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General Election 2010

Nick Griffin unveils BNP manifesto

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Reader comments

  1. Daniel Pitt 23 Apr 2010, 3:44pm

    British Nazi Party manifesto: HEIL HITLER! Who would vote these fascist thugs in?

  2. What’;s Churchill doiing beside griffin?

  3. I think we all know they are a party of lunatics but there’s one thing they got right – that is deportation of radical islamist preachers.

  4. “Britain is full. It’s the most overcrowded country in Europe”

    Factually incorrect. The Netherlands is by far the most densely populated country in Europe.

  5. Unfortunetly people like me will be voting for them as they are the only party who has the balls to stand up and be counted when it comes to immigation policies in this country.

    He is correct, this country is at bursting point with no sight of it ending. Having a brother that works in the “goverment dept” that deals with immigrants/asylum seekers etc, him and his coleagues have their hands tied when it comes to dealing with these matter and even they are scunnered at this goverment and its unwillingness to ease the inflcu of people coming from other countries, most who are just here for our soft policies. I pay my taxes like most in this country and it angers me that this goverment allow these people into our country and claim or benefits abuse our health system, which is also at breaking point as a result of mass influxes of people from other countries who do not get the same medical care in their own country, go to the uk, their soft get their benefits and abuse them….well no more i say.
    the reason he has made no mention on homosexuality is quite simple, his party are adopting a different stance on our community and belive me there are people in our community who have joined the BNP again because it is the only party willing to stand up and be counted.
    get us out the EU, get our country back to a normal civilised country that it used to be where we could leave our doors open for neighbours to come and go, children played safely on the streets without being molested, grannies not getting mugged for their pensions by junkies or immigrants.
    This country is way to soft on matters which affect us all, though i dont have complete trust in the BNP, i do have trust in them to get our country back to a civilised way with civilised people in it.

  6. Pumpkin Pie 23 Apr 2010, 5:10pm

    I claimed that UKIP’s manifesto was co-authored by Chairman Mao (seriously, it’s hilariously bad). I fully expect to be able to claim that the BNP’s manifesto was co-authored by Adolf Hitler. When I manage to pluck up the courage to read it, of course. I’m worried that it might be so bad as to not even be funny.

  7. Well, if he brings back the death penalty, he doesn’t even need a referendum on the EU cause you’ll be kicked out in an instant. Just a suggestion.

    I do think illegal immigration is a big issue. Why not make it a rule to ship a certain percentage of illegal immigrants to other EU countries who face demographic catastrophies in the near future? I mean, some of us are dying out here…

    However, I don’t think his party can actually deliver on this question. But I still hope he and Nigel Farage get voted into the Parliament. Seeing and hearing them speak in the EP is very tiresome for some reason.

  8. When are you people ging to relise THEY ARE NOT A POLITICAL PARTY?! This is exactly how people like Hitler come into power – through general apathy and the belief that freedom of speech should be extended to Rascist’s, Fascists and Nazi’s.

    Dangerous stuff. If they did get in, the majority of your friends and families would probably be sterilised, deported or killed. Have you seen their ideas about disability??

  9. The gall of this man who allign himself with Winston Churchill! I received BNP bumpf through the letterbox the other day and I laughed out loud at the pic on the front of it of Griffin and Churchill side by side! Laughable!

    What is really worrying though is that he has some young and totally “normal-looking” young candidates standing for him in various parts of the country – the sort of young candidates who will inspire a lot of other youngsters.

  10. Brido –
    You are hankering after a mythical past and giving way to irrational fears that have led you to support a neofascist party which will address none of your anxieties. It will inflame them to get your uncritical support for a platform of racial and homophobic hatred. Look at the obscene travesty of putting Churchill’s image on their leaflets – he was a one-nation Tory (and at times a Liberal)who would have detested what the BNP stands for. In 1940 the ideological bed-fellows of the BNP were threatening to invade Britain after enslaving Europe and raining bombs on our cities. Churchill led us to stand alone against them.
    Wake up, for God’s sake.

  11. Brido, the picture you paint of doors unlocked, children unmolested, no street crime, is a fantasy, not based on the facts. Apart from a relatively brief period of ‘social conformity’ from the 1930s to 60s, crime was always rife. 19th century London had ‘rookeries’, whole neighbourhoods given over to criminals living in filthy, unsanitary conditions. Child prostitution was commonplace, along with high levels of sexual abuse and the violent and degrading treatment of women. Street crime reached such levels, due to overwhelming and crushing poverty, that even parts of the West End were unsafe. There was mob violence, riots, cruelty on a level we’d find unbelievable, alcohol-related crime and a police force which was often violent and corrupt.

    Let’s not even get onto no sanitation, poor food, no medical help for most people and constant crushing poverty and overcrowding. And if you look at the 20th century, there were large organised gangs across London’s slum areas; the 1920, 1937 and 1968 Firearms Acts reflected the large number of guns floating around and the fear of civil unrest and violent gun crime, then there were the Mods & Rockers and gangs like the Krays and Richardsons etc.

    The fact is, most crime was never reported and never recorded, it’s a fact that for decades, most thefts were listed officially as ‘lost property’. Do you know, for example, that the number of women in prison has only quite recently risen above the level in 1901 ?

    It’s tragic to see you suckered by this myth of ‘foreigners’ being responsible for crime, and crime as something new to the British. basically, you’ve been suckered by some Nazis, who have hijacked symbols of our nation for their own sick ends. People who would happily send you off to the gas chambers as a pervert, if they had the chance.

  12. No: “When are you people going to realise THEY ARE NOT A POLITICAL PARTY?!”

    So pray tell me who the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei were? They were a totally bona fide political party formed in 1919.

    The BNP have as much right to stand for election as any other party, and anyone who tries to prevent them is an idiot.
    That said, anyone who votes for them is an even bigger idiot.

  13. Britain is full huh? Tell these BNP fascists they should go live on top of Ben Nevis, there’s plenty of room up there for them and the thin air can’t do any more brain-damage to them than they’ve already done to themselves thanks to their fighting in the streets during their thug hitler-saluting days they seem to think back upon with such nostalgia.

  14. They get a lot of stick but i actually agreed with a lot of what they just unveiled in their manifesto
    Why is no other party talking about reducing immigration and kicking out scroungers and hate preachers?

  15. If you want scroungers then look no further than so-called “native britons” who view many jobs as ‘beneath them’. These larger social problems are seperate from any issues surrounding the rights/wrongs of immigration, but unthinking people usually find it easier to blame ‘the other’ whilst looking for over-simplistic answers, instead of realising the problem is far more complex and inbred.

  16. Sadly the working class Britons that have been left behind & impoverished will vote for the BNP. For people living on the bread line, immigration is a massive issue. Their anger towards current government & opposing parties doing nothing at all about it cannot be overlooked. They will have an effect in certain areas of Britain that have become ghettos in recent years. That’s why they deliberately target those areas. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this Nazi scum get a few seats in May. They may not have said anything about homosexuality in the election manifesto, but BNP policy has always been about recriminalising homosexuality & putting it back in the closet. They live in the dark ages, they even want policewomen back in skirts. Pathetic.

  17. Oh right. How many times have I heard this bollocks? I suppose all the Brits are sitting around scratching their arses whilst all the asylum seekers are doing all the work?

    Yes, they are some lazy indigenous layabouts, and they need a kick up the backside, but this is partly because the government has allowed this to happen by letting foreigners take their jobs for peanuts because it’s not worth coming off the dole for.

    The majority of us though are still out there trying to earn a damn living in a market that is getting constantly thinner on the ground. Just because all the Brits aren’t working, don’t attack the majority of us that do, and not accept that a great deal of our problems ARE due to immigration.

    I think the BNP are WAY over the top, but I agree they have some good ideas. One that I liked was to introduce import surcharges of farm products, particularly milk. This would hopefully stop the big supermarkets buying in French milk and give our poor dairy farmers a fighting chance to earn a living.

  18. To all you do gooders who think that it is right for us to live in a multiculture society and be the victims of abuse, violence hatred, ignorance and living in fear, then try coming to live in Glasgow’s Govanhill area where the multiculture brigagde ply their filth
    Govanhill used to be a great place to live, good people decent standar of living for all and a community that was a community.
    NOW, the place is full of immigrants from all over the place and us glasgow folks are now the minority in our own city thanks to all you nutters who support immigration, the eu and the likes.
    The BNP/UKIP will do well in Glasgow in the up and coming elections as we are sick of these people getting free handouts, free housing which all is furnished by the council, then these people rob our people, seel drugs to our kids and abuse our women & men, all because this country does not have the balls to tuen them away or ship them back
    being a gay man living in Glasgow i have seen it all and it makes me sick.
    I get sick of seeing all the “politically correct” munters on here supporting these people, call me racist if you want, bottom line i probably am, and the reason for this is the goverment. labour etc have made me and many thousands more feel like this.
    You should all wake up quickly as in the very near future WE are going to be the minority in our own country thanks to this corrupt labour goverment, the heartless tories and the not even a chance liberals.
    The BNP/UKIP is the only way forward and just because people are gay does not mean they wont support these groups as i know already of a small number who have given their support to the BNP & UKIP.
    To all you “do-gooders”…if you want to do good for these people, take them back to their own country and live amongst them and see how long you last.

  19. Brido, you don’t live in Govanhill – the only people in Govenhill who can write are the refugees; the locals are too busy whining at oneanother in that junkie nasal patter while stealing their fake bling and white shell suits “‘no, whit ah mean, big man, no?” The BNP and UKIP don’t know a thing about, or care about, conditions in Govanhill. You worry about “WE” becoming a minority – you already are a minority love, fascist fantacists like yourself will not sweep the BNP to power, whatever else happens.

  20. Well Brido, it didn’t take much for you to drop the pretence of nostalgia for an imaginery past, and reveal the rather foul, seething bigot underneath. A shame you clearly didn’t read any of the thoughtful responses to your first post, but thanks anyway for showing the hatred you were nursing all along.

  21. Pumpkin Pie 24 Apr 2010, 11:31am

    Govanhill? My grandfather lived in Glasgow during the Second World War. I’m pretty sure his recollection of the area, pre-immigration boom, would be a great deal less rosy than yours. Every one of his stories about Glasgow seems to involve violent gangs and dangerous no-go areas. Your comment would most likely make him laugh quite a bit.

    I’ve been a British citizen since birth, but I’m also half Peruvian and wasn’t originally born in this country. Why the hell would I want to vote for a party that thinks I’m a lower life-form just because I’m not “pure”-blooded? Especially seeing as how they also think I’m a lower life-form for being bisexual.

  22. Hmmmm…. no surprise at the usual right wing fascists on this site pretending to scratch their chins and thoughtfully saying “they have a point”. Do they really?

    The bit that speaks volumes is:- “The manifesto says that the BNP would repeal the Race Relations Act and ban “far leftist social engineering projects” such as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.”

    The Human Rights Commission that protects civil liberties and the rights of minorities, like gay people, you mean?

    Will these same gay people be so understanding then they are hauled from their homes at 4am just because they don’t “fit the type of person the sate wants”? Will they say, as a hood is put over their head, that it was worth it, to get rid of the “immigrants”? Will they think Britain is now a great country, for the “god fearing pure English” only, when they’re being led to an extermination room?

    And anyone that things this won’t happen “in this day and age” is an utter, utter fool.

    A gay man voting for BNP is like a black man voting KKK, or a turkey voting for Christmas…. its the height of stupidity and tunnelled vision. It would be comical if it wasn’t so bloody tragic and idiotic.

  23. and this is being dignified because…,

  24. Louise, your post is the most sensible here, I’m sick and tired of scaremongering from the left wing fascists in the Gay comunity, and yes, you did read that right, left wing we know whats better for you all or else fascists! To be honest, I was surprised myself, but there are many Gay men, and Lesbians in particular that I know who support this party. Read the BNP manifesto, I have, and I still cant believe how most of it makes so much sence.
    Has anyone ever noticed that a large chunk of the UK have been deliberately kept uneducated, yobbish, Sun readers? For what particular reasons I have to ask myself? Maybe to fight the wars for our elite or do the minimum wage jobs and generally keep them ignorant as to what realy is going on in this country It certainly must serve a purpose because yobs are very rarely delt with properly from what I can see, maybe they just like this general unease that we have in society, and in many areas its become living in fear. (If you remember, years ago they were the ones that dug up the coal, of course and maintained our Glourious Empire for the top nobs.
    My 1st job in 1980 paid £5.50 an hour, which was good in them days for an 18 year old, today 50 year olds are being forced to take jobs at places like supermarkets for £6 an hour, and these are often skilled people!
    The British working class has been used and abused and lied to for Centuries, maybe the are finally starting to wake up!


  25. Will, you are nothing but a bully of the worst kind, and I hate bullies, had enough of your type in the School playground thank you.

  26. Will is right and not bullying Josh,the BNP are racist and homophobic scum and it doesn’t matter how many LBG or non-whites who claim to vote for them as that won’t change. The bnp will ignore White hate preachers

  27. Test babies

  28. There intentions on disability are disgraceful , and belong on the streets of Dublin, not a highly civilised country like the United Kingdom. There may be some truth about England being overpopulated, immigration levels could be lowered but not on the basis of origin countries. I am disabled and an immigrant , I work and volunteer to try and contribute and repay a debt to Britain which i could never fully repay as hard as I try. I may not be worthy of this great countries kindness, but there must be a way to preserve this racially , culturally ,sexually and disabilty tolerant and inclusive country that is Britain. I do not wish to offend or challenge , but merely be presented with an alternative which is compatatible with the great traditon of this beautiful land.

  29. Pumpkin Pie 24 Apr 2010, 5:00pm

    Josh, you need to read Louise’s post more clearly if you think she’s agreeing with you. She said she understands what would possess angry people to vote for these scum, but also said it’s a terrible idea.

  30. Will is the left wing equivalent of the BNP. He is as much a thug as Griffin’s bully boys, and anyone that doesn’t see square with his way of thinking is liable to “disappear” in his ideal world.
    The far left are just as dangerous as the far right.
    One man’s Hitler is another man’s Stalin.

  31. I don’t agree with the BNP, but the poster brido from Govanhill has a point.

    I’ve been there many times. It is burka city. Also known as the islamic republic of Govanhill.

    It is an utter, utter disgrace. And let me assure the morons posting about thugs in Govanhill, yeah there are some, but they are nowhere near as bad as the immigrant thugs, and Islamic police (yeah it’s real, just not official).

    So, Brido, you have a very good point. The people who bleat about letting more immigrants in are the people who never face the harsh reality of serbo croat immigrant thugs kicking your door in at 3am.

    Some might find all that distasteful, but go live in Govanhill as a white native glaswegian, and you’ll soon see the cr*p that is dished out by the islamic immigrant thugs.

  32. @ simonQQ
    Yeah i do live in Govanhill for your information you twat not that it should make much difference to you as you probably live in some plush suburb in the country, try living in the real worl mate and open your eyes to what is going round about you.
    Its people like you that i get annoyed at as you are probaly one of the politically correct mob that think it is right for people from other countries to come into our country and attempt to destroy our way of life, our cultures and our heritage, and you think that is ok….well my friend you are totally wrong.
    You come to Glasgow, Govanhill, Sighthill, Shawlands etc and you will see for yourself how bad it is insted of being tucked away in some nice cosy district you think is safe from all this nonsense.
    My hatred as you like to call it “@ david W” is aimed at the very people who proclaim to run our country and for our good and benefit. It is these same people whom you vote for that has changed our society into the cess pit it is today and anyone who thinks otherwise is totally deluded.
    The PC brigade shout about rights and equality, these islamists, muslims get preferential treatment when it comes to rights and equality and our own people get accused of being racist if they have the balls to stand up and be counted, thats why people in this country are so dissalusioned with the state the country is in and it is in need of a good kick up the arse to get a bit normality stability back into the way we should be.
    Yes we had gangs and thugs in out place for years, but they were no where near as vicious as the ones that are going about the country now and if you do your research, you will find out that 75% of the trouble in this country is now from the minority groups who are hell bent on destroying this country of ours. Im not talking about Scotland here, im talking about the WHOLE of the United Kingdom Great Britain, so wake up and give yourself a shake if you thonestly think this country is going to get better with the way it is going just now.
    I have no time for the PC brigade, they are out to feather their own nests in anyway they can, they dont give a damn about our country, our beliefs or our way of life and they certinely dont give a damn.

  33. Pumpkin Pie 25 Apr 2010, 12:42am

    Will is the left wing equivalent of the BNP. He is as much a thug as Griffin’s bully boys, and anyone that doesn’t see square with his way of thinking is liable to “disappear” in his ideal world.

    Coming from somebody who practically salivates over telling us how us screaming queens are gonna get it one of these days, I find that a rather ironic thing to say.

    J Mathews:
    It is an utter, utter disgrace.

    It’s very telling that you made this remark right after commenting on the prevalence of immigrants you have in your city, but before mentioning anything negative that these immigrants are doing. I guess you might call that a Freudian slip of sorts. You find them disgraceful merely because of who they are. It is only afterwards that you root around for reasons – for excuses – to justify your hate.

    muslims get preferential treatment when it comes to rights and equality

    How so?

    you will find out that 75% of the trouble in this country is now from the minority groups who are hell bent on destroying this country of ours

    I assume you have relevant data to back this claim up? It saves time if you post your sources without needing to be asked. Saves a lot of back-and-forth.

    the PC brigade

    I hate when people use this term in an argument. Makes you look thick. Let’s see if I can explain this… Political correctness is what politicians and commercial companies do. It’s a term used to describe the insincere and heavy-handed way in which these people go about trying to make themselves look “minority-friendly”, so that they can get more votes, customers, whatever.

    The term doesn’t apply to regular, every-day people going about their every-day lives. Why would it? There’s not some sort of merit system going on here. I’m not expecting government agents to deliver wee little presents to me for sticking up for immigrants. And I’m not exactly trying to score points with my fellow every-day people, either. If I was, why the hell would I be doing it be being “PC”? Everyone hates that.

    No, there’s no conspiracy going on here. No “New World Order” bull****. When some random Joe Public tells you what he thinks about your rants, he’s not being “PC”. He’s being sincere. He genuinely does think you’re a racist, and he genuinely does give a **** about people who have different coloured skin. That’s why he’s speaking out against you. It’s called empathy. Ever heard of it?

    Now, I always do thugs like you the courtesy of treating you like racists. Not people who are pretending to be racists for the sake of some sort of conspiracy or agenda, or to look cool in front of your mates. No, I believe in your sincerity. Could you at least extend a similar courtesy to people like me? Treat me as if I’m being sincere? PC is artificial. If I’m being sincere, it’s not PC. Overly liberal? Soft-hearted? Too nice? Whatever, so long as it’s not “PC”. That’s just a word simpletons use to fool themselves into believing the opposition is just pretending.

  34. Pumpkin Pie…i really think you should go and have a lie down, for a very long time…your just a blowhard to me nothing else so go take your soap box somwhere else and shout from the rooftops,

    Ohh, and i take it ur part of the PC brigade thought as much.also the fact you claim your bisexual in your above comment (21), that says it all..your really a confused person.

  35. Pumpkin Pie 25 Apr 2010, 3:25am

    also the fact you claim your bisexual in your above comment (21), that says it all..your really a confused person.

    And there goes your credibility. I love self-defeating opponents.

    Nice try with the trolling, but try harder next time:

  36. @34:

    You, sir, are completely off your rocker:

    Bisexuality & Biphobia:

    There’s nothing confusing about a person being in touch with himself; and it’s perfectly true that the BNP would criminalize all of us, not just bisexuals, and this in the land that gave us the Wolfenden Report.

    Also, Eddy (9) is right; it is strange that Griffin has a following of young persons who can and will do incalculable harm all around, like the kids holding the posters of the Phelps family at funerals.

    Vote Lib Dem…or Green.

  37. I smell monkey****s.

    What’s a dribo anyway?

  38. @18:

    “To all you “do-gooders”

    …if you want to do good for these people,

    take them back to their own country and

    live amongst them and

    see how long you last.”

    Let’s just have a look at your syntax, shall we, and see if we can figure out what you’re saying.

    Beats me, MC…I mean Dribo!

  39. Bisexuals aren’t confused plus WIll isn’t anything like the BNP

  40. “The far left are just as dangerous as the far right.”

    I am not “far left”, no where near it you degenerate, but if that makes you feel better about being a right wing racist puff, off you go Rob.

    “Yes we had gangs and thugs in out place for years, but they were no where near as vicious as the ones that are going about the country now and if you do your research, you will find out that 75% of the trouble in this country is now from the minority groups who are hell bent on destroying this country of ours”

    Oh, I love the made up statistic here. Well done. Let me try:- Did you know 95% of the gay’s who vote BNP arfe usually beneath normal intelligence. Its true.

  41. “Will, you are nothing but a bully of the worst kind, and I hate bullies, had enough of your type in the School playground thank you.”

    Really? And what I said about historical fact offends you exactly how Josh? The fact that I’m actually right, does that annoy you? Try a logical argument next time, rather than “you’re a bully because you might be right” approach, you’ll win more then a handful of angry votes you and your human-rights-loathing party normally does.

  42. The reason the left is so scared is because they know damn well that New Labour has been one of the most warmongering, oppressive and dishonest governments we’ve had in modern times (with countless new laws, CCTV, ID cards, clampdown on peaceful protest, Iraq war, WMD lies, MPs’ expenses etc). Whatever you thought about Margaret Thatcher (and I hated her at the time) at least there was a sense that she seemed to be honest about what she believed in and did.

    People are expected to believe that the BNP can’t have changed and much of the opposition centres around comparing them to Hitler 70 years ago. All of which may be true but unfortunately isn’t a very convincing argument when people can see for themselves how much Labour itself has changed in 20 years. ‘Just another lie like WMD’ is probably how some people see these warnings. New Labour has specialised in using fear to get what it wants (45 minute warning, terror alerts etc.) and now, like the boy who cried wolf, many people are ignoring shouts about the current (BNP) threat.

    The left ‘denying’ BNP candidates ‘a platform’ just makes them (the left) seem even more intolerant than the Tories and fascists they hate. Downright undemocratic in fact. It lets the BNP play the victim – a message that goes down well with those voters who feel ignored.

    I’m not saying the BNP has changed and I’m not supporting them. I’ll be voting LibDem. I’m just pointing out why people are looking for something different and don’t believe anything that the left and New Labour says anymore. And the more left-wingers scream, rant, smear people and try to shutdown discussion (as in the comments on Pink News) the more people look and think to themselves ‘oh yes that’s just typical of what we’re had for the last 13 years…’.

    I know quite a few students and activists – the type who might traditionally have been expected to support Labour. But the hatred in that direction among many is quite amazing. With some saying that maybe a Tory victory would be preferable if it gets rid of New Labour. I’ve never known anything like it before and I think we will see the consequences on May 6th.

    If by some disaster we get another five years of Gordon Brown and Britain continues to go downhill as it has done, the very real danger is that the Tories will move to the right and they and the BNP will get far more votes in 2015.

  43. “There intentions on disability are disgraceful , and belong on the streets of Dublin, not a highly civilised country like the United Kingdom”

    What on earth are you talking about? Not another racist. Why is this site so full of racists?

  44. Will, at #22, very well said indeed!

  45. Nothing in the world is 100% evil or 100 perfect, and this fact goes for the BNP. I would say the BNP are something like 95% evil. The thing that they are absolutely right about in their manifesto of this week is putting a complete STOP to the building of any more mosques in this country. The Islamic agenda is to slowly take over all Western countries.

  46. Pumpkin Pie 25 Apr 2010, 3:07pm

    The thing that they are absolutely right about in their manifesto of this week is putting a complete STOP to the building of any more mosques in this country.

    Why? This country is supposed to be secular. So, either we tear down all places of worship, or we leave them be. There’s already enough churches to accommodate this country’s christians. If there’s not enough mosques to accommodate its muslims, then I have no problem with them getting more.

    The whole point of us being secular is that we don’t discriminate with regards to religion – none of them should have “favoured” status in this country, no matter their history. And please, don’t give me any of that “muslims are calling the shots” crap. This country, even though it’s supposed to be secular, is still very much under the thrall of christianity. Even the BBC, which is supposed to be neutral, has christian-themed programmes like Songs of Praise, or Thought for the Day. Nobody bats an eyelid. If there were similar islamic programmes, there’d be uproar and riots in the streets.

  47. Pumpkin Pie 25 Apr 2010, 3:19pm

    Also, I don’t understand GS’s lefty-bashing. Lib Dems are more left-wing than Labour these days. And I’ve seen just as many Tory supporters as I have Labour or Lib Dem arguing that the BNP should not be given a platform. In fact, most people seem to think they should be given a platform so that they don’t become martyrs. Not sure where you’ve heard different. I’m one of the people who want them banned (any party who had racial requirements on candidates should never have been allowed to run in the first place), and I’m well aware that I’m on one of the extreme ends of the debate.

    And I do wish people wouldn’t go on so much about left and right. All three main parties are fairly centrist. Maybe once upon a time things were different, but now people are just paranoid.

  48. @ Pumpkin Pie – I’ve just had enough of it with the whole Hope Not Hate thing which was obviously orchestrated by Labour and various unions with the aim of propping up the Labour vote. Then a few hundred ‘we know better’ anti-fascists tried to shut down the BBC when Griffin was on Question Time. In Manchester last summer we even had Labour councillor Paul Fairweather turn the HIV vigil into an anti-BNP rant. No doubt worried about his seat in Harpurhey!

    I hate New Labour. I wouldn’t describe them as centrist with their extreme attack on civil liberties, backing for PFI and warmongering. And I hate the extreme intolerant people on the left who think they should be allowed to shut up anyone they don’t like.

    Yes maybe the BNP should be banned. But if it isn’t then it has to be treated exactly the same as other ‘legitimate’ parties. Otherwise it makes a mockery of our democratic system and broadcasters. According to the Guardian the BBC didn’t show the second leaders debate on BBC1 because it would have meant them having to give some equivalent airtime to the BNP at another date. As a result the debate only got about 4m viewers.

  49. People like pumpkin pie and a few others just cant understand it. Parties like the BNP UKIP etc are here and here to stay.
    Whichever way you look at it, these parties now have their foot in the door and its all down to the do-gooders of our society and the disgusting parties that proclaim to have our interests at heart what a load of Bull****.
    If the parties who through out all these years thought anything of the British people, would be listeneing the people of this country instead of going against them. We put these people in power cause we thought we could trust them, all along we have been proved correct…we cant trust them.
    The fact that civil servants in the goverment have now admitted that they got wrong the immigration policy for this country, then its about time thay change it and fast.
    the fact that The Sunday Times published today that most immigration cases that are supposed to be held, dont get held because they dont have enough staff to get these cases through the courts. As a end result of the state failing to turn up to pursue these cases, the judges ALLOW these immigrants to stay in this country cause no one from the home office is there to say why they should be sent back home.
    Whitehall, the goverment is a total disgrace to this country and it is no wonder that many people like myself and others on here state the way we feel and why and maybe that is why we look at parties like the BNP and UKIP to deal with the matters that concern us all, unlike most people i and others can stand up and say why we support parties like BNP/UKIP, others just shy away from their real responsibilities and hide behind whatever doors they can.

  50. Brido – attacking people who seek equality shows how screwed up you are, listening to whom – the racists?

  51. @49:

    Perhaps if you would take a moment to structure a sentence, we would be more inclined to read through one of your comments.

    We can’t do your thinking for you; either write a bit more clearly or….

    door the foot responsibilities Whitehall BNP immigration ALLOW our interest at heart do-gooders as an end result we have been proved correct of the British people.

    Have you ever thought of working for BNP’s PR and of changing your name to ‘Muddy Waters”?


  52. Jean -Paul why dont you go do one mr..maybe its your “french connection” that you dont seem to understand, maybe even your an immigrant in our country, i bet you are.

  53. @52:

    Perhaps if you would take a moment to structure a sentence, we would be more inclined to read through one of your comments.

    We can’t do your thinking for you.

    That wasn’t meant to offend you. I really wish I could understand what you’re saying because you seem to think you do have a point.

    In fact, I’m sure that Nick Griffen would lift the ban on the Phelps family and Ron Savage, would support the anti-gay bill in Uganda and deny the right of asylum to all of humanity.

    Now please don’t take that the wrong way.

    Au clair de la lu-u-une, …la-la-la-la-la-a

  54. “People like pumpkin pie and a few others just cant understand it.”

    I think its you who seems to lack the understandingly – but then again, racists and ignorance go hand in hand, don’t they.

    “Jean -Paul why dont you go do one mr..maybe its your “french connection” that you dont seem to understand, maybe even your an immigrant in our country, i bet you are.”

    He’s Canadian. He lives in Canada. As using the word “understandingly” seems to be the cornerstone of your entire argument every post, try “understand” this, the internet is global.

  55. On Channel 4 News last night Griffin said they would allow people to discriminate however they like. He pointed out this would also allow ‘militant’ homosexuals to discriminate! Just think, given the number of gay men who seem to have fascist tendencies, we could end up with ‘whites-only’ gay bars! Imagine what the country would be like: presumably hotels and shops could turn away someone because they were black, gay, Jewish, or indeed white. Awful.

    The BNP would offer any immigrant who arrived here in the last ten years and who wasn’t making a valid contribution as they see it £50,000 to leave the country and ‘not come back’. I was thinking that if New Labour get in again I would gladly take £50,000 to leave!

  56. GS: At £50k a pop, the country would be bankrupt long before we got rid of them all.

  57. GS – many gays aren’t fascists!

  58. Will, you can go do one as well matey your heads too far up your anal canal so go join Jean-Paul in Canada, if thats where he is..
    If you think your bullying tactics, like has been mentioned before on this comments page, are going to work on me then think again, you just a moron end of.

  59. @ Chester – I know but quite a few are. You just need to check out the forums on some gay dating sites to find plenty of race-hating ‘fascistlads’.

  60. “If you think your bullying tactics, like has been mentioned before on this comments page, are going to work on me then think again, you just a moron end of.”

    So, addressing your racist comments for the offensive load of tosh that they are is “bullying” now, is it? what an interesting concept. Sure when the BNP win the election, you can just have me hauled off to a concentration camp, can’t you?

  61. Gs – i don’t go on them sites so I wouldn’t know, I do think homophobia and racism are both pathetic and stupid

  62. Oh. Seems Will has found a few more friends.
    Are you trying to usurp my position as the most hated contributor on here?

  63. “Are you trying to usurp my position as the most hated contributor on here?”

    tut tut Rob, I hardly call one BNP-loving nazi nut job who keeps on saying “you don’t understand” as his sole argument, as a veritable tirade of hate towards me, now is it? Truth seems to really get to this Josh….

  64. Oh will what a plonker you are Thanks for relating me to a BNP -loving nazi nut job which i humbly admit to being thanks to wee jobs worth scum bag like you who think you know everying….you know nothing because you live in your ivory towers above everyone looking your nose down at others. Your just a little Hitler in the making, trying your bullying tactics whenever you can, bring it on…no wonder your disliked on here Will, i know im disliked unlike some i can admit that..can you? no didnt think so.

  65. “Your just a little Hitler in the making”

    Well, when the BNP (supposedly) comes to power, you can all be ‘little Hitlers’, can’t you? Keep you filthy racist dung to yourself, Brido… its the recourse of a weak and ignorant mind, after all. You must be SOOOO proud of yourself…. lets sit back and see how well the BNP actually do and how “powerful” they are after the election, eh?

  66. I’ve been reading these comments with some interest. I am always amazed by how this site attracts so many right wing fanatics. Brido, the only person here who is acting like a little hitler as you put it is you, my friend. Will’s comments on the BNP are actually spot on and there is nothing bullying about them. And just because you have the backing of the resident hate monger Rob N only confirms you can’t seem to tolerate anyone defying your sanctimonious belief in that nasty bunch of bigots. Both your and rob seem to share a penchant for catty little comments when confronted with anything outside your narrow view. You need to have a long look in the mirror sonny – pot, kettle, black and all that. If you’re actually gay, god help us, because racism and your BNP loonys have no place on a site that seeks equality. I’d like to stand up and be counted with Chester, and say I too find homophobia and racism rather distasteful in not in keeping with a modern society. And if you and Rob don’t like that, well you can stuff it up where BNP source most of their material, becuase this is a democracy sonny, and the BNP will never be anything but a fringe party of angry lunatics – and that’s simply the truth, like it or lump it.

  67. Rob, it’ll take a lot more for anyone here to be as hated as you.

    Brido#64 says: ‘Oh will what a plonker you are Thanks for relating me to a BNP -loving nazi nut job which i humbly admit to being thanks to wee jobs worth scum bag like you who think you know everying’

    Well, the BNP ARE a bunch of Nazi loving nuts, so what’s the problem Brido???? Dont need an ivory tower to see that. Nice grammar, by the way, too me a few iterations to actually understand what you were trying to say underneath all the anger. Read much, do you?

  68. To reitterate the first comment, and the most accurate one “British Nazi Party manifesto: HEIL HITLER! Who would vote these fascist thugs in?”

  69. PumpkinPie, you need to go live with a string of Muslim families for a couple of months. Then you find out why Islam is a hell of a lot worse than the worst Catholicism.

  70. George…your just as i thought you know nothing.
    You came from some wee place called Chester which probably does not have immigrants or muslims trying to take it over… thought as much.
    Try living in a CITY mate where multiculturism islamification is rife and on the up.
    Try living in a city where muslims think it is alright to drag 15year old white boys off the street, bundle them into the back of a car travel the length of scotland torturing the wee boy then dumping him on some waste ground and set fire to him….do you think that is alright, if you do its sick and people like you make me sick who stand up for these type of scum bags.
    Try living in a communtiy where your granny is afraid to go to bingo at night for fear of getting robbed either going there or coming home, yes it does happen here and yes its immigrant, gypsies who are the worst for it.
    Try living in a city where young people cant play without groups of asian/muslims trying to frighten them off by shouting racist, yes racist comments to them, bet none of that happens in Chester, does it George.
    Call me racist biggoted all you wont, water of a ducks back to me, and no one like you or other on here will change my way of thinking when it comes to the real problems that face our country and that is why people like me and many others now look at the BNP for the party of change.
    The BNP wont get elected as the next goverment, but by god will they get more seats yes they will cause people, unlike you, dont walk about with blinkers on and think that the country is alright to live in.
    You say you find racism distasteful, i wonder why that is eh. Its because the goverment that we have in power just now have caused this massive problem and they think they can rely on people like you just to accept the way it is and get on with it, its like the bling leading the blind.
    Yes i am gay 100% in fact, not some we arty farty type that likes to dwindle and dwell on issues concerning LGBT people, we are what we are and who we are but just because we are gay does not mean we need to conform to rules which are made up as they go along and we certinely dont need to conform to the gay way of thinking. We dont all live in the “gay world”, we live in the real world, just like there will never be a BNP goverment in my lifetime, nor will there be a “gay goverment” for all the hypocrits out there who want to take over the world just beacsue they are gay there is a lot by the way.
    Just for the record also, i do not support homosexuality education in the class-room, i do not believe in civil partnerships. Civil partnerships that i have seen and know of have resulted in them (the persons) separating within a short period of time so im afraid civil partnerships is not my thing, most gays play behind their partners back anyway so whats the point for a civil partnership….oh yes, its just to get the prezzies…sad.
    You may think that is weird for a gay person to think or believe but that is the persons own choice and that is my choice.
    Like it is my choice to vote for the BNP only because they are the party who choose to stand up for the real concerns for the people of this country, just because im scots dont think for a minute i hate english and want everything scottish, if that was the case i woud support the SNP, not the BNP. Its most of the english that have problems with scots so thats something you need to look in the mirror about George.

    You need to get into the real world George, not some farming town called Chester.
    Try living in a city where real people with real problems live and see for yourself the problems that us “cityboys” have to put up with.
    Come to Glasgow, spend a couple of days in the south side of Glasgow and see if you think the same after that experiance, you wouldnt last 15 mins.

  71. After Gordon Brown’s major blunder he made today on the immigratiuon issue that some wee old woman raised, just wait and see how well he does at the poles now.
    The woman’s remarks were not disrespectfull nor were they inflamatory, yet the great Gordon Brown still decided she was a biggot. I’m glad this clowns true colours have been shown for what he really is a disgrace to this country.
    It just goes to show, his goverment do not allow the normal person on the street to say what really concerns them and when they do they got called a biggot…Rot in hell Gordon Brown, its where you belong.

  72. Brido – “George…your just as i thought you know nothing.
    You came from some wee place called Chester which probably does not have immigrants or muslims trying to take it over… thought as much.”

    I’m from London, you fool. Are you illiterate? ‘Chester” is the person who commented above, not where I live! Goes to show the more racist one is, the more stupid one generally is proportionally.

    Brido – “i do not support homosexuality education in the class-room”

    I’m not surprised. From your appalling grammar, lack of self respect as a gay man, and irrational racism, I’m inclined to believe you have little regards for education in general, Brido.

    Thankfully those lacking wisdom, such as yourself, are in fewer supply these days and the reason the BNP extremisms are never going to be in power. A fringe party with a few uneducated louts like yourself, more an object of ridicule than reality.

    You’re a very sad and utterly stupid individual, and all you illicit from me is pity.

  73. LOL@George! Brido, what a complete and utter fcuking idiot you are!

    Well done George for betting this inbred peasant in his place.

  74. itmakesyouwonder 29 Apr 2010, 5:41pm

    Jay as for calling people inbreds where do you get off on that?
    You are probabaly some sad little individual who only sees one side of an argument.
    As for George putting the inbred peasant in his place i dont think he has, you spew utter rubbish, if your comment aint nothing then dont speak oh little one….

    As for Georges comments about Brido, he (Brido) has every right to say how he feels on matters and he is probabaly not the only one on here that is against homosexuality being discussed in schools or indeed the subject of civil partnerships not all gay people are pigeonholed and think the same way as others they are however still allowed to say how they feel on matters and that is everyones right wether some like it or not
    As for calling people “illiterate” George i dont think you are in any position to call anyone that when quite clearly you yourself have problems.

    I dont see anyone slagging Brido off for the comments he made about people living in a city to see first hand the troubles that living in a city brings.
    I like in Manchester and daily see the same type of behaviour that these groups of people cause and it is tiresome when you see people on here defending them really makes me sick. As Brido said try living in a place where the evidence is overhelming then you might change you opinon mind you most on here wouldnt give a toss anyway

  75. itmakesyouwonder, you have a remarkably similar style and stunning grasp of the English language as Brido. How curious that is. Why do you think that is? A troubled individual, aren’t you?

  76. Pumpkin Pie 30 Apr 2010, 1:20pm

    I find it funny how Brido and itmakesyouwonder think they can get away with these hilarious exaggerations, not only in terms of making us believe that’s how immigrants are, but in terms of making us believe that only immigrants are evil people.

    Newsflash, guys: whities do plenty of that stuff. I grew up in a large, mostly white community in the south-west. The lack of immigrants sure as hell didn’t stop council estates turning into slums. Didn’t stop rapes and murders. Didn’t stop the town centre turning into a no-go zone at night. Didn’t stop a group of entirely white feral kids and their older friend smashing a brick over my white friend’s head when we were teenagers (it was only a minor concussion, so he got better, but the police never bothered following it up because they said the courts would probably just let them off).

    And as for that “go live with muslim families” comment, I wonder if you’ve done that, Damian? The university I went to had one of the highest proportions of international students of any in the country (they actively advertise overseas), plus it was very close to London. As you can imagine, I met plenty of young muslims. They were just like the young Brits (many of them were young Brits). The only trouble-makers around there were the many white idiot hooligans who lived in that town. It was pretty horrible. People did not go out at night unless they were in a group, otherwise they were prime targets for being mugged. I remember a Thai friend of mine complaining that some chav had just shouted “chink” at him from across the street. I thought it was so funny that somebody who does nothing but drag this country down had the gall to insult somebody who is a positive boon to it (foreign students, especially south-east asian ones, tend to just come to this country to study, bringing in massive quantities of money to the country thanks to their extortionate tuition fees, then return home when their courses finish).

    So, does this prove that indigenous whites are scumbags? No. Does the immigrant-bashing prove immigrants are scumbags? Clearly not. Logic is a wonderful thing – you don’t know what you’re missing.

  77. After watching the issues with Syed & Christian in Eastenders, i now see why muslims hate us and the lengths they go to.
    It just proves they think nothing of us gays, yet they expect US to behave towards them. No wonder they are a hated minority in this country.

  78. Pumpkin Pie, I would support what Damian has said above about understanding Muslims by living with them. Yes, many young Muslims in this country are “Britified” to a large extent. I wonder to what degree you REALLY got to know your fellow students who were Muslim. I taught Muslim students for many years and socialised with Muslim teachers. It’s horrifying when after long associations you discover that at the end of the day they think of you as second-rate because you do not worship their Muhammed, that you are at the end of the day just another infidel.

    Very few Brits ever really get to know a large number of Muslims very closely.

    Even fewer Brits have ever lived in an entirely Muslim community in any one of a dozens of Muslim countries.

    And yet they spout their mouths of.

    And therefore do not see the danger.

    (And I am not a supporter of the BNP! Not am I a racist. But I know the danger of the religion that is called Islam.)

  79. sendthemback 4 May 2010, 3:36am

    Good Luck to the BNP on Thursday. We all know that they wont get in power but by god will they get more seats.

  80. Yes, sendthemback. Just as Hitler slowly acquired power. Shame on you.

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