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23 April 2010

  • 23rd April 2010

    Take part in the next PinkNews.co.uk political poll

    Who do you want behind this door?

    11:44 PM — With less than two weeks to go before the general election, PinkNews.co.uk is conducting the latest in its series of political polls. Have the Leaders' Debate made you change your mind? How closely have you read the LGBT manifestos of the main political parties? Is it LGBT rights or the economy that drives you to select a particular political party?

  • Gordon Brown defends his record on lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans rights 45

    Gordon Brown is courting the gay vote

    10:58 PM — Gordon Brown has defended Labour's record on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) rights in a question and answer session with a student website. In particular he mentions that he challenged the president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni over proposed homophobic legislation and questions David Cameron's commitments to gay rights.

  • Gay couples ‘should be aware of tax planning’ 2

    Gay couples 'should look at their tax position'

    5:39 PM — Following the latest Budget speech, UK individuals now face tax charges on their income up to a maximum of 50 per cent. It has therefore never been so important for couples in a civil partnership to review their position.

  • Survey finds more straight women barebacking than gay men 23

    Women were less likely to use condoms for anal sex

    4:47 PM — A survey has found that heterosexual women are less likely to use condoms for anal sex than gay men. The research, carried out by the New York City Department of Health, found that only 23 per cent of women required their male partners to use condoms during anal sex, compared with 61 per cent of gay or bisexual men.

  • White House protesters released 6

    The six chained to the White House fence on Tuesday

    4:12 PM — Gay US soldier Dan Choi and five other military veterans have been released from jail after chaining themselves to the White House fence.

  • Nick Griffin unveils BNP manifesto 80

    Nick Griffin launched the manifesto today

    3:38 PM — BNP leader Nick Griffin unveiled his party's manifesto today in Stoke. Accompanied by a man in a St George's Day themed-costume, Mr Griffin told supporters: "Britain is full. It's the most overcrowded country in Europe. It's time to shut the doors."

  • Archie comics to introduce gay character 7

    Issue 202 features the first gay character

    3:01 PM — The first gay character for Archie comics will be introduced in an upcoming issue of Veronica. In the issue, titled 'Isn't It Bromantic?' new character Kevin Keller moves to Riverdale to enrol at high school.

  • First gay film festival begins in India 2

    Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyu will close the festival

    2:56 PM — India is celebrating its first gay film festival this week. The 'Kashish' Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2010 began yesterday and will run over the weekend with more than 100 films from 25 countries.

  • Trans pilot ‘no big deal’ for RAF 21

    The Military of Defence said the transition was "no big deal"

    12:16 PM — A pilot at Prince William's RAF base is transitioning to become a woman. Flight Lieutenant Ayla Holdom, 29, who was born male, told friends this week that she expects to complete her transition within a year.

  • Gay man ‘knocked out after argument with girl’

    Ian Baynham died last September

    11:41 AM — The trial of three teenagers accused of the manslaughter of a gay man in Trafalgar Square heard this week that he was punched after hitting one of the girls with her handbag.

  • Elton John ‘would give up fame and fortune’ for teenager who died of AIDS 4

    Elton John credits Ryan White with saving his life

    11:04 AM — Elton John would give up everything to have a conversation with the boy he credits with saving his life, a letter reveals. The gay singer has said that he was able to beat his drug addiction in the 1980s because of Ryan White, who died aged 18 of AIDS in 1990.

  • Clegg to Cameron: ‘You have aligned yourself with nutters and homophobes’ 43

    Nick Clegg said David Cameron had aligned himself with nutters

    12:36 AM — Nick Clegg has said that David Cameron has aligned himself with "nutters, anti-Semites, people who deny climate change exists, homophobes" within the European Parliament during tonight's Leaders' Debate.

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