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General Election 2010

Updated: Tory candidate suspended for saying gays were ‘not normal’

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Reader comments

  1. Good.

    Now why haven’t those disgusting bigots Julian Lewis and Chris Grayling been suspended for their grotesque homophobia?

    Or are the Tory Law and Justice Party simply making a sacrificial lamb out of the Scottish Tory bigot knowing that he hasn’t got a rat’s chance in hell of getting elected, and is therefore expendable?

    If this Scottish candidate’s homophobia is a sackable offence, then so too is the bigotry of Chris Grayling and Julian Lewis.

  2. Suspended? Why not expelled? And why Chris Grayling, Julian Lewis and all the other homophobic top tories and front benchers, having spouted similar nonsense, are still in the party? Hypocrisy at its best.

  3. This lower ranking official is being offered as sacrificial lamb, like the misguided decision to send a gay token to face the lions in Poland. All happening at the last leg of their campaign. They’re clearly trying to lure the pink vote into thinking the nasty party has changed. My frigging tits !!

  4. Again he’s entitled to his opinion but at least they’d acted quickly. Thought doubt you whingers will be happy whatever happens.

  5. And these are the bigoted scum that the Liberal Democrats are more than happy to enter a coalition with. Tactical voting? Get real!

  6. Anthony Bermon 27 Apr 2010, 4:14pm

    They can afford to suspend this guy as he very likely wouldn’t have won anyway, and he was not a senior member of the Conservative Party. If Cameron is questioned about this, he’ll no doubt say it was a matter for the Scottish Conservatives and not him. As a North Ayrshire & Arran voter I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, but I hope that people won’t vote SNP either as they also have homophobic senior party members who are Ministers in the Scottish Government and other Westminster candidates who have homophobic attitudes – Fergus Ewing, Roseanna Cunningham, Osama Saeed in Glasgow Central to name a few. Not to mention the homophobe who funds the SNP, and who they already changed their bus re-regulation policy to suit. If one policy can be bought then any policy can be bought in future.

  7. The guy is a closet case who would of ether ended up being arrested on the common or exposed in the press with a rent boy!

  8. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 4:22pm

    The difference between Philip Lardner and huge numbers of other Conservative party parliamentary candidates is that Philip Lardner voiced his opinions.

    If you want to keep homophobia out of Westminster don’t vote Conservative on May 6.

  9. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 4:24pm

    SimonM writes:

    are the Tory Law and Justice Party simply making a sacrificial lamb out of the Scottish Tory bigot knowing that he hasn’t got a rat’s chance in hell of getting elected, and is therefore expendable?

    I think you got it :)

  10. Won’t change my mind, I’m 100% behind my decision.

    It’s David Cameron and Tory all the way.

    Changing my local vote to Tory too. Sadly the Live debates have just made Nick Cleggy look to slimy for my liking.

  11. Good for you Squidgy, and may I invite you to make use of my nephew’s sand pit so you can bury your head while grabbing your ankles and bracing yourself for the inevitable shafting you will receive should Cameron and Co take power?

  12. Ah Squidgy, sitting behind a desk in the cyber warfare department of Tory towers, trying to spin us the Tory line.

  13. SimonM: Yeah, and while we are at it, let’s sack every single poncing mortgage-swapping scumbag Labour MP for fiddling their expenses. Oh yes! That old chestnut everyone has conveniently brushed under the carpet.

    And before you say well what about the Tories? Well for starters, there are five times as many labour MP’s caught with their snouts in the trough than the other parties. Remember, they are right-wing capitalists out for all they can get, as you continually keep reminding us. Yet our wonderful socialist “people’s party” (sic), do exactly the opposite of what they claim to do. I really think the words ‘stones’, ‘greenhouse’ and ‘throw’ spring to mind. They are all a bunch of stinking, philandering, mealy-mouthed fvcking HYPOCRITES!

  14. Pumpkin Pie 27 Apr 2010, 4:52pm

    Personally, the thing that worries me the most is that this man is allowed to teach children.

  15. As much as i don’t see voting conservative as an option and therefore won’t criticise their voters, David really needs to do some more work on getting the homophobes out of the conservative party if he wants to be taken seriously

    This ranks alongside giving prisoners votes only for them to vote for longer prison sentences, hard labour and having to watch Graham Norton show reruns

  16. Sister Mary clarence 27 Apr 2010, 5:30pm

    “David really needs to do some more work on getting the homophobes out of the conservative party if he wants to be taken seriously”

    I think he has just taken one more step towards doing so.

  17. Trouble is, Sr. Mary, the number of homophobes in the Tory party is endless and horrendous. Desperate Dave has taken only an expedient measure. Remember the Gay Times video. Cameron is a slimy fraud, a professional PR man parading as a man of substance. He has about as much moral backbone as a jellyfish.

  18. Of course we’re not normal – we’re fabulous!*

    * except for the “straights” in the libdems

  19. The Tory hierarchy made a deal to present a young, clean cut image to the electorate in PR man Dave in order to win the election. The back bone to the Tory party that I have experienced by attending Tory events (long story) represent an older demographic of socially conservative voters who are neither supportive of or respectful of gay rights. The ideology that draws in middle to upper class Tory party membership is one of social cohesion, fiscal conservatism and broad support for C of E and family institutions. They have support in the home counties and rural areas where these broad values are dominant.
    Gay and queer culture is, not surprisingly, irrelevant.
    This is evidenced in Mr Lardners actions, Chris Graylings statements and so on…
    Dave Cameron’s leadership was a strategic move by the Tory chiefs to win this election. Cameron will be dropped like a hot potato if and when he does not gain a majority.

  20. I will reiterate an older post as I guess most people never saw it:
    SimonM: “The Tories hate gay people.”
    I doubt that, but even if it were true, WHO GIVES A FLYING FVCK!!??”
    I would rather have a party that doesn’t give a damn about gays, but gets this country sorted out that a bunch of PC lefty toady’s that will kowtow to minorities, and then utterly wreck the country once you morons have voted them in.

    People need to get their damn priorities sorted; Not everyone likes gays. No amount of moaning, legislation or queenie strops is going to prevent that fact. Live with it! This country is in the worst economic situation since WWII and you lot still witter on like a bunch of kids about name-calling and trivial minutiae.
    No wonder no fvcker wants to deal with you bunch of selfish cretins.

  21. This is the true colors of the tory party

  22. Stewart, at #19, how succinctly and factually put! You are soooo right. Call-Me-Dave is simply window-dressing. The Tories are constituted by exactly the same sort of people who have always made up their rank and file. As you say, they are typified by their “social cohesion, fiscal conservatism and broad support for C of E and family institutions”. And the reason why the Tory map of England, all that blue, is out there beyond the cities is indeed because they have support in the home counties and rural areas where such values are dominant.

  23. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 7:42pm

    Personally I do try to comment with some relevance to the article but unfortunately Conservative/UKIP supporters will not do this.

    Rob-N writes:

    I would rather have a party that doesn’t give a damn about gays, but gets this country sorted out that a bunch of PC lefty toady’s that will kowtow to minorities, and then utterly wreck the country once you morons have voted them in.

    If Rob-N is referring to the Conservative party they got it wrong on every call during the financial crisis.

    In fact today Ken Clarke has said that Labour were right to nationalise Northern Rock when they did. At the time the Conservative party bitterly opposed that action.

    The Conservative party bitterly opposed the fiscal stimulus.

    At the time the financial crisis broke Cameron and Osborne were like headless chickens, they did not know what to do or what policy to adopt, instead hiding from the press and then criticising Labour the moment they took decisive action.

    Rob-N does not remember or know anything about the disastrous handling of the UK economy through comparatively minor global recessions by the Conservative party in the past.

    Rob-N does not remember or know anything about the huge increase in unemployment generated by the Conservatie party in previous recessions. The irony of the unemployment increase was that it cost more to maintain high unemployment than to maintain the alternative increase in the national dept.

    The Labour party does not kowtow to minorities but rather seeks some way to accomodate people as best it can in a common society.

    The Conservative party does kowtow to a very small minority of hugely wealthy people who are happy to damage the interests of the UK state in service to their own interests.


    <a href="Sexy!“>Sexy!

  24. Patrick James: The Northern Rock debacle was a fudge because no contingency had ever been in place to cover a collapsing bank. If I had my way, I would ensure that all banks had sufficient escrowed assets that should any go tits-up, they could still pay all their investors. If a bank cannot manage it’s finances, who the hell can? Let them rot.

    I remember very well the “Winter of Discontent” and the fiscal mismanagement by the Labour Party that brought this country to it’s knees once before. I remember the power cuts. I remember the black bags of rubbish piled high in the streets and crawling with rats. I remember the three-day weeks and Callaghan looking like he just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I also remember the resultant boom Thatcher years that managed to pull us back from the brink. I remember the 80’s when “We never had it so good.”

    I also remember a certain Labour chancellor that sold off all our gold assets to Japan when it was at it’s lowest price since the war. I wonder what happened to him?

    The Labour partly CONSTANTLY kowtows to foreigners, religious groups, racial and sexual minorities and everything from “Save the single-parent black lesbian whale” to fvcking Tracy Emin. They are obsessed with money sucking quangos that the likes of Lee Jasper and his type funnel money out of for totally pointless ventures.

    I do not deny that it was a world recession instigated by the US sub-prime lending, but how come virtually every Western country is now back on track and we are in the red by over half the UK’s annual income? If Cash Gordon was my bank manager, I’d get the hell out of that bank, sharpish.

    I have a good memory, but it seems it is you with the selective one. You only choose to recollect the ones that you want.
    Remember the last time the Tories got into power?
    Good. Coz in 10 days time it’s going to be Deja Vu all over again.

  25. They think they are back in power and they can’t resist these outbursts. It’s like political tourette’s syndrome.

  26. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 8:52pm

    ConservativeHome Backs Philip Lardner!

    Tim Montgomery at ConservativeHome website writes:

    I see no evidence for hatefulness in Mr Lardner’s remarks, even though I disagree with his choice of words. Although he’s probably wrong to say “most of the population” share his views, they are shared by many conservative Christians and people of other faiths. His suspension by the Scottish Conservative Party seems a disproportionate response.

  27. de Villiers 27 Apr 2010, 9:08pm

    The Conservative Party, like Labour and the Liberal Democrats, is a party of coalitions. Some of these overlap and some are quite far apart. The market-liberal (right) wing of the Liberal Democrat party shares much in common with the pro-European, pro-civil liberties (left) wing of the Conservative Party.

    The coalitions that make up the Conservative Party are varied. Traditionally, it was religious Catholics although more recently, it has been considered the party of the Church of England. There are socially conservative sections, communitarian wings, fiscal Keynsians, euro-sceptics, euro-philes, market-liberals, limited-government liberals, and libertarians.

    It is correct that the more religiously conservative parts are less evident in the Labour party and largely absent in the Parliamentary Liberal Democrat party. It should be noted that many parts of the Lib Dems in the north-west and north-east are almost franchise operations with religious groups dominating branches.

    At present, the liberal-libertarian party of the Party is in the ascendancy in relation to sexual behaviour. In any event, it is rare for the Conservatives to turn back the clock. Section 28 was a very wrong example of them trying to do so.

    Politically, it is inconceivable that the Conservatives would seek to reverse any of the equal-rights legislation now in place either in relation to discrimination, adoption, civil partnerships etc. Much of this has been introduced as a result of rulings in the European Court of Human Rights and/or the European Court of Justice (which the UK Labour government fought and opposed). Others have been introduced in order to comply with European Directives.

    Most important is the reaction of the Conservative Party to these instances. It has been to declare such language wrong, offensive and abusive. Publicly, it has either suspended such persons, pending proper consideration to determine their expulsion, or required them to retract their comments and apologise.

  28. vulpus_rex 27 Apr 2010, 9:10pm

    It is interesting to note that it is apparently only the Tories that are judged by the actions of a few.

    I can’t think of a single other example of one social or political group that is dismissed as uniformly adopting a negative characteristic simply because some of them do.

    Are we to assume that all Liebour politicians and their supporters are confident and fluent liars simply because the economy destroying bully Brown tells porkies with a fluency and ease that is breathtaking?

    I think not.

    Well Lardner’s been sacked and it won’t make a difference how much hysterical smear is churned out on the pages of pink news – in 9 days time the nightmare on Downing Street will be over.

  29. Why on earth hasn’t he been sacked?

    This is just another reminder that concealed behind Cameron is a host of hidden bigots waiting to emerge from the shadows.

  30. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 9:12pm

    Rob-N writes:

    I also remember the resultant boom Thatcher years that managed to pull us back from the brink. I remember the 80’s when “We never had it so good.”

    I don’t think you remember this and I’ll tell you why.

    We never had it so good

    is a quote by Harold Macmillan from 1957…

    Nobody honestly reporting from memory of the 80s would mistakenly attribute “We never had it so good” to that time.

    Rob-N, you don’t remember these things. You don’t understand these things.

    Please stop pretending you do.

    You are a fraud.



  31. theotherone 27 Apr 2010, 9:21pm

    Unemployment? Did I hear you mention Unemployment mr Patrick James? 5% of the population of this country are ‘Economically Inactive’ that’s a hell of allot worse than the Tories managed in the 80’s.

  32. theotherone 27 Apr 2010, 9:33pm

    Hey Patrick James: didn’t Labour SUPORT Clause 28?

  33. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 9:37pm

    theotherone writes:

    Unemployment? Did I hear you mention Unemployment mr Patrick James? 5% of the population of this country are ‘Economically Inactive’ that’s a hell of allot worse than the Tories managed in the 80’s.

    Are you really that ignorant theotherone?

    Do you know what ‘Economically Inactive’ actually refers to?

    Do you know what the ‘Economically Inactive’ figures for the 1980s were?

    Thought not :)

    The postwar unemployment statistics show that unemployment throughout the 80s, even in the so-called boom years (for the rich) were consistently higher than unemployment is today, even at the height of this global recession.

    I remember that period very well.

    I am not like Rob-N who claims to remember the 80s and then attributes Harold Macmillan’s famous 1957 quote “we never had it so good” to that time :)

    You see, theotherone, if you actually made some attempt to find out the facts it would be much more impressive, but difficult for you because it would upset your delusions.



  34. de Villiers 27 Apr 2010, 9:46pm

    The 80s were a period of extreme economic transition following the country having to follow the dictates of the IMF.

    There is no meaningful comparison between unemployment in an economy in such transition and such levels of debt, inflation and marginal rates of tax and the economy from 1995-2009.

  35. The guy is entitled to his opinion and on any measure of “normal” surely being a member of only 3% or less of a population is by definition not “normal”. I don’t think he was being nasty he was being pretty honest about what most people think. I think yet again Cameron has blown with the breeze on this one.

  36. theotherone 27 Apr 2010, 9:53pm

    Let me point something out to you dear patrick and please try not to howl insults while I do it OK?

    This graph shows the levels of ‘Economic Inactivity’ over the last few decades:

    As you can see (if you care to look) the figures since 2004 have outstripped the worst of the 80’s.

  37. Anthony Bermon 27 Apr 2010, 10:01pm

    To those who think the Tories won’t overturn any of the legislation that’s been put in place by Labour, haven’t they already said that’s what they’re going to do about the ban on fox hunting? Oh silly me, Cameron is allowing a free vote on it, that’s all right then, I’m sure the ban won’t be overturned.

  38. Quote: “…or encourage children to indulge in it”

    So he’d like LGBT children to grow up suppressing their sexuality and probably hating themselves too. Very Christian.

    Pumpkin Pie’s right. I too find it abhorrent that he’s a teacher.

  39. theotherone 27 Apr 2010, 10:07pm

    Mmm…comment gone missing…
    Oh and Mr James: unless we are to believe that more people are getting pregnant (not shown in the Birth Rate), more people are disabled under Labour or there has been an experiential rise in people taking a year out then we have to argue that the true level of Unemployment is contained within these figures as they would include the people forced onto Sickness Benefits to keep benefits coming in, people thrown off benefits in the recession (you can only claim benefits for three months) and all the other cons Labour have put in place to hide their staggering Economic incompantancy are hidden in these figures.

    Indeed these figures began increasing beyond levels seen in the 1980’s at the point Labour started fiddling the Unemployment Figures.

  40. theotherone 27 Apr 2010, 10:09pm

    iris: he seams about average given the Teacher’s I’ve met these days.

  41. Richard Carvath 27 Apr 2010, 10:41pm

    I do sympathise with this champion of truth and common sense. I was kicked out of the Conservative Party in Salford in 2008 for my public opposition to homosexuality. Ironically I am now an Independent parliamentary candidate for Salford and Eccles and my Conservative Party rival is homosexual primary school teacher Matthew Sephton – the head of LGBTory! Since the Conservative Party abandoned real conservatism (but kept the name) with the advent of Project Cameron, embraced secular humanism, and appointed Stonewall as an advisory consultant in 2006 – the Conservative Party has bent over backwards and lowered its trousers to try to please homosexuals. I’d have thought that homosexuals would be falling over themselves to vote Tory, as David Cameron is clearly anti-Christian and rabidly pro-homosexual.

  42. dave wainwright 27 Apr 2010, 10:59pm

    Squidgy, it would appear, SUCKS , true

  43. Richard – there’s LBG Christians so how you lie that LBG people are always anti-Christian is only due to your homophobia! this guy is not a champion of either truth or common sense either

  44. David in Indy 28 Apr 2010, 6:20am

    Is “Tory” and “Labour” the same as the Republican party here in the States? I’m getting the impression they are, based on what I’ve been reading.

    I’m thinking in particular of the conservative, evangelical Republicans… although I can’t imagine ANYONE quite as bad as them.

    Good Luck with the elections, Great Britain!

  45. Anyone who still thinks the Tory party is not the nasty party only has to look through this thread and read Rob-N’s posts, which are full of venomous personal attacks. Speaks for itself, really.

  46. I would rather have a party that doesn’t give a damn about gays

    self loathing gays………….how 1950s

  47. theotherone and Patrick, the figure is actually 25% of the working population (8 million people) are economically inactive. Hopefully this dreadful Labour government will prove once and for all that Labour needs to be consigned to the early 20th century dustbin is deserves to be in. MPs being sponsored by unions which no longer have an industry to represent, a bankrupt economy, jerrymandering and anti-democracy, an unlected leader, strikes, crime through the roof, doctored official statistics, a politicised civil service.

    Anyone would have thought this government was full of Marxist spies trying to do down Britain. Oh, hold on…..Straw, Mandleson, Hain, Brown, Brown, Ruddock, Ashton…….I could go on

  48. Here’s hoping that in just over a weeks times the Labour Party are placed firmly on the scrap heap where they belong replacing what they’ve left of the British economy etc.

  49. Charlie and dave are right
    David In Indy – the tories are similar to the republicans and labour used to be more left-ing but nu-labour is seeking right-wingers

  50. What an ignorant prat. Argh, it annoys me when these idiots claim children being taught about equality will ‘encourage’ them to ‘become’ gay. Will boys taught about women’s rights be encouraged to start using sanitary towels, and to grow breasts?

    This guy and his mediaeval values can go back to the age of the Magdalene Laundries or perhaps go and live in the mountains of Pakistan where the Taliban would be more than happy to receive him, I’m sure.

  51. On another page PinkNews has a “Quiz Alex Salmond” thing – I know people are submitting questions but there is no sign of them on the page – does anyone know when and where any answers will appear?

  52. Brian:-

    Yeah probably May 7th. Labour supporter official voting Day…. lol

  53. Dear Fellow Queers,

    For any fellow queer remotely thinking of voting for the Tories in the belief that the Tories have truly changed, just take ten minutes out to visit the blog of one Conservative, Richard Carvath.

    Here is just one excerpt from his recent rabid ramblings! If affords us a glimpse into the true mind of a Tory.

    Don’t let them fool you into thinking they like you! They don’t.


    Thursday, 8 April 2010
    Blears, Owen and Henry Slaughtering our Kids
    I’m Pro-Life and pro-marriage. My rival Salford and Eccles candidates Hazel Blears (Lab), Norman Owen (Lib Dem) and David Henry (TUSC) are all pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and do not recognise the fundamental importance of marriage over cohabitation.

    I believe that on the grounds of their support for abortion alone, none of these three are suitable to hold public office as an MP. No moral voter can in good conscience vote for any candidate who actively supports the slaughter of 2 or more unborn babies for every day of the year at Salford Royal. It is the equivalent of Hazel Blears, Norman Owen and David Henry clapping their hands and cheering in approval at the wiping out of all the children in 4 Salford primary schools every year.

  54. “David in Indy”, in the States, to answer your question:

    Tories = backward-inclined Republicans
    Labour = progressive Democrats
    LiberalDemocrats = even more progressive Democrats

  55. ooops, sorry. He’s a “Prospective Independent”. My error. Blush.

    Don’t vote for him! :-)

  56. David in Indy 29 Apr 2010, 6:49am

    Thank you Eddy for the explanation. I appreciate it.

    I admit I am ignorant of British politics, although I am trying to learn. I find it much more complicated than our politics here in the U.S. Don’t write me off just yet though. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it sooner or later.

    For some reason I thought Labour was considered conservative, since Tony Blair is Labour (am I correct? Like I said, I’m still learning) and he aligned himself so closely with “you know who”.

    Anyhow, Philip Lardner is very cute – not that it should make any difference.

  57. David, Tony Blair managed to get the left-wing back into power by bringing it a little towards the centre but only in terms of window-dressing, “Cool Britannia” and all that. Labour has passed a wealth of legislation to the benefit and advantage of we LGBTs here in the UK.

    Yes, Blair did align himself with Bush over the need to go to war with Iraq. True. But in times of war left and right often come together against a greater enemy.

    I agree Philip Lardner looks cute. But then you consider the sh*t that is obviously in his head and are reminded never to judge a book by its cover. Easier said than done, of course. The times I have had my head turned my gorgeous-looking vacuous men without a decent political conviction in their heads. It can be a real wrench!

  58. David in Indy 1 May 2010, 7:46pm

    Thanks again Eddy. You’ve just helped me take another step towards understanding the British political system. Thank you.

    And I know what you mean about those cute politicians. We currently have one here by the name of Marco Rubio. He’s running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Mel Martinez (Florida). He’s a Republican and is as conservative as a day is long, but he sure is a tasty piece of eye candy! lol

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