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BBC criticised for ‘violent’ homophobic attack scenes in EastEnders

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Reader comments

  1. They don’t condone such violence from a Muslim character but would they condone it from a real-life Muslim (something that is sadly far from unlikely)? That’s the important question.

  2. Muslim Public Affairs Committee can go the way of Christian bigots, religious scum the lot of them.

  3. is there any such thing as gentle homophobic attack? the answer is so obviously ‘no’ so why get so het up over showing a realistic attack?

  4. Rufus Red 4 May 2010, 6:15pm

    So the Muslim Public Affairs Committee can’t condone the violence done to a gay man because the attackers were MUSLIM? I see the Muslims represented by this body have their priorities all in order, then. What next, the usual Muslim death threats against the script writers, as in the South Park case? This self-styled committee should be condemning homophobic violence, not the (realistic) portrayal of Muslim gay-hatred.

  5. I would have liked to have seen christian get a metal bar and smash the bigoted muslim attackers over the head, killing them or putting them in hospital, then getting away with it on grounds of self defence. The storyline is homophobic from begining to end.

    The muslims want a ‘normal freindly character’. Why? That would be a big lie – how many muslims in this country would be freindly to a gay man or gay son? With islam we’re talking about a belief system that thinks that gay people are ciminals that deserve to be punished. Just look at how the islamic world treats gay men in countries with islamic law. We either get put in prison, tortured or killed. And they want the BBC to show them as freindly?

  6. ‘Tahir Shah said: “EastEnders is famous for its gritty and realistic storylines but we cannot condone such violence from a Muslim character.”’

    No, because Muslims/Muslim societies are never violent towards gay men, are they?

  7. It’s not the attack itself but the character not reporting it to the police that had me cursing the scriptwriters. Another typical example of the irresponsible way EastEnders promotes that noxious you-don’t-grarse mentality. Criminal. Literally.

  8. Rick Ivanov 5 May 2010, 8:08am

    The whole gay storyline is a bit clumsy in EastEnders. In fact, the most intolerent person there seems to be Christian. I don’t know a gay person who would out his partner the way Christian did. That was very inconsiderate. As for the complaints – get real, this is what happens in reality, people get beaten up.

  9. Liz from Eastenders: I’m telling you these Muslims might have some peculiar ideas about some things – but when it comes to this whole gay palaver, you’ve gotta make ’em right.

  10. I can’t stand Eastenders; all that shouting and bawling and implied incest! What a pity John Partridge is in this load of rubbish as he is SOOOO hunky!!!!

  11. Ladyfriend 5 May 2010, 4:29pm

    40 complaints? That’s three less than rang in to complain about Amy snogging the Doctor in Doctor Who.

  12. “we cannot condone such violence from a Muslim character” Who the hell asked you to! If you don’t like it then butt out and don’t watch it. Concentrate on giving lessons on peace to your suicide bombers. You’ll happily murder hundreds of people on a plane but God forbid you should be portrayed on tv in a bad light.

  13. I’ve never heard anything so banal. Compared to what can happen in the real world, that was a tame representation of what can happen. If people are shocked by what they saw, then they need to open their eyes.

  14. Lady Tanya 8 May 2010, 3:55am

    Muslims they moan at the way we show them on tv .
    Ok then let the news people into there land and show us what they do to woman who have an affair and let them film that woman being stoned to death, the women who are heald down by there family so that she can have her clitoris CUT OFF so that she has no pleasure from sex
    Then there is The most contested aspect of the Sharia law involves the canonical hudud punishments (e.g. amputation, stoning, lashing, and beheading)
    This is what most of the muslims want in this country.
    So are we all going down to the local Tesco’s with bags of stones and stone some woman who had sex out side of marriage or stone some woman or man who are gay
    Or what would they do to me a m,t,f Transsexual who is a lesbian what are they going to kill me twice. When they can be nice and not two faced then they moan
    Till then if you do not like how we live, how we treat woman and people
    Then do not come hear
    Love and peace to nice people,,,, and raspberries to the nastily people
    Lady Tanya

  15. Jemma Howitzer 19 May 2010, 5:50pm

    The muslim community wants a normal friendly chaacter?? Well, if the muslims are SO SHAKEN UP, that they just CANNOT HANDLE the idea of *GASP* a homosexual muslim, then they NEED to be exposed to the idea. They NEED to know that homosexual muslims exist, and deserve equal rights. It’s time for them to wake up from their stupid male, heterosexual fantasy world, and realize there are people alive who are DIFFERENT than them.

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