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California Assembly approves amending ‘gay cure’ law

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Reader comments

  1. I feel really sorry for the poor murdered child and her grieving family, but what on earth has this to do with “deviant homosexuality”?
    It is incredible to think that after all this time and the knowledge that has been gained regarding the homosexual “condition” that this could happen – and in California of all places!

  2. Oh please… the only thing we have to do is to cure heterosexuality…

  3. Erroll Clements 27 Apr 2010, 3:50pm

    Sad sods, hope they know where to start since us boyz have been around since the year dot, it’s not as if we are anything new!

  4. I know the article was written poorly, but come on it wasn’t that bad.
    The little girl was killed in the 50’s which spawned the law which required the state to fund research in to deviant sexualities and the impact on child abuse. (All in the 50’s)

    What this article is reporting is that the court has unanimously (62-0) struck all reference to homosexuality from this old law so removing any requirement for the state to fund such research.

    From what I have read elsewhere no actual research was ongoing so the state was already in default of the law.

    At worst I would say, it took them long enough to get round to sorting this out, however it is encouraging that the vote was so unanimous despite the attempt of PFOX to spew their hate on the proceedings.
    This is a victory being reported, small one I know but a good thing none the less.

  5. I heard elsewhere there was one lonely vote against repealing this law…

  6. People take a long time to learn things and expecially politicians. It has taken them 60 years to correct a vile, evil law that has been so deep into humnan rights violations as to be beyond the imagination or belief. Full compensation must be given to all gays who were victims of that law.

  7. David in Indy 29 Apr 2010, 6:28am

    People are always thinking of California as a liberal state. And it isn’t. Not really. Sure, San Francisco is liberal, and to a lesser degree, Los Angeles. Try travelling to San Diego and see what happens. There are liberals living there, sure, but due to the military presence it is much more conservative than liberal. Once you leave San Francisco or Los Angeles, you’ll find California to be quite conservative – especially in the smaller cities and towns (Needles for example) and in the rural areas.

    That has been my experience with California. Been there and seen it first hand many times. :-\

    Still though, it is light years ahead of my home state (Indiana).

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