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David Cameron backs Philippa Stroud over ‘gay cure’ allegations

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  1. well I wasn’t going to vote Tory all along…. I never trusted the false hand waving tony blair copying posh lying git all along…and he’s just proved what we all expected…under the gloss of change the same old evil bigoted twisted hating love-the-rich-hate-the-poor Tories lurk.

    Be sensible on tactically to ensure these bigot loving christo-fascists don’t win.

  2. Har Davids 4 May 2010, 9:04pm

    Just a simple question: why is everybody specialising in the cure of gayness? Wouldn’t the world benefit if we could be cured of greed, violence, arrogance etc? The market is so much bigger; just think of the bankster and their greed, politicians and their duplicity, just to name a few. Don’t these people need help too, if not more?

  3. Marc Welsh 4 May 2010, 9:06pm

    Strange tale – particularly strange how under-interested the media are in trying to establish whether or not a prospective MP described as “the driving force behind Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice [who] wrote much of his Commission’s report on social justice, Breakdown Britain” by the Telegraph in its Top 100 Most Influential Right Wingers, genuinely believes homosexuals are under demonic (supernatural) influence.

    Her husband says God told him to return to London and “plant” churches (or at least thats what it says his church website), the church itself promotes a gender differentiated message (women cant occupy positions of leadership in the church, and as its parent church (Newfrontiers) identifies itself in its ‘values’ as “a church where Biblical family life is highly valued, where husband and wife embrace male servant leadership and joyful female submission” clearly there is more than a touch of fundamentalism involved here. And in this case its about electing someone who is already highly influential in the Conservative party – Mrs Stroud ran Iain Duncan Smiths Centre for Social Justice, the think tank which claims credit for many of the Tory party’s policies, and came up with the “broken society” mantra the Tories have been brandishing for the last two years.

    I mean honestly, Philippa Stroud may well be a genuinely nice, caring and compassionate person, promoting social activism under a socially conservative philosophy, but given in two days time she may well hold a position of significant authority actually IN government the extent to which her views of people and her political objectives are bound to doctrines of faith and belief in the healing power of the Holy Spirit (most of us would rely on the NHS!) are surely very pertinent questions.

    The extent to which Cameron allies himself with this type of christianity is also an important factor. To what extent does his faith influence his decisions and (as his interview for the Gay Times demonstrated) how fundamental really is his belief in equality of all people, particularly LGBT people? When he allies himself with homophobic parties in other European countries, and supports without question potential allies (running for a key marginal seat) in his future government I suspect much of the gloss of the “nicey nicey Torydom” he is trying to promote will soon tarnish…

  4. England, welcome to the beginnings of a fundamentalist takeover of your government and your culture. BELIEVE me, in 1980 when it started to happen in America, NO ONE believed it could happen. NO ONE believed it would result in the America that we came to fear and be ashamed of at the turn of the century. NO ONE could have imagined that FEWER people would believe in evolution now than 30 years ago; no one could have imagined that the MOST extreme right-wing fundamentalist crazy people would become the mainstream and wield so much power; NO ONE.

    It all started with people like this woman getting influential positions in national government.

    I honestly fear for where England may be going.

  5. Doug Pollard 4 May 2010, 9:55pm

    Sounds like the same old fundamentalist claptrap that captured and corrupted the US Republicans has likewise polluted the British Conservatives. Watch out for prayer breakfasts at Number 10.

  6. Latest from the Guardian on the Philippa Stroud Gay Cure story . . .

  7. Are my gay demons eligible to register to vote on Thursday? I have several thousand and I know each of them by name, they are all UK residents living at a fixed address.

  8. THanks for the interesting link JohnK
    stuff like this shows cameron isn’t all he claims and he’s more homophobic then he admits

  9. Patrick James 4 May 2010, 11:05pm

    Philippa Stroud’s belief that we can and should all be exorcised of our demons is in fact only one aspect of her faith which brings into question he suitability in governance of the UK.

    This interesting article in Ekklesia asks Who would voters be electing in Sutton and Cheam – Philippa Stroud or her husband?

    Ekklesia describes how a wife is totally submissive to the husband in The New Frontiers Church:

    The New Frontiers Church that she attends, and of which her husband is one of the main leaders, teaches that a husband has ‘authority’ over his wife, and that a wife should submit to a husband’s will in all things. The husband is seen as the ‘servant leader’. I know this from close personal experience of the church, and that it runs incredibly deep in the church. Indeed, it is fundamental to their religious approach.

    Ekklesia asks:

    The question must be asked of Philippa Stroud whether, in the event she was elected to Parliament, she would on any occasion ‘submit’ to her husband’s will and vote in a way that he thought was right, even if it contradicted her own position, the promises she had made to voters, or the manifesto on which she was elected?

  10. @7 Merci JK:

    Nobody has asked the obvious –

    If homosexuality is not an illness, as Philippa Stroud admits, then why does it have to be cured?.

    Of course, she did say elsewhere that her ‘church’ has a unique understanding of human nature. M-m. Has this woman a doctorate degree in psychoanalysis, or just a friend of Gary McFarlane?

    Really. How is she qualified to formulate the social policies of the UK?

    Are we looking at an effort to Talibangelize England? M-m. Deep doo-doo.

  11. Patrick James 4 May 2010, 11:19pm

    JohnK writes:

    Latest from the Guardian on the Philippa Stroud Gay Cure story . . .

    Philippa Stroud Gay Prayer Cure

    Thank you JohnK for mentioning this excellent article by Patrick Strudwick.

    Patrick Strudwick points out that in cases where Conservative politicians discriminate against LGBT people for religious reasons, no matter how bad the discrimination, the Conservative politicians receive no rebuke.

  12. @10 Patrick:

    Great insight.

    One question haunts me though: If homosexuality is not an illness, as Philippa freely admits, then why is she attempting to cure it??

    Also, how is this person qualified to formulate the social policies of the UK. A bankroll is not a university degree…or is it?

    If, as you say Patrick, her opinions will necessarily reflect her husband’s patriarchal nonsense, I see a divorce in the near future…on the off-chance the Tories do get in…which I seriously doubt.

    Vote LibDem.

  13. Philippa Stroud is not attempting to cure gayness but she is attempting to demonise it.

  14. What causes Homosexuality?

    To combat Homosexuality first you have to understand what it is: Leading scholars all agree that Homosexuality is actually a form of demonic possession. Your son may be possesed by one or more homosexual demons who may require exorcism.

    How should can we cure Homosexuality?

    The first step in curing your child is to throw him out of your house:

    It may seem cruel but you need to send a strong message that this “deathstyle” choice will not be tolerated. Under no circumstance should you show any form of acceptance for your child’s foolish behaviour. He will soon learn to understand that the only way to win back your favour is to reject these “European” ideas. Only once he has returned can you begin with the next and most important part of his treatment: Ex Gay Therapy.

    Exorcising a gay demon should not be undertaken lightly:

    Under no circumstances should this kind of work be undertaken by amateurs. You need help from somebody who is steeped in the Holy Blood of Christ – your pastor should do. Under no circumstances should you consult a psychiatrist or physician unless they are a member of your church or a practicioner of Focus on the Family approved Ex-Gay therapy. Unfortunately the medical professions have been overwhelmed by an an evil “anything goes” secularist culture. If your son is a more serious case you should consider refering him to Focus on the Family’s premier ex-gay ministry: Love Won Out.

  15. Jean-Paul 5 May 2010, 1:37am

    Are there 2 people here using the name of “Pavlos”?

  16. Pavlos #15: the site you quote from is a pisstake.

    Look at your child’s possessions: Are they tainted by homosexuality? You may not realize it but a great many products owned by older kids are actually portals to hell. If you see any of the following items they should be destroyed, preferably in a consecrated fire:

    Apple products, including iPhones and iMacs. We have reported previously that these products can be used to play un-Christian movies and music. Your kid’s iPod might contain disruptive secular music. If it has there’s no way to remove it – the whole thing must be burnt.’

    The sad thing is, there probably are idiots who’d believe it. But I think that’s rather underestimating Philippa Stroud!

  17. One reason why the media may not be interested in the story is that nothing indicates she will win Sutton & Cheam. The reality is that the Liberal Democrats are going to win seats from the Conservatives, not the other way around. However, this story does show, once again, the true heart of the Conservatives.

  18. Well that’s an interesting distinction, I’m so glad Cameron cleared that up for us. She doesn’t SERIOUSLY think we’re ill, honestly, get your facts right… she thinks we require an exorcist.
    What does she imagine we do? Turn our heads 360 degrees and throw up pea soup while shouting offensive variants on “Your mother cuts socks in hell”?
    If this press release was supposed to counter libellous misinformation, it didn’t exactly hit the spot as far as I’m concerned.
    It’s rather like Mr Garrison from South Park explaining gayness to Stan in the first series, “I’m so glad you asked me Stan, see the thing about gay people you have to understand is that they’re completely evil and their hearts don’t pump blood like you or me but a black viscous tar-like substance!”
    As far as I’m concerned, they can take their lame attempts at spin and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

  19. Meanwhile, in other NARTH supporting ‘ex-gay’ news, US fundy homophobe lobbyist George Rekers has been snapped holidaying with a male escort!

  20. Jean-Paul 5 May 2010, 8:55am

    M-m, I expect something’s about to blow sky-high within the Stroud family as well.

    Mind you, I do wish them well, of course..ahem.

  21. Re post 15: Are there 2 people here using the name of “Pavlos”?
    Comment by Jean-Paul — May 5, 2010 @ 1:37

    No Jean-Paul, just me (I think),
    the post above about what causes homosexuality and how should we cure homosexuality is a satire of the views actually held by folk like Philippa Stroud, she might very well agree with everything written there.
    How do you satirise the extremist religious beliefs like these? they are beyond a joke.

  22. New Facebook Group

    “If Cameron cares an ounce about LGBT people, he’ll sack Philippa Stroud”

  23. marjangles 5 May 2010, 10:40am

    It’s interesting that Philippa Stroud, Chris ‘foot in mouth’ Grayling and Julian Lewis all keep their jobs when the expendable guy in Scotland gets the boot. Seems Cameron is only fast acting on homophobia in his ranks when it doesn’t really matter. There’s nothing worse about what that guy in Scotland said than the things that this woman has said and done and yet she is still allowed to stand, presumably because it’s in a seat they stand an outside chance of winning. Seems that Cameron’s main principle is to get to Number 10, everything else is expendable.

  24. silly billy 5 May 2010, 10:43am

    What is the problem with sexuality? Why do bigots get so wound up about all issues of sexuality in the name of god? What the hell has it got to do with anyone else?
    I suppose at least this is “demon”strating what Cam is really like. Ugly, really. I’ll do my utmost to keep him out and vote for someone who calls a bigot a bigot.

  25. Poor Dave. Electioneering is a form of madness – you cannot possibly criticise or fail to support your candidate, even when she is caught blatantly undermining your official platform. But there are more like her, and I think they should be exposed.

  26. I’m not racist, but I think that black people are possessed by a demon, and I have the cure for them, to cure them of their blackness. The same for Jews, I’m not anti semitic, I don’t think they are ill but they are possessed by the Jewish demon and I can cure them of their Jewishness. I have some prayers that drives the black or Jew demon out of them. However it is categorically untrue that I believe being black or Jewish to be an illness……..

    – If I believed that and said that to the media they would think I was insane and very offensive – and yet this woman gets away with it and runs for parliament with the tories?

    How can she or cameron not know she is homophobic for trying to ‘cure’ people of their homosexuality?, she is obviously mentally challenged, or like most other tories, just a bare face lying bigoted pig.

    And there are gay men who are going to vote tory? Weird.

  27. Ironic don’t you think that there is none of the usual Tory trolls, Squidgy, Vulpus Rex and the like, here defending their unwavering allegiance to the party. Is this what they are driving into government and demand equally from the rest of us, a party who thinks we should all be ‘cured’? Novel approach to gay rights – ‘cure’ them all, then they don’t need rights. I’m appalled. And won’t be voting Tory, rhetoric is cheap when the proof of the contrary is abundant!

  28. @ Pavlos post 15 – I think the phenonemon at work here is usually refered to as Poe’s Law
    “Poe’s law (religious fundamentalism) — “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humour, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”[5] named after Nathan Poe who formulated it on in 2005.[6] Although it originally referred to creationism, the scope later widened to religious fundamentalism.”

  29. Mumbo Jumbo 5 May 2010, 11:53am

    Philip Lardner sacked.

    Phillipa Stroud backed.

    The difference?

    One is important to Cameron, the other not.

  30. so when call me dave becomes pm, we can all expect to be “cured” eh? Marched off to the Cure Place and put in a camp to turn us str8? NOW that sounds like a Tory affiliated to Right Wing Christian Poles proposal!!!

  31. Alarms are bound to go off in the non-mad community when we hear that a person who makes the claim that demons are infesting gays & lesbians may very soon be helping to make social policies and legislation on behalf of the same gays & lesbians she has been demonising.

    For Philippa Stroud to say and believe that gay people are possessed of demons as she already has … is quite literally to demonise gay & lesbian people.

    When Dave then turns around and says Philippa supports gay equality it is frankly just not believable.

    An important part of equality is to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect, certainly by those who are your representatives in Gov’t.

    Philippa’s may be an unfortunate & mental belief, but it seems from what she has written that it really is her belief that gays are/have a social problem, that they are gay because they are demon-possessed and that they can be cured by praying away those gay demons.

    I suggest Philippa Stroud’s extremist beliefs and past written statements preclude her ability to respect the dignity and equality of gay & lesbian voters, her influence can only be detrimental to the welfare and rights of gay & lesbian citizens.

  32. Mumbo Jumbo 5 May 2010, 1:44pm

    I wonder if she would still be in a job if she had been praying to drive demons out of Jews?

    I also wonder if that would be a story that gathered so little attention and outrage in the mainstream media.

  33. Well I don’t know if she prays to drive the Jewish demons out of Jews, she may do but hasn’t been caught out on that one so far.

    I do know that members of the New Frontiers church have stated on their websites that it is part of their mission to take Muslim’s out of Islam and to bring them into the arms of Jesus, so perhaps they are busily casting out Muslim demons also … so far anyway they are keeping any of those operations pretty well under wraps.

  34. “Philippa Stroud’s husband signs controversial Christian election declaration

    5 May 2010

    The husband of Philippa Stroud, Tory candidate for Sutton and Cheam, who has hit the headlines for her alleged involvement in a church that promotes “exorcism” for gay and bisexual people, has signed a controversial Christian declaration for the general election which has been condemned by Conservatives amongst others.

    David Stroud, a leader in the New Frontiers Church, has put his name to the Westminster Declaration – a statement from socially conservative Christians which, among other things, advocates that a narrow version of religious conscience should trump other people’s rights and freedoms in the public sphere.

    According to the teaching of her church, Mrs Stroud is subject to the views of her male spouse. The Church teaches that a husband has ‘authority’ over his wife, and that a wife should ‘joyfully’ submit to a husband’s will in all things.”
    more here:

  35. Well if you want to be pedantic about it, marriage has been around as long as man… what with the marriage of two bodies to create one whole breeder thing… But, and i think you knew this, my reference was to the whole Judeao Chtistian thing which has been around since the time of Abraham and before

  36. Perhaps tory gays would like to volunteer for one of her prayer sections. That’s what we are left with.

  37. She won’t “apologyse” for being a homophobe (under the guise of a religion), but once in power, she’ll try to make you “apologyse” for being gay.

  38. If you want to know what’s going to happen with politics, just look what is happening on the other side of the pond. That’s where the rightsts are looking for inspiration. The right is seeking support and votes through an elaborate and subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) network of racism, xenophobia, homophobia (all involving religion), etc etc
    The devil is literally in the details

  39. Just one more reason for gay turkeys not to vote for a Cameron style Christmas.

  40. Here is an example of how our rights can be eroded. People calling to overthrow the powers (and laws) that protect us from bigotry.


    Dear Benjamin Cohen,

    You have rightly been concerned why the extraordinary Philippa Stroud story has been ignored by much of the mainstream media.  You know the reason: forthrightly, or beneath surface appearances, much of the mainstream media is actually rooting for the Conservative Party.

    But you know that one of the Conservative Party’s most important think-tanks is presided over by an individual who believes that YOU and I and all LGBTs are possessed of demons.

    Dwell on that and it means exactly the same thing as her believing that we are demonic and evil.  She believes we contain demons, therefore we are demonic.  Demons are the agents of evil: we contain them, therefore she must believe we are evil.

    In her heart this is what she must believe.  And no doubt it is also what is REALLY felt and believed by the likes of Christopher Grayling, Iain Duncan-Smith, and many other Tories.  And certainly it must also be believed by those 37 Tory candidates whom the Guardian has exposed as being affiliated to Fundamentalist Christian institutions or associations.

    So, put aside the mainstream media.  Which party is Pink News going to now quickly come out in support of?

    Please pump out your advice that all LGBT people should vote tactically to ensure that the Tories do not succeed in their constituencies.

    Please advise all LGBT people to go to the following page, pop their postcode into the box near the top right, and then see how they need to vote to stop the Tories winning in THEIR constituency. 

    Please remind PinkNews readers that the less constituencies the Tories win, the less chance the Tories will have of winning the election.

    Here is the link to the BBC constituency-finder:

    Please take immediate action right across all your forms of communication, including Facebook and Twitter.

    Yours sincerely,

  42. It gets worse – see this article about the Strouds:

  43. her ramblings are terrible Bobbet, she will never see the people who get hurt by homophobes and the homophobic Christians and like so many she wants freedoms without seeing the consequences to the vulnerable and alone!

  44. Jean-Paul 5 May 2010, 8:57pm

    This is another example of the international backlash against the progress made by the Human Rights Movement. Every country that is denying the rights of the LGBT community is a right-wing extremist regime.

    And these nutters, loaded with billions of dollars, basically want more money and power to “fix a broken world”.

    Yea…sure…m-m…and only those in the “circle of trust” have access to any information.

  45. Jean-Paul 5 May 2010, 9:24pm

    @22 Pavlos:

    he he,,,and here’s me thinking I’m losing me marbles… Thanks!

  46. Paul Holland steps in as PR consultant for Mrs Strouds New Frontiers Church

    Good to see that the Mrs Stroud’s Church is quick in the mark with its online PR machine.

  47. Last night Paul Holland represented the New Frontiers Church

    This morning Paul Holland had removed all his posts from yesterday, which identified his invlovement in the New Frontiers Church

    “Curious and even more Curious” . . . said Alice

  48. Fundemently, the Tories remain the main party of homophobia & hate towards LGBT persons,…and I remember well the vileness of the anti-gay Tory Thatcher years.

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