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General Election 2010

Clegg to Cameron: ‘You have aligned yourself with nutters and homophobes’

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Reader comments

  1. Im absolutely voting for Clegg. He is the only one who has any honesty or integrity. It doesnt suprise me he supports gay rights – he is a sane, balanced human being. Good luck Nick!

  2. Patrick James 23 Apr 2010, 2:51am

    As a long term Labour party supporter I will say that I was absolutely delighted by Nick Clegg’s comments to David Cameron on this subject during the debate.

    I do feel that with respect to LGBT issues the key thing at this election is to prevent Conservative victory.

    If you live in a marginal constituency then I feel it is best to vote Labour or Lib Dem depending on which is most likely to win against the Conservatives.

    Remember that in the awful First Past the Post electoral system we have you really have to vote tactically if your vote is to count.

  3. Patrick James 23 Apr 2010, 3:30am

    Here is a timely reworking of Common People.

    Whitney gets a mention.

  4. I’ll vote for lib dem for the first time

  5. The Tory alliance with the extreme right in Poland would not be so noteworthy were it not for Cameron’s absurd attempts to pretend the Tories have changed, meanwhile every week or so one of his shadow cabinet utter some borderline fascist comment about gay people.

    The mask has slipped.

    The Tories are STILL homophobic scum despite the best efforts of Cameron to hide it.

  6. He is a hypocrite. All parties side with some undesirables in Europe. I find it a bit sad when David Cameron wants to distance us from European control that this fits any real arguement within British politics.

    In any case this coming from a man who seems to change his own party policies, like that on Trident. Seems he himself can’t make up his own mind. Unfortunately as a usual Lib Dem support it’s Cleggy I just can’t stand. Vince Cable is excellent and most of his party. Nick Clegg to me just comes over slippery and I have never trusted those types.

  7. Way to go Nick! I was SO hoping you would get that message across. ANYONE who dumps the democratic Germans and the French to join in with right wing Poles can not be trusted with LGBT issues (or lots of other things!) I DON’T TUST OR AGREE WITH DAVE!

  8. I think the choice is clear:-

    If you want negative vote Labour.
    If you want self-important wanna-bes vote Lib Dem.
    If you want positive vote Conservative.

  9. Remember its proportional representation that allows communists and fascists get into the European Parliament.

    Aligns with “climate change deniers” oooohhhh! has anyone mentioned how much CO2 has just been pumped into the atmosphere by the volcano in the last week, but, oh no, not putting your old bleach bottle in the right bin will destroy the planet. Grow up people. Don’t remember the reds talking about emissions when we had millions of miners (filling Labour Party coffers)digging up coal to pollute the atmosphere

  10. Align themselves or not to Polish politics in Europe, are they actually prepared to speak out against them and other countries ?This also includes countries like France which is pretty slow in bringing true equality to gay people and also those countries which currently have a same sex union and do not recognise the British one in return. I’m all for gay rights in our countries and not aligning themselve to homophobic parties but the UK recognise gay couples from other countries but there isn’t necessarily a reciprocal return , what about Brits living abroad you guys, don’t you care about their vote, some of us still pay taxes over there so do something for our money, no more words we want action , we’ve lost our bargainig power by giving all rights to foreign couples and getting none in return! By the way pinknews last year submitted a list of meps which supported a mutual recognition of CP in the EU and the tories did pretty badly and the initiative was set up by the lib dems … What the F@%K are we worried about the poles when nonone gives a f#$k about the Brits living abroad!


  12. Oh, Squidgy. You are the best troll ever.

  13. If personal insults are the best you can do then I guess there’s something about what I’ve said you agree with. You must really hate yourself.

  14. you are wrong about the parties as the tories are still homophobes and the Liberals are the best as nu-Labour is unreliable

  15. Alan, I think we are worried that the Tory’s are “in bed” with the Poles, not that they can influence the UK. The Tory Party should stick tothe tried and trusted centre right and not go trolling of hand in hand with the facist Right who deny rights to our brothers and sisters in their countries.

  16. Squidgy: “All parties side with some undesirables in Europe.”

    Except it is ONLY the Tories who have 3 members of their front bench who would be better suited as members of the BNP.

    1. Chris Grayling – the Shadow Home Secretary who believes that business owners be allowed to break the law in the provision of goods and services to gay people.

    2. Julian Lewis – the Shadow Defence Minister who believes that an equal age of consent for gay people is wrong as it is an increased HIV risk (this despite the fact that in countries across Europe the age of consent is lower for both gay and straight, yet Britain’s HIV infection rates and teenaged pregnancy rates are waaaaay higher than any other European country)

    3. Iain Duncan Smith – Shadow Minister for Families who believes that mending ‘Brokun Brittun’ will be achieved by reducing the parental rights of non-biological gay parents.

    Cameron thinks these 3 neo-fascists are suitable as members of his shadow cabinet.

    Meanwhile the rest of the country thinks ‘Um if this is the case then why do the Tories think voting for the BNP is so bad. The Tories are the same’

  17. Nick Clegg is a hypocrite. LibDem’s own allies in Europe include the Latvia First Party, which proposes a ban on gay pride and gay marriages. When was the last time he challenged them?

    Last week he claimed LibDem MPs were clean on expenses but got found out. This week he is exposed as a hypocrite on Europe. Does he have any credibility left???

  18. “Meanwhile the rest of the country thinks ‘Um if this is the case then why do the Tories think voting for the BNP is so bad. The Tories are the same'”

    The rest of the country? Being the the Tories show a lead in most polls I think maybe most people in the country are think anything but. You prove my point though, about making it up as you go along.

    As for the names you keep sprouting. I couldn’t care less what they say. they’re not in charge and will never be. I question the term ‘homophobe’ which is used way to loosely. Freedom of Speech yes. Ignorance? probably more like it. I ain’t so sensitive to jump at every little thing and go screaming homophobe when it just isn’t.

    Cameron came out on Top in this debate. Clearly I’m not alone in thinking it.

    Your brandishing of the BNP and the Tories makes me laugh. If you really think it would be bad under the Tories do you really think it would be no different under the BNP?

    I have confidence in David Cameron and the Tories. My main priorty as a gay man is the economy. That is why David Cameron will get my vote come May 6th.

  19. Well done nick! It’s nice to hear this pointed out in such a widely watched debate. Are the Tories a bunch of homophobes because they are in bed with these right wing nut jobs in Europe? I don’t know. But I do know that their voting record on hat rights in the commons and lords is abysmal to say the least, the vast majority of Tory mps have activly fought against out equality at all turns.
    I honestly don’t know how any gay voters can ignore this and still be licking camerons homophobic bum. Are the Tory voices on here truely so naive or are they just Tory activists being paid to spend time web these comment pages in a desperate attempt at damage control.
    The Torys might have realised the power of the gay vote but.they must also realise they must back up their words with policy and substance…but it is.hard to have substance when you are intrinsically homophopic

  20. My last comment should say gay rights not hat rights..ops

  21. Squidgy – the Tory front bench is peopled by vile bigots whose are as homophobic as the BNP is racist.

    If Nick Griffin stated that business owners be allowed to discriminate against black customers he would be rightly condemned as a fascist.

    Yet when Chris Grayling spouts the same homophobic nonsense you bend over backwards to try to justify it.

    It is not remotely justifiable. It is neo-fascist bigotry.

    Likewise if Julian Lewis stated that black people have a higher age of sexual consent than white people because of an increased HIV risk he would be condemned as a neo-fascist racist.

    I regard homophobia as bad as racism. Therefore Chris Grayling or Julian Lewis are no better than the BNP.

    The BNP are racist scum. 3 members of the Tory front bench are homophobic scum. And Cameron’s refusal to condemn and punish their moronic bigotry indicates that the Tory Party leadership endorses homophobic bigotry.

    As for your claim that Cameron won the debate – well from the reports I’ve read Clegg won the debate for the 2nd time on the trot.

    Then again – you’re the type of person who would support the Tories if they announced they were recriminalising homosexuality.

    You still haven;t given any reason why anybody should vote Tory other than ‘They are not Labour’.

  22. #1 Probably ’cause it’s still under investigation, shouty head!

  23. #17 Difference here is the Latvians joined the group the Lib Dems belong to years after the Lib Dems. Callmedaves homophobic tories left the centre right to join a very samll extreme right grouping of mostly homophobes and racists the Law nd Justice party.

  24. Why is it the BNP do well in tradional Labour areas, if they are so like the Tories, Simon? Wasn’t Nick Griffen and Barnbrook both memebers of the Labour Party in their youth? And of course Moseley was a Labour minister before joining the fascists.

    And as the BNP policy of paying immigrants to go back to their place of origin is also a Labour policy, working right now in UK, it seems the BNP and the Labour party are the most similar. Remember “British jobs for British workers” from Gordon Brown, a BNP slogan

  25. #23 Don’t be fooled by Clegg. Most of the pan-European groupings have some nutters and oddballs. ALDE, to which the LibDem belongs, is no different. Its leader Guy Verhofstadt wants to abolish the nation state, and its swedish feminist ally wants to abolish marriages

    If Clegg is as saintly as he claims, can you find any record on him challenging ALDE’s decision to accept the Latvia First Party? No you can? Well because it does not exist…

  26. #23 One last point – pointing your fingers at your opponents while refusing to acknowledge your own problems is not “new politics”. It is hypocracy.

    He has done it on expenses, and did it again on Europe. Nick Clegg is a hypocrite

  27. “I have confidence in David Cameron and the Tories. My main priorty as a gay man is the economy. That is why David Cameron will get my vote come May 6th”

    Its like a broken record. And such religious blind faith too.

    Yes, we all know by now how you’ll vote. Well done. But the reality is your convincing more NOT to vote Tory by your histrionics – how do you feel now?

  28. #18 “my priority as a gay man” on benefits perchance? Whats that got to do with the economy Mary?

  29. #25 Whats so wrong in abolishing nation states…..One world is clearly the way to go. Far as i can see the Nation State thing has had its day and proved itself to have been a big mistake.
    I also agree with abolishing religion inspired “marriage”.. altho if we wait another while it will abolish itself. Seems like even the breeders are abandoning it in their millions.

  30. #29 You may or may not support these ideas, but it shows very clearly that these European’s political groupings are NOT ideologically coherent. Nick Clegg is well aware of it. It is hypocritical for him to try to make an issue out of it.

  31. End the nation state? Like Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon wanted to do? British nationalism wasn’t too bad when it stood alone trying to defeat fascism and national socialism, was it? Not like those “Good Europeans” like the Belgians, Dutch and French……”come on in Mr Hitler, do you want some more Jews Mr Hilter? Here’s another train Mr Hitler. Take all the Jews you want, just don’t bomb our nice buildings”

  32. #31 Thats the point… Hitler, Stalin, Moussilini et al could never happen in a one world situation. You seem to assume that one world government would consist of politicos from one country. Very simplistic and how very tory. Let me are also against the European Union.
    Maybe we should go back to the days when Nation States sent their youn men as cannon fodder to the trenches in Belgique and La France to kill each other over a despot like the count dude from the Austro Hungarian empire who was shot in Saraevo and whos name escapes me.

  33. No. 10, Alan, with respect, our government be it tory or labour does NOT recognise same-sex civil marriages performed outside of the country. I had to marry in Canada last year to my British partner, but our government only recognises our marriage as a civil partnership, which it most certainly is NOT and we find that beyond offencive and insulting. Plus, its disrespecting the law of another country, Canada being a commonwealth member. Canada however recognises civil partnerships for what they are. Nick Clegg gets my vote since he’s the only candidate running who supports full civil marriage equality for gays, the other two DO NOT.

  34. People have been campaigning for years against the use of “nutter” in this way by cretinous politicians and media. Clegg is a bigot.

  35. Euan - London 23 Apr 2010, 5:47pm

    Squidey, consider this a personal damnation of your opinions. To support Toryism at this juncture is a form of self hatred. Conservatism is a form of self righteous anger. You are in denial and I suspect that deep down the self esteem you seek in unquestioning admiration of a bunch of opportunists is extraordinary. Get real and take a break sweety.

  36. It’s true that all the main power blocs in the European Parliament have some adherents who most of us would find unsavoury. The difference between them is that for example the LibDems grouping (ALDE) has 84 members, just 1 of whom belongs to the disgusting Latvia First LPP/LC – that’s 1 too many, who I wish wasn’t there, but 1 out of 84 and the LibDems don’t lie about the LPP’s views, nor is the LPP important to them.

    Labour sits with the PASD Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats, which includes a few ex-communists and others with views I find repellent. But again, that’s a tiny number out of 184 or so MEPs, from 27 countries.

    But the Tories belong to the ECR group, total 54 members from 8 countries, including 15 from the homophobic Polish ‘Law & Justice’ group which has banned gay pride marches in Poland, who called the election of Barack Obama “the end of the civilisation of the white man”. The Tories tried to get an L&J man made Vice President of the entire European parliament and when that failed, promoted him to leader of the ECR group. Other Tory allies from Latvia attend ceremonies remmembering the Latvian Waffen SS fascists, yet the Tories invited both these groups as honoured guests at their last party conference.

    And their other ECR allies? Well, the Dutch ‘Christian Union’ has fundamentalist views and believes women should not stand for parliament but should stay at home. The Belgian ‘Lijst Dedecker’ includes the heirs of the Vlaams Blok which was banned for ‘repeated incitement to discrimination’. Their Lithuanian ally Tomaszewski consistently votes against any pro-gay measures, then there’s the Czech ODS group, one of whose members, Topolánek, was pictured flaunting his erect penis at Berlusconi’s villa a while back.

    You see, that’s the difference: not one or two dodgy MEPs, within a large group, but a whole parade of sickos and bigots – that’s the people the Tories see as their ideological peer group, who they make excuse after excuse about, and always say are being ‘smeared’ when anyone criticises them. It’s a matter of degree, and the people the Tories choose to lie down with, who they compare themselves to, are not just strange – they are consistently out to do us harm. The Tories lie down with pigs; they can’t be surprised if we find they smell of pork.

    And remember this: the Tories didn’t fight the last Euro election on an honest platform, revealing their new allies: they got elected first, and then announced who their friends were. In other words, they’ve got ‘form’ for getting elected first, and revealing the bigots after.

  37. So Call-Me-Dave is despatching his gay Nick Herbert to Poland so that Call-Me-Dave can be appear to be seen as someone combating homophobia.

    OK, PinkNews have you got any influence in the world of media at all, in order to ensure that there are UK reporters watching and reporting back to the UK the response that those Catholic homophobes in Poland give Nick Herbert?

    Or are we going to allow Nick Herbert to fly back and claim that he had a resounding victory?

  38. Eddy, even more to the point, Cameron spent months repeatedly claiming that his Polish allies were not in the least bit homophobic… odd then, that he now plans to send someone out to Poland to encourage his allies to be less homophobic. I wonder if Nick Herbert feels that he’s seen as expendable ?

  39. Did any of you see the look on Cameron’s face after Nick Clegg used the “nutter” remark? It was priceless!

  40. #36. I admire the fact that you did a bit of research at least, which is more than what I can say about most people here.

    However, your double standard is quite staggering. When you do the “nutter count” you chose a wide definition for ECR to increase the count and a narrow definition for ADLE to lower the count. Why do you think that is necessary?

    Secondly, if you think that these grouping are ideologically coherent within their members, does that mean Nick Clegg wants to abolish the nation states and marriages too? You can’t argue that these groups share the same ideology among their members only when it suits you.

    Finally, you must realise that these groups really matter very little other than seating arrangement. THERE IS NO WHIPPING WITHIN THESE GROUPS

  41. Mark, if you can produce a long list of the “nutters” as you call them in the ALDE bloc or for that matter the PASD, please go ahead and publish it here.

    The definition of ‘bigot’ which I’ve used for the Tories’ ECR group is simply based on things like support for wartime Nazi collaborators, religious intolerance, and harming gay people. And the end result is, a huge proportion of the ECR members fall into one or more of those categories.

    Please by all means apply the same criteria to the ALDE and PASD groups, I’ve had a look and the conculsion I’ve come to is that both of them have a tiny number of people I’d kick into touch, but nothing like the proportion of sickos and bigots that the Tories chose to leave a mainstream respectable group to ally themselves with.

    If there’s no ‘whipping’ in these groups, why was the one-time Tory MEP Edward Macmillan-Scott kicked out for not supporting the (presumably Cameron approved) attempt to make a Polish anti-gay ECR member a VP of the parliament ? there was certainly a bit of organised, obligatory group voting going on there!

  42. DavidW, good point.

    And I was fascinated to see Nick Herbert on “The Campaign Show” last night. I was expecting, and sort of hoping for, a well-adjusted pleasant and good-looking gay man, albeit a Tory. But there was something very very stiff and black and white about him. Something very worrying. He also gave off every sign that he’s the sort who is likely to blow a gasket if homophobe in Poland tells him to go take a jump in the lake! It would be good for a UK journalist to catch all that on camera!

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