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General Election 2010

Exclusive: Scottish Tory candidate says homosexuality is ‘not normal’

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Reader comments

  1. Philip Lardner is not normal…

  2. We can expect little else from a member of the Conservative party.

    Here’s our evidence of the back-and-forth behaviour of the Conservatives in relations to us.

    In 1999 William Hague sacked Conservative frontbencher Shaun Woodward for refusing to back the party’s stance that Section 28 should not be repealed. (Remember that the Tory’s Section 28 of 1989 effectively gagged any employee of a school from giving any impression to students that homosexuality was OK.)

    In 2000 while David Cameron was campaigning for the seat of Witney he wrote a letter in The Telegraph attacking Shaun Woodward for his pro-gay stance. He also attacked Tony Blair too for his being pro-gay rights. These are Call-Me-Dave’s actual words from that time: “The Blair government continues to be obsessed with their fringe agenda, including deeply unpopular moves like repealing Section 28 and allowing the promotion of homosexuality in schools. . . Blair has moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools”. Do you really believe that the leopard has completely changed his spots simply because he now needs our votes and is saying, “Trust me!”?

    In 2003 David Cameron MP fought against and voted against the Labour Government’s repeal of Section 28 in the House of Commons.

    By 2005 Say-Anything-Dave has done a complete turnabout and he tells the BBC he’s delighted Section 28 has been abolished! He told a BBC journalist: “At the end of the day, one section of our community did feel discriminated against by Section 28, and so I’m glad on that basis that it’s gone”

    In 2008 Cameron voted against a law making it easier for lesbian couples to have IVF treatment. He says that this issue goes to the heart of his message that Britain’s society is broken. Are we now to believe, just two years later in 2010, that Cameron no longer believes that “Britain’s society is broken” and that we LGBTs are not to blame for it?

    In 2009 Call-Me-Dave decides to appear at a gay pride event and say sorry to us for the ban on anything that might be construed as a positive view of homosexuality in schools. He said “Yes, we may have sometimes been slow and, yes, we may have made mistakes, including Section 28, but the change has happened”. It was an apology but there was little real remorse in it. Was it not just a clever preparation for wooing us for our votes in 2010?

    Having delivered this “I’m weally weally sorry”, just two months later in 2009 Tory MEPs refused to go along with a cross-party European Parliament vote to condemn a homophobic law that had been passed in Lithuania!

    Then earlier this year, in 2010, in his interview with Attitude, Call-Me-Dave criticised the Church of England over its attitudes to homosexuality and called upon the Church to accept equal rights for gays.

    But a little later, in April 2010, Call-Me-Dave’s Shadow Home Secretary Christopher Grayling is revealed by The Observer newspaper as having said that he feels sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn gay, lesbian, or transgender people away – despite it being against the law to do so. Cameron fails to discipline his colleague and a few days later yet another Tory candidate, Andrew Bridgen, says much the same thing as Christopher Grayling said. Cameron similarly fails to discipline Bridgen. Both Grayling and Bridgen continue as Tory candidates in the election despite having shown support for the “right” of businesses to turn gays, lesbians, and trans people away.

    On April 10th 2010, Call-Me-Dave sought to woo gay and lesbian voters in an article written for PinkNews. He said that if they were in Civil Partnerships they would be eligible for the £3 a week he was promising to married heterosexuals (provided they are on a low wage). He also promised the possibility of “a clean slate” to anyone who had a “gay-sex offence” on their records. The only other thing he offered in his article was the sentiment that he was “heart and soul” behind gay rights and that LGBTs should simply trust him! However, Call-Me-Dave’s record since he ditched his seven-year position as Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications (a major media company) to “find a seat” in politics does not inspire confidence.

    On 13th April, the Tories published their manifesto. It was completely and alarmingly without specific plans to progress and preserve rights for LGBTs. Throughout this very long and very carefully prepared document there is not a single section of any length devoted to how the Tories will assist the LGBT minority.

    On 14th April, Christopher Grayling, the man the Tories would have as their Home Secretary, sought to reverse the damage he had done to the Tories as a result of being secretly recorded as saying that he feels sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn same-sex couples away. He went on Channel 4 and said that “I don’t think that people who are gay should be turned away”.

    And so the Nasty Party, the party of the right-wing establishment, continue their back-and-forwards dance on LGBT matters, completely without any core dedication to protecting the LGBT minority in a country where The Observer poll of October 2008 showed that 25% of Britons believe that homosexuality should be re-criminalised, and that the remaining 75% range upon a spectrum, from toleration of homosexuals as second-class citizens through to complete acceptance with dignity and respect.

  3. Has this disgusting bigot been fired from the Tories yet?

    Of course not.

    And he won’t be.

    The Tories are a pack of bigots and David Cameron’s PR exercises to pretend otherwise have failed.

    On the issue of LGBT rights a vote for the Tories is no different to voting for the BNP.

    On the matter of LGBT rights neo-fascist Tory scum like Chris Grayling, Julian Lewis, Iain Duncan Smith, Philippa Stroud, Andrew Brigden and now Philip Lardner shows us how dangerous the Tory Party remains.

    A vote for the Tories is little better than a vote for the BNP.

  4. So 1 in 10 of the eligible voters is not normal according to this idiot.

    I hope the remember that on polling day!

  5. I thought I had fixed my laptop keyboard grrr it was THEY not the.

    *takes laptop to bits to remove the remaining crumbs out of the keyboard*

  6. Another Tory homophobic loses his gag. The more the merrier – it will all help to deprive them of a Parliamentary majority on May 6.

  7. Dave North 27 Apr 2010, 3:05pm

    I wouldn’t worry.

    I come from North Ayrshire and my parents still live there.

    It has been a die hard labour stronghold since the dinosaurs.

    It’s a constituency where people vote the way their parents voted.

    The silly old bigot doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell.

    Also, If I was the head of his school, I would have a serious think about keeping this man in my employment.

  8. Can’t Cameron keep a handle on his people?
    Chris Grayling voiced a private opinion, and Julian Lewis I think has a genuine concern over HIV issues.

    However, this bloke is making no bones about where he stands, and it is supposedly at diametric odds with The Conservative’s manifesto. Based on that alone the man should get the bum’s rush.
    The trouble is, so close to the election, nobody wants to start changing candidates at the eleventh hour, so chances are the bigot will stay.

  9. This is just further evidence that the Tories cannot be trusted to respect the rights of LGBT people in what remains a homophobic society and they also will do great damage to the British economy. See:
    • Cameron’s mask falls:
    • Cabinet/shadow cabinet voting records:
    • Labour’s action on LGBT rights
    • And it’s the economy, stupid:

    Still, this is no surprise, as there is not much Tory attitude change to ethnic minorities either after all these years from the Tories whatever Dave the ordinary bloke (who, with Samantha is worth a mere £13 million):–s-town.html

  10. Yet another politician banging on about how British law should reflect ‘God’s Law’. FFS, no matter how strongly you hold your belief, other people who are not of your religion are not and should not be bound by your religion’s rules. Stop imposing your opinions on others.

  11. Greg – the loony bigoted believers will never accept that their God made LBG people! Tories like this is why I’d never believe the lie Cameron is pushing – that they’ve changed etc!

  12. Dave North 27 Apr 2010, 4:05pm

    Ha Ha.

    Silly man has been suspended from the party and had his candidacy support removed by Tory Central Office.

    Bet you Cameron is sick to the back teeth of the bigoted oafs in his party.

  13. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 4:14pm

    Rob-N writes:

    Chris Grayling voiced a private opinion

    Chris Grayling voiced his opinion to hugely influential Conservative party policy making group.

    Rob-N writes:

    Julian Lewis I think has a genuine concern over HIV issues.

    If Julian Lewis had a genuine concern over HIV issues then wouldn’t he be doing some research into how HIV is spread? Julian Lewis is simply using “threat of HIV” as a cover for homophobia.

    You really are very deluded Rob-N.

  14. The guy is a closet case who would of ether ended up being arrested on the common or exposed in the press with a rent boy!

  15. Anthony Bermon 27 Apr 2010, 4:17pm

    As a North Ayrshire & Arran voter I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, but I hope that people won’t vote SNP either as they also have homophobic senior party members who are Ministers in the Scottish Government and other Westminster candidates who have homophobic attitudes – Fergus Ewing, Roseanna Cunningham, Osama Saeed in Glasgow Central to name a few. Not to mention the homophobe who funds the SNP, and who they already changed their bus re-regulation policy to suit. If one policy can be bought then any policy can be bought in future.

  16. Put this in the book “How to Destroy Your Career for Stupid People”: 1. Make a public attack on gay people, who are one of the most internet savy and organized groups in the world.

    Congradulations Philip! You must have excellent deepthroating skills, ’cause you sure can take those feet in the mouth and not gag.

  17. Patrick James:
    “Chris Grayling voiced his opinion to hugely influential Conservative party policy making group.”
    It was still an opinion, and he clearly stated at the time and had no plans in changing them.

    Patrick James: “Julian Lewis is simply using “threat of HIV” as a cover for homophobia.”
    In your opinion.

    You really are very deluded Rob-N.
    And you are utterly paranoid and continually see people lurking in corners where there are none.

    Is it now illegal to have an opinion?
    I bet it would be if you had your way. You have all the democratic principles of Chairman Mao.

  18. I think we might soon reach a time when being politically incorrect might be called politically differently correct. I don’t condone what he said, but can somebody please enlighten me as to why certain homophobic MP’s are suspended for voicing their thoughts where other racist, homophobic, bigots (you all know who I am referring to) continue to be able to escape scot free without as much as a rap on the knuckles and contest in the general elections?

    Political correctness has no meaning when it creates a storm in a tea cup but lets larger relevant issues go unnoticed.

  19. Marc: “…racist, homophobic, bigots (you all know who I am referring to)…”

    Erm. No. Please enlighten me.

  20. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 8:01pm

    Rob-N writes:

    Is it now illegal to have an opinion?

    This is because Rob-N is upset that I contradicted him.

    So, let us take a look at Rob-N’s statements:

    First up Rob-N wrote:

    Chris Grayling voiced a private opinion

    But I point out that in fact Chris Grayling voiced his opinion to hugely influential Conservative party policy making group.

    Second Rob-N wrote:

    Julian Lewis I think has a genuine concern over HIV issues.

    Just as a reminder that this was the Julian Lewis who didn’t want an equal age of consent for gay men with heterosexuals because in Julian’s view this would lead to a spread of HIV.

    The connection between HIV spread and age of consent does not exist in any shape or form.

    I am entitled to say that Rob-N is truly deluded and talking nonsense.

    Rob-N seems to believe that he can write any absurdity he likes, and of course, he can!

    But what Rob-N doesn’t seem to like is when someone such as I, point out that he is writing absolute nonsense!

    You see, Rob-N, that the thing about free speech. It doesn’t just apply to you, it applies to others as well :)


    <a href="Sexy!

  21. I think Marc means the BNP.

  22. He is wrong. Social attitudes surveys show that a majority (64%) of British people believed homosexality is ‘never wrong’. Trust me when I say this – the majority of the Tory Party have similar ideas about homosexality. The exists a deep strain of homophobia within the Conservative establishment – and I believe one of the reasons for this is that they know they are unlikely to receive votes from the gay community – so instead the Conservative Party are now on a silent mission to gather votes from the homophobes/bigots (who unfortunately still comprise a significant minority of the British public). Yes, politicans will do anything to get more votes. Believe me, I speak the truth! If you are gay and vote Conservative – shame on you!

  23. @Rob-N – Trying to be coy? You’re allowed to act smart, but please don’t abuse the privilege.

    @Greg – Yes!

  24. Neither is being a Tory. You can seek treatment. I would do it before it is too late!

  25. Hopefully Scotland will continue the tradition of returning 0 Tory MP’s to Westminster.

  26. Patrick James: You still have not managed to explain your reasoning.
    “Chris Grayling voiced his opinion to hugely influential Conservative party policy making group.”
    SO WHAT!!?? It was a PRIVATE consultation. That means it is not for public consumption. This Lardner bloke is an idiot and he publicly stated his opinion on his website, and he rightly should have the book thrown at him. One cannot be sacked for having an opinion, it is the voicing of that opinion that is at question.

    “The connection between HIV spread and age of consent does not exist in any shape or form.”
    You seem extremely confident in this bold and unwavering statement. Prove it.

  27. Patrick James is right, plus chris grayling should know as a politician that there’s no such thing as a view kept private as the media will report just about anything and everything

  28. Marc: I was not being coy, you were just being obtuse. I just hoped you were not referring to the BNP, because you didn’t come across as stupid as you obviously are.

    Political parties define their own code of conduct. For whatever people say, even the Tories will not accept such behaviour as racism or homophobia. See (#8) for my reasons why the first two did not do anything wrong here. However, Lardner was blatantly out of order using public anti-gay remarks liable to upset, and they duly and rightfully sacked him.

    As for the BNP, they want such things as forceful repatriation, but do not see themselves as racist, so whatever their people say that may be unacceptable to the rest of us, as long as they don’t beak any criminal laws, they can say what they like. It’s called “Freedom of Speech”. And as Patrick James dutifully pointed out, it applies to ALL of us.

    The reason I say your remark is stupid is because whatever you may think of the BNP, they have the democratic right to stand for election. Sacking or arresting people for stating their party’s policies is wrong and undemocratic. If you don’t like their way of doing things, simply don’t vote for them. These parties only exist because of the support of their voters. No votes: No party. Like I have said before, people love democracy only as long as it leans in their favour.

  29. Most worrying aspect of this is that the man is a primary school teacher.

  30. Yes, John F. And I have worked alongside teachers like this in schools and universities: good-looking, head-strong, loud-mouthed homophobes! And there they are in the classroom next door imparting their values into the minds of young kids from 9 till 3.30 five days a week! It’s frightening. I mean in just world we would pass legislation requiring every teacher to have to pass a rigorous examination whereby they absolutely prove that they have not a trace of homophobia in their heads! But unfortunately even in this advanced nation things are far from just . . . and our schools are full of Christian teachers who subtly impart homophobia to the kids out there.

    1. Eddy, you cannot produce children in a homosexual ‘relationship’. Why are you fascinated with them? I resent the extent to which homosexuality is taught as ‘okay’ to kids as young as 5. These kids should not be taught anything whatsoever about sex, let alone perverse pseudo-sex. Even Peter Tatchell admits homosexuality is learned behaviour. The teaching of homosexuality in schools is nothing but grooming.

  31. He’s got a point though. In any case, why do homosexuals have such a fascination with children, when they themselves cannot produce children, nor properly raise them? We also know that most paedophilic acts are homosexual in nature…

    Section 28 was inevitably a good thing, and most people don’t think homosexuality is normal, even if they do tolerate it. However, toleration will only go so far. I suggest the homosexual lobby quits whilst its ahead, otherwise people will become more angry.

  32. Ashley DICKENSON 1 Feb 2013, 6:08am

    Philip Gardner has a right to speak his mind both according to our tradition of free speech, also to defend Christian values.

    What homosexuals do in private they shall have to give account for when they come to face our Maker (as we all shall).

    Having an attraction for men, and for boys, is a passing phase, as I can testify. How can we prove it’s in the genes?

    ‘You shall not lie with a man as with a woman – it is an abomination’ (Leviticus Ch 18)
    ‘For this reason God gave them up to vile passions ..even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature .. likewise also the men burned in their lust for one another ..’ (Romans Ch 1)
    ‘Neither fornicators, idolaters, homosexuals, sodomites .. will inherit the kingdom of God .. such were some of you but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus (1 Corinthians Ch 6).

  33. Ashley DICKENSO 1 Feb 2013, 6:13am

    If Enoch Powell was wrong about immigration, pointing out that race equality legislation was detrimental to this nation’s identity, how comes we have witnessed resentment,race riots, etc.?

    I speak as one who has dark-skinned friends, who has been out with dark-skinned girls in my time and would do so again.

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