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General Election 2010

Exclusive: Popularity of Conservatives among gay voters drops by 30% in 11 months while Lib Dems soar

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 25 Apr 2010, 11:55pm

    I’m sticking with the Greens, but the rise in Lib Dem support and sharp drop in Tory support is really good news.

    I just hope that voters in Brighton remember that the Greens are in a much stronger position there, and that the progressive LGBT isn’t split allowing a tory in.

  2. I suspect that is just a typical statistic across the population, not just gay people. Labour have majorly lost the plot, whilst the Tories have had 13 years to get their act together and this is the best they can come up with.

    I think there have been a lot of marginals and fence sitters that now do see a chink of hope of a third party finally breaking the stranglehold this country has suffered for way too long.

    Unfortunately, the LibDem’s are still daft enough to support the EU, so they still won’t get my vote.

  3. The Lib Dems support EU reform, whilst the most pro-EU party, they’re far from supporting the corrupt and undemocratic EU in its current form. Base this on action, the ALDE (the European group of Liberal Democrats) voted for reform of the EU budget and transparency of their parliament, this was blocked by Labour MEP’s in the Socialist grouping and the EPP. They also voted against the EU being allowed access without permission to the emails, texts, phone calls of citizens of member states. Their MEP’s have signed up to a campaign to scrap the Strasbourg Parliament (as in their manifesto) and against the EU Working Time Directive. The reason they support the idea, if we are in the centre of the EU and are a major force to change, is to tackle the problems of international crime, working abroad, dealing with asylum claims, environmental issues, the international scope of the banking markets that are interlinked.

    On gay issues, being the only Party to unanimously and consistently be in opposition to Section 28 even at its birth and fight against Labour and Tory politicians to adopt the EU Anti-Discrimination in the Workplace legislation (2002), and support transgender rights… good to see them heading the polls as the only party with progressive policies on LGBT rights at this point in time.

  4. Patrick James 26 Apr 2010, 12:38am

    I am delighted to see the drop in support by LGBT people for the Conservative party.

    The figures in the article are amazing.

    LGBT intending to vote Conservative:

    June 2009 – 39%
    Today – 9%

    This is a 77% drop!

    The is great news because it means that LGBT people are showing that they are not prepared to be conned by the Conservative party. Conned into believing that the Conservative party has changed with respect to LGBT issues as it claims when at the same time the Conservative party pursues a consistent and complete opposition to LGBT rights at Westminster and in the European parliament.

    They don’t seem to give a June 2009 figure for Labour in the article but they do mention that LGBT support for Labour today is 21% today. Obviously as a Labour guy I find that disappointing however I will say that I am delighted that the LGBT support for the Lib Dems is now 58%.

    So it would seem that the Lib Dems have done very well and imho they are absolutely deserving of this because they consistently support LGBT rights as well as having very good policies.

    It would seem that the LGBT community are supporting real and proven support for LGBT issue rather than the nasty and disgraceful dishonesty of the Conservative party.

    My biggest concern about people voting Lib Dem because of their good record and policies on LGBT issues is that today we have been hearing on the media Nick Clegg preparing the way for supporting the Conservative party at Westminster.

    If the Lib Dems support the Conservative party in power then I am pretty sure that all their good intentions for LGBT issues will effectively be abandoned as the Conservative party won’t want them.

    My suggestion for voting on LGBT issues is:

    If you live in a constituency where the most likely way to prevent Conservative victory is Lib Dem then vote Lib Dem.

    If you live in a constituency where the most likely way to prevent Conservative victory is Labour then vote Labour.

  5. Patrick James 26 Apr 2010, 12:46am

    Stuart Neyton

    I just hope that voters in Brighton remember that the Greens are in a much stronger position there, and that the progressive LGBT isn’t split allowing a tory in.

    I both Brighton constituencies the best way to prevent a Conservative party victory is to vote Labour.

    I wish we had a system of proportional representation so that people could more easily vote according to their conscience.

    I live in the Hove and Portslade constituency which neighbours the Brighton constituencies. In my constituency I will vote Labour because even though the Greens are very impressive, voting Green will let Conservative parliamentary candidates into parliament.

  6. Has Squidgy died?

    I haven’t heard from him lately.

    He hasn’t been gleefully posting the daily countdown ’til the election lately.

    Not that he’s been missed.

  7. Why would anybody vote for the Labour as they are the 3rd party candidate. If you want to keep the Tories out on May 6th vote for the only part with a chance of defeating the Tories vote Liberal Democrat.

    Voting Labour will split the liberal vote and put the Conservatives into power.

  8. Great news!!!

    @6: I think you mean Vulpex_Retch

    Vote Lib Dem…or Green!!

  9. Bet some of you are gutted Nick Clegg says he won’t back Labour but will the Tories if they get the highest proportion of the vote! Quite right too.


    I don’t count down. you do mean as above comment. Although I have stated I’m voting Tory I also reckon they won’t win outright.

  10. “Great news!!! @6: I think you mean Vulpex_Retch Vote Lib Dem…or Green!!”

    And his promised “Countdown to Victory”? Yeah, I miss that too :)

  11. strange how the only Tory stories mentioned in the article are the ‘positive’ ones, no mention of Grayling or Julian Lewis, or who the Tories have aligned themselves with in Europe.

    theres mention of support for the Lib Dems soaring, yet no mention or links to your own articles about the Lib Dems

    are Pink News still trying to put a positive spin on the Tories?

  12. Daryl_S_London 26 Apr 2010, 8:59am

    This obsession with your paper and the Conservatives goes on and on. You mention the decline in support especially amongst Pink News Readership and that is simply because the paper is so biased that a lot of people who do not share your very obvious political persuasions would not choose to read it. Virtually every time I pick up a copy I find that there is an article that just gets my back up and confirms that I could not become a regular reader. I’m openly Gay, very politically active and a lifelong Tory. You can’t alienate a huge group of people and then claim your newspaper is representative of the whole.

  13. After all the prejudice and discrimination from the conservatives, no self-respecting gay person should vote for them. In most constituencies, Labour and now Lib Dems are the only real options. And possibly Greens, in very very few of them.

  14. This obsession with your paper and the Conservatives goes on and on. You mention the decline in support especially amongst Pink News Readership and that is simply because the paper is so biased that a lot of people who do not share your very obvious political persuasions would not choose to read it. Virtually every time I pick up a copy I find that there is an article that just gets my back up and confirms that I could not become a regular reader. I’m openly Gay, very politically active and a lifelong Tory. You can’t alienate a huge group of people and then claim your newspaper is representative of the whole.
    Comment by Daryl_S_London — April 26, 2010 @ 8:59

    what version have you been reading?
    there was a week of constant Tory ‘positive’ articles on here, each one trailed before it was posted with an article about some ‘exclusive’ meeting with Cameron or Osborne, then the article, then a follow-up piece.

  15. poeticlicense 26 Apr 2010, 9:16am

    great news, but are any of the parties truly pro gay and transgender, most if not all advancements on LGBT rights issues came from the European Parliament not Westminster. Left to the former LGBT people would have made no advancement at all

  16. Tory/Conservatives: “The computer says NO”

  17. No self-respecting gay person would be so closed minded not to look at all the options and decided for themselves who to vote for without having to be subject of abuse for having their OWN train of thought.

    Voting Tory doesn’t make you less gay or self-hating. However choosing to use your brain for your own opinions does make you realise we are just as equal to choose our vote as anybody else.

    People should be free to decide for themselves even if we are gay. We don’t have to tow some gay ‘mafia’ line.

    As for this story, mmm, doesn’t it show the Tories doing badly but yet you still whinge because it’s reporting Tory? You are so used to bias state run TV you wouldn’t know independent reporting is it bit you on the ass!

  18. silly billy 26 Apr 2010, 10:00am

    There was a time not so long ago when the Tories were encouraging agent provocateurs to arrest gay men who were in known ‘cottages’ going about their lives in one of the only ways that was open to them at the time. They may have changed their rhetoric but be very warned that these people are not liberal in any sense of the word; just desperate for power and targetting anyone foolish enough to believe them. There are reasons they have been out in the cold for so long; amongst these being their attacks on (hard)working class people, their attacks on the NHS, the way that they reduced teachers and teaching to something that no-one respects. Their contempt for any person who was not one of their own aristocraticophile members. But be very warned. They are already talking about promoting the family, and they do not see the LBGT populus as “the family”. Cameron may wear designer woollen clothes but so have wolves notoriously in the past.

  19. Stuart Neyton 26 Apr 2010, 10:09am

    “I both Brighton constituencies the best way to prevent a Conservative party victory is to vote Labour.”

    That may be the case in Hove (and Kemptown also), but in the Pavilion constituency the Greens are the bookies’ favourite, with a 51% chance of winning. A poll in december there had the Greens on 35%, with the tories on 27%, Labour on 25% and the Lib Dems on 11%. Labour support in the area has collapsed and my fear is that the rise in Lib Dem support will end up splitting the progressive vote three ways.

    What has irritated me about this election is the way that personality is seen as more important as policy. Quite a few friends are telling me they’re voting Lib Dem because Nick Clegg is the best looking of the three main leaders. It’s frustrating trying to campaign locally in such a scenario.

  20. Mumbo Jumbo 26 Apr 2010, 10:58am

    In response to this poll, the latest Conservative Party election poster is designed with a nod and a wink to the gay voter:

  21. It is sort of hilarious that even on a website such as Pink News which is clearly and shamelessly biased towards the Tories, that their support has falled by 77%

    Chris Grayling, Julian Lewis and Callmedave’s absurd performance at the Gay Times interview shows the contempt with which the Tory Law and Justice Party holds the LGBT population.

    Take heed Pink News. Despite your blatant and embarrassing bias towards the Tories, less than 1 in 10 of your readers share your opinion.

    Don’t damage your credibility by being biased in favour of a party which hates you.

  22. silly billy 26 Apr 2010, 11:44am

    One of the most amazing things that came to pass for us during the last thirteen years of an admittedly sometimes hapless (and in the Blair years teetering so absolutely on the arrogant) government was that we were able to publicly and unashamedly admit that we were LBGT, through Civil Partnerships which really changed the way we were seen in the eyes of Joe Public. Gone is the fear of being outed; it is now perfectly respectable in the eyes of the law to have a life that is not heterosexual. But there are other things that the Labour party have done extremely well too, despite their obvious failings. I am hopeful still that the seeming Lib Dem pact with the Tories will not once again leave all of us to the vagaries of the ruling class. It is not so long ago that many of us lived in fear of our jobs and livelihood as well as the threat of violence that was the everyday existence of most of us in the LBGT. It was horrific and it was wholly backed by Tory lawmakers (section 28 being one example).

  23. I actually believe this poll, it makes sense, the lib dembs are the ost pro-active gay party if only they ad the chance to lead.. It would be a fitting reward to them for all the help they gave British civil partners living in France to help get the same rights as French same sex couples… Thanks Watson, Attwoll and Bowles and Lord Lester… If you can do this for us minority insignificant group then I’m sure you will do wonders for the majority of gays in theU

  24. Keith Bradley-Wilson 26 Apr 2010, 11:54am

    Tory – DON’T forget Section 28!!!

    Labour – DON’T forget laws designed to protect us which get conveniently ignored if B&B owners are “christian”

    Patrick @5, if you truely believe in proportional representation, the ONLY party that will INSIST on that is LibDem. Brown never wanted it, and Cameron has JUST announced he wants NO change to the system (now he’s ahead in the polls perhaps?)

  25. what a load of scaremongering rubbish Labour constantly welds out.

  26. This is the best news since ….well ever. I am so glad that young gay people are at last taking heed of us older and wiser folks.
    We, after all lived through the last homophobic tory power trip when mad maggie swung her handbag at all and sundry and destroyed British industry and handed the keys to the treasury to big business.
    Left 6 million on the dole and hundreds of thousands of home owners on the streets when they couldnt pay the 17.8% interest on their mortgages.Suicides among young men went through the roof after the enactment of section 28 and on and on. A bit rich of Callmedave to be talking about Big Society when his predecessor mad maggie opined there was no such thing as society just the individual.
    Lets hope this turns into a landslide and we get a coalition of the two caring parties with Nick or David Milliband as PM.

  27. Labour and their supporters talk about other parties dragging us back in some magical time machine then spew we should be fearful of change so basically saying we shouldn’t move forward and progress just say staying still but sinking fast.

  28. John(Derbyshire) 26 Apr 2010, 12:11pm

    Squidgy-the tories want to move us BACK-Back to the `50`s!! As usual they have NO PROGESSIVE policies-only the old party dogma. I was listening to that old catholic IDS on the radio this morning-and thinking to myself- vote Tory-get The Pope making the laws!

  29. Hold on to your hats. Against all expectations we are living in exceedingly interesting times, thank goodness.

  30. Back to the 50’s now is it… the decade seems to change by the minute. Don’t you see how ridiculous your scaremongering sounds? LOL

  31. #25 AND #27….If you really genuinely think the homophobic racist Law and Justice tories wil be progressive and move us forward, you really are almost as deluded as the religionists.

    I would love to know how old you are, as you sound like a deluded teenager who never lifts a (proper) newspaper or takes in any information about world affairs. Do YOU think “east Angular” is a foreign country too. If you are not then you must have been under a stone somewhere when Mad Maggie was in power, when she destroyed UK Ltd in favour of big Businees Corp. Wake up before its too late.

  32. A vote for Labour opens up the chance that Gordon Brown, that unelected, overestimated, overpromoted gang member of the Scottish Raj might actually stay in.

    As common sense will prevail in the country (especially England where the people only get one vote unlike ex Labour heartlands in Scotland and Wales) Gordon will be kicked most thoroughly up the backside and consigned to the dustbin of history as the worst Prime Monister in living memory.

    This Labour government will be remembered for illegal wars, millions sitting on welfare and doing nothing, the collapse of democracy, a bankrupt economy and the rise of the BNP. Good riddance, not long now!

  33. Patrick:-

    Couldn’t really give a toss what you think of me. We’ve done the age think before. I remember, it’s just I have a more open mind not the usual Labour supported scaremongered closed one.

    And Julian’s last paragraph actually spells out everything I think of Labour and why they should be removed!

    Put another way, you only seem to know how to be negative ignoring what a disaster Labour are now. You cannot see the positive of what could be because Labour don’t want you to see it. Sadly you seem happy to go along with that because you only know what you are told to feel and not used to having your own mind to how you feel.

    I’ve seen, I’ve researched, I’ve decided.

    Roll on May 6th, 2010 – My Vote.. Tory.

  34. what are the self-selecting polls? Explain Pinknews, pls. For eg PN write that
    “The Green Party have dropped from 10% in 2005 to 8% today, although a self-selecting poll for found support has risen to 16%.”

  35. The homophobic Tories are just waiting to roll us back to the times of their old prejudices. Some of their most senior members have been recently giving examples of their homophobic rhetoric. Their alliances are also homophobic. I’ve learned my lesson. The Tories are a homophobic party, and they won’t change. They haven’t managed to change in the last 40 years. If you’re young, I can tell you that thanks to Labour’s policies we gained much respectability, which can all be lost, if the Tory party gets in power. When they were in power, they treated gay people as less than dogs, and that’s still their way of thinking. They’ll try to get your vote, but they’ll never value you for what you are.

  36. Under the Tories, we will have to listen to their old homophobic dogma, rhetoric and consequent prejudice and discrimination. They’ve already started, and they’re only campaigning to get elected, imagine how it’ll be if they get in power. Under the guise of “religion” and “freedom of conscience/expression”, the Tories will manipulate legislation to protect your abusers and homophobic criminals, and will leave you, the victim, talking to the hands.

  37. The Tories hate gay people.

    Have a look at their shadow front bench for a scary look at unreconstructed bigotry:

    1. Shadow Home Secretray Chris Grayling – the man who believes that business owners be allowed to break the law when it comes to the provision of goods or services to gay customers

    2. Julian Lewis – the Shadow Defence Secretary who believes that the gay age of consent should be higher than the straight age of consent. He pretends this is because of increased HIV risk, even though countries like Germany, Netherlands, France and Belgium show that an equal age of consent does not lead to higher HIV infection or teenage pregnancy rates

    3. Iain Duncan Smith – the religious extremist who would be in charge of families. His plans to mend ‘brokun Brittun’ involve denying parental rights to non-biological gay parents.

    4. David Cameron – the would be PM – who says that his party would never enter an alliance with a group whose views he found ‘unacceptable’. Michal Kaminski from the Polish Law and Justice Party (the Tories’ ally in Europe) recently made the claim that gay men make up 1% of the population but account for 40% of paedophile crime. David Cameron does not view this statement as homophobic.

    LGBT people must realise that the Tories remain a bigotted, vile, hateful party.

    A vote for the Tories is a vote for homophobia.

  38. It is not really surprising. Anyone doing any real research instantly finds contradictions in the conservatives. Here in Exeter, our conservative candidate is not allowed to talk to the press because of the many, many contradictions.

    Just as an example our city council conservative group wants Exeter to be a unitary authority, while our county council conservative group are dead against it. Such obvious contradictions result from trying to be all things to all people!

    It is clear that the Pink News readership is making up its own mind, with a few eccentrics making a 7% stand for some obscure masochistic satisfaction by clinging to the conservatives I guess.

  39. Squidgy …Someone needs to take you by the shoulders and shake you til your teeth rattle. Rarely have i come across a more petulant blinkered person than you……Why do you bother with a site that is clearly by its posts, anti the Law and Justice racist homophobic tories. They aint gonna win and the sooner you relaise that the better. Will you still visit these pages may 7 when everyone will be jeering at you and how will you feel as a loser.

  40. silly billy 26 Apr 2010, 4:54pm

    Blimey. What is the Scottish Raj? And it would be impossible for Gordon Brown to become the worst PM in living memory whilst the memory of Margaret Thatcher lives on. Why else, if Labour was so disliked, (and have probably fought illegal wars and perhaps the rest of the unproven allegations made by Julian), would David Cameron find it so hard to become elected? It is hardly going to be a landslide victory is it? Unfortunately, there are too many of us around who remember exactly what it was like during the Thatcher (and thereafter Tory years) for them to suddenly try to appeal to middle Britain with this apparent attempt to look less than the nasty party they really are.

  41. Some people are so patronising on here

    “glad to see the young people are listening to us oldens”

    No the oldens are stuck in the past! I’m very greatful for what the labour party have done for gay rights in this country! However whilst doing that they have caused utter distruction in other ways!

    I may be being naieve but I don’t believe a Tory govt suddenly turning around all the laws and sending us all running back to the closet for safety is going to happen.

    You all quote members of the Tories making stupid comments and judging the whole of the party on this! If this is the case then all of Labour must be rascist after today’s news about the Cambridgeshire candidate saying that he wouldn’t let his kids marry a Muslim!

    One final thing as a gay man, gay issues are important to me but there are many other part of the manifesto’s that are just as of not more important and they will have a much stronger effect on how I will vote. Just for the record I’m still not sure who I’m gonna vote for ……. Apart from the fact it won’t be Labour!

  42. I’m not that old but the current recession seems nothing compared to one we had under the cons in the late 80s , early 90s , where interest rates rose to 15% to prop up the exchange rate, tumbling houses prices and negative equity for years, people losing jobs left right and centre. Are you really sure the cons will do a better job with the economy, we were constantly busting and booming. I’m not voting lab becuase of their total lack of support in getting us recognised but I’m not stupid, we wouldn’t have much gay rights under the tories, they won’t support EU changes or adopt them and we won’t move on in recognition of the CP in Europe and we wo’t get an further concession in th UK. Vote lib dems , give them a go, I sick of seeing the fugly Brown’s face, why on earth did they keep him on as leader, does anybody believe what he says..

  43. theotherone 26 Apr 2010, 7:31pm

    The Libs are Liberal – yea right! Anyone else notice how they (and Brown) Dodged a Queer question in the last Leaders Debate?

    The closer you get to power the more you ditch the Minorities – an age old rule that we’re seeing enacted again.

  44. theotherone 26 Apr 2010, 7:40pm

    Pat: the Tories look like they’ll win.

    Latest polls are 9 – 11% in their favour.

  45. A victory of the Tories will mean many years of slow regression, little by little, to a state of tolerance of homophobic behaviours. This has already happened before. If you’re old or if you’re new, if you’re taking things for granted, you’re going to need the state to protect your rights some day. Think about this moment, when you are making a choice. Choose those who have consistently denied your rights, and you know what to expect.

  46. the other one – being an absolute tiny minority of ex pat gays living in France it’s amazing what support we had from the lib dems MEPS (see work done in the EU, question asked etc) in getting the CP recognised in France as the equivalent of the French PACS – they didn’t ditch us , many others did afterall some of us can’t vote and no-one gives a sh*%t about us – they weren’t after votes – thanks lib dems

  47. theotherone 26 Apr 2010, 8:05pm

    I’m sorry Bobbet but homophobic behavior is tolerated now. The streets are dangerous these days.

    The economy is fvcked, no one has money and they’re taking it out on Minorities be it Immigrants, the disabled, women or Queers. Labour have done this and when we end up with BNP MPs in Parliament (it’s set to happen in Liverpool) then you can blame Labour to.

  48. theotherone 26 Apr 2010, 8:08pm

    Alan: I’m sure they did and they’ve got a good record but…well it looks like they’ll be the Official Opposition after the Election and they look like they don’t want to loose that position.

    Look at the last Leaders Debate and how Brown and Cleg forgot to mention Queers. The past of the Lib Dems means nothing now they’ve sensed power is within their grasp.

  49. @theotherone,
    If you think homophobic behavior is tolerated now, just ask the vast majority of gay people. Most will tell you, we’ve never had it so good.

  50. theotherone 26 Apr 2010, 9:11pm

    really? I had it a hell of allot better in the early and mid 90’s, I had it better before the Economy went tits up.

    The arrogance of people like yourselves is astounding.

  51. The economy went tits up all around the World. Unless you think the British government is the supreme commander and responsible for the World economy … You must recognise this is an economic crisis of wider proportions. When I’m talking about we’ve never had it so good, I’m talking abot Gay rights. Our freedoms to be who we are, without the added fear of prejudice and discrimination on top of an worldwide economic crisis.

  52. theotherone 26 Apr 2010, 9:23pm

    Ofcorse the mismanagement of this economy has no impact what so ever on how we weather the storm, ofcorse we’re not faring worse than other European countries, ofcorse we’re not faring worse than America.

    Labour have ruined our economy, allowed the rise of the Far Right (in the mistaken belief that it would impact on the Tory vote) and began reversing progress on Quer rights. We (or most of us who don’t post here) see the effects of this on the streets.

  53. Do your research people, and make sure you vote tactically.

    Which party in YOUR constituency is most likely to stop the Tories getting into power in YOUR constituency? That’s the party you should vote for. It is so important that we do all we can to stop the Tories getting back into power that we must forget which party we actually prefer.

    If you live in a constituency where the most likely way to prevent Tory victory is LibDem then vote LibDem.

    If you live in a constituency where the most likely way to prevent Tory victory is Labour then vote Labour.

    And so on.

    Pass the message on.

  54. @theotherme, The rise of the far right is happening in many countries. Britain is faring worse than some countries but is also faring much better than some others. The far right is rising for many reasons, the least of them because of Labour. The far right is rising because there is a confluence of factors, most of them to do with a reactionary answer to a liberalised western society. Many people want to see you going back into the closet.

  55. @8 & 10

    So glad you have missed me, but you have also completely missed the point, which for your benefit I will repeat.

    I want a conservative government and am working hard to secure that, however in the absence of which, an entirely satisfactory and pleasing consolation prize would be the complete humiliation of Liebour on May 6, which by my reckoning is more or less a dead certainty.

    If you can’t vote Tory, vote yellow, vote green, make sure you vote, but vote anything but for the worst prime minister in living history – only 10 days left now till Brown is toast!

  56. theotherone 26 Apr 2010, 10:56pm

    bobbet: the BNP is gaining support on the back of people’s concerns over Immigration. Labour introduced an Open Door policy as soon as it got elected to p1ss off the Tories. As a result of Labour’s politicisation of Immigration the BNP have gained support therefore the rise of the BNP is due to Labour.

    Rex: the bookies still won’t give you much money back if you put down cash on a Tory Majority. The odds at Ladbrokes are still with a Tory Majority or a workable Minority Tory Government and there’s still another Election campaign and the midweek polls (the weekend ones always, strangely, give a lower vote for the Tories) and the results of Cleg’s ‘I’ll shore up Labour even if the come 3rd place’ pronouncements. Watch this space Rex, watch this space.

  57. Mumbo Jumbo 26 Apr 2010, 11:06pm

    Comment #56 by vaginal_leaks

    “So glad you have missed me”

    A patient can miss a genital wart. Sadly, it will always come back.

  58. This is notn good news. Cameron has been lynched.

    Cameron wants gay rights taught in schools.

    Cameron had a speech saying u.s should get rid of don’t ask don’t tell.

    Cameron wants to change laws on bullying.

    Cameron wants to erase past homophobic laws that punished gays criminally. Labour hasn’t done this.

    Tories have the most gay candidates and mp’s standing in marginals and could have 20 gay mp’s.

    Nic Hebert who is gay will be the home secretary and cameron said he would be sent to poland.

    Cameron doesn’t have control over what happens in the EU.

    Cameron is the most gay friendly leader. He picked candidates who are socially liberal and gay friendly.

    And what does he get for this. He gets lynched as some nasty figure.

    Cameron is socially liberal and would have been a great friend to gay rights.

  59. I cant speak for your politics, but I am thrilled that gay support for conservatives is dropping and going over to liberal / progressive politicians.

    The last thing the world needs is gay people, who still in some areas suffer from religious hatred and ignorance, supporting conservative parties. Which in America mean people in our Republican party. Whose base is the bible thumpers of the old slave holding south, now using gays as a new victim to hate, to sell their brand of anything but christian love.

  60. Patrick:-

    “Will you still visit these pages may 7 when everyone will be jeering at you and how will you feel as a loser.”

    Typical Labour tactics.

    Of course I will still be coming here come May 7th. What a ridiculous thing to say. Someone has to win and if it isn’t who I voted for so what. As for your ‘jeering and feeling like a loser’ comment that would be typical Labour never able to do anything gracefully. Why wouldn’t I still come a write here? A truly puzzling and I have to say an, immature, attitude. What will be will be.

    If Labour get in, so what, that’s what an Election is about.

    Elections are about people’s own choose. This is mine, nobody elses. It doesn’t make me ‘less gay’ or self-hatred’ it just means my priorities are different to yours.

    Maybe the question should be if your such a fragile flower, will you still come here if the Tories do win come May 7th. Unlike you I won’t be ‘jeering’ or making You feel like a loser. It’s hard to say what the outcome will be but unlike you I don’t feel the need to gloat, its very unbecoming but it is Very Labour.

    Maybe you should learn some self-respect for yourself before making cheap somewhat questionable comments.

  61. Also Patrick, the reason I come here is because it is a site that has gay news aimed at gay people and whoever else wants to read. It is Not a Labour/socialist website full of threads that just have people saying “yes, yes, I agree” like robots to everything with only a one sided view.

    Bloody ‘ell, How boring and pointless would that be.

  62. silly billy 27 Apr 2010, 9:51am

    You might find, after the election, and if the Tories get in, that there is a real meaning to the “con” in conservative as far as the duplicitous Cameron is concerned. He’s failed this badly to make headway that the old guard will be lynching him internally, and regardless of how sincere he may eventually be proven to be (why do I doubt; what is it about the Tories’ past that tells me they are dangerous to us, to ordinary people, to people with any sort of disability, to art, to literature, to people being able to even think about alternative lifestyles or politics?) he will be powerless in his own party. And yes it was great in the nineties when we could all throw money around. It was completely dreadful in the eighties when only a few could do that (I can’t imagine which party they supported) and most people lived in fear of losing their homes due to no legal status and mortgage rates being so high, and their jobs due to vicious cuts whilst the bankers were enjoying the first throes of deregulation, and their health due to extended working hours by the likes of newly set up agencies to perform jobs that were already being done but this time the jobs were making money for the private sector that we all are still paying well over the odds for, and their sanity due to all of the above.
    Elections are about deciding between the small choice of apples that is available; looking to see how best, within the limited structure of availability, one can assure oneself that the parties will manage the future of the country taking account of the way in which they will meet the needs of the people living here. It is hard to know what Cameron’s “future” is as there is so little policy (plenty of associating with right-wing religious and other nutters though), and the same goes for Clegg. They both seem, at best, vacuous; and concerned with making the voters like them. Ultimately they will be making laws within parliament which can free or restrict people. Given Cameron’s background and his party’s history we are looking at restriction. With Clegg, who knows? I know that the Labour party for all its ills has really made a difference and freed many of us.

  63. No 59: Jason: you say: “And what does he get for this. He gets lynched as some nasty figure. Cameron is socially liberal and would have been a great friend to gay rights.”

    – David Cameron voted to keep Section 29
    – David Cameron was opposed to gay people adopting
    – David Cameron did not sack the BNP-style shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling in whose tiny, vicious bigotted little mind it is acceptable for businesses to discrminate against gay peopke
    – David Cameron wants to see a massive increased in STATE funding to homophobic religious schools
    – David Cameron wants religious organisations not to be covered under equality legislation.

    David Cameron makes all the right noises about equality. But it’s empty noise.

    Why is there so much homophobic scum in his front bench – Chris Grayling, Julian Lewis, Iain Duncan Smith.

    A vote for the Tories is a vote for homophobia.

  64. Section 28 is what I meant to type obviously.

    David Cameron voted to keep it. In fact he has an utterly appalling record when it comes to voting on LGBT issues.

    Which calls into question his commitment to LGBT rights.

    Considering his abysmal voting record on LGBT rights why should be believe that the leader of a party as revoltingly homophobic as the Tories give a toss about us.

    Actions speak louder than words. And David Cameron sees no problem with having a Shadow Home Secretary who thinks people be allowed to break the law to deny commercial goods and services to gay people.

  65. And if your crystal ball turns out to be right (I doubt it though) I’ll vote differently next time. By which time the economy should be on the up again.

  66. Pink News …Why cant we comment on the Alex salmand story…..?????????

  67. #33 Once again Squidgy doesn’t read the post before attacking the poster. nowhere did i say what i thought of you squiffy. I asked you several questions which you ignored and by doing so answered most of those same questions…..thank you for that.

  68. #59 “Nic Hebert who is gay will be home secetary” …. eh? what election are you following?

  69. Here’s what Call-Me-Dave and his lot have done:

    In 1999 William Hague sacked Conservative frontbencher Shaun Woodward for refusing to back the party’s stance that Section 28 should not be repealed. (Remember that the Tory’s Section 28 of 1989 effectively gagged any employee of a school from giving any impression to students that homosexuality was OK.)

    In 2000 while David Cameron was campaigning for the seat of Witney he wrote a letter in The Telegraph attacking Shaun Woodward for his pro-gay stance. He also attacked Tony Blair too for his being pro-gay rights. These are Call-Me-Dave’s actual words from that time: “The Blair government continues to be obsessed with their fringe agenda, including deeply unpopular moves like repealing Section 28 and allowing the promotion of homosexuality in schools. . . Blair has moved heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in schools”. Do you really believe that the leopard has completely changed his spots simply because he now needs our votes and is saying, “Trust me!”?

    In 2003 David Cameron MP fought against and voted against the Labour Government’s repeal of Section 28 in the House of Commons.

    By 2005 Say-Anything-Dave has done a complete turnabout and he tells the BBC he’s delighted Section 28 has been abolished! He told a BBC journalist: “At the end of the day, one section of our community did feel discriminated against by Section 28, and so I’m glad on that basis that it’s gone”

    In 2008 Cameron voted against a law making it easier for lesbian couples to have IVF treatment. He says that this issue goes to the heart of his message that Britain’s society is broken. Are we now to believe, just two years later in 2010, that Cameron no longer believes that “Britain’s society is broken” and that we LGBTs are not to blame for it?

    In 2009 Call-Me-Dave decides to appear at a gay pride event and say sorry to us for the ban on anything that might be construed as a positive view of homosexuality in schools. He said “Yes, we may have sometimes been slow and, yes, we may have made mistakes, including Section 28, but the change has happened”. It was an apology but there was little real remorse in it. Was it not just a clever preparation for wooing us for our votes in 2010?

    Having delivered this “I’m weally weally sorry”, just two months later in 2009 Tory MEPs refused to go along with a cross-party European Parliament vote to condemn a homophobic law that had been passed in Lithuania!

    Then earlier this year, in 2010, in his interview with Attitude, Call-Me-Dave criticised the Church of England over its attitudes to homosexuality and called upon the Church to accept equal rights for gays.

    But a little later, in April 2010, Call-Me-Dave’s Shadow Home Secretary Christopher Grayling is revealed by The Observer newspaper as having said that he feels sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn gay, lesbian, or transgender people away – despite it being against the law to do so. Cameron fails to discipline his colleague and a few days later yet another Tory candidate, Andrew Bridgen, says much the same thing as Christopher Grayling said. Cameron similarly fails to discipline Bridgen. Both Grayling and Bridgen continue as Tory candidates in the election despite having shown support for the “right” of businesses to turn gays, lesbians, and trans people away.

    On April 10th 2010, Call-Me-Dave sought to woo gay and lesbian voters in an article written for PinkNews. He said that if they were in Civil Partnerships they would be eligible for the £3 a week he was promising to married heterosexuals (provided they are on a low wage). He also promised the possibility of “a clean slate” to anyone who had a “gay-sex offence” on their records. The only other thing he offered in his article was the sentiment that he was “heart and soul” behind gay rights and that LGBTs should simply trust him! However, Call-Me-Dave’s record since he ditched his seven-year position as Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications (a major media company) to “find a seat” in politics does not inspire confidence.

    On 13th April, the Tories published their manifesto. It was completely and alarmingly without specific plans to progress and preserve rights for LGBTs. Throughout this very long and very carefully prepared document there is not a single section of any length devoted to how the Tories will assist the LGBT minority.

    On 14th April, Christopher Grayling, the man the Tories would have as their Home Secretary, sought to reverse the damage he had done to the Tories as a result of being secretly recorded as saying that he feels sympathy for those businesses who wish to turn same-sex couples away. He went on Channel 4 and said that “I don’t think that people who are gay should be turned away”.

    And so the Nasty Party, the party of the right-wing establishment, continue their back-and-forwards dance on LGBT matters, completely without any core dedication to protecting the LGBT minority in a country where The Observer poll of October 2008 showed that 25% of Britons believe that homosexuality should be re-criminalised, and that the remaining 75% range upon a spectrum, from toleration of homosexuals as second-class citizens through to complete acceptance with dignity and respect.

  70. Patrick:-

    “Once again Squidgy doesn’t read the post before attacking the poster. nowhere did i say what i thought of you squiffy”

    Patrick’s comment from (31)I quote:-

    “you sound like a deluded teenager ”

    I also didn’t attack you I was responding to your comment.


    “I asked you several questions which you ignored”

    Where, you fail to put question marks so hard to tell if you asking questions or just doing your usual bitchy comment routine. The bitchy comments that may have been a questions I answered in comments (61) and (62) so I fail to see at what point you’ll stop making false accusations when it is clearly you that doesn’t read.

    Telling people they need, and I quote:-

    “to take you by the shoulders and shake you til your teeth rattle”

    Seriously? Just because someone has a different opinion to yours.

    You seem to make comments for the sake of it, they have no point, no meaning and certainly no contribution to any debate.

    Never mind, no doubt your doing the best you can all things considered, it’s probably not your fault.

  71. As for Alex Salmon, another over-inflated ego that seems to be filled so much with his own self importance that I’m sure Disney may find it worthy of an animated film fantasy.

  72. Vote for a party whose core voters are essentially homophobic, and you know what to expect. If they get in power, you’ll not only be denied a share of the wealth, but also your dignity.

  73. Colonel Fartington-Buttershank 27 Apr 2010, 12:31pm

    I’m a Tory MP and I would like to say that I love all you gayboys and lezzes. My wife Miriam has her poodles clippered by a homo and she says he’s a “scream”. I’ve even had him arrested for hanging round toilets on several occasions and he’s shown no hard feelings.

    Fraid I don’t know any others, though I suspect the guy who gives me a hand job at my club every week might be one. So vote for us. Why would you want to stay at a bed and breakfast anyway? Don’t you all go off on some big cruise ship and give each other sexual diseases while wearing leather straps? I don’t care what you queers get up to as long as you never talk about it and Know Your Place.

    Oh, and stay away from children you perverts. I have nothing against gays but I don’t want them teaching children.

    That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative Party.

  74. #71 fuks sake squidgy, what r u an english teacher now. Youve still not explained why you and other pro tory voters still cant accept their party of choice is homophobic when all the evidence is clear. Maybe you can explain how u live with yourself when u vote for a party that has clearly shown they think you are not as worthy as a heterosexual?
    A gay man voting tory would be like a black man voting BNP. It’s just weird. If a BNP politician said that ‘black couples should be barred from B+B’s, or black people shouldn’t have an equal age of consent, or that black people spread HIV’, and then a black person went and voted BNP, dont you think that would be weird and masochistic. Squidgy, you go on about how you are thinking, your mind is open. Really? u need a reality check mate. the tories are homophobic – FACT. you vote tory – FACT. you are voting for a homophobic party – FACT. u are voting for a homophobic party, get over it, and stop trying to tell anyone your homophobic party are not homophobic – they are.
    Any gay man who votes tory suffers from stockholm syndrome.

  75. LGBT rights are an important difference between the parties but nail everything down now because if they get back into Government the Tories will continue where they left off – privatising public services and selling them to their friends.

    When Cameron talks about cutting corporation tax people’s blood boils: the media and politicians fail to accept how hated the banking industry is in the UK.

    And Nick Clegg’s sudden popularity has been created by the media – which hates Brown – even though he has performed well in both debates – and was to distract attention from David Cameron’s appalling performance in the first one.

    These articles are excellent and show Cameron up for who and what his party stands for: savage cuts and redistribution of wealth to the rich:

  76. the other one – yes lib dems did support us as a tiny minority of gays living in France, my concern is the lack of support from the UK government toward us then and the lack of questions and initiatives taken by the lab MEPs in Europe. Even Hannan and Chichester (both Tory) supported us and asked pretty good questions to the EU commissioner, it’s hard to vote for lab for us at least when we did see any real initiative from them as the government. I’m not for Tories,I really don’t think there will be much progress under them but honestly I would only vote lab under etreme reluctance for their treatment to us …. if lib dems didn’t have a chance or possibly the greens then I would’nt bother voting /////

  77. theotherone 27 Apr 2010, 2:11pm

    My point is that the Libs have given up on us because it might alienate some of their ‘new’ supporters (the polls show a gradual eroding of this vote and the fact that half them are undecided and half won’t bother voting) while they know we’re so pathetically grateful we’ll keep voting for them regardless of their silence on Queer Issues.

    Yes the Libs have done great things but you can say goodbye to their commitment now, mainstream success calls.

    James: you manage to confute the issue of Corporation Tax (crippling to manny businesses) and The Banks. Labour have a strong link to the debacle in both – they put up Corporation Tax and they deregulated the banks. A failure on both counts then.

  78. Jay 6pac:-

    Sweetie you stay in the past if you want to. I accept Cameron is trying to change his party for the sake of the economy I am willing to give him my vote.

    If he doesn’t live up to his word then fine I’ll be probably voting for someone anyway next time, probably back to the Lib Dem. At least then in 4-5 years time I’ll feel right to do so as I expect we’ll see a better economy.

    You clearly have your crystal ball that lets you see into the future so your willing to stay stuck back beyonder. I believe Cameron will do his best and has already stated that we won’t loose gay rights so thats all I need to think for me it’s about economy and immigration.

    I know thats difficult for you to understand. Personally I celebrate the fact that I can use my Equal Freedoms of thought, speech and expression to make my decisions and to be equal.

    Unlike you and your ‘chums’ I don’t feel being gay entitles me to be treated better and more special that everyone else. Just being Equal suit me

    ta ta!!

  79. SimonM: “The Tories hate gay people.”
    I doubt that, but even if it were true, WHO GIVES A FLYING FVCK!!??”
    I would rather have a party that doesn’t give a damn about gays, but gets this country sorted out that a bunch of PC lefty toady’s that will kowtow to minorities, and then utterly wreck the country once you morons have voted them in.

    People need to get their damn priorities sorted; Not everyone likes gays. No amount of moaning, legislation or queenie strops is going to prevent that fact. Live with it! This country is in the worst economic situation since WWII and you lot still witter on like a bunch of kids about name-calling and trivial minutiae.
    No wonder no fvcker wants to deal with you bunch of selfish cretins.

  80. Any gay person who doesn’t realise we’re still not equal is deluded. And if one feels somehow equal today it’s mostly thanks to Labour policies, with their constant support for LGBT rights, they changed legislation to take us from the bottom and into the mainstream. They listened to us, and they followed up our requests for equality, almost to the letter, and they fought the resisting homophobic Tories all the way. But still, after all the progress we’ve achieved with the help of Labour, there are still many things we need to do. Homophobia can be contained, and Labour helped us to do this work. Anyone who thinks the Tories can be just a political experiment, is leaving our hard-fought progress unprotected and in jeopardy. To think “if things go wrong” we can change back again in 4/5 years time, is a delusion. Once bigotry takes the upper-hand in the political arena, it’ll take at least another generation to correct the damage. Our communities are still the ones fighting an uphill battle, not the opposite. If we don’t watch our back, we are the ones who’ll lose most. There are still plenty of things to achieve and to protect. Under the Tories, there’s only one way for us. Their harbouring of homophobic elements will erode our protections, and will make our dreams of equality a more distant reality.

  81. Bobbet:-

    Nothing but pure fantasy and spectulation. You must be someone whose scared to go out each day Just in case anything nasty happens. For that you have my sympathies but get real. We won’t loose any gay rights. You bleats on, blah blah blah your hysterical scaremongering. Thankfully I neither scare easily nor buckle under pathetic emotional blackmail.

    And for you information I’ve suffered more homophobia under Labour than I Ever did under the Tories. Is a fact that homophobia is much worse now.

    Stop with you over emotional drivel. Stay in the yesteryear if you want to but my vote is for the 2010 Election not for the all-God-fear days of yesteryear.

    Unlike the others Dave Cameron deserves the chance to get this country out of the serious mess Labour have left us in.

  82. Squiffy

    Your bad grammar, spelling and punctuation make you look a sandwich or two short of a picnic. Your thoughts, as expressed, confirm the impression.

    Bobbet pretty much tells it as it is.

  83. Bobbet: I would have thought you would have noticed by the way your cretinous Labour party managed to prduce a new law for every day they have been in power, that it is much easier to instigate legislation than it is to remove it. The laws we have in place now are highly unlikely ever to be revoked unless there was a specific reason to do so, and that would require an all party vote. Government’s have better things to do with their time than get in a sh!t storm over old laws. (Even the Labour party), unless it is seen as noticeably beneficial, such as Lifting Section 28.

    There is NO WAY that situation will change, and this is all just voices in your head. I go with Squidgy, this is all just the deluded ramblings of a paranoid poof.

  84. Isn’t it fascinating that all over the countryside at present there are these blue posters up everywhere which feature the red, white, and blue of the Union Jack! BUT the Tories are supposed to have changed! What happened to their GREEN TREE logo, eh??????

    Answer: they’ve dumped it, because that’s NOT what they are about. They’re the same old party they’ve always been.

  85. theotherone 27 Apr 2010, 9:11pm

    ‘And for you information I’ve suffered more homophobia under Labour than I Ever did under the Tories. Is a fact that homophobia is much worse now.’

    alas that is what I have experienced also.

    As to Labour’s unswerving support of Queer Rights: like they did with Employment Rights? Like they did in Education? Grow up – Labour have dumped us, the Libs have dumped us. We’re dumped.

  86. Ordinary Gay Bloke 28 Apr 2010, 10:13am

    Imagine it’s a Saturday night, you’ve got some food and drinks in, and you’re having a party!

    Who would you LIKE to be there with you and your friends?

    Gordon Brown,


    David Cameron,


    Nick Clegg ?

    Who do you feel you could actually honestly relate to and chat with?

  87. Transexuals shouldn’t confuse the prejudice they suffer from people in general with whatever party is in power.

    It’s a crazy transexual who thinks everythink is going to be rosy for transexuals under a Tory government. Quite the opposite! For Tories a transexual is the worst manifestation of sexual deviancy on earth. Any transexual who thinks the Tories will treat them well needs to get themselves along to a Tory meeting and parade themselves around.

  88. theotherone 28 Apr 2010, 12:08pm

    Yes Argos, raising the specter of a ‘crazy transexual’…

    So let me get this straight: Government Socioeconomic policy has nothing to do with levels of Phobia in the population? I suppose it has nothing to do with levels of other crimes? levels of poverty? unemployment?

    Expecting anything but horror from ANY group is a stupid thing for a Trannie to expect – we’re the manifestation of everyone’s worst fears but I’ll tell you one thing: it’s a hell of allot worse under Labour.

  89. I agree with Argos, theotherone. Put your low socio-economic groups aside because they’ll always be ignorant, bigoted and narrow-minded, but a trans is sure of a better reception in the company of upper-banded Labourites and Liberals than upper-banded Tories any day. Tories = status quo = or “as it used to be when men were men and women were women”!

  90. silly billy 28 Apr 2010, 7:59pm

    Theotherone (presumably the one with balls on):
    “James: you manage to confute the issue of Corporation Tax (crippling to manny businesses) and The Banks. Labour have a strong link to the debacle in both – they put up Corporation Tax and they deregulated the banks. A failure on both counts then.”

    May I politely suggest that you look at who deregulated the banks before making such claims?

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