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Graham Norton the favourite to take over Jonathan Ross’ Radio 2 slot

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Reader comments

  1. So one puerile twat takes over from another.
    That’s all we need.

  2. Going from bad to worse then. Sounds like the BBC.

  3. can’t stand either of them

  4. Yes, there’s nothing as good for the ‘general’ population as continuing to stereotype gays. Yuck. One less BBC viewer here.

  5. Lucky lisp 27 Apr 2010, 5:43pm

    Ian Bower, I too loathe the gay stereotype being presented to the general population but doesn’t the blame lay more so with Graham Norton perpetuating it rather than the BBC. Sure they pay his wages but I can’t imagine them saying “what we need from you Graham is a bit more mincing”.

  6. always did hate the BBC for the drivel they put on telly, this just confirms it, their P***. No wonder people dot pay their TV license with crap like that on the telly, thank god for cable etc etc..

  7. opps made a bummer their…dont listen to radio 2 so dont give a toss about it sorry lol.

  8. purple_squirrel 25 May 2010, 3:17am

    Actually Lisp Graham says they have told him to camp it up or do really camp jokes, he said so on a docuentary called ‘the problem with gay men’ or some odd title like that.
    graham is awesome. I wasn’t a massive fan despite watching him for years until this series and suddenly I love him. I advise anyone who dislikes him to try again because perhaps it is just me but I think he has gotten brilliant suddenly. It saddens me that he would get bad comments (but doesn’t surprise me) and yet find me one show where the guests are in hysterics even half the time as they are on his show. This series has been on fire. The guests (and some big name ones) are having the times of their lives, more than I’ve seen on any show, and how can you not laugh when others are? I like that he cracks up on his show and enjoys it,
    You cannot deny that he is extremely quick witted. If you do that then you clearly are too annoyed at the camp to properly observe. of course some of this is scripted but he is most brilliant when quipping about the things which can’t have been planned. I never realised how quick he was before. I suddenly really love Graham as you can tell =] kinda sprung up on me.
    Even when he is doing something he knows is lame (a lot of the Over the Rainbow stuff) its like he is in on the joke, and he showed a caring side on the show too.

    That’s all. He has talent – this is evident by the way he cracks ppl up and thinks up witty things on the spot. Also something I forgot, he can handle any situation, seriously, he get put in awkward ones (ALW anyone?) yet always manages to look good.
    I know I’ve written a lot I felt I had to compensate for all the bad comments!

    I honestly never would have rated him higher than Ross before but in the space of a month or so is one of my faves =]

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