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General Election 2010

Leaders’ Debate draws out criticism for Pope on homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. But Clegg did say how he thinks Tories partnership with EU homophobes is wrong. Quite a lot of positive references to Homosexuality, which is always a good thing.

    They would have been unwise to criticise Pope, despite their own beliefs, they want to appeal to as much of the electorate as possible, not alienate the Catholics.
    Then again, do the Catholics deserve it… not at all.

  2. Pffft!

    Cameron says that he disagrees with the Pope on homosexuality. Meanwhile the homophobes Julian Lewis, Iain Duncan Smith and Chris Grayling are lurking with their nasty ideas in his Shadow Cabinet.

  3. PO'G formerly Patrick 22 Apr 2010, 11:12pm

    More a confirmation than anything new. Much the same as last week but with one difference. Nick Clegg confirmed that is was the only one of the three who deserves to be Prime Minister.He made Gordon Brown look old and Cameron a confused Eton twit.

  4. Benjamin Cohen 22 Apr 2010, 11:21pm

    Clegg’s comments are included towards the end of the article!

  5. “Much the same as last week but with one difference. Nick Clegg confirmed that is was the only one of the three who deserves to be Prime Minister.He made Gordon Brown look old and Cameron a confused Eton twit. ”

    so age does not equal wisdom?
    oh and clegg was a public school boy too

  6. Look better off just arresting the pope if he comes to the UK, better still maybe better he didnt come to this country at all, after all i bet he wont be welcome with open arms like the last pope was when he came to the UK him and the catholic church are a disgrace, i certinely wont be going to see him on his visit….oh and yes, i am a catholic myself

  7. A. S, if you are a Catholic, who do you recognize as the supreme leader of your church (besides Jesus Christ, of course) ? The Antipope, maybe ? Because unfortunately the Catholic Church doesn’t have an Antipope since the 15th century with the death of Antipope Felix V.

  8. Patrick James 23 Apr 2010, 3:21am

    I am a humanist myself but I feel that it is absolutely right that the UK’s Catholic population, which is roughly 10% of the UK population, should be respected and that the Pope’s visit should go ahead.

    Having said that I look forward to many protests at the Pope’s visit and in fact I may even be at one myself. The issue is that the Pope has been making appalling homophobic statements as we all know. The Pope’s visit should not be allowed to happen without protest about his homophobia.

    The Pope gets a lot of press because his homophobic statements but in fact the primary religious influence in the UK is the Anglican Church because it has such vast power. Although the Anglican Church does not issue the kinds of statements that we see coming from the Pope, the Anglican church has its Bishops in the House of Lords voting against reforms relating to LGBT issues and the Anglican Church has massive power and influence throughout the UK.

    There are a few people who participate in these PinkNews discussions who think that Islam is a threat to LGBT rights in the UK but this is nonsense. Islam has almost no influence over LGBT issues in the UK because despite what you might read in the Daily Mail Islamic people make up a tiny percentage of the UK population and Islam has very little power in the UK.

  9. The Big Yin 23 Apr 2010, 4:51am

    “Islam has very little power in the UK” – so im just imagining all the protests in the street, the UK muslim council and of course, all the attacks & bombs?

  10. Jean-Paul, Canada 23 Apr 2010, 5:40am

    “… all three leaders also said that the Catholic Church has much to answer for in relation to abuse by priests.”

    m-m, hold that thought.

  11. @ Patrick James – the figure is nearer 7%. I was disappointed that Clegg and Brown sidestepped the gay issue in their first responses and had to be reminded to answer that part of the question by the moderator. Only Cameron addressed the issue straight off saying he didn’t agree with the pope on homosexuality.

    Brown’s response was pathetic: “they [religions] all believe we should be good neighbours to each other”. Huh really?

  12. No No Pope Of Rome, No Papists to Sadden my eyes, No Nuns, No Priests No Rosary Beads. Not welcome in an open minded free thinking society. Keep your absurdities for you feeble minded indoctrinated flock. NO POPE IN SCOTLAND

  13. David Cameron out-shone the other two by miles in my opinion.

    Lets not forget that it was David Cameron who actually answered the question and mentioned he didn’t agree with the Pope on Homosexuality. It was only then in the second round of answering the question that both Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown then joined in agreeing. It Mr. Cameron hadn’t made the statement I very much doubt it would have been mentioned at all.

    An excellent performance by David Cameron, he is my choice. He made the other two just look desperate.

    Well Done Dave!! :)

  14. George Broadhead, PTT 23 Apr 2010, 9:40am

    Has it not occurred to anyone how bizarre it is for all three Party leaders to declare that they welcome the Pope’s visit when they all reject his view on so many important moral issues? Isn’t this a bit like the Pope welcoming Peter Tatchell to the Vatican?

    Of course the reality is that none of them want to alienate the UK Catholics for fear of losing their votes.

  15. davevauxhall 23 Apr 2010, 9:52am

    I am furious at Gordon Brown inviting the head of a political organisation to this country who takes every opportunity to attack Gay men and lesbians. To add insult to injury this is the second time I have heard him speak on behalf of all people in the UK welcoming the pope. I don’t welcome the pope and neither do the other people who have signed petitions against him. I have no respect for most of the popes views and it is incredibly offensive to me to hear Brown say that he is sure all the people in the UK will welcome the visit, even in the face of opposition.

  16. The Arch Homophobe of Rome, head of the “The Congregation for the Deformation, Persecution and Punishment of Unholy Homosexuals”, is welcomed by our political leaders is he? ANYONE who colluded in the abuse of children would be charged in court as an accessory and if he has to come here, Gordon should tell him quite firmly that he has no right to criticise our laws and tell his minions to vote for anti gay politicians! Just c’os he’s an old man in a white frock does not make him exempt from the law! I was upset that the leaders did not make a more robust attack on his misdemeanours, given his attempt to interfere with our legal process, i.e. the Equalities Bill. The RC church has had no rights to put its oar into our politics since the Reformation! I see Vincent Nicholls is trying to smooth the troubled waters, always the dipolomat(!)

    PSI feel sorry for Her Majesty having to meet the old Nazi and be nice to him, given that her mother and father kept up the morale during the war; however, no doubt she will be gracious; it would be nice if outspoken Phil said something though(!)

  17. whoops I wrongly? assumed Gordon will still be PM is September; I had a senior moment(!)

  18. #13 I dont know what debate you were watching, as your recall of it seems so lacking.
    ” i very much doubt it would have been mentioned atall” They all mentioned it when the question was put to them by a gay man in the audience.
    Callmedave just stood there spluttering when Clegg attacked him for his alliance with “nutters and homophobes in Europe” and made no effort to explain himself. I suppose he was between a rock and a hard place on that, as there is only one explanation for that, and that is that he is a nutter and homophobe himself. He couldnt very well stand on tv and admit that.

  19. Only Cameron ‘mentioned’ it directly thank you PO’G. Brown and Cleggy only mentioned it on the second round of answering the question. Cameron outright on the first response. Showing true leadership.

  20. “I feel that it is absolutely right that the UK’s Catholic population, which is roughly 10% of the UK population, should be respected”


    Respect is earned.

    And this shower have earned nothing.

    Continually supporting a corrupt organisation like sheep does not command respect.

  21. he doesn’t lead Squidgy, he is trying to tie too much togethor

  22. “Only Cameron ‘mentioned’ it directly thank you PO’G. Brown and Cleggy only mentioned it on the second round of answering the question. Cameron outright on the first response. Showing true leadership. ”

    If Cameron showed true leadership then the vile homophobes Iain Duncan Smith, Julian Lewis and Chris Grayling would have been sacked from the Tory front bench for their moronic and instinctive homophobia.

  23. #5 Jo, you are being pedantic… you know well that I meant in the political sense…old hat if you like…. Difference in Cleggs school and Callmedaves is that Callmedaves was Eton ..hence Eton twit. All you need to get into Eton is a pencil and Daddy’s money……
    Nick Clegg entered Westminster School on his merits and qualifications.

  24. #19 Morelike peddaling furiously to try and counteract the bad press beacuse of all the homophobia from most of the candidates in his Law and Justice homophobic racist tory party.

  25. Papists Out!

  26. Har Davids 23 Apr 2010, 8:30pm

    What I don’t understand, is that nobody has bothered to ask the question: ‘It’s nice for the catholics if they want a visit from their supreme leader on earth, like some people who call themselves fans of Elton John want him to come and visit the UK. But why is the former called a state-visit costing the tax-payer millions, and the latter a tour paid by the fans? What state-business does anyone have with the Vatican these days, apart from all the abuse-cases?’

  27. Jean-Paul, Canada 24 Apr 2010, 12:09am

    So true. That’s a helleva lot o’ money. and for what? Seriously.

  28. “I think the Catholic Church has got some very, very serious work to do to unearth and come to terms with some of the appalling things that have happened.” Really? For a black-humor take on “some of the appalling things” see:

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