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God Hates Fags church will picket lesbian student’s graduation

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Reader comments

  1. Great news. They will be holding up a mirror for the homophobic parents and students to see their own shame.

  2. Sister Mary clarence 26 Apr 2010, 7:26pm

    A small point …

    “Thou shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind, it is abomination”

    As a lesbian I very much doubt she is.

  3. You should correct your headline. They will picket her graduation ceremony, not her prom.

  4. Sister Mary, you’re right;

    “God appears to be ambivalent towards lesbians” would be a more factually correct slogan but its not as catchy, y’know?

  5. And will they be holding up signs criticising all the staff and students who wear clothing made from mixed fibres? Or eat shellfish?

    No, thought not.

  6. I hate cruelty against dumb animals, but I think an exception in the case of this ‘church’ is okay. I know that in the eyes of some fundies I, and tons of people with me, will end up in hell and that’s fine with me if there’s a door-policy to keep the likes of them outside. There’s no need to remind people of that ‘fact’ and when you do, maybe you deserve to be shot for being a public nuisance.

  7. Don’t put words in god’s mouth. God is not the holder of prejudice, but the highest spiritual principle to abolish it.

    You should follow the example of a school in Limoilou in Quebec. The board declared Unanimously against homophobia. The Cégep Limoilou reaffirms its commitment not to tolerate any form of homophobia.

  8. Got to laugh at the people who want other people to follow the bible by the letter when the quote they use has nothing against being a lesbian. Not only don’t they read the bible (other ridiculous rules or Jesus’ teachings) but they don’t even read the quotes they use or maybe they don’t have the intelligent to understand them.

  9. @Sister Mary clarence much as I accept your wisdom on many matters – I cannot agree with your statement from the OLD Testament of the Bible as it has no relavance in today’s world except for those who would like to ‘live by the law’ (613 of them in the Old Testament)namely the said old Testament. The New Testament which is what most Christians live by exccept of course those who choose to ignore the real message of the New Testament. The Bibke does not mention the word lesbian and there are a number of lesbian stories in the Old Testment – Ruth and Naiome being one of them etc.
    The GHF ‘church’ is not a church but a militant organisation that is doing its best and indeed succeeding admirably in giving Chrisianity a bad name. The publicity they are getting can only be seen as a warning of where they are operating. The people in that ‘church’ are obviously not normal and must be pitied.

  10. Gregory Jones 27 Apr 2010, 2:15pm

    May i remind everyone the liviticus that sister mar clarence said is for jews only and that christians should not follow it, this is not a church, its a group of sadisitic people. For all americans i would like to remind you of the words on the Declaration of idependence “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” all men are creates equal

  11. If anyone is an insult to human beings its thev Westboro motley crew—but be assured very soon it will be them that suffers the counter protests–

  12. Could someone organise a counter-demonstration holding placards saying ‘God Is Deeply Embarrassed?

  13. Caroline Crozier 27 Apr 2010, 7:42pm

    I think the church is very backwards in it’s tinking

  14. As if the poor young woman hasn’t been through enough lately. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  15. If there is a god,and I aint convinced there is,then surely this group of sadistic xenophobes will be in for one HUGE shock come ‘judgement day’! It actually gives me a warm glow deep inside when I imagine the ‘wrath of god’ being unleashed on this pitiful excuses for humans!

  16. As an American, I find it embarrassing the rest of the world gets to see our fringe lunatics on such a regular basis. Not all of us are interested in legislating your bedroom habits, NASCAR, or acting as world police.

  17. noreenmaes 29 Apr 2010, 7:14pm

    you have got to be kidding me on this that wack job church came here and tried to protest briana denisons death they said she had it coming she was raped and murdered by a man that stole her out of a friends house and they where here for her funeral the whole comunity came out in force that little church group lasted about five mins we had every biker and mom there please parents dont let them do this it is nuts run them off like we did in reno nevada they protest arms forces also not in my city they will get run off any time they come please let constance graduate and move on she is a good girl and very brave if the economy was not so bad i would be there to case them off come on lets not let them play god with a child i am so over this group who cares what her sexual preference is parents stand up now!!!!

  18. I’d be right there with you noreenmaes, if I could.

  19. My Bible says Him without sin cast the first stone, also ALL have sinned and fell short of the glory of God.

  20. Westboro Baptist TOTALLY in bed with GLAAD.

    If those “Baptists” really hated gays so much, they would have camped themselves permanently on Castro Street in San Francisco for the last 18 years which would have cost a heck of a lot less money than the $200 grand they spend in travel each year trying to demonstrate how bad they think religious bigots look.
    Their goal is to shame and embarrass anyone who thinks the wrong thing. They’re shouting “Hey! This is how YOU GUYS look!”
    That is OBVIOUS.
    Funny how they want to protest a county that rejected a lesbian at their senior prom and yet these guys were nowhere to be found when Mayor Gavin Newsome legalized gay marriage in San Fran.
    Where were the “Baptist” gay-bashers THEN?
    They were at home collecting their paychecks from GLAAD. That’s where.
    They are a “church” but I have yet to hear a single correct Bible verse out of them.

  21. Any sex outside marrige is a sin according to the bible so it’s not just same sex relationships!
    Although I do believe we shouldn’t be judgeing anyone the only one who should be is God himself
    love all people how will anyone ever learn the love of God if we don’t show them it

  22. Stan James 26 Jun 2010, 4:53am

    Isn’t there someone who doesnt have a family, and is dying due to eg cancer, but still has reasonable strength left.

    Who will visit the crazy phelpsz with a flamethrower, and put an end to their misery in the most appropriate way.

    A picture of them going up in flames would be reproduces hundred of millions, if not billions of times. As a highpoint of western civilization.

  23. this is completely pathetic!! i’m so glad that the law in the UK has been amended over the last few years to combat situations like this – it isn’t perfect by any means but we do seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of america in that respect!!

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