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Gay Lady Gaga impersonator gets online abuse

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Reader comments

  1. Lucky lisp 30 Apr 2010, 4:40pm

    “What I love about Lady Gaga is the whole package”.. We’ve all seen the Glastonbury photos, the package ain’t that big. Lady Gaga is the poor man’s Grace Jones. That “epic” music video she had with Beyonce is just p!ss poor. But we’re not here to slag Lady Gaga…..

  2. Ignore the low life homophobes, Oliver.

  3. Thess comments actually seems typical of YouTube comments, I’m suprised Godwin’s Law wasn’t broken.

  4. Pumpkin Pie 1 May 2010, 3:07am

    Some even said my mum should have killed me at birth.

    This seems to be a favourite slur against effeminate, cross-dressing men. And, just as Pete said, I do actually see that line plenty on YouTube.

    At least Max can rest assured that the sorts of people who say such things are inherently worthless creatures. No one cares what they think.

  5. Jean-Paul 1 May 2010, 6:08am


    It can’t be easy; and I agree with SamB…ignore the homophobes, and keep practicing. Way to go!!!

  6. Gee, nasty comments on YouTube? So what else is new? Sounds like a pretty typical day there to me. If “Maxxie” really wants to put him/herself in the public eye, (s)he’ll have to grow a much thicker skin about stuff like that. Get some confidence, girlfrien’…!

  7. Youtube comments are full of homophobic crap mainly spouted by teenage boys who think it makes them more masculine. What they fail to realise is only people who are insecure bully others in such a way. Every time I read a homophobic comment on youtube, I think ‘You poor little s*d. You must really hate yourself’. All the commenters do is show how afraid they are, and how immature.

  8. “Youtube comments are full of homophobic crap mainly spouted by teenage boys who think it makes them more masculine.”

    You said it Iris – anonymity of the internet means comments like that homophobia are easy to make without repercussions.

  9. Oliver take inspiration from Christopher Hitchens, who once was asked if he was affected by the fanatics and extremists he attacked:

    ‘I want them to get angry. If all these ghouls aren’t raging and hollering and screaming, then I’ve failed.’

    You are breaking ground, and when you break down taboos and prejudices and fight for self-determination, of course you will meet opposition, from the mentally ‘left behind’ in society. So did Rosa Parkes and Martin Luther King. So too did Nelson Mandela and all the anti-apartheid campaigners in South Africa. And the first gay rights campaigners. In fact so did Galileo.

    Take courage from the solidarity that others are showing you. Be strong, persevere. And good luck in the next round.

    ‘And if you don’t like it, fine. Pick up the phone, call my number, and kiss my a$$.’

  10. there’s similar cowardice with apps that review tattoos in i-pods – many people are cowards who think that it’s ok to abuse people they don’t know and will never meet

  11. these threats should be reported to the police they can trace the IP used


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