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Hawaii lawmakers approve civil unions bill

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Reader comments

  1. FeministSmithie 30 Apr 2010, 3:29pm

    Civil unions are Not equality–not in Britain, and not in Hawai’i!

  2. Jean-Paul 1 May 2010, 6:09am

    Here’s me keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 2 May 2010, 10:14am

    Never trust a Republican – I know she is against civil unions and will “veto” it, I just know it.

  4. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 2 May 2010, 10:16am

    You needed 3 more votes in the House for an override – so now she will veto it anyway!!!!!

  5. Jean-Paul 3 May 2010, 4:56am

    The civil unions bill is now sitting on Governor Linda Lindle’s desk, awaiting her to sign, veto or let become law without her signature.

  6. Given that Gov. Lingle’s sexuality is the worst kept secret in Hawaii, it would be an absolute betrayal for her to veto this. She’s not running for reelection and leaves office in Dec, so there’s no serious political risk for her. The Hawaii Legislature has been talking marriage for nearly 20 years with no action. Given that both Houses passed this by strong majorities, the bigots will already have tried everything and failed. Come on, Linda, do the right thing.

  7. @6:

    Great stuff, Clay. Thanks for the priceless insight.

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