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Canadian teacher ‘fired for being a lesbian’

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Reader comments

  1. Little Flower is a publicly funded private school, and its administrators ought to be more concerned with protecting their teachers from client bullying than pandering to parental politics.

    This is one more good reason why Canada should revoke public funding of private schools.

    I hope Lisa Raimer takes legal action against these bigots.

  2. According to the story here, both sides agree she hasn’t been fired.

  3. Stan James 30 Apr 2010, 9:03am

    Sounds to me like the Catholic hierarchy got wind of her teaching, and had her fired.

    But the real question is how do we fire from the face of the earth the church of Hypocrisy – otherwise known as “Molesters R Us” ( a play on a toy store chain in the USA called Toy’s R Us)

    Of course, the name fits in more ways then one.

    Wasns’t it the catholic church that all over the world has been found to be using little children as sex toys for their so called celibate priests.

    To hell with this monstrosity…………………

  4. Is this really Canada in the 21st Century? I’m amazed and apalled. Let’s hope it’s not typical, which I’m sure it’s not. But even so, the school should know better.

  5. Rev Laurie Roberts 30 Apr 2010, 8:23pm

    NOT a wonderful congratulatory supportive response to the parents — and their baby.

    Typical church school ?

  6. What’s even more amazing is that this has happened on the Pacific Coast where Vancouver is known as the most gay-friendly and cosmopolitain city in Canada.

    Unless private schools co-operate with the inclusive educational system, they may very well find themselves marginalized, just as Lisa Reimer has been.

    And yes, my own first thoughts were for the baby and mother, and normally, shouldn’t the RCC be concerned about real people instead of their outdated teachings.

  7. SilenceIsGolden 30 Apr 2010, 9:33pm

    I agree that private (especially denominational) schools should not be funded with our tax money. They get too much influence, cf. the recent upset when Ontario wanted to update the sex-ed curriculum. The catholic schools would have had to follow it (since they are publicly funded) and raised hell over it. Personally, I think they objected most to the requirement to teach 3rd grade kids about same-sex marriage (they even wanted to discuss same-sex sex only in reference to marriage (which is legal here, btw)). But, also, some claimed that teaching 12-yr-olds about oral sex would be “almost criminal” – I wonder in which world they think they are living…

    Warning – evil assumption: Maybe they don’t want them to know about oral sex so the kids don’t know that it is indeed some form of sex they are being forced to…

  8. Jean-Paul 1 May 2010, 6:00am

    m-m. Touché…catholic…say no more.

    PinkNews has had a piece or two on the subject…

  9. There’s absolutely no factual basis for this provocative headline. All we know from this story is that she’s lesbian and involved in a dispute with her employer. Nice “journalism.” From the comments it’s also clear some people don’t know the difference between private, religious schools, like this one, and the denominational public schools found everywhere in Canada and guaranteed by the Constitution.

  10. This is just ridiculous! Why is the provincial government supporting this school with tax money? I would like to see every penny of public support pulled from this school.

    And yes, had she been a heterosexual male whose wife had just given birth, there would have been congratulations all round. It just shows that GLBT families do not count.

  11. Every time someone sues a school it detrimentally affects the education of the children. The school itself isn’t responsible, but the headmistress is and she should be sued personally. Not the school.

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