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General Election 2010 poll finds Tory support among gays drops below the Green Party

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick James 4 May 2010, 3:16pm

    It is great that LGBT people have seen through the fraud that is being perpetrated on them by the Conservative party.

    In this election every vote counts in preventing the Conservative party taking power.

    Because we have the First Past the Post electoral system it means that if you live in a marginal constituency then you really need to vote tactically to stop the Conservatives, this means voting Labour or Lib Dem depending which is most likely to prevent that seat being won by the Conservative party.

    So, how do you know if you live in a marginal and who is best placed to stop the Conservatives?

    There is now this very excellent website:

    Stop Dave

    You can put your post code in there and it will advise of the party in your constituency most likely to prevent the Conservative party taking the seat.

    Alternatively you can download a list of the 100 “battleground seats” here:

    Battleground Seats (Word Doc)

    and make up your own mind based on the statistics presented.

  2. Worth bearing in mind that this is a survey of 1,000 LGBT people who are online, read a gay news website and are willing and open enough to give quite detailed information about themselves to take part in the survey.

    So it is going to be skewed and not at all representative of most LGBT people.

  3. I agree, GS, with your observation that the poll is not representative of all gay people, but rather us rather concerned and literate lot who are following political events avidly.

    So let’s not rest on our laurels. The result is good, but let’s get Call-Me-Dave’s record OUT THERE. Please copy and paste the following to all your friends via email. Create distribution lists and let it fly!

    Here is a record of Call-Me-Dave’s pathetic dance regarding gay and lesbian rights so far:

    In 1999 William Hague sacked Conservative frontbencher Shaun Woodward for refusing to back the party’s stance that Section 28 should not be repealed. (Remember that the Tory’s Section 28 of 1989 effectively gagged any employee of a school from giving any impression to students that homosexuality was OK.)

    In 2000 while David Cameron was campaigning for the seat of Witney he wrote a letter in The Telegraph attacking Shaun Woodward for his pro-gay stance. He also attacked Tony Blair too for his being pro-gay rights. These are Call-Me-Dave’s actual words from that time: “The Blair government continues to be obsessed with their fringe agenda, including deeply unpopular moves like repealing Section 28 and allowing the promotion of homosexuality in schools. . . Blair has moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools”. Do you really believe that the leopard has completely changed his spots simply because he now needs our votes and is saying, “Trust me!”?

    In 2003 David Cameron MP fought against and voted against the Labour Government’s repeal of Section 28 in the House of Commons.

    By 2005 Say-Anything-Dave has done a complete turnabout and he tells the BBC he’s delighted Section 28 has been abolished! He told a BBC journalist: “At the end of the day, one section of our community did feel discriminated against by Section 28, and so I’m glad on that basis that it’s gone”

    In 2008 Cameron voted against a law making it easier for lesbian couples to have IVF treatment. He says that this issue goes to the heart of his message that Britain’s society is broken. Are we now to believe, just two years later in 2010, that Cameron no longer believes that “Britain’s society is broken” and that we LGBTs are not to blame for it?

    In 2009 Call-Me-Dave decides to appear at a gay pride event and say sorry to us for the ban on anything that might be construed as a positive view of homosexuality in schools. He said “Yes, we may have sometimes been slow and, yes, we may have made mistakes, including Section 28, but the change has happened”. It was an apology but there was little real remorse in it. Was it not just a clever preparation for wooing us for our votes in 2010?

    Having delivered this “I’m weally weally sorry”, just two months later in 2009 Tory MEPs refused to go along with a cross-party European Parliament vote to condemn a homophobic law that had been passed in Lithuania!

    Then earlier this year, in 2010, in his interview with Attitude, Call-Me-Dave criticised the Church of England over its attitudes to homosexuality and called upon the Church to accept equal rights for gays.

    But a little later, in April 2010, Call-Me-Dave’s Shadow Home Secretary Christopher Grayling is revealed by The Observer newspaper as having said that he feels sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn gay, lesbian, or transgender people away – despite it being against the law to do so. Cameron fails to discipline his colleague and a few days later yet another Tory candidate, Andrew Bridgen, says much the same thing as Christopher Grayling said. Cameron similarly fails to discipline Bridgen. Both Grayling and Bridgen continue as Tory candidates in the election despite having shown support for the “right” of businesses to turn gays, lesbians, and trans people away.

    On April 10th 2010, Call-Me-Dave sought to woo gay and lesbian voters in an article written for PinkNews. He said that if they were in Civil Partnerships they would be eligible for the £3 a week he was promising to married heterosexuals (provided they are on a low wage). He also promised the possibility of “a clean slate” to anyone who had a “gay-sex offence” on their records. The only other thing he offered in his article was the sentiment that he was “heart and soul” behind gay rights and that LGBTs should simply trust him! However, Call-Me-Dave’s record since he ditched his seven-year position as Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications (a major media company) to “find a seat” in politics does not inspire confidence.

    On 13th April, the Tories published their manifesto. It was completely and alarmingly without specific plans to progress and preserve rights for LGBTs. Throughout this very long and very carefully prepared document there is not a single section of any length devoted to how the Tories will assist the LGBT minority.

    On 14th April, Christopher Grayling, the man the Tories would have as their Home Secretary, sought to reverse the damage he had done to the Tories as a result of being secretly recorded as saying that he feels sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn same-sex couples away. He went on Channel 4 and said that “I don’t think that people who are gay should be turned away”.

    On 27th April it was revealed that Tory candidate Philip Lardner wrote on his website “The promotion of homosexuality by public bodies . . . was correctly outlawed by Mrs Thatcher’s government. Toleration and understanding is one thing, but state-promotion of homosexuality is quite another.” In the run-up to the election these words and others were hastily removed by Lardner. He was criticised in 2008 for calling the racist former leader of Rhodesia Ian Smith his hero. Lardner was quickly suspended by the Conservatives and Call-Me-Dave tried to curry favour with the LGBT community by comparing the Tories with the world’s worst anti-gay political parties. He said that at least the Tories have “gone further than many other parties around the world.”

    In the week before the General Election, in May 2010, it was revealed that at least 37 Tory candidates had strong links with fundamentalist Christian organizations and that one of them, Mrs. Philippa Stroud, had participated in fundamental Christian rituals whereby prayers were said in order to cast demons from homosexual persons. Furthermore, it was revealed by The Guardian newspaper that Mrs. Stroud has been the head of the Tory party’s “think-tank” determining Tory policy on “Social Justice”. Mrs. Stroud has thus presided over many formulations of Tory policy in matters relating to “social justice”.

    In the same week Mrs. Theresa May, a senior Tory, stated that if elected the Tories would “consider” renaming Civil Partnerships as Marriage so that gays and lesbians would enjoy full equality with heterosexuals in this regard. Later the same day in an interview with Sky News, Call-Me-Dave said that he would NOT consider the action that had been outlined by Mrs. May. It is likely that this back-tracking was due to pressure exerted on Cameron by his Christian Fundamentalist backers and supporters, one of whom, Kenneth Costa, the Chairman of one of the largest financial consultancies in the world, has made a significant contribution to Tory Party funds and is also the mastermind behind the UK’s nationwide “Alpha Course”, a fundamental Christian course aimed at converting young people to Christianity.

    I have no objection to anyone copying and pasting my above record anywhere they like. Please help to get this record out there so that people can see the reality of the Conservative Party and vote however they need to in order to stop the Tories seizing power again.

    Go to the BBC’s Election page and pop your postcode into the box in the top right-hand corner to find out how you can best use your vote to stop the Tories winning in YOUR constituency. Remember, the more constituencies the Tories lost in, the less likely they are to win the overall election.

  4. that last line should read “the more constituencies the Tories lose in, the less likely they are to win the overall election.”

  5. Sadly though it is fast becoming a “cut and paste” exercise with the same text being added to every article Pink News write.

    The poll may or may not be representative, but a sample of 1,000 is perfectly credible – some major newspapers use results with less than half of that. In this election though there are such a wide range of polls that the differences in them has become the only interesting thing.

  6. And considering Pink News’ blatant pro-Tory bias, this result is even more fantastic.

    I have an issue with some of this article. Mainly with this comment:

    “These gaffes, contrasting with Mr Cameron’s attempts to reach out to the gay community, suggest it is people, not policies, which turn gay voters off.”

    Have I missed something?

    The Tories don’t have any policies about LGBT people. Their ‘commitment’ to equality is simply words and is not backed up by any policy.

    Callmedave says he supports us, but then enters alliances with homophobic extremists in Poland, announces that he will massively increase funding to homophobic state schools, refuse to sack neo-fascist scum like Philippa Stroud and Chris Grayling, and then on one day says he will ‘consider’ marriage equality and the next day announce he has no intention of allowing equality.

    It is the Tories LACK of policy on LGBT issues which raised the red alert in my head.

    Callmedave looks like an utter desperado who will make any meaningless promise if he thinks it will serve him.

    It’s not too late to prevent a victory by the homophobic Conservative Party. Remember they are a danger to all our rights.

    If the Tory Party refuses to sack someone like Philippa Stroud who has engaged in physical and mental abuse of vulnerable young people, then it’s clear that all sorts of hatred will be tolerated by them.

  7. Yes Colm, 1000 is a respectable number of participants but the sample is not random, which is what makes this survey a little irrelevant…

  8. vulpus_rex 4 May 2010, 4:46pm

    All the hysterical smear in the world isn’t going to change the fact that on Friday afternoon, Liz will be summoning DC to the palace and inviting him to form a government.

    Well done I say to all those who can get beyond their own narrow circumstances, see through the desperate hypocritical smearing and sling out the worst, most corrupt and inept prime minister in history.

    New Liebour consigned to the history books in only 2 days now!

  9. @val. Totally, and that was my point – most polls are either self-selecting or from a non-random sample. Very few are properly weighted.

    The Pink News poll is as interesting and irrelevant as any other.

  10. Patrick James 4 May 2010, 4:52pm

    Listen to William Hague attempt to defend Philippa Stroud today on Radio 5 Live:

    Recording from Radio 5 Live

  11. Looks like David Cameron has given bigot Philippa his support and backing. Yet another clear example of his double-standards.

  12. Go to the following page, pop your postcode in the box near the top right, and then see how you need to vote to stop the Tories winning in YOUR constituency. Remember, the less constituencies the Tories win, the less chance they will have of seizing power.

  13. Mumbo Jumbo 4 May 2010, 7:17pm

    Comment #8 by vestigial_sacks

    “Well done I say to all those who can get beyond their own narrow circumstances”

    You will note from the poll results that 52% of respondents considered the economy, not LGBT issues, to be their major concern – yet only 6% would vote Conservative.

  14. theotherone 4 May 2010, 7:19pm

    only problem is Pat (and the others on here) I have my own reasons for voting Tory. Yes I have decided to vote Tory on Thursday after attending a Trade Conference for Employment Agencies and finding out just how horrific a law Labour have drawn up and the Lib Dems support is, how it will wreck Employment Agencies throughout the Country and leave the job of policing the worst of them. The exact nature of the law is too complex to go into here.

    If I (to paraphrase the nasty rex) look beyond my own needs then i have to think of the 100+ people our company employes, I have to think about their lifes, i have to think about the communities they live in. I have to vote Tory as to vote for any other Party will ruin over 100 lifes (not to mention the countless others who will be effected by Labour’s most outrageous piece of Draconian Ideologically driven law making. I’m afraid I’m not willing to do that.

  15. theotherone 4 May 2010, 7:31pm

    May I also add that i am far from comfortable voting for the Tories and will most definitely not do so again but…this time there is no choice for people in my position.

    you’ll find more about the law (if you wish to read it) here:

  16. I have just received an email from William Hague, dated 6.18pm, Tuesday 4 May.

    It’s just yet another one of those fake “personal” emails that the Tories have been sending everyone for the last month. I’ve had them from Call-Me-Dave, Kenneth Clark, Michael Gove, George Osborne, and now Hague. And they’ve all been full of the usual nasty Tory lies.

    In this one they reveal how terrified they are that they won’t be able to seize power because we are all going to vote tactically.

    Hague writes:

    “I defy you to watch this video of Gordon Brown and tell me that this country can afford another five more years of this. And make no mistake – that’s what a vote for the LibDems will mean.”

    Rubbish, Hague! If we don’t give our votes to YOU, or to Labour, but to the LibDems then YOU ain’t gonna have the majority for which you are slurping like a desperate!

    Go to the following page, pop your postcode in the box near the top right, and then see how you need to vote to stop the Tories winning in YOUR constituency. Remember, the less constituencies the Tories win, the less chance they will have of seizing power.

  17. Theotherone, take your lying electioneering elsewhere!

    You, act altruistically for the good of your 100 employees?

    You forget that we KNOW you, Theotherone. All your concerned about is your own damn profits!

  18. Squidgy and Vulpus Rex, the local phone box in my village is available for the next Gay Tory meeting you want to host…

  19. PinkNews, in THIS article says, “David Cameron has taken care to include gay people in policy, promising to strike out historic gay sex offences and “consider the case” for calling civil partnerships marriage, making him the most gay-friendly Conservative leader ever.”

    Even though JUST YESTERDAY, David Cameron said that he not only DIDN’T say any such thing about gay civil marriage, but that he would specifically NOT “consider” it.

    PinkNews even reported on this TODAY, yet, right now, right here, PinkNews carries Tory water and makes a claim that Cameron holds a pro-gay position, that he clearly stated that he doesn’t. This statement referenced above is demonstrably and BLATANTLY FALSE.

  20. vulpus_rex 4 May 2010, 9:45pm

    Ha – you lot are hilarious – reduced to lying, calling people names and sour faced posturing as you stare the inevitable in the face.

    Dumbo – you really don’t like it up you do you – which is v. amusing, as given the speed and frequency you apparently want to roll over and get screwed by liebour I totally had you down as a bottom!

    I suppose I can’t be right all the time.

  21. Latest from the Guardian on the Philippa Stroud Gay Cure story . . .

  22. theotherone 4 May 2010, 10:42pm

    ‘Theotherone, take your lying electioneering elsewhere!

    You, act altruistically for the good of your 100 employees?

    You forget that we KNOW you, Theotherone. All your concerned about is your own damn profits’

    Making a profit is necessary to provide any services for our employees.

    Lying? And you know that how? Do you know how our company operates? I demand you withdraw your accusation that I lied because you sure as hell can’t prove it.

    I and my Partner (we run the company together) have a duty of care towards our Employees that we take seriously – it is that which separates a good employer from a bad one. not that you would know Eddy since all you can do is bully people and call them names.

    The legislation Labour want would allow any employee wither in our employ or not to take us to a tribunal claiming they have been discriminated against and discrimination will be assumed even if they can’t prove it. It’s designed to shut down recruitment companies – each and every one of them. Will you Eddy offer jobs to the millions put out of work? Will you deal with the damage to both the National and Local Economies? Will you fead the starving Eddy? Will you stop the rioting? What will you be doing Eddy? Wanking over the joys of Labour? Over Soviet Propaganda posters from the 30s?

    Labour have gone way to far this time, way to fvck1ng far and even you can’t defend them.

  23. theotherone 4 May 2010, 10:43pm

    Oh and Pat: can you please shut your filthy, disabilist mouth? If you can only utter insults then stay silent.

    Thank you.

  24. @24:

    Thanks again JK. Keep it coming.

  25. @26 your looking for someone whos not on the thread. you cant talk to posters when there not on the tread.Dats why hes silent ..

  26. Mark Daunt 5 May 2010, 1:02am

    Ha Ha never read such a biased pile of crap in all my life, you trashing on the Conservative party will come to nothing, next friday you will wake up to a true fare party so get over it.

  27. Pinknews (stonewall publication of the year 2006-7) sure has made a good job of trashing the tories, it’s interesting that lab have’nt made any ground but then again not surprising since they’re not offerring anything new nor will they…

  28. silly billy 5 May 2010, 11:09am

    See the tone’s been lowered…..but surely it is simply that the Tory Hooha (party it most definitely isn’t) isn’t the right place for LBGTs to feel they can place their votes as very recent history informs us that Tories break bread with right wing funda”mentalists” here and across the pond, and that these right wing fundamentalists are dangerous to our (and others) very survival. Or, as the meerkat would say, “simples”. Whatever draconian laws the left of centre parties can bring in they will not be in any way as dangerous as the prevailing attitudes in the Tory party. They haven’t changed, and what they will do is hand as much power back to the rich as they can in the terms they are voted in for, making it incredibly hard for an incoming left of centre party to claw anything back. They are the nasty party, representative of “hard work and doing right thing” as Cameron kept saying the other night; most of them wouldn’t think that LGBT, working class, black, disabled, poor people are capable of “hard work and doing the right thing”.

  29. theotherone 5 May 2010, 11:51am

    silly billy: so regardless of what Labour do we should vote for them? Bringing in a law which would wreck the Economy is acceptable? How about a law that goes beyond the scope of clause 28? How about announcing on this site that Marriage is between Man and Women?

    What could Labour do that would convince you not to vote for them?

  30. I personally would like to give my vote to Labour but in view of the Tories’ lead in the polls it would be foolish to do so IN MY CONSTITUENCY. In MY CONSTITUENCY the only way to make sure the Tory candidate doesn’t win is for me to vote LibDem . . . and that’s what I will be doing. Sorry, Gordon, but you’re far enough up in the polls for me to give you my vote. Maybe in some constituencies people CAN safely give you their vote, but not in mine.

    JohnK, many thanks for that link to the Guardian highlighting the fact that Tory candidate Philippa Stroud believes that we LGBTs are all possessed by demons and that those demons can be driven out by prayer and that she herself has actually participated in rituals to that end! As the writer of the Guardian article says the true face of the Tory party is “distorted with hatred, religious fervour and old-fashioned prejudice”.

    Any LGBT person who votes Tory is a damned fool, a Turkey eagerly looking forward to Christmas.

  31. theotherone 5 May 2010, 9:08pm

    So you’ve been back on this story but not offered your apology Eddy?

  32. I’m sorry but reading this article makes me wonder if pinknews is pro conservative? There’s alot of stuff in here that subliminally plug the conservative party. What’s up with that?

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