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General Election 2010

Comment: Labour is shunning gay Iraqis, asylum seekers

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Reader comments

  1. Lucky lisp 27 Apr 2010, 5:35pm

    Yes; Gay Iraqis, left-handed lesbians, ginger people, Eastern Europeans with lisps…..sorry…speech impediments…sorry….the orally afflicted….people who have a ‘K’ in their surname, graduates with 2:1s and below and commuters who use the Bakerloo line will all now need to be catered for in the latest Labour manifesto or else we ain’t gonna be happy.

  2. first answerer is a troll
    This report shows that Labour lies repeatedly unfortunately and that LBG people don’t matter

  3. Patrick James 27 Apr 2010, 7:06pm

    As a Labour guy I will say that I think this is a very important issue.

    At its heart is that the UK state and indeed pretty much all other states to my knowledge do not accept LGBT persecution to be on the same level as persecution over political views or race.

    It is my belief that LGBT persecution should have exactly the same status as the other persecutions I’ve mentioned.

    The “problem” that will be suggested by others is that if one country accepts asylum seekers on this basis then all those individuals will then flock to that country. I don’t see that as a problem myself and I would be delighted if the UK did this however it would be politically much easier if other countries adopted the same policy, such as the US and the other member states of the European Union.

    This is one of many reasons why we need effective progressive politicians representing the UK at the European Union so that we have the ability to advocate reform in these areas as well as in the UK itself.

  4. paul canning 27 Apr 2010, 7:20pm

    Patrick. Good points but the UK doesn’t even accept gay refugees registered through UNHCR. The US, Canada, Germany etc do. We don’t.

    I’d also say that all the evidence is that countries which do accept LGBT asylum claims, such as the Netherlands vis Iran and Afghanistan, without fuss and have consequently become thought of as good places for people to find sanctuary, have NOT received ‘floods’. This is a well-worn myth which is not born out by the facts.

  5. musclelad23 27 Apr 2010, 8:59pm

    Life in Iraq for gay people was far better – although not perfect, before we went ahead and invaded them. Now kidnappings, torture and murder are a very real and constant threat that they live under.

    This is our responsibility. They have every RIGHT to claim asylum here until the country we ruined and pillaged recovers. End of.

  6. Gays fleeing Irag make their way to Turkey, and exercise their right to asylum by applying to the UNHRC.

    Then, the UNHRC studies their file and decide where each asylum seeker should apply.

    The details and logistics of these struggles to survive and to live in peace and freedom do not make the headlines, and maybe that’s why we believe that gays refugees can flood a particular country “of choice”. It doesn’t happen that way at all.

    Thank you, Paul Canning.

    Ali Hili must travel:

  7. The UK Labour Party should hang there heads in shame…. Again!

  8. Interesting headline at an interesting time.

    Pink News claims to be non-partisan, and not supportive of any 1 party.

    This is an editorial piece about 1 week before the election on a gay news website entitled ‘Comment: Labour is shunning gay Iraqis, asylum seekers’

    The last comment piece about the Conservative Law and Justice Party was ‘Should David Cameron be given a chance’

    I have no doubt that gay asylum seekers are being let down by the system here. And the author makes very valid points.

    The timing of the piece however shows how biased Pink News is.

    Does the Guardian Group know they are in alliance with a Tory news site?

  9. So what your saying is, when it comes to Labour doing wrong we should just ignore it. When Labour are commiting gay people to their likely deaths we should just sweep it under the carpet?

    How Very typical. How Very Labour.

    What a disgusting attitude, so long as its not on your doorstep, eh SimonM n ‘chums’?

    Hypocrite much?

  10. you mean nu-Labour Squidgy plus I bet SimonM and others condemn this being done
    It could be pointed out how Tory it is to use pain, suffering and death to score points like you just did!

  11. Chester:-

    You could point that out but it smacks of desperation.

    Seriously, now when reality bites about something under Labours watch, the very party you all scream we Have to vote for coz we’re not allow to make up our own minds. The endless lists of why we Have to vote Labour. The Endless lists why we shouldn’t vote for anybody else. The endless lists of what anybody is if they don’t do as their told.

    Now Labour are proven to be doing wrong, Now you choose to want to start talking about scoring points.

    I suppose the ideal thing would have been if this story had just waited for an extra week and a bit. That way if the Tories did get in you could all sit there smug and blame them for this. But what if Labour do get back in, what then. Should this story have been ignored and just hiddened under some rock destined never to come out.

    Reality hurts.

    Again Hypocrite much?!

  12. smacks of reality actually since that is precisely what you did! I have been aware of nu-abour’s guilt over thise for ages which is why I can’t support nu-labour, this is a forum site so you are going to get opinions on stuff like why you should vote or not for parties anyway

  13. sendthemback 4 May 2010, 3:31am

    so they should shun Iraqi asylum seekers gay or not. This bloody country of ours is far too soft on ANY type of asylum seeket from which ever country they come from. Just because these ones are gay does not give them the right to come to our shores and expect us to help .All you pc brigade forget what the Iraqis are all about, i say ship them all back to Iraq and be done with it

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