy to homosexuals and to homosexual relationships is to very much be avoided and regarded as a slippery slope to disaster. Nuts!

  21. Of the news of Stroud’s belief that we are possessed of demons Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, said:

    “This reinforces our long-held suspicions that those out of sight, but with their hands on the levers of power, have deeply reactionary ambitions.”

    I think that this severe warning by the solicitors proves that those on the levers of power DO have deeply reactionary ambitions . . . once they seized power.

    Fingers crossed they don’t.

  22. Interesting . . . If Philippa Stroud is about to take legal action . . . why is her presence being removed from the web.

    This article has noticed how Phillippa seems to be disapearing rather than fighting her corner . . . what is she, or others around her ashamed of?

  23. Jean-Paul 5 May 2010, 8:23pm

    This is exactly the kind of backlash against the Human Rights Movement that we are seeing all around the world, and which Kenneth Roth had written extensively about in the introduction of Human Rights World Report 2010.

    Also, here in Canada, we were shocked and we are still shocked to see that our Conservative Prime Minister has made no secret of the fact that he can decide what is publicized and what is not.

    This is another example of how right-wing extremists intend to crush the progress made by the Human Rights Movement, and it’s basically called a “deliberate lack of transparency”.

    And there are some very wealthy and powerful people behind this idea of “progress”.

  24. Jean-Paul – rags like the Daily Mail etc constantly attack human rights and so do many readers

    I’m not surprised she’s hiding it but too much of the media is help[ing her

  25. Phillippa Strouds Husband

    “David Stroud, a leader in the New Frontiers Church, has put his name to the Westminster Declaration – a statement from socially conservative Christians which, alongside other matters, advocates that a narrow version of religious conscience should trump other people’s rights and freedoms in the public sphere.”


  26. Jean-Paul 5 May 2010, 9:18pm

    It has been proven in the Gary McFarlane case that religious beliefs have no standing in British Law.

    It’s appalling that this story is being deliberately withheld from the media….astounding….perplexing…and most annoying to say the least.

  27. Simon Patterson 5 May 2010, 9:19pm

    Well, quite clearly she didn’t make a clear statement as Cameron says she had. She failed to counter any of the claims the Observer had made but defended her position using words she could relate to the article in an attempt to spin the situation in her favour, as Cameron and Hague did in their defences of her too.

    It’s incredible that just days before an election, Cameron is talking about a ‘big society’ and people power. He talks about cleaning up politics. He talks about transparency and freedom of information. Yet here we are, on the eve of the election, and the Tories are already gagging the media.

    Is this how Dave means to go on?

  28. Jonathan2 5 May 2010, 9:21pm

    libel can only succeed if something is untrue. Remember that Abi made comments back in Jul 2009. Unfortunately due to fact these practices occured some time ago it gets more complicated to verify.

    The best way to defeat a bigot is to make sure they don’t get any power. KEEP THE TORIES OUT

  29. “Last Sunday the UK’s Observer newspaper, the sister paper of the Guardian, ran an article about how ”Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to ‘cure’ gay people”. I have some personal experience of the case, since I was a resident on the project she founded, although by the time I joined she had already left to found a second, similar project in Birmingham.

    The Kings Arms Project was originally founded to work with the homeless, but over time its mandate expanded to include a faith-based program dealing with drug addiction, the fallout from abuse, and other problems including homosexuality & trans identity.

    After the story broke, those of us who knew about it (I was among those interviewed for the original article) were expecting the BBC, ITN and other major news companies to run with the story, yet so far I’ve seen a few articles in the Guardian, one in the Telegraph, and one in Metro – and that’s all! Two people I know were contacted for TV interviews, but after that nothing happened.

    Kacey JonesI have not long ago found out why. According to Kacey Jones one of the people interviewed for the original article, “They [the BBC) will get sued by there [sic] lawyers if they do… [the] bbc would have got sued if they ran the story… They went all the way to Brighton to see AJ, and I did mine over the phone. Then the lawers jumped on it and stopped it.” This was confirmed independently by AJ Patterson, who said on Facebook that she has “been gagged. Did apiece with BBC, but they cant run it. They have lawyers I guess. What happened to justice…….what happened to peoples voices???????” In a later private message AJ said the line she received from the BBC was that “[Stroud] got lawyers and it come from quite high up.” Benjamin Cohen, the gay Channel 4 journalist, said yesterday on Twitter that he and colleague were fighting to get story out but there were “complications” – which implies that Channel 4 News are facing the same threats of legal action as the BBC.

    The UK’s three main TV news companies are the BBC (BBC News & News24) ITN (ITN & Channel 4 News) and NewsCorp (SkyNews). So since SkyNews will never run the story, the Tories have effectively gagged the UK’s main TV journalists over a story that could have a major effect on the outcome of the election.

    There is a Facebook group calling on David Cameron to sack Philippa Stroud here. Patrick Strudwick,a UK journalist specialising in the ex-gay movement, has a piece on why he believes Cameron will never sack Philippa Stroud.

    A protest against Philippa Stroud’s possible election has been organised outside Philippa Stroud’s offices: Sutton Conservatives, Donnington House, 2a Sutton Court Road, Sutton SM1 4SY, from midday on Wednesday 5th May.

  30. Jonathan2 5 May 2010, 9:31pm

    Good reason to vote for The Labour Party

    – the shortest NHS waiting times in history
    – three million more operations a year
    – over 44,000 more doctors
    – 90,000 more nurses
    – GPs open into the evenings and at weekends
    – free cancer prescriptions
    – a two-week maximum wait to see a cancer specialist
    – over 100 new hospitals
    – the Winter Fuel Allowance
    – free TV licences and free bus passes for pensioners
    – the Pension Credit
    – the New Deal for the Unemployed
    – full-time rights for part-time workers
    – the Social Chapter
    – record maternity pay
    – for the first time in history the right to paternity leave
    – the biggest programme of council house building for 20 years
    – the Disability Discrimination Act
    – the Racial and Religious Hatred act
    – the Equalities Act
    – the first black cabinet minister
    – the first Muslim minister
    – the first black woman minister to speak at the Commons despatch box
    – civil partnerships, gay adoption, the repeal of Section 28 and yes the right to book into a bed and breakfast
    – devolution: a Scottish Parliament, a Welsh Assembly and, yes, even a Mayor for London
    – the transformation of our great cities with bright new dawns for Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester
    – the Human Rights Act
    – crime down by a third
    – the hand gun ban
    – domestic violence cut by two thirds and rape convictions up by half
    – more police than ever on our streets
    – the world’s first ever Climate Change Act
    – beating the Kyoto emissions targets
    – the tripling of overseas aid
    – the cancelling of debt of the poorest countries
    – the ban on cluster bombs
    – peace in Northern Ireland
    – a Britain in Europe’s mainstream not in Europe’s slipstream
    – free swimming for kids
    – free museum entry
    – the right to roam
    – banning fox hunting
    – the Olympics for London
    – half a million children out of poverty
    – extended schools
    – 42,000 more teachers
    – the best ever exam results in schools
    – Education Maintenance Allowances
    – record numbers of students – and for the first time the majority of students are women
    – a doubling of apprenticeships
    – a Child Trust Fund for every newborn child
    – Sure Start children’s centres
    – free nursery places
    – and Child Tax Credits

  31. Phillippa Stroud and Barnabas Community Church

    Phillippa spoken regulary at the church above, listen to some of her sermons below; and also the sermons of its preachers who advocate “Gay Cures” by promoting organistions such as True freedom Trust.

  32. Jean-Paul 5 May 2010, 9:56pm

    Well, the cat’s out of the bag now isn’t it, but will the belly of the beast be visible to British voters in time? That’s the rub.

  33. Vote tactically tomorrow guys and gals. Keep the Tory OUT in YOUR constituency. The less seats that Tories win, the less chance they’ll have of winning this election.

  34. Thanks Damian . . . I will take a look


    Thanks Jean Paul . . . for all your encouragement

  35. Mrs Stroud and the Guardian

    Interesting reflection . . .

  36. vulpus_rex 5 May 2010, 11:29pm

    A meaningless distraction from the real story in politics. Still thinking of voting Liebour? Rhen watch the following link:

  37. @37:

    Si je suis ce que je suis, je ne suis pas ce que je suis;

    si j’étais ce que je suis, je ne serais pas ce que je suis.

  38. Listening to some of the sermons at
    much talk about homosexuals… people with this “inclination”… struggling with this “condition” etc.
    You don’t want to go down this homosexual dead end because what you are really seeking is a relationship with God but you don’t know it…apparently.
    The Coming out of homosexuality is the basic stance.
    That the Lesbian & Gay Christian movement is a well organised and powerful lobby with an agenda to legitimise homosexuals and homnosexual relationships in the church
    That homosexuals are corrupt but can be washed clean of their sin by Jesus be redeemed and leave their homosexuality and be welcomed into the church.

    Philippa Stroud entered politics to provides herself with a platform for her evangelising “to be the small christian pinch of salt that is added to the much bigger meat of the political world and be the salt that changes the meat and to draw more people into the church”
    If you take time to listen to her tedious sermons and the others that share her church platform at barnabus community church it’s all laid bare…okay!
    She says okay after everything she says… okay!
    Homosexuals you are apparently corrupt and need to leave your homosexual lifestyles behind, that’s how equal you are.

  39. Merci Pavlos, excellent resumé.

  40. Jean-Paul 6 May 2010, 5:23am

    Here’s a resumé of Lou Engel’s sermon (The Call Ministry) given at the Soccer Field of Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda, on May 2, 2010:

    Lou Engle.

    While addressing the congregation Luo Engle said, he learned of Uganda through Apostle John Mulinde and that he did not know anything about the anti-homosexuality as he planned his visit to Uganda.

    He said that, he later learned about the anti homosexuality bill and he debated whether to come to Uganda or not, due to the international controversy around the anti homosexuality bill.

    Lou Engle in his prayer encouraged Ugandan pastors to stand firm because they have been chosen to lead the world in the fight against homosexuality and that they are standing for the truth.

    Luo Engle said:

    “ Pastors don’t hate gays or spread hate but non government organizations, United Nations, UNICEF, among others are promoting a homosexual agenda which is against the teachings of the church”.

    “Uganda’s Motto is for Uganda and My Country, and it is not Winston Churchill who named Uganda the Pearl of Africa, it was God using Churchill to name Uganda the Pearl of Africa.”

    ‘Uganda is a Christian nation and God loves everyone trapped in sin but marriage was established between Man and woman for the wellbeing of children’’.

    “The government of Uganda should uphold righteousness in this land”.

    “America has lost the fight against the homosexual agenda and homosexuality has got into schools. Parents are even losing power over their children as schools are teaching them that homosexuality is okay”.

    “God is using Uganda as ground zero or a starting point for the rest of the world against homosexuality. God chose Uganda”.

    At the end of his prayer Luo Engle called forward young people below the age of 30 years and they were blessed to be the front runners in the fight for morality in Uganda.

    Luo Engle’s son: Luo Engle’s son also prayed for the sexually broken


    If this kind of rhetoric is not familiar to you by now, it will be soon if Callmedave gets in today.

  41. Jean-Paul 6 May 2010, 5:31am

    And here is something encouraging:

    So let’s not get too freaked out by The New Frontiers’ colorful PR.

  42. silly billy 6 May 2010, 5:39am

    30 Jonathan2, what a great piece of research, I think you are right, the Labour Party are far from perfect and the appalling manner in which this country was led into war in Iraq left a really bad taste for me, but they have done a huge amount….and the others are dangerously weird as (most of)these comments point out. I just hope people get out there and vote today and stop these elitist oddbods getting in.

  43. Vulpus Rex: “A meaningless distraction from the real story in politics”

    Oh, okay, right… and voting for someone who believes in “demonic possession” is not an issue for you? You like you representative being from the 1400’s and worried about satan and how he’s possessed homosexuals, do you? You are a complete and utter fcuking idiot Vulpus Rex if you believe that. You’re a disgrace to intellect, Vulpus.

  44. I warned you. The trend is being set. Most of the newspapers will not report homophobic incidents. Your complaints will be ignored and dismissed. Your abusers will be holding political power and setting up policies, and they’ll use the guise of religion to justify their abuse. This time with a threat: if you dare to complain, they’ll set their lawyers up on you.

  45. Pavlos, thanks for that info. I didn’t believe Ms Stroud’s rebuttal anyway – far too vague, in my opinion.

    “Philippa Stroud entered politics to provides herself with a platform for her evangelising”

    Exactly what I think.

  46. And thank you to everyone else who provided links above too. Got them open now and about to read.

  47. This story is obscene: Philippa Stroud has been chosen by the Conservative Party to draw up social policies for any incoming Tory government. The Conservatives know that she is also an evangelical Christian who believes that same-sex desire and transgender identity can be treated as a demonic possession. Yet the response to this shameful episode is for David Cameron to equate demonic possession with ‘gay equality’ and Philippa to threaten media who report critically on her fascist ‘save-their-souls’ Victorian churches. This is LGBT equality in action for Tories: token words, shameful inaction and entrenched homophobia and transphobia: do not give them your vote.

  48. I’m not going to base my vote on this story , how ridiculous… If the story is correct then so be it , it doesn’t for one instant mean the whole tory party is homohpobic or Cameron is, it doesn’t detract from the fact that at the moment the economy is crap, it doesn’t mean that lab are set to do nothing for me in the next few years, their replies linking giving relgion as a reason NOT to introduce gay marraige stinks, I note no-one has defended lab on why they continue to be anti gay on grounds of relgion regarding this issue… No point ranting and raving about getting lab back in , they’re doomed and there’s no point wasting a vote on them, they’re crap and Brown answers to his questions were crap and you all now it… Gays with rose tinted glasses will contine to ignore the facts and vote labour, gays with any concern about gay issues will vote lib dems or greens, gays who want to see an improvement in the economy will probably vote Tory since they don’t believe for one instant that dear old Philippa has any significance and Tory’s will not remove their CP status or reduce their LGBT righs if they get into power – lab are not offerring anything new , not for te economy nor for LGBT issues – without gay marriag in their manifesto they have no future LGBT credibility……he couldn’t even match Cameron and bare to use the word “consider” marriage…

  49. Paul Holland steps in as PR consultant for Mrs Strouds New Frontiers Church

    Good to see that the Mrs Stroud’s Church is quick in the mark with its online PR machine.

  50. Last night Paul Holland represented the New Frontiers Church

    This morning Paul Holland had removed all his posts from yesterday, which identified his invlovement in the New Frontiers Church

    “Curious and even more Curious” . . . said Alice

  51. Jock S. Trap 6 May 2010, 10:10am

    Although this story is bad I find the timing Very suspicious.

  52. “Philippa Strouds lawyers warn media…”
    Just a foretaste of the Tories attitude to free speech.

  53. I don’t find the timing ‘suspicious’ at all, it’s a given that the mudslinging intensifies in the runup to an election, and that happens whatever side of the political fence you sit on. Politicians sling mud, bears defecate in the woods, the Pope is Catholic.
    What I find ‘suspicious’ is this story has been supressed by lawyers, and that whoever Rupert Murdoch wants to win the election gets a general bigging up across all his media outlets.
    I doubt it will give Labour any more votes, but I still think it’s worth knowing who would be representing us if the Tories get in.

  54. Jock S. Trap 6 May 2010, 10:39am

    Didn’t Rupert Murdock support Labour for the 1997 election til last year when he decided to support the Tories?

  55. @Alan #50 – You make good points – I too was very disappointed with Brown’s bizarre response to the gay marriage question. He’s either ignorant or trying to sidestep the issue because he’s well aware that Labour have failed to deliver and the real reason they won’t introduce gay marriage must be something he doesn’t want to reveal.

    I don’t believe Cameron’s a homophobe himself, but I can’t countenance voting for a party that allows fundies to be members and to, potentially, have a say in its policy. Cameron should ditch all the homophobes in his party if he wants to be taken seriously, and, just as importantly, make sure that the religious right aren’t allowed to have sway in his party.

  56. Interesting personal perspective on “ex-gay” therapies regarding this issue from Derren Brown speaking as someone who used to be christian and recently came out of the closet…

  57. More PR from the Mrs Strouds NEW FRONTIERS CHRUCH ***Staff***

    See the blogs on the PinkNews story (Ben Cohen)!

  58. If the Observer’s report was fake, then legal proceedings (for libel, defamation etc) could already have started.

    Some questions:

    1. Why are media outlets being ‘warned’? Warned against what? Repeating the Observer’s claims? Even though no legal action has been taken against the Observer.

    2. Why has Philippa Stroud not denied the allegatjon that homosexuality could be overcome through prayer and removing “demons”.

    Does she believe this? If she does then she is clearly unfit for public office.

    Care to comment Stroud?

    3. Does Philippa Stroud and the Tory Party believe in freedom of the press. If so then why are they trying to muzzle the press.

    Clearly if the Observer’s article is fake then they need to be punished.

    It is NOT clear that the article is fake. Therefore Philippa Stroud needs to be suspended immediately pending investigation.

    If she believes that the ‘demon’ of homosexuality can be removed through prayer, then I think she needs to be sectioned.

  59. 1. Why have no libel proceedings against the Observer begun?
    2. Does Philippa Stroud believe that the ‘demon’ of homosexuality can be removed through prayer.
    3. Considering her church requires her to ‘obey’ her husband on all matters, why is Philippa running for MP and not her husband.
    4. Do the Tory Party and Philippa Stroud believe in a free press.


    Vote for the Tories and you are voting for Philippa Stroud.

  60. I spent 6 years of my teens in a new frontiers church and I can confirm that it is standard practise to drive out demons by prayer – this is not a metaphor – and that gay people are treated as sick and in need of a cure. I left because I didn’t agree that gays were sick and I was sick of them telling me that women had no say, “eve fell first” and women should “stand behind a man of god and have a big family”

  61. I DO believe that Cameron is a homophobe. I work with flash public-school boys like him in the City and underneath the surface their behaviour is all very locker-room. When I’m around there’s no open expression of prejudice but they go quiet and there’s an unsounded snigger in the room.

  62. Many thanks to the person who directed me to Al Shaw’s blog.

    What bile Al Shaw has written on this matter are! And there are so many similar articles on the internet at this time. Homophobia is rampant and it often parades as “rational” and “sensible”.

    I have written the following comment on Al Shaw’s blog. I hope others will go there, read his article, and speak similarly with regard to what he has written.

    This blogger, who has written the above considerations regarding Philippa Stroud, has made an extremely serious error.

    Much of what he has written is predicated on the assertion that homosexuality is “a lifestyle”.

    Homosexuality is NOT a lifestyle.

    Homosexuality is no more a lifestyle than heterosexuality is a lifestyle.

    Some people ARE heterosexual and do not find members of the same sex sexually attractive.

    Some people ARE homosexual and do not find members of the opposite sex sexually attractive.

    Other people range on the spectrum that is in between heterosexaulity and homosexuality. In the centre of that spectrum are bisexual people. They have not chosen the bisexual lifestyle: they ARE bisexual. They simply ARE attracted to both sexes.

    Heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals can do nothing about their sexuality.

    So where does this term “lifestyle” spring from?

    It springs from bigots and also from those people who are living as heterosexuals although they know that they are, in actuality, homosexuals – but they do not have the courage to live and be open as the people they actually are.

    Homosexuality is NOT a lifestyle choice. It is only true to say that homosexuals have different lifestyles – and one of these lifestyles, for some homosexuals, involves a great deal of clubbing. That is a lifestyle. The homosexuality is not a lifestyle. Other homosexuals live in the countryside and participate in fox-hunts. That too is lifestyle. But their homosexuality is not a lifestyle.

    I hope that blogger Al Shaw is not now hindred by personal homophobia and can now adjust his thinking and his future writings accordingly.

  63. Liz Church 6 May 2010, 1:00pm

    I understand that a certain young lady had her door beaten upon by a certain church and a certain political party yesterday and warnings of litigation to follow – that a certain tabloid paper not without affiliation to said political party was sniffing around the neighbours for a story and in spite of this, said young lady has made good her escape, voted and is enjoying a day out at a location unknown to this scribe. Well done that lass!

  64. Iris – after this uproar Cameron will dump her, who would want such bad publicity. My point is that Browns/lab gay manifesto stinks so there isn’t any reason to vote for him, is there, to stop tories based on Philippa isn’t one of them, a bit short sighted, the story has only just come out….
    Labour – Civil Partnerships
    The Government has resisted calls to turn civil partnerships into full legal marriage status.

    Tories – Civil Partnerships
    David Cameron has said the Tories “will recognise marriage, whether between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man, in the tax system”. At a meeting in April with gay rights activists, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said: “David Cameron and I are very happy to consider the case for gay marriage.”

    Lib dems – Civil Partnerships
    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has said: “I support gay marriage. Love is the same, straight or gay, so the civil institution should be the same, too. All couples should be able to make that commitment to one another.”

    In addition the Liberal Democrats launched a campaign to gain equal recognition of UK civil partnerships in other EU Member States that also have same-sex partnership legislation.

    – based on the above manifesto, any gay person’s vote is obvious….

  65. Thanks for the reply, Alan. The one thing that disappointed me about the Lib Dems was that gay marriage wasn’t mentioned in their election manifesto (it hadn’t been voted on or something?). I’m going with the party that explicitly promised it in their manifesto ;)

    As for Stroud – I don’t believe her denial. If someone accused ME of taking part in casting out demons, I’d be very, very vocal and detailed in denying it. She hasn’t been – therefore I draw my own conclusion. Also, her statement reminded me of that vile fundie ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’ crap.

    Any religious fundamentalism will scare me right off a party – or even any religious influence. It’s not about god, it’s about teh controlling, often nasty, power of man-made religions.

  66. Alan – why hasn’t Philippa Stroud been suspended from the Tory Party pending an investigation into whether she abused vulnerable young people.

    If the Observe allegations are true (and there is no real reason to believe they are not true – Stroud has not started legal proceedings against them) and Stroud has indeed tried to drive out the ‘demon’ of homosexuality from people in her care, then she is not fit for public office, not fit for politics and should probably be receiving psychiatric treatment.

    The fact that she has not been suspended says all that needs to be said about the Tories – they will stand behind homophobic scum like Chris Grayling; Julian Lewis et al. These scumbags are the true bigotted face of the Tories.

  67. Mumbo Jumbo 6 May 2010, 1:59pm

    vicious_rectal comment#37 said:

    “A meaningless distraction from the real story in politics”

    True. But only as self-analysis.

    Iris Comment #57 said:

    “I don’t believe Cameron’s a homophobe himself”

    Perhaps. But only inasmuch as he seems to have no idea what one is.

  68. Phillipa Stroud is only the tip of the iceberg. In Bedfordshire there is Andrew Selous and Nadine Dorries who are as bad as Phillipa Stroud. As for Civil Partnerships, pink news reported David Cameron refusing to change them to marriage. Wether you agree with LGBT marriage or not, his direct contradiction of his own party’s promise demonstrates his falsity.

    Loopy Rex may call it a “distraction”, if it is, then the conservatives are ALL distraction!

  69. Alan – you have no facts and you are scare-mongering, she’s important as she shows that homophobia is acceptable for cameron!

  70. Alan, the fact is that equal treatment on issues including taxation for people in civil partnerships as against marriagres was enacted by the Labour government. When you say the Tories “will recognise” it, all that means is they’ll stick with the existing law, which Labour gave us, rather than enact a discriminatory provision.

    But when you claim that the Tories “will consider the case for gay marriage”, you are of course quite deliberately trying to mislead people. It’s already been all over the Pink News site that David Cameron immediately dismissed the notion and what he said was “I am not planning that… but I think where we are at the moment I think has dealt with one of the great unfairnesses and so we should look to the future cautiously about whether we can build on that.”

    In other words,. you’ll get nothing from the Tories, as LGBT people have always got nothing from the Tories – other than bigotry and being used as a suitable target for their bullying.

  71. And I would make the point that the struggle of LGBT people towards equality hasn’t been achived in one great leap, it’s usually taken time and several steps to get from a bad place to somewhere ok – like going from being illegal, to the male age of consent going from 21 to 18 to 16. But the fact is, under the Tories there was no civil partnership, nothing like civil partnership, no offer of anything. And even under Labour, it was only passed in the face of bitter Tory opposition, just as the Tories fought against the age of consent and anything else which extended rights to LGBT people.

    So how anyone sane can now pretend that the Tories have done/will do more for LGBT people than Labour beggars belief – it has no basis in fact, it’s merely an attempt to hoodwink us into voting for a party which still harbours and promotes a whole big gang of gay haters and bigots. By all means say that you’re voting on economic issues alone – but don’t tell a whole fat bunch of lies trying to make the Tories out to be our friends.

  72. There seems to be some disconnect in this story. Stroud states she supports gay “equality” and is not homophobic yet she believes “homosexuals” can be overcome their orientation through prayer (praying away the gay, the mantra of the ex-gay movement). If that’s not a conflict, I don’t know what is. To me its clear she IS homophobic if she’s trying to get people to kick the “habit”. She obviously thinks sexual orienation is a choice. I’d like to see her experiment with lesbianism to see if its a choice. What an idiot she is and shame on Cameron for not taking her to task. You are judged by the company you keep.

  73. Libel lawyer 6 May 2010, 5:03pm

    1. Why have no libel proceedings against the Observer begun?

    Prob because it would be against the pre-action protocol. You can’t issue a claim in court before sending letters before action, negotiating retractions, making offers to settle etc. Would take about 3 months before you could issue.

  74. ‘He told the BBC’s Asian Network: “She believes in gay equality.”
    And does she belive in Demon equality?

  75. I hope everyone is getting out there and voting whichever way they have to in order to stop the local Tory candidate winning.

    Forget which party or leader you like the best!

    Vote for whichever candidate has the best chance in your constituency of making sure the Tory in your constituency DOES NOT WIN!

    The less seats they win, the less chance they will have of seizing power.

    If you haven’t voted already, get out there and vote. You have until 10pm.

    No excuses.

    And don’t be embarrassed about urging all your friends to get out there now and vote. There are only four hours left!

  76. Jean-Paul 6 May 2010, 6:51pm

    @62 Sara:

    Thanks for your valuable input.

  77. Simon – if the libel lawyer’s comment is correct then that may be your answer. I don’t know the answer to your question to me, the whole story is weird … the timing is suspicious, the story is less than a week old, I wouldn’t like to be the judge on whether she is guilty or not and would any party want to sack someone on election day or a few days going into election…. would lab or lib dems instantly sack someone especially now at this short notice…. Look I’d prefer to wait a little before casting assertions from a tiny article in pinknews…. Anyway, I’m voting lib dems, I thinks lab is crap for the economy and crap for further future improvement in gay issues, to not even “consider” gay marriage at all is a major mistake!

  78. I have just received, at 7.30pm, yet another sickening email from the Tory Party. This one is from Boris Johnson. They are desperate to get people out there and voting for the Tories in the next two and a half hours!

    They are desperate and working!

    What are WE doing?

    Email everybody you know and urge them to get out there and vote NOW and to vote tactically, to make sure those church-loving Pentecostal Holy-Spirit-loving talking-in-tongues-Tories do not seize power!

    Vote tactically, don’t let the Tory win in YOUR constituency. Vote for whichever other party has a chance of keeping the Tories down in your constituency.

  79. The woman clearly believes that homosexuality is a demonic possession and as such she should be expelled IMMEDIATELY!

  80. Jean-Paul 6 May 2010, 9:44pm

    …if not sooner!

  81. Happy in fact ecstatic to see the vile twisted homophobic bitch didn’t get into Parliament. Now I hope we can have the full real story and that she disappears into obscurity and doesn’t bother us again with her filth.

  82. DING DONG the Witch is Dead . . . Gay demons force Sutton and Cheamn into the hand of Paul Burston and the LibDems . . . Praise the Lord.

  83. Jean-Paul 7 May 2010, 5:36am

    Thanks for the news, guys. Phew!!!

    This may give us a good reason to get a handle on the network of religious fundies who really know nothing about homosexuality and who do a great deal of harm, most of which goes unnoticed.

  84. I dunno about unnoticed, more like many don’t care when it’s LBGT people who are hurt, it’s somehow different when it’s heteros getting hurt or abused or worse

  85. Philippa Stroud’s church is part of the wider Apostolic evangelist movement that is mushrooming throughout the African continent including Malawi and Uganda.
    The church planting activities and training programmes run by the evangelicals spread the message that Homosexuals are the enemy and possessed of demons and homosexuality must be eliminated from society.
    It is this church-fueled hysterical demonising of gays has made such harsh anti-gay laws inevitable in Uganda, Malawi etc.
    The most recent example being two gays sentenced to 14yrs imprisonment with hard labour for the “crime” of being gay recently in Malawi.

    This article has some useful information regarding above:

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