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General Election 2010

Tory candidate may lose job over ‘homophobic’ comments

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Reader comments

  1. One wonders how many of Callmedaves Law and Justice racist tory homopdobes are still harbouring these opinions but a clever enough to hide them intil after the election.
    This particular vile excuse for a human being still thinks that what he says is gospel.
    The fact that he is a deluded religionist gives one insight into where this vile bigotry comes; it comes from what is probably the evilist book ever to make it into print, the “holy” bible. A book that sanctions incest, rape, slavery,infanticide, murder and above all an all encompassing obsession with sex and its control.
    A law should be enacted wherby there is TOTAL seperation of church and state, and indeed barring anyone with even a teneous connection with religion. The sooner the better for the progress and indeed safety of all mankind.

  2. Whatever our sexuality, we will all pay a price for the stifling of free speech.

    Here is how it should work. Tory MP: “Gays are not normal.” Me: “You’re talking crap.”

  3. Pumpkin Pie 29 Apr 2010, 4:43pm

    Excellent. I was wondering why this man was allowed to teach children in the previous article.

    Whatever our sexuality, we will all pay a price for the stifling of free speech.

    Here is how it should work. Tory MP: “Gays are not normal.” Me: “You’re talking crap.”

    And if you’re 13 years old, still getting used to the concepts of objective logic and reasoning, started thinking you might not be straight, and all your friends have been suckered into believing what bigoted adults have told them?

    Hate speech is not banned for the sake of people like us. It’s banned for the sake of vulnerable people. And I think hate speech does far more damage than stifling it ever could. Hate speech regarding ethnic minorities has been strictly banned for ages, and it’s done far more good than bad. An entire generation has been brought up to recognise it as unacceptable. We’re never going to get that for LGBT people if we keep playing ball with bigots. You can’t win an argument with an idiot mob – it’s pointless.

    It’s not like it’s a brave new world, or anything. Ethnic minorities have had this protection for years and I still don’t feel like I’m living a 1984-esque fascist state (well, ignoring all the CCTV). LGBT people deserve that protection, too. If ethnic hate laws didn’t lead to concentration camps, neither will LGBT hate laws. Besides, no country has unlimited free speech. It’s unattainable. You’d need to allow slandering, libel, harrassment, bullying, etc., etc.

    I used to agree with you. I love making idiots look like bigger idiots. But then I realised how this hurts people who don’t relish getting your hands dirty like I do. People who just want to live their lives in peace.

  4. Pumpkin is right.
    #2, I think you’re being naive. This is not a question of free speech. This is about a man who works for an organisation (the tory party) that claims not to be homophobic, but he is spouting homophobic rhetoric. He can go and join the BNP, and spout his christian fundamentalist homophobic lines, no one will stop him, as no one stops griffin. He is free to say what he wants, just not in a party that is trying to distance itself from homophobes.

  5. Pumpkin Pie’s right, I remember seeing all of the homophobia when growing up but nothing to counter it, I never knew there even was LBG Christian groups for example, the media excels at spreading homophobia but they don’t normally deconstruct it so kids and teens can see how wrong the homophobes are

  6. His free speech is not being stifled.

    He holds revolting opinions and he expressed them freely.

    However parents should not be forced to allow their children be taught by bigots.

    An open racist would not be allowed to teach children. Neither should open homophobes.

  7. There are certain professions where standards of behaviour and speech apply.

    Teachers, the police, nurses, doctors, judges etc must take care not to let their personal prejudice interfere with their job.

    A homophobic bigot is not an appropriate person to be teaching impressionable primary school children.

  8. When you start banning opinions, it never stops. It’s corrupting for those doing the banning; that little thrill of self-righteousness is not good for the soul. You think you’re being virtuous, but you’re just being vindictive.

  9. This reminds me Miss California who also claimed to stand for freedom of speech.
    I think freedom of speech is great but we all must live with the consequences of our actions (and our words). If we say what we believe and what we believe makes us unsuitable for our job… what else is there to say?

  10. clivejw – opinions is different to homophobia, I’ve already explained why

  11. Pumpkin Pie 29 Apr 2010, 7:57pm

    When you start banning opinions, it never stops. It’s corrupting for those doing the banning; that little thrill of self-righteousness is not good for the soul. You think you’re being virtuous, but you’re just being vindictive.

    Everyone has opinions on black people and brown people and yellow people and slightly-different-type-of-white people. Hate laws didn’t stop that, they just denied racists a podium and made life a little more comfortable for their previous targets.

    The slippery slope thing is a bit of a stretch. Racist speech was outlawed quite some time ago. Not much changed, except for those previously affected. Homophobic speech is the same sort of thing. No good can ever come from vilifying people for the way they were born. It’s totally illogical and serves no purpose other than harrassment, which is why it was banned almost entirely. Let’s finish what we started.

    I see where this whole slippery slope idea is heading, though. Censoring anything we don’t like the sound of! If you protect only basic intrinsic qualities like race, gender and sexuality, that’s never going to happen. That rule’s pretty clear. Want to silence somebody who’s speaking out against capitalism? You can’t. An ideology is not intrinsic. See? It’s pretty safe. And has been for decades.

  12. Tim Hopkins 29 Apr 2010, 9:42pm

    Homophobic speech as such is not outlawed in Scotland. This guy has not been arrested for what he said, and quite right too – it’s offensive and bigoted, but not a crime.

    But if you want to stand as a candidate for a political party, and then you publicly say you disagree with the party’s policies, you’d better expect not to be a candidate for long.

    And if you teach in a primary school, you’d better be prepared to comply with school’s non-discriminatory ethos and teaching content. I have no idea whether this guy has done that or not, but you can understand why the council might wonder, given his specific public support for section 28 which banned the teaching in schools of “the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship”. No-one teaching in our schools should be telling pupils that homosexuality is unacceptable, or that, if they have two parents of the same sex, that’s not as good as other families.

  13. There you go,Mr Lardner, Sir; there’s no room for people such as you in public office or education. Your views are far too right-wing and dangerous and we cannot afford to have the attitude of our children, tomorrow’s decision makers, to be affected by one-sided bigots such as you.
    There must be another job for you somewhere, where your ridiculous opinions can do less harm.

  14. Tim Hopkins 30 Apr 2010, 4:27pm

    Of course there can be a place for him as an MP, on the same basis as everyone else – that is, if the people elect him. He is no longer the Tory candidate, but is still on the ballot, effectively as an independent. He is continuing to campaign, and making a big deal of his homophobic views.

    We’ll see in a week whether the people of North Ayrshire and Arran want to vote for such views.

    If they don’t, and if the rest of the country doesn’t in the future, then the law of this country will remain what the majority of the MPs that people voted for supported, that is, that discrimination against LGBT people by school teachers is unlawful.

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