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Alexander McQueen took drug cocktail before killing himself

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Reader comments

  1. My sympathy to Alexander’s family, loved ones and friends.

  2. Jennifer Hynes 29 Apr 2010, 9:51am

    Why is it such “big” news that he took a drug cocktail before hanging himself? This is simply a method to dull the supposed pain and fear that hanging creates. The way media sources are headlining this indicates that they are trying to create the illusion that his drug taking was the problem, when in fact it probably helped him, as it was intended, to cope with the psychological barriers to committing suicide. As with so many hanging deaths, the drugs would have mitigated the awful death by strangulation that results from poor research, or more likely, actually caused him to prepare the rope inadequately, so depriving himself of a less stressful and speedy death by trapping the Carotid artery.

    I feel for his family, but we mustn’t forget the intense pain he must have felt to take the decision to end his life, which is never an easy thing to do despite the authorities attempts to make us see otherwise. He must have thought long and hard about this and my prayers are for his peace and his courage.

  3. Knew Lee well. He is deeply missed.


  4. Unnecessary boasting of familarity Squidgy.We all knew him well…RIP

  5. Familiarity…….

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