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General Election 2010

Peter Tatchell encourages Green voters to support Lib Dems in some seats

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Reader comments

  1. The Halcyon 27 Apr 2010, 5:34pm

    C’mon PN, this is a NON-story.

  2. Stuart Neyton 27 Apr 2010, 5:40pm

    Contesting elections is expensive, this could cost the Greens thousands of pounds if more deposits are lost than would otherwise be. Both the seats i’m registered in are safe labour seats, which the Lib Dems aren’t going to win but will certainly keep their deposits. So no, as much as I want the Lib Dems to do well and push through electoral reform, I won’t vote for them.

  3. Tatchell says don’t vote Green – works for me!

  4. Andrew Collingwood 27 Apr 2010, 6:14pm

    This is disappointing. The Lib Dems have nothing new to offer the electorate. They support the war in Afghanistan and will not scrap all nuclear weapons. According to the PN poll the Green Party is considered the most LGBT friendly.

  5. Its tactical voting. He is 100% correct, there is no way the Green party will ever reach a higher enough place in the UK government as it currently stands to make a proper “difference”. Voting reform is needed. In a few years the Green party might have a better chance if the Lib Dems have a proper say in its change NOW. Neither Labour or the Conservative would ever consider it as it means sharing power.

  6. All I can say is that those brain injuries must be more serious than we thought.

  7. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 7:18pm

    From the article:

    He told today that he was not a Lib Dem supporter but the party promises to change the “corrupt” voting system.

    I feel that Peter Tatchell is absolutely correct that we must prioritising changing the terrible voting system we have.

    Of the three major parties only the Conservative party is pledged to keep the current “First Past the Post” system.

    With either a Labour government or a Labour/Lib-dem coalition then a progress on electoral reform is very likely indeed.

    I think that if you live in a marginal constituency then for this objective it is best to vote Labour, if it will prevent a Conservative victory, or Lib Dem, if it will prevent a Conservative victory.

    Ironically, even if you support the Green party then you might damage the interests of the party by splitting the “pro electoral reform” vote by voting Green. To split the “pro electoral reform” vote means letting the Conservative party in and enabling them to block electoral reform until the next general election, thus destroying prospects for the Greens at that election.

  8. I second what Patrick James says above. And bravo once again, Peter Tatchell!

    We need to mobilise everybody to vote tactically, to ensure that the anti-gay church-loving rural Tories do NOT get back into power.

    Everybody, please look up your constituency on the internet and see how the parties fared in the last election. Work out which party in YOUR constituency is the greatest threat to the Tories and VOTE for that party regardless of what party it is, so that that party will win in your constituency and thus help reduce the overall number of Tory victories around the country.

    Pass this message on to everyone you know, gay or straight, who is fearful of the Tories getting back into power.

    The objective now must be to hinder the progress of the Tories. A coalition of LibDem and Labour will lead to reform of the corrupt electoral system that we currently have.

  9. Brain injuries – should we be listening to a person who appears to have gone gaga , but I agree with him, definitely vote lib dems…

  10. As Peter Tatchell says, changing the voting system for the better would be the biggest change since women were granted the right to vote on the same terms as men in 1928.

    This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to put the LibDems into a position where they can do it. It would mean that, in every future election, votes for parties such as the Greens would count in a way that currently they don’t under our present antiquated system. Miss the chance and next election we may be back to either Labour or Tories having an overwhelming majority which would mean business as usual.

    @Andrew Collingwood – sometimes you have to see the bigger picture rather than just focusing on gay issues for the next 4-5 years and anyway the LibDems are LGBT friendly too.

  11. Peter Tatchell 27 Apr 2010, 8:21pm

    I support the Green Party. It has got the best LGBT policies and the best policies for a fair and compassionate society – and world. But like most Greens, I put values and ideals before narrow party interest. The lack of a democratic and fair voting system is the single most important issue on 6 May. If we don’t have a representative parliament and a government with majority support, we don’t have democracy.

    The Conservatives and Labour oppose a fair voting system. The Greens and Lib Dems support fair votes.

    In order to secure a fair voting system, tactical voting for the Lib Dems may be justified in some seats. But not in the seats where the Greens are strong and have a good chance – Brighton Pavilion, Norwich South, Lewisham Deptford, Cambridge and Oxford East.

    In these seats, where the Greens have strong and growing support, I urge people to support the Green candidate.

    But, of course, you must make your own choice.

  12. If the Tories lose this election, I will be so happy!
    I’m convinced that he LibDems can really make a difference for this country. They might even manage to finally pass marriage equality!

  13. Thanks for your message, Peter.

    Please put your clever mind to how to get this message re. tactical voting OUT THERE, beyond the gay community.

    And it needs explaining too. It’s not complicated but we have to remember that a massive number of people don’t even know who their current MP is! And every election 1000s of polling forms are “spoiled” because voters go and put marks in the wrong places!

    So people have got to be told what to do: they’ve got to find out who won in their constituency in the last election, which party came second in their constituency, whether that second-comer has got any chance of getting in this time, and then decide who needs to win (and who COULD win) in order to keep the Tories out.

    For some people that’s quite a complicated process.

    The whole country needs a massive lesson in tactical voting.

  14. @ Eddy – we need Labour out. The most authoritarian and anti-civil-liberties government in modern times. Not to mention that it has the blood of hundreds of thousands on its hands from the illegal war in Iraq. I really fear for Britain if we end up with another five years of Gordon Brown and his goons. The country needs change.

    Vote LibDem to get a hung parliament which will prevent the Tories or Labour from doing their worst and hopefully we will get changes to the electoral system ensuring fairer elections from here on.

    The more votes the LibDems get the more of their policies they can implement one way or another.

  15. Mihangel apYrs 28 Apr 2010, 7:10am

    our 2 party system is at least 250 years old, and in the days when we just had whigs and tories it worked as well as it could.

    Now, of course, we have many more parties, each of which should have an influence. Unfortunately, fptp voting means that the vast majority of voters have NO representation in the system after the vote. I feel the only way to change this is to vote for the party that supports PR hat has the best chance of getting into a particular seat, usually Lib-Dem.

    Once we break the ancient mould, then we can vote for the other parties. ‘Nuff said, thank you PeterT

  16. This Green supporter would politely like to tell Peter T where he can stick his bizarre encouragement.

    Nick Clegg’s appalling arrogance and quite pitiful performances over the last few days has persuaded me that the Liberal Democrats deserve to come third and that the only tactical vote worth considering is one for Labour.

    I am pleasantly surprised at just how many of my friends seem to have been similarly turned off by Nick Clegg over the course of the weekend. The man has gotten way too big for his boots and needs bringing down a peg or two.

    A vote for the Liberal Democrats = a vote for David Cameron.

  17. GS, you can vote to keep Labour down if you want on account of the Iraq war. Right now we should be more concerned what’s going to happen to all of us RIGHT NOW in the UK . . . if the anti-gay nasty-party, aka The Tories, get back into power! So, my message to YOU, is vote to keep the Tories out.

    No, PaulSW, a vote for the LibDems is NOT a vote for Cameron. The philosophies of the LibDems and the Tories are completely different. If the LibDems were to form a coalition with the Tories they would moderate the Tories. If the LibDems were to form a coalition with Labour, that would be greatly to our advantage.

  18. If the LibDems were to form a coalition with the Tories they would moderate the Tories.

    Get real!

    If the LibDems were to form a coalition with Labour, that would be greatly to our advantage.

    To the advantage of the feeble-minded Liberal Democrats. No-one else.

    Anything other than a seriously neutered Liberal Democrat party coming third will be an absolute disaster for this country.

  19. What a traitor, typical, guess you’d expect nothing less from this one!

  20. Ordinary Gay Bloke 28 Apr 2010, 10:11am

    Imagine it’s a Saturday night, you’ve got some food and drinks in, and you’re having a party!

    Who would you LIKE to be there with you and your friends?

    Gordon Brown,


    David Cameron,


    Nick Clegg ?

    Who do you feel you could actually honestly relate to and chat with?

  21. Patrick James: “With either a Labour government or a Labour/Lib-dem coalition then a progress on electoral reform is very likely indeed.”

    Talking utter tosh again as usual. The Liberal Party, the SDP and the LibDems all demanded changes and proportional representation, and the only time

    any of them had the chance to change it was the LibLab pact and they totally bottled out. Labour will NEVER change the parliamentary system because it

    has too much to lose with the two-horse race with the Tories. Both Labour and Conservative know if the system went PR, neither would be able to demand

    the votes, or get the seats they currently get, so they would much rather fight one-and-a-bit parties than anything up to fifty. It’s totally in their

    interests to keep things just the way they are.

  22. So you’re all for voting LibDem then, Rob? Are ya dumping your previous allegiance to UKIP? Good man.

  23. Am I right in thinking the Green Party is telling us not to vote Green?

  24. Mike, no, the Green Party is not telling you to not vote Green.

    Peter Tatchell, who supports the Green Party, is telling you that if you support the Greens but your Green candidate doesn’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning in your constituency, then vote for whichever party is most likely to keep the Tories from winning in your constituency. You need to look up your constituency on the web and work out how you can vote to help stop the Tories winning in your constituency.

  25. This idiot must have known how this would look. He must have known it would damage the work from the Green Party. He must have known that the Greens will now loose voters esp gay voters who stupidly hang on his every word.

    I actually feel sorry for the Green Party. Peter Tatchell has single handedly damaged this party’s chances of a fair vote.

    With ‘friends’ like this who needs enemies?!

  26. Well said Peter. If only more people could see the broader picture. In my constituency, the Greens have no chance of winning but the Lib Dems stand a fair chance. Therefore a tactical vote makes sense. If only more people were to realise this it could make a huge difference. It is the only way to ensure a change to our archaic voting system of 1st past the post.

  27. @Eddy – I agree with you whole heartedly and well done Peter keep the message alive and spread it as far and wide as possible.

  28. @Squidgy: ‘What a traitor, typical, guess you’d expect nothing less from this one!’

    What the hell are you on about? Are you referring to Peter Tatchell? Why are you calling him a traitor?

    I love how the Tory supporters on this site never seem to contribute to a discussion – they just shout incomprehensible insults at people.

  29. Funny coz I love how some just always choose what they read without fully reading the threads then come back with utter crap – they just show off how much they lack intelligence.

  30. @ John who wrote “Right now we should be more concerned what’s going to happen to all of us RIGHT NOW in the UK . . . if the anti-gay nasty-party, aka The Tories, get back into power!”

    Nothing is going to ‘happen to all of us’. Those kind of New Labour scare tactics just won’t wash anymore. Times have moved on. You seem to be reliving the 1980’s or maybe even an earlier period. The way you talk anyone would think that Adolf Hitler was about to be elected.

    Like many people my main concerns are the economy and numerous other non-LGBT issues. For anyone who is unlucky enough to be an LGBT asylum seeker Labour is the nasty party.

  31. GS, if you’re not concerned about this election from the LGBT point of view, then why don’t you just f<ck off to a non-gay website? Why are you here on an LGBT website trying to convince the LGBTs here not to vote about what we're concerned with?

    Answer: You're working for the Tory Party in your own self-important little way, I guess.

  32. @ Pete – so anyone who doesn’t live in a little gay bubble where their gayness is THE most important issue in their life must be ‘working for the Tory Party’?

    You’re just another extreme gay fundamentalist. Intolerant of anyone who has views that differ from your own and you immediately resort to bullying and abusive language to try and drive the other person away and shut down the discussion.

    People like you are far worse than the Conservatives. Even worse than the 1980’s Tories. At least in those days debate and protest was ‘allowed’.

    How far would you go to silence someone who thinks differently to you?

  33. GS, this website is concerned with news of gays rights progress and gay rights infringements. Have you not noticed.

    Say sorry to Pete and be a good boy.

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