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Pope will still visit Britain after leak of ‘appalling’ Foreign Office memo

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Reader comments

  1. Shame!!

  2. Glad he is still coming, we can arrest the paedophile enabler for crimes against children.

    Somebody get a cell ready in the Hague.

  3. Let’s hope Labour aren’t still in or they’ll probably do it that the demonstrations are on a different route to this clown. Just so he doesn’t have to see it.

  4. “It’s absolutely despicable, these [ideas] are vile, they’re insulting, they are an embarrassment, and on behalf of I think the whole of the United Kingdom we’d want to apologise to his Holiness the Pope.”


    Personally I find the Pope’s hatred of gay people, women, and children far more despicable, vile, insulting, and embarrassing, than the memo which was released.

    F*** the Pope – the vile, Nazi, paedophile protector.

  5. What else do we have to do to make him cancel his trip ?

    Can’t he take the hint ?!

  6. Vincent Poffley 26 Apr 2010, 11:26am

    The thing is, we don’t NEED him to come over here to arrest him. A major part of the legal case being put together against Josef Ratzinger is that the Vatican is NOT a real sovereign state after all, mostly because it was founded unilaterally by Benito Mussolini in the 1920s and has no more international legal basis than any of his other legislative provisions. The Vatican is essentially just another part of Italian soil – and Italy is very much a member of the international community, with extradition treaties and obligations in cases of this sort.

  7. I made a comment which was censored by Pink News.

    Apologies – I should not have referred to Ratzinger as a ‘Nazi, paedophile protector’.

    That is inaccurate.

    A more accurate description would be ‘former Nazi, alleged paedophile protector’.

    I hope the civil servant who wrote the memo gets a massive promotion. He is obviously a person of great intelligence and wit.

  8. John(Derbyshire) 26 Apr 2010, 12:07pm

    I heard the Bishop of Chichester on the Today programme this morning saying that these comments were not acceptable as “free speech”-the line had been over stepped.

    Well-THATS RICH-coming from the Church of England after all they had said about “Free Speech” in relation to the Equality Bill.

    You don`t like it when RELIGION is on the receiving end of FREE SPEECH do you Bishop?? Yet-you are quick to DEFEND Free Speech in the House of Lords-when its directed against homosexuals??


  9. Graham Anderson 26 Apr 2010, 12:39pm

    I think there is a huge opportunity (fnaar, fnaar) for Durex to bring out commemorative “Benedicked” condoms to celebrate the visit.

  10. Gross…I’ll take a gross of those condoms!!

  11. So the government will ban a man from the country for condemning islam. But then they defend a man and welcome him with a state visit for condemning homosexuality. More proof the powers in the UK can get away with being anti gay and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

    If a man WERE allowed into the country that said about islam what nazinger has said about homosexuality, there would be mulsims with placards threatening him with his death.

    What will gay people do? Dress up in pink costumes, sing lady gaga songs and make twats of ourselves. And we wonder why we have no visible power or freedom.

    You get nothing in this heterosexual world for being nice and ‘gay’. History proves the only language that heterosexuals understand is fear and intimidation. It’s how the catholic church got power, its how the monarchy got power, its how islam got power, its how black people have got power, its how everyone who has power gets power. Fear and intimidation.

    Stupid queers think we’ve got freedom if we get equal marriage rights. I won’t be happy till there’s a gay prime minister or president. But then we know what the powers do to that – Pim Fortuyn.

  12. equal marriage rights is part of freedom, I hope he gets arrested when he lands, many Christians don’t see how their own set of loonies preach hate but they see it clearly from Islamic ones! The Scottish secretary says the ideas are disgusting etc but I bet he doesn’t condemn the Pope’s homophobia or various other evils like covering for pedos

  13. His brand of condoms would probably have pin-prick holes in them!

  14. John(Derbyshire) 26 Apr 2010, 1:31pm

    Too right Squidgy- LITTLE PRICK comes to mind!!

  15. marjangles 26 Apr 2010, 1:34pm

    I hope Jim Murphy loses his seat. How dare he presume to apologise for the whole of the country. I am not sorry, the Pope deserves to be mocked for his views which are largely out of step with the vast majority of people in this country and he certainly should not be immune from criticism no matter where that comes from. Seems gay people are open to criticism but not religious people.

  16. john sexton 26 Apr 2010, 1:41pm

    Damn and blast!! What do we have to do to stop this Bugger?

  17. who wrote this document? can we vote for him in the election? He is the only one in government that seems to know what the taxpayers want

  18. So any chance we could ask him to open a few abortion clinics whilst he is here?

  19. …or you could try the direct approach. I have sent this to and will report if I get a response:

    “I would like Mr Jim Murphy to confirm his comments – does Mr Murphy truly think homosexual weddings are “vile, insulting, they are an embarrasment” as reported in Pink News?

    “If Mr Murhpy does think homosexual weddings are vile, I must ask for his immediate resignation.

  20. Jim Murphy does not speak for the vast majority of people here in Scotland, especially on this subject.
    Jim Murphy is a nobody, he does nothing for the people of Scotland, hes a dreamer and blowhard.
    As for the situation with this Pope carry on, best way forward is he doesnt come to the Uk at all, its not as if hes really important or anything, just a vile little man who allows priests and the like to abuse and use young boys for sexual gratification.
    Maybe he should be arrested if he comes to this country, people like him think their untouchable. ban him from coming to the UK.

  21. I am from Brazil, South America, but now I am having an uncontrollable desire to go to UK to join the protesters against this hateful cult leader. Luckily I already have a passport.

  22. Mumbo Jumbo 26 Apr 2010, 6:42pm

    Comment #7 by SimonM

    “I made a comment which was censored by Pink News”

    Join the club. Religion is special, you see…….

  23. The Pope may be technically a head of state, and I suppose deserves the treatment awarded to any head of state, but he does not yet walk on water, raise people from the dead or any of those things. So why is he treated as if he does?

  24. Head of state my fudging tits.

  25. Where is the insult in that memo? Where is the mockery?

    I see only real-life issues that the Pope and his church should be answering to. Mockery, my ass.

  26. I distant myself from anyone who makes any apology about the memo. Regardless of whatever any senile idiot may think, it was a brainstorming and hence suggestions all of which I cannot see what is wrong with any.

    The pope should rather thank the people and see if he can use the opportunity to perform any of the suggestions so as to show he is human… I doubt he is and hence have nothing near any respect or regard for him and his ilk.

    As for all those who are really concerned at the state of things and how LGBT people are being ignored, well, would you come out to stand up? I will. Remember Bob Marley, “Stand up for your right”.

    If you will, then start getting ready. On Mr. Ratzinger’s arrival and through his stay, we can if nothing, stand up and show our disgust with placards and banners. Lets begin the plan now. Check my blog to get in touch… that’s if pinknews doesnt delete this.

    I dont say any hate or evil against anybody. I respect people’s religion or belief and continue to seek fairness and tolerance. On that note, my wish is that Mr. Ratzinger respect me for who I am and get same from me. But if he is preaching hate towards LGBT people, its no different then for us to say he is a danger to the progress of human and the world.

    Jesus would not have said the vile things he said… hence he is damned eternally to hell; I declare.

  27. “The Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon told the BBC: “I think it’s a lot worse that we invite someone into our country – a person like the Pope – and then he’s treated in this way.”

    “I think it’s appalling manners more than anything else.”

    I think its equally appalling and disgusting that this bigot gets to denigrate our lives, our orientation and equality as well as beyond bad manners. These religious nutters always play the victim when the tables are turned on them.

    Squidgy, if Cameron were PM, he wouldn’t be any different. He’d issue an apology, make no mistake about that, no different than Labour, both as bad as one another.

  28. Anthony Bermon 26 Apr 2010, 9:02pm

    I agree with Brido #20. Jim Murphy doesn’t speak for the people of Scotland, in fact, most of us can’t stand him. He’s represents a marginal constituency and I hope he loses it to the Conservatives, the only Conservative win I’ll be happy about! By the way, why was the Secretary of State for Scotland apologising on behalf of the people of the UK for a Foreign Office memo?

  29. Despite all the justified hilarity the fact is it was an official government document and, therefore, a terrible slap in the face for the Holy See. Officials on both sides must be be worried about the reception the Pope will get in UK. Only a few months ago a woman leaped over a barrier and grabbed him by the crozier.

    I don’t think he will come; he’ll feign some sort of illness at the last moment. He couldn’t show his face, not with the scandals growing bigger by the day; the bishop of Bruges resigned recently and the primate of all Ireland is also poised to resign sooner or later. OH THE SHAME OF IT ALL.

  30. Who is this muppet,scotish secretary chappie,Jim Murphy to apologise on my behalf?! I absolutely make no apology to ratzinger or vatican city for this document and it’s contents.I listened to Paul Ross on ‘THis Morning’,(yes,I was THAT bored),proclaiming how the contentes of the document might be seen as slighly amusing in some late night comedy club!WTF? Ross,me old mate,it IS damn amusing,hilariously amusing,and not just in some late night comedy venue.If ratzinger and his cronies don’t like it,STAY THE FECK AWAY!

  31. Get sewing boys and girls. Lots and lots of over-the-top Pope costumes, acres of glittery fabric and paste-jewels and a ridiculous mitre – preferably looking phallic!

    We need lots of gay Popes out there parading in the streets while Benny is here.

    And let’s start brainstorming good messages for boards to hold up as well.

    Let’s turn this September visit into a kind of “Papal Mardi Gras”!

  32. Of course he should come, so he can be told he’s not welcome!

    I am reminded of the old joke about the opposition to the last Pope’s visit to Scotland. The foul, homophobic anti-Catholic fringe sect called something like The Church of Zion in Glasgow, led by Pastor Jack Glass were gatehring with their banners saying “No Pope here” and Pastor Glass was giving it the rabble rousing sectarian rubbish about the Pope being the anti-Christ and how he was not welcome in Scoltnad when wee shuggie at the back pipes up “but whit if he disnae turn up?” to which Glass says “efter aw this work – he bloody better turn up”. Maybe you had to be there.

    I bet Special Branch will be watching Peter Tatchell.

  33. #21 Not a very safe place for Brazilians here in the UK. You could be murdered in cold blood by the police and they would get away with it.
    +++++++++++++++In memory of Jon Charles de Menzies.++++++++++++++++++++

  34. He’s already been told in no uncertain terms he is not welcome in Ireland. We would bring the IRA out of retirement and give them back their guns to deal with this Nazi brute if he dared to set foot on Irish soil. You completely misjudge the depth of anger there is here in Ireland for what the Catholic Church, for which so many Irish men and women died over the centuries, has done to this country and its children for probably 1500 years.
    Even the old people are seething with anger at the appalling way this Nazi pig has responded to the pain and grief evident in our country.
    Ireland will probably be the first European Western formerly xtian country to ban all religion, which will be ironic…. and about time too.
    On the Nazi thing, I wonder what he done when he was in the Hitler Yoof and if perhaps Nuremburg is still applicable. I think it is an insult to the dead of two world wars to have invited a self confessed Nazi to the UK. The war graves all over France and Belgium must be in turmoil as the dead spin in anger.
    So, besides the anti-gay thing, this brute has a lot more serious issues to answer for. I say take him out and shoot him as soon as he arrives.

  35. April Fool 27 Apr 2010, 1:13am

    What a bl*ody stupid thing to say, JonCK, in both 33 and 34. Grow up.

  36. “It’s absolutely despicable, these [ideas] are vile, they’re insulting, they are an embarrassment” …but the pope has the right to his own opinion.
    That was something along the lines of how I thought that paragraph would end when I first started reading it, I think it is disgusting these people apologising for the whole of the UK, for the fact that the apology was for some people suggesting that the pope might do some, far from evil stuff and the fact they thing this is vile in comparision to what he says about gay people (and whoever else the pope is ignorant about or don’t like).

  37. BrazilBoysBlog 27 Apr 2010, 3:03am

    I find it an incredible insult that the UK has issued a grovelling apology to this excuse of a man! Apart from all of the serious homophobic abuse he heaps on us, this man has been accused of covering up for pedo priests, and for praising others equally guilty of covering up abuse cases.. just to protect his precious church.

    ´Appalling manners´? well, they say the truth hurts!

    This man MUST be arrested. Just based on what we already know, and what has already been revealed, there is a serious case for him to answer.

  38. I love the public servant. Someone with guts and balls. Hope he is also Gay. To stand up to an institution like the church. We need more of it. The Pope is a nobody, just like all the world’s population. He might think he is somebody, but he isn’t. He also should never think he is above ridicule, contempt or anything. Your Government is wrong to apologise. If the truth hurts, so be it.

  39. As I read the article, I was struck by the Foreign Office’s reaction. I suppose at that level of government you have to pretend that world leaders are great folks and welcome in your country, no matter what their past and what they represent. I was glad to see I was not the only one who found it so hypocritical. Makes you wonder though…wonder what the Foreign Office would have done in 1933 if someone in their ranks had maligned poor Adolf as a racist, homophobic jew-hater?

  40. …’I wonder what he done when he was in the Hitler Yoof?’ They probably sat him and his brother in a corner with their Adolf and Eva dolls away from the other boys.

  41. JohnCK’s right though

  42. George Broadhead, PTT 27 Apr 2010, 9:47am

    The document is an hilarious and very welcome send-up of that evil fart in a frock. Thank goodness it was leaked and has received enormous publicity.

  43. #35 Whats wrong with what JonCK says in either post April.
    Far as i can see the first one is Fact and the second, as far as I know the abuse and coverup in Ireland has been horrendous. Don’t you ever read the papers?…… and the Sun doesn’t count as a paper!

  44. #35, who the fuk are you to tell someone else to grow up.
    problem is JonCK, most men on ere think dressing up in glitter fabric, stick on jewels and pink feather boas is gonna get a point across. well it is, that we’re stupid bitch queers they can continue to fuk over again and again. No wonder we don’t have any respect or equality.


    “The memo, which also called for the Pope to bless a homosexual marriage, was emailed around Whitehall by Steven Mulvain, a 23-year-old Oxford graduate who describes his sexual orientation on a social networking website as “gay”.”

    Seems the Torygraph got it before the Fag-Rags.
    A Gay Asian Muslim. That’s going to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

  46. Can’t we offend him some more to ensure that this disgusting creature does not set foot in England. Paedophile protector, bigot, sureoly he is not welcome in England.

  47. For an hilarious take on the scandal-ridden catholic church, see: – The Papenfuehrer & his corrupt college of cardinals is clearly the “gift that keeps on giving”.

  48. Rob-N, Noorani is clearly Asian but where is the info he is gay?

    Mulvain is described as gay, and unfortunately there isn’t a photo of him.

    I would LIKE Noorani to be gay, because he’s a stunner.

  49. It’s a pity that it’s too late for Steven Mulvain to run for parliament….

  50. This nazi pope guy really looks like the possesed girl from the movie ‘exorcist’.. lol the true evil is the pope himself

  51. Argos: I stand corrected. I guess I was speed-reading.
    Nevertheless, I wonder what Muslims would say if one of their elders was given the same treatment by a German?
    They would probably be burning flags within half a day.

  52. I guess you were reading CARELESSLY, Rob-N.

  53. “they don’t have any understanding of Catholism”…. what you mean they dont know that almost 5000 of RCC priests have been or are under investigation for paedophilia and that their bishops, cardinals and the pope himself continue to cover it all up. Yea right…

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