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General Election 2010

Sarah Brown appears at gay club night Duckie on election campaign trail

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Reader comments

  1. Gender Recognition Act 2004 Please don’t forget the T!

  2. Patrick James 2 May 2010, 9:55pm

    When I lived in London Duckies was one of my favourite clubs!

    Well done Sarah for going to one of the best places in London :)

  3. That’s kinda cool of her – she seems to be on our side. Can’t imagine Cameron’s wife turning up. She’s more likely to be down the centre for social justice praying for us to be cured. Labour haven’t been perfect for us, but they’ve done amazing things in a country full of…..bigots.

  4. BrazilBoysBlog 3 May 2010, 2:20am

    @3 Here here!

  5. silly billy 3 May 2010, 5:43am

    Labour really have done a lot for us. I am sorry Gordon Brown gets so trashed on here as though who we vote for is determined by looks…..I just hope people come to their senses over the next couple of days. There’s an awful lot of stuff being written with no analysis, but at least Squirty has made it to this article yet…

  6. Great article! Learn to spell Vauxhall though!

  7. How nice, hope she had a good time … #3 I think anybody’s wife and dog would turn up anywhere if it meant another vote in the bag and another publicity stunt

  8. Will people stop claiming Labour repealed the ban on gays in the armed forces? they did NO SUCH THING. The government did all it could to resist the ruling from the European Court of human rights.

  9. How inappropriate for this woman to appear at a gay club on behalf of the Labour Party.

    The Labour Party does not support marriage equality for gay couples.
    The Labour Party supports the religious opt-out from equality laws.
    The Labour Party has no policy to deal with backward nations like Uganda, Kenya, Iraq, Iran, Jamaica and their vile homophobia.

    Sarah Brown is not even running as a candidate.

    Having said that, at least Sarah Brown is not an evil, lunatic bigot like Philippa Stroud.

  10. change is a slow process as an ancient chinese proverb says ‘slowly slowly catchey monkey’ come on give labour some credit do you think we would be where we are today if the Tories were in power – remember each change makes the next change not so dramatic

  11. SimonM. What the labour government have got through in the last 10 years is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. It may be true that if the green party were in power they would have tried to do more, or the lib dems – but those parties are never going to get voted into power in a country full of english bigots.
    And #7, yes maybe you’re right, just turned on the news and camerons at a multi faith gathering listening to a muslim cleric and nodding like one of those dogs you used to find in the back of a car. So whilst cameron and his dog turns up for the christian and muslim vote – browns wife’s goes for the gay vote. I know who I won’t be voting for – the homophobic right wing tory party that you support.

  12. Lucky lisp 3 May 2010, 5:54pm

    Re: That’s kinda cool of her – she seems to be on our side. Can’t imagine Cameron’s wife turning up….pffft gimme a break, some people would swallow a brick, I’d be more impressed if Gordon himself showed up or one of the MALE members of his party. Pathetic that people would be so easily swayed as to consider this is a legitimate reason to vote for a political party. Pretty sad and very desperate.

  13. Can you see “Samantha” Cameron standing up there and socking it out in front of pubful of gays and lesbians? No way. She’d probably faint at the thought. Anyway, we know what kind of event the Conservatives like: the sort they had at their conference last year, ie. lots of religious choral singing and prayers to Jesus! The same sort of prayers that Tory Philippa Stroud believes can cast out the demons from we LGBTs.

    Vote tactically. Keep the Tories from winning in YOUR constituency.

  14. #12, you’re so funny, in a pathetic desperate sad way. Who says they’re being swayed to vote for a party because of this? Point is she turned up to a gay club to mark labours 13 years in power. In which time they’ve done more for the lgbt community than previous governments have ever done. I doubt if Amy lame would stand on the stage with camerons wife.

    As long as the homophobic bigoted tories dont get in, I’ll be happy.

  15. shaun byrne 3 May 2010, 11:29pm

    You know it really does sadden me that we, the LGBT community can so often appear so shallow and self interested.
    We are standing in the face of the worse recession to hit this country in 80 years. It will take years of difficult decisions and hard work to get us anywhere near where we were three years ago. New Labour have presided over this mess and, in 13 years, have done precious little to improve the lot of the average working man or woman – which i assume we all are, Gay or not?
    And yet we allow ourselves to be swayed by this woman visiting a gay club (and she has been HOW many times before?) to help her husband cling to office.
    Labour has played to our selfish side by giving us occasional and well publicised crumbs. But i am a working class Gay and i work for a living and i am a lot worse off now than i was 13 years ago. I may be able to join the Armed Forces (and aren’t we all just flocking for that little concession eh boys?), but i really can’t afford to seek a civil union with my parter as he is unemployed and i hardly earn enough for myself never mind the two of us.
    Don’t vote for the party that panders to our selfish side – vote for the party that might just have the balls to get us out of this mess. And that ain’t New Labour.

  16. You know it really does makes me laugh that we, the LGBT can so often appear so homophobic. Like #15.
    You say self interested? shallow? Selfish? Are you always so homophobic in your judegment of the LGBT community. So you think the ‘heterosexual’ community are all ‘deep’ thinkers and ‘selfless’ and vote for others and not themselves. What planet do you live on? FOOL. (see how I used capitals like you and lispy did) The recession wasn’t created by labour – it is a global recession, it’s not labour’s fault. The lib dem’s will be a joke with the economy, and the tories won’t care one bit about the ‘average working man or woman’. As if the economy is controlled by governments anyway. Economies are controlled by bankers not politicians.
    No one is being swayed by this woman going to a gay club. No one is suggesting they are – has anyone on this thread said they are going to vote labour cause she went to duckie? I can’t see anyone – so what are you going on about? All anyone is saying is stop the homophobic tories from getting in. And its good to see the prime ministers wife going to a gay club instead of a prayer meeting.
    Don’t vote for the party the panders to your sado masochistic side – vote for the party that might just make us equal in society. And that aint Tory.

  17. Why wasn’t Gordon there? I’m amazed so many people fall for a sham trick like this! When the Great Leaders kiss babies do you all think they’re caring family men and vote for them?


  18. “shaun byrne”, you’re talked shyte.

    Under Labour you were out there until the global recession hit having the time of your life. The UK has the most extraordinary high rate of obesity because ordinary working-class people, amongst whom you count yourself, have been stuffing themselves like nobody’s business. There has been the most incredible fiesta cum carnival cum consumerist-mardi-gras going on in this country and YOU loved it, just like everyone else did. The number of 4x4s and people-carriers on the roads increased to the most disgusting extent. “Ordinary working class people”, as you say you are, were winging themselves away once or twice a year for long holidays on foreign beaches. So don’t talk rot. Some of us don’t have selective memories. Until the global recession hit, you were having the time of your life.

    And while you were having a grand old time economically, you were having a grand old time on the gay front too, all due to Labour. For the first time in the UK’s history gays and lesbians have felt confident enough to step forward and report homophobic incidents. Most police forces have been extremely helpful and supportive. You’ve never had it so good.

    The Tories have no special powers to deal with the worldwide recession and you can sure as hell expect that they wouldn’t give a toss about your gay rights either!

    Do not vote for the Tories.

    Go to the BBC website, click on “Elections”, and then on the Elections page enter your postcode in the box in the upper right-hand corner and find out how YOU can best use YOUR vote in YOUR constituency to make sure the Tories don’t win there. Remember, the less constituencies in which the Tories win, the less chance they have of seizing power.

  19. Better still, people, to check on who to vote for in your constituency:

    Go to the following page, pop your postcode in the box near the top right, and then see how you need to vote to stop the Tories winning in YOUR constituency. Remember, the less constituencies the Tories win, the less chance they will have of seizing power.

  20. Sister Mary Clarence 4 May 2010, 11:46pm

    Well said Shaun. Looks like its going to be a close fight, so self interest is all Labour has to play to in this election I’m afraid, and who could be more self interested that Eddy and his chums.

  21. Deluded Sister Mary Clarence, we’ve all noticed how you’ve been keeping your head down recently amongst this LGBT community. Even if the Tories do succeed in seizing power again, it won’t mean a single thing other than that as far LGBT rights and welfare go we will be entering dangerous territory. Surely you capable of reading and understanding that the Tories’ important Social Justice think-tank has been headed by a woman who thinks that YOU, Sr. Mary Clarence, are possessed by demons and that YOU can relieved of your demons by the act of exorcism? Yes, that’s what a leading Tory thinks of YOU, SMC. If that doesn’t scare the shyte out of you, then you are being an irresponsible human being. Do not vote for the Tories. Only silly turkeys look forward to Christmas.

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