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Foreign Office apologises for proposing Pope be given ‘Benedict’ condoms, conduct gay marriage & open abortion ward

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Reader comments

  1. According to Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon “I think it’s appalling manners more than anything else.”

    You have to laugh don’t you? We should show good manners to the Pope, who never stops making offensive and downright hateful statements about the LGBT community? Why? If he was a Jamaican reggae star Labour would probably block him from coming. I’m ready to take to the streets on this one if he comes anywhere near Manchester.

  2. Vincent Poffley 25 Apr 2010, 3:58pm

    This is fantastic! Just what the Vatican needs – a high-level diplomatic snub to show how we really think about their dangerous, anti-human, backward, immoral and thoroughly criminal activities.

    My opinion of Whitehall civil servants has just skyrocketed (which was a tricky thing to achieve, given that I’ve been madly in love with one for the last decade).

    The truly appalling thing is that there are people out there who regard this as anything but a well-deserved snub, and could capitulate so cravenly to a man and an organization responsible for untold death, discrimination, suffering and mental anguish in the world today.

  3. Vincent Poffley 25 Apr 2010, 4:02pm

    Also, on a point of fact, Richard Dawkins did not say he would attempt a citizens’ arrest of the pope – that was merely an exaggerated Times headline dreamed up by the pro-religious Murdochracy to portray him as crassly grandiloquent. In actual fact he merely supports the campaign, being put together by prominent British civil rights lawyers, to bring Joseph Ratzinger to justice.

  4. john, liverpool 25 Apr 2010, 4:04pm

    I think all this tip toeing around the “Establishment”, ie the Catholic Church, has got to stop. Good to see Whitehall has a sense of humour, and obviously has no respect for the Antichrist! Why the bloody hell should they? The Nazi should be so lucky that British taxpayers are footing his sodding bill, the cheeky bleeder! I hope and pray Richard Dawkins manages to pin this excuse for a human being to the floor, then who’ll be apologising when he’s sentenced for crimes against humanity!

  5. An apology for a memo which simply suggested what the Pope could have been expected to do, were it not for the fact that he is a hypocritical bigot? Charming!

  6. Bravo, Pink News, for whipping up that prototype design for a “Benedict Condom”!

    Now, what can you do to get a UK condom-manufacturer to actually make hundreds of thousands of these in time for September, so that we can distribute them wherever Benedict parades himself – as well as get them into the shops?

    Seriously! It’s worth doing. We can’t stop him coming here. All three party leaders have declared they welcome him here, so let’s turn him into a laughing stock. They can’t stop us doing that! And news of it would go right around the world.

    And this would probably be a real money-spinner for the condom-manufacturer.

    It will be more fun asking for a “Benny Dick” condom or “A Benedict” than just asking for a condom, won’t it.

    “Got a Benedict, luv?”

    “Slap a Benny on that Dick NOW!”

    Yep, we could really make a right DICK out of that Benny!

  7. So let me get this straight then? The govt has to listen to this bitter old man criticise our country’s equality laws, but apologises for a joke?! This doesn’t sound like diplomacy, it sounds like arse licking! If I were Foreign Secretary right now, this young junior minister may well have just won himself a promotion, and I’d be right on the phone cutting deals with Durex!

  8. Please go to the Durex website and leave a request for them to manufacture hundreds of thousands of Benedict condoms well before September!

    Let Durex know there’s enthusiasm and a demand for this condom!

    Here’s the form to fill in:

  9. I would never put a picture of the Pope on my penis. That would kill the moment! His picture would be more apt on a roll of toilet tissue!

  10. It brings a new meaning to “bashing the bishop” :)

  11. Wow they must have been complete geniuses to come up with that list extremly distasteful however the suggestion of a pope opening a clinic for the killing of the unborn, the civil servant in questions seems to have gotten off lightly

  12. aid … get a sense of humour, please.

  13. George Broadhead, PTT 25 Apr 2010, 6:44pm

    Judging from all the errors (“The Foreign Secretary has said that he is “appealed” by the incident, for example) this report must have been cobbled together in great haste but, in any case, the document is an hilarious and very welcome send-up of that evil fart in a frock. Thank goodness it was leaked and has received enormous publicity.

  14. This is irritating on a number of levels.

    1. It is a gift to the Vatican who can use it as a smokescreen and diversionary tactic for all their horrors that have been creeping out of the woodwork.
    2. The Vatican will play this for all it is worth.
    3. The person being reprimanded ought to be the sneak who leaked the document to the press.
    4. No session of ‘brainstorming’ activity will ever be safe again if people feel their wilder ideas will be leaked. It is common practice in these sorts of sessions to try and engender some fresh thinking. And before anybody tackles me about the word brainstorming and saying it does not respect people who suffer from epilepsy – lets agree to call it a ‘preliminary non-binding register of opinion’ !

    On the bright side the Telegraph are running a story saying the Vatican might cancel the visit – lets live in hope!!!

  15. What’s the ‘former’ Nazi coming here for anyway? Addressing the two houses of parliament indeed. Wouldn’t it suit him better if he addressed Dáil Éireann in the Republic of Ireland instead. Bloody cheek of the man.

  16. Well I stand corrected. I always said that the civil service were a po-faced bunch of humourless arse-lickers.

    It seems I was wrong.
    There’s one arse-licker with a sense of humour.

  17. melvin polatnick 25 Apr 2010, 8:42pm

    The council of cardinals has finally realized that commercial endorsements are more profitable than moral ones. Exchanging the red slippers worn by the Pope for NIKES will give the Vatican millions. Not only should the Pope hand out condoms he should have his photo on the packaging wearing one. It would do more for preventing abortions than all his sermons.

  18. “Not only should the Pope hand out condoms he should have his photo on the packaging wearing one.”

    The difficulty is they don’t make them that small.

  19. The Civil Servant concerned should be applauded for highlighting how out of touch the Catholic hierachy is with the 21st Century. In the real world the Catholic teachings are dangerous and need to be addressed. In the first instance the Catholic Church needs to ensure it gets its own house in order before reacting to some comments by a Civil Servant that happen to be true. I am angry that part of my tax will be generated towards the papal visit. As a Gay Community we really must stage some good protests when he arrives in The U.K and maybe invite him to The Gay Village in Manchester or even take him into a Gay Bar in order to show him that we are decent ordinary people.

  20. Respect is not something you win freely as a gift, it’s something you deserve by showing mutual respect for other people, and the Vatican still hasn’t learned this lesson. They still think with the medieval mentality that they don’t have to answer to anyone else in the world.
    But I liked the idea of the Pope singing a duet with the Queen. They could sing “Papa Don’t Preach” and “Like a Virgin” by Madonna.

  21. Timothy (TRiG) 25 Apr 2010, 10:56pm

    Has something gone wrong with the article? It breaks off in the middle of a sentence: “Last month, the gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell ” Peter Tatchell what?

    And then the entire next paragraph is a link, which suggests there’s an HTML error.


  22. Anthony Bermon 25 Apr 2010, 11:00pm

    While this was obviously a joke by the junior civil servants, it doesn’t say much for the catholic church if they are offended by these suggestions. How many vote hungry MPs and fame hungry celebrities would love to attend such events for the publicity?

  23. I know this is sick and wrong but the image just flashed through my head.

    The pope should do a porno with the queen.

  24. The fact is, it’s becoming more and more evident that a papal visit to the UK in September will threaten peace and order.

  25. [i]I know this is sick and wrong but the image just flashed through my head.

    The pope should do a porno with the queen.[/i]

    This is not that sick. What really is sick and wrong is how the Vatican keeps covering the cases of sexual abuses through the world and how they preach violence and hate. Old people having sex is a child’s TV program compared to the evil practices of the Catholic Church.

  26. I read now that the whole visit is ‘threatened by the dark forces in Britain’
    It is a put up job, the whole lot from start to finish.
    Ever since the worldwide child abuse scandal broke, with the force with which it has done, a way has been sought to cancel the visit with the least loss of face to the Pontiff and all concerned.
    And so in the corridors of power, they have come up with this nonsense.
    Oxbridge-educated civil servants pulling a stunt like this?
    I doubt it.
    More like, “How can the Queen possibly be seen to host this man with the bun-fight (or worse) that it will inevitably descend into, once Ratzinger steps on to British soil?”
    It would be tantamount to inviting Mugabe or Amin
    Ratzinger now has some of the sting removed and can play the injured party, albeit briefly.
    Some face saved all round.
    That is the exercise; not what, as usual, we are led by the nose to believe.


  27. If anything, he should now just stop in his own midden with the biggest brush he can find and sweep up until he pops his papal Pradas.

    And at 83, who would blame him?

    Let the next one sort it all out.


  28. Rick Ivanov 26 Apr 2010, 4:54am

    Why apologise? It’s so funny. I think he deserves it. Catholic church should be banned.

  29. Thought this was hilarious. It seems Catholics need to grow a sense of humour, though think thats unlikely.

    No doubt Laughing and having fun is a sin in some religious text somewhere.

  30. On this morning’s news: “The Labour government minister planning the Pope’s visit to the UK, Jim Murphy, has described as “vile” a Foreign Office document suggesting Britain should mark the occasion by asking him to open an abortion clinic, bless a gay marriage and launch a range of Benedict-branded condoms”.

    So much for Labour’s commitment to gay equality if a minister can describe the blessing of a gay marriage as ‘vile’.

  31. Yes, Thomas, out and out hypocrite – just like Ruth Kelly.

    There is speculation in the Irish press of the visit being cancelled by the Vatican.

    Senior papal aides are particularly outraged that the British Foreign Office does not consider the matter serious enough to warrant anyone being sacked.

    Just goes to show how out of touch these perverts are.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury must be jumping up and down for joy!

  32. This was reported in the mail and a priest reckons there’s dark forces about in britain!
    It’s pathetic that so many want to pander to the pope and other hate-preachers

  33. “Dark forces” indeed. He’s been watching too many Tom Hanks movies.

    The truth is the RC Church will never (ever) recover from the monumental and ongoing abuse scandals. Of course, it won’t bring the church down, but it will be forever handicapped it; the same way Germany still is by the Holocaust and France by capitulation during the WWII.

  34. Re above should read ‘handicapped by it’.

  35. What were the religious affiliations of the people who leaked this? Are there rosaries dangling over their computer screens?
    Is it all an attempt to embarrass the Foreign Office and put it on the back foot even before Benedict xvi arrives? And mute the torrent of outrage about the child abuse scandal to boot?
    But perhaps that is all too paranoid…..?

  36. Steven Mulvain was the Civil Servant and he is from South Sheilds Tyne & Wear according to the Telegraph today. I think he is a bloody hero!

    We need to get organisted and tell the Government who ever it is going to be, and the Catholics in the UK that we don’t want Ratznger here, we don’t appreciate the Catholic Church’s stance on Gay issues. We Dont Want the Visit.

  37. The pope invited to “bless a gay marriage”? Whoever wrote that memo obviously is ill-informed. The last time I checked, we gays are BANNED from marrying in the U.K. If the law has suddenly changed, where is it written?

  38. Bob, if the Pope swanned over here and declared he was going to bless a gay marriage then you can be your bottom dollar that from that moment gay marriage would be ours! Catholics priests would be doing gay marriages the next day and the government would simply deal with whatever legislation was needed to legalise it! You see, The Pope is the supreme moral authority in the universe! Didn’t you know? :-)

  39. ~15 He’s already been told in no uncertain terms he is not welcome in Ireland. We would bring the IRA out of retirement and give them back their guns to deal with this Nazi brute if he dared to set foot on Irish soil. You completely misjudge the depth of anger there is here in Irealnd for what the Catholic Church, for which so many Irish men and women died over the centuries, has done to this country and its children for probably 1500 years.
    Even the old people are seething with anger at the apalling way this Nazi pig has responded to the pain and grief evident in our country.
    Ireland will probably be the first European Western formerly xtian country to ban all religion, which will be ironic….and about time too.
    On the Nazi thing, i wonder what he done when he was in the Hitler Yoof and if perhaps Nuremburg is still applicable. I think it is an insult to the dead of two world wars to have invited a self confessed Nazi to the UK. The war graves all over France and Belgique must be in turmoil as the dead spin in anger.
    So, besides the anti-gay thing, this brute has a lot more serious issues to answer for. I say take hime out and shoot him as soon as he arrives.

  40. `johnCk – his fanclub claims he was forced to be a nazi and that he didn’t do anything bad, it doesn’t matter to them that people fled rather then being nazis

  41. Chester… there were almost 200 boys at his school and only eight of them joined the hitler youth…. what happened to the rest….. nothing ….they carried on their education. The RCC also during WW2 ignored what was going and to this day haven’t excommunicated Hitler, an RC til his death. And before the screaming nellies jump on me and point out that he is dead….. that isnt a bar from excommunication in the Roman catholic church.

  42. Ratzi the Nazi has to go……………

  43. And another thing…… I think it’s a disgrace that the Queen of the UK is going to be bowing and scraping to this evil nazi paedo protecting pig…. and that the taxpayers are going to have to fork out probably in excess of £30 million for this vile brutes visit, which he will use to castigate our government for our liberal and progressive mores. I hope Philip is on form and tells him a few home truths. His blunt pronouncements will now be welcome.

  44. Thanks Patrick – you’ve given an example of how his fans rewrite history for their own benefits!

  45. Chester sommit wrong with your link …if it was correct it would turn red……………?

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