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Vinnie Jones ‘has a big gay following’

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Reader comments

  1. Vinnie Jones is a horrible human being. He thinks he was popular with gay people because of ‘all those leather straps’. Oh, F**k off, Vinnie, you reprobate.

  2. This is Very old news!

  3. He has a ‘big gay following’.

    Does anyone know the name of this big gay who’s following him?

  4. Lucky lisp 29 Apr 2010, 5:39pm

    Ditto all the above comments. Vinnie Jones is a mindless glorified thug. His popularity must be at an all time low if he’s relying on some pink support, the very demograph he undoubtedly has sneered at in the past.

  5. I agree, Lucky lisp – VJ certainly seems a loathsome specimen, and I’d prefer to think no gay man would have such poor taste or be so deluded as to find a talentless thug like him attractive.

  6. Agree with all the above, only adding this comment so people (hopefully the man himself) can see that all this hollow posturing, as patronising as it is will get him nowhere.

  7. Vinnie is mighty fine looking, even now he’s in his mid 40s!

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