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Trans pilot ‘no big deal’ for RAF

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Reader comments

  1. Another case of the British forces shining! Take note America!!

  2. Good for her, and good that the RAF is on bord with it too :)

    he said he’d be disappointed if people didn’t take the mickey a bit
    And rightly so. We just wouldn’t be british if we couldn’t use this as an oppertunity to make jokes about fake boobs.

  3. davevauxhall 23 Apr 2010, 1:17pm

    Wow what a brave and inspirational woman. Sending out best wishes to you Ayla Holdom.

    1. Katie Murphy 28 Jul 2011, 7:29am

      Same here there have been a couple snippets of news about trans people in our mil.

      Protection of trans people is another major problem here. Note the trial is beginning of a kid 14 yr old who killed his classmate with a 22 because the classmate wore a dress to school, and may have sent the killer a valentine.

      last time I saw my trans friend – an opthamologist I kissed her on the cheek. Big deal. Its all about repsect. Same when I do same to a few gay guys I know reasonably well.

      No we dont do mouth to mouth tongue swapping. But we did have a funny conversation ,with me grabbing my best gay friends hand and smelling it

      He had just had a finger down another gay guys crack..

      as long as they both are ok with it, andits age appropriate, there is nothign wrong with it.

  4. Pumpkin Pie 23 Apr 2010, 2:17pm

    “He said he accepted that a lot of people would find his decision ‘weird’, he recognised there were funny aspects to it, and he said he’d be disappointed if people didn’t take the mickey a bit.”

    Good for her. I just hate it when bigots use comments like this to vilify trans/gay/ethnic/disabled/etc./etc. people who don’t enjoy being made fun of. The views of one individual are not an excuse to declare open season on the rest of their demographic and then blame them for not finding the humour in it.

  5. she’s respected thats all that matters. It’s very heart warming

  6. If anyone imagines that the situation for gay, lesbian and trans people is no better now than it was in 1997 before Labour came to power, they should read this and think about the change in official attitudes which have taken place thanks to Labour’s policies.

    Not just that women can serve alongside men in an RAF squadron, but that being gay or transgender is simply no longer an issue for the authorities, than someone can transition and stay with her female partner and do the same job as before, rather than be kicked out as was the case under the Tories.

    There’s still more to do on equality, we’re still not in the Promised Land – but I don’t believe we’d have got this far if the Tories had been in power.

  7. Good for you Ayla, she’s a shining example and a lovely person, I wish her all the best.

    David, they were not Labour polices, Labour just started implementing old Lib Dem policies when it finally caught up with the 20/21st century.

  8. Christine Rourke 23 Apr 2010, 5:25pm

    Way to go!!


  9. Brave new world and kudo’s to all concerned..My old C.O. (52 Sqdn. RAF Changi, 1952 :) will be doing inverted flat spins in his grave over this relatively new development. Ayla’s not the first, and I hope she won’t be the last.

  10. Get your wings Lady!

  11. I know of two other fine members of our armed forces who have transitioned too.

    I only wish it was an option when I was in.

    Congratulation Ayla

  12. Actually Labour “was forced to lift the ban by a European ruling”

    “Britain was required to lift the ban because of a European Court of Human Rights ruling after an appeal by former members of the armed forces who claimed it was a breach of their rights.”

  13. Those are the human rights enshrined in the human rights act Squidgy.

    you know the act David Cameron wants to remove from our laws because it gives us rights!

  14. Yes, the very one that allows criminals to use it to get away with their crime while the victim protecting their home get arrested, charged and imprisoned. Just one example.

    It was my Human Right to have take part in a referendum that Labour promised us regarding Europe. Instead we were denied and there was Nothing democratic about the Lisbon Treaty. Other countries voted against it yet we still have a different worded but same act passes against my (our) will. Labour clearly knew it wouldn’t get the answer it wanted so went ahead anyway.

    Labour Lies!

    My comment (12) is just stating the facts from the myth that it was all Labour, when it wasn’t.

    I support a separate Bill of Rights for the UK. I doubt Europe will allow it.

  15. @ Squidgy – in the area where I live council tenants of (Labour controlled) Manchester City Council were promised they would get to vote on whether council housing should stay in council control, be run by an arms length management company or become part of a PFI. After a vote in another area didn’t go the way the council wanted (eg. the tenants didn’t choose PFI), the ballot in our area was mysteriously all forgotten about and instead the local councillors decided what would be ‘best’ for us. They’re all Labour of course and guess what they decided on? A PFI.

    More ‘democracy’ New Labour style.

  16. Tory controlled Aylesbury Council has just banned an anti-racism carnival while giving permission for a racist march through town by the “English Defence League”.

    Welcome to life under the real Tories not the PR man’s spin

  17. Squidgy, when you and your band of Tory apologists make comments like “ah but it wasn’t the Labour government, it was the European Court of Human Rights”, what you’re either too ignorant to know, or trying very hard to obscure, is that the rights guaranteed by the Convention creating the ECHR were incorporated into UK law by virtue of the Human Rights Act 1998, passed by the Labour government.

    So like it or not, the fact is, access to the Court, and the rights provided, was a product of the Labour government, the same Labour government which has worked towards the changes in social attitudes which make our lives today so different from what they were under the atmosphere of bigotry and discrimination against LGBT people which was the hallmark of the Tory Party. You know, the same Tory party which has front benchers sniping at the age of consent, provisions against discrimination etc today.

  18. Mihangel apYrs 24 Apr 2010, 7:59pm


    an intruder has been protected from violence beyond that necessary to protect oneself or family for at least a century, and it was enforced as necessary. The human rights act codifies lots of things (especially “inhuman” punishment), but changes little in the ideal of what a civilised society is. The fact that we don’t have a wholely civilised society makes it out to be an over-liberal farago, but surely we ought to aspire to the best?

  19. poeticlicense 26 Apr 2010, 8:45am

    Its good to see that the MoD and RAF moved on so transitioning staff issues becomes an non issue, other employers could learn a lot from this. Good luck to Ayla and her partner

  20. SO pleased for this lady. The RAF have always been more progressive on this, with no gender bars on service. When I transitioned in the Army, I was forced to leave. I’m glad that things have moved on a bit, and equally glad she feels accepted enough to come out openly with the news. Well done the light blue!

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