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Bolivian president says eating chicken turns men gay

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Reader comments

  1. Lol, this man is seriously scared of being remotely perceived as being gay. Total insecure inadequate.

  2. Is wearing all that jewellery really that manly?! Any perhaps there was a problem in translation and he meant “cock” rather than chicken… Although perhaps he does like the twink look, who knows…

  3. Think he has been eating chicken loaded with stupidifying hormones

  4. The Halcyon 22 Apr 2010, 5:35pm

    There is the argument about being feminised by the higher levels of estrogen in drinking water and there is likely to be an overall increase in sex changes over the next few decades but it won’t make men gay; how would that explain lesbianism for a start?

    And if it were true, I’m sure many a reservoir would be broken into with estrogen poured into the water to make everyone gay; societal problems solved!

  5. What a first class Pra* he looks so camp with all that blink and a ainbow sash (well near enough rainbow)

    This is a president -how backward

  6. Another moron heard from on the world stage.

  7. paul canning 22 Apr 2010, 5:54pm

    He did not say what the headline – thank you AP! – says. He is talking about numerous reports, the Guardian has one today, that pollution has affected animals, causing mutations such as fish becoming intersex. So why shouldn’t it also affect humans. That’s his point.

    NB: Bolivia under his watch has adopted a constitution which includes protections for LGBT. Check Wikipedia.

  8. Has the world gone more mad since the last time I looked … first we have an idiotic Iranian cleric claiming that earthquakes are caused by gays [talk about ‘making the Earth move’!] His country has had several earthquakes in recent years, BUT, according to his secular puppet of a president there are no gays in Iran!!!
    Now we have this bejewelled numpty blaming the eating of chicken!!!

    Wonder what it will be next?

  9. Patrick James 22 Apr 2010, 6:17pm

    He sounds like suitable material for the Conservative party shadow cabinet.

  10. Vincent Poffley 22 Apr 2010, 6:55pm

    I do wish people in the public eye would leave pronouncements on scientific topics to, y’now, actual scientists…

  11. I agree vincent.

    incidentally if mr morales knew his a$$ from his elbow he’d know that its higher levels of testosterone, not estrogen that contributes to baldness.

  12. I dunno – this chicken thing could have legs.

  13. wow i just realised Morales is sporting the hairdo of the mammoth from the film Ice Age… no srsly.

  14. I don’t eat chicken and I am 100% gay. :-)
    Crazy man.

  15. Is this making anyone else want some chicken? I am such a bad vegetarian!

  16. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha! Oh,seriously,just as soon as my ribs have stopped aching I’ll think of something to say!Hang on……,sorry,Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  17. Jean-Paul, Canada 22 Apr 2010, 7:52pm

    Everything else about Evo Morales looks so …normal.

    Excuse me, gotta go, my chicken pie is ready!

  18. I’m really worried now- been a vegetarian since 1978 which means I should be turning straight! Fetch the medics!

  19. “”Baldness, which seems normal, is a disease in Europe. Almost everyone is bald and it’s related to the food they eat.”

    Uh huh *rolls eyes* Well, I think that statement proves how valid his chicken/gay one is!

  20. It all makes sense now! I wasn’t born gay, I just ate to much chicken! How have I been so blind?

  21. Am I the only one thinking the guy from chips is running Bolivia!

  22. Colonel Sanders was a faggot.

  23. WHat a fool. He sounds so ignoant and uneducated. WHat an embarrassment for his country.

  24. Poor Morales. He tries so hard to sound smart but he ends up sounding so ridiculous as Dan Quayle. I feel sorry for him and for the whole country of Bolivia. Miserable ignorant people voted for a president they thought would represent them in the government but instead they got this inept hillbilly. At least the miserable ignorant people here in my country Brazil voted for Lula and he did a good work in his eight years of power – with many corruption scandals and some useless demagogic programs – but overall a good work.

  25. Jean-Paul, Canada 23 Apr 2010, 5:54am

    It really was a funnty comment.

    The fact is that 35,351 representatives of social and indigenous movements from 142 countries (142 out of 198) gathered at Cochabamba for the First World conference on Climate Change.

    I think #7 tried to get a grip on the joke, but we all needed a laugh during the election campaigns…and this was it.

  26. David in Indy 23 Apr 2010, 6:21am

    Does he have anything against turkey?

    Question: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Answer: To try to turn Evo Morales gay.

    So, now I must avoid fried chicken, chicken salad, chicken tenders, grilled chicken and chicken nuggets at all costs? Oh wait! I’m already gay! So who cares!

  27. Jean-Paul, Canada 23 Apr 2010, 6:24am

    and,,when I put the meeting at Cochabamba side by side with the current events at the UN:

    I feel somewhat puzzled that the world’s indigenous people are truly concerned about climate change.


  28. All I can say is, dressed like that, the man has NO room to talk.

  29. PinkNews Thank you. This certainly made my eyes water from laughing so hard.

  30. Stuart Neyton 23 Apr 2010, 9:44am

    Shame he’s such a homophobe, I actually had quite a lot of respect for Evo Morales.

    Seriously though, is it meant to be a joke? I’ve been vegetarian since I was 5.

  31. Why is anyone who says something stupid or ill-informed automatically labelled a ‘homophobe’? If I say something stupid and inaccurate about cows it doesn’t mean I hate cows or I am afraid of them.

  32. This is the same mentality that thinks eating Green Giant’s sweetcorn turns you into a Green Giant, and eating runner beans turns you into a runner. LOL. I’m a raving queen and I’m vegetarian, my best mate growing up was vegetarian from 4 years old and is gay!

  33. Erm, am I right in thinking that ‘chicken’ is still currently used as an alternative term for ‘twink’ in this context or am I behind the times with my street-slang?
    Sure, swallowing that type of chicken would most likely mean you were gay, nonetheless he seems to have a shaky grasp of causality.
    So which came first anyway? ;)

  34. cluck cluck, crooark! cock a doodle do!!!!!!

  35. Aren’t there issues with hormones (estrogen) from the female contraceptive in the water supply reducing male fertility and penis size in male babies? Who knows what the consequences of that may be. I suppose he is confusing this with growth hormones being used in cattle and chickens. Supposedly growth hormones are banned in cattle in the EU but what about in canned products like corned beef which are packaged in South America?

    I think he’s right to be concerned about growth hormones in meat but bonkers as far as them changing sexual orientation is concerned.

  36. Bolivia……


    Who cares.

  37. Eating chicken makes you gay and bald?

    I wonder if Matt Lucas has commented on this story?

  38. So, Chicken McNuggets in moderation, only turn you Bi-sexual, then?

    How do these people get elected?

  39. QUICK Call me Dave! Another Nutter for you to align your party too!!! ;-)

  40. Jen Marcus 23 Apr 2010, 2:29pm

    The comment is so ludicrous,I think the man is on drugs and I don’t mean estrogen!

  41. Might have some credibilty, we all know eating Irish beef turns you into a paedophile, just ask all them Irish catholic priests!

  42. ‘Scuse me, President Morales, but do you know the difference between a piece of fried chicken and a really big penis ?

    No ? Then how d’you fancy a nice bit of KFC inside you tonight ?

  43. Qué decepción. Pareció en su momento una revolución social y política la elección de un indígena a la presidencia de Bolivia y ha resultado un imbécil homofóbico. Algunos venezolanos que conozco me han dicho que es un títere de Hugo Chávez y tal vez sea verdad.
    What a disappointment. At the time the election of an indigenous person to the Presidency of Bolivia seemed to be a social and political revolution, but he has turned out to be a homophobic idiot. Some Venezuelans I know have told me he is a puppet of Hugo Chávez and maybe it’s true.

  44. In undeserved fairness, he’s talking about local chickens, but still…
    so chicken with male hormones would make Bolivia a lesbian nation?

  45. I have heard some real blunders in the past and this one of them. The president of South Africa were charged with raping a woman (who happened to be hiv+ and he knew but still had unprotected sex neverless). When asked in court what he did in terms of precaution to contracting the virus he replied he took a shower!!! But nothing beats his health minister Manto Shabalala Msimang who said that people with hiv should eat beetroot, garlic and african potatoes for health instead of poisoning themselfs with anti-retrovirals. The hapless b***h refused to admit that hiv cause aids right until her dying day.

  46. …Ay dios mio.

  47. Jean-Paul, Canada 24 Apr 2010, 5:14am

    Now that the Conference on Climate Change has our attention (he he),
    a few sobering facts are in order, n’est-ce pas?

    Interesting comments here too about deviation-causing poultry…

    There’s a bit more going on in the world than general elections in the UK, innit. I’m sure the Green Party would agree with Morales, though.

    Vote Lib Dem…or Green.

  48. Jean-Paul, Canada 24 Apr 2010, 5:38am

    Bolivia’s climate summit has had moments of joy, levity and absurdity.

    Yet underneath it all, you feel the emotion that provoked this gathering: rage against helplessness.



    And there’s lots more if you follow the links.

  49. John Equality 24 Apr 2010, 7:06pm

    It’s good to see that Bolivia has a program for reintegrating discharged mental patients! I always wondered what happened to Erik Estrada after CHiPs…

    So, did he say all this before or after decking himself out in 17 gold chains, 4 brooches, a fur stole, and a kicky satin sash?

  50. Look at the guy. He is an out and out idiot. Is that what you look like when you eat guinea pigs? How embarrassing for Bolivia to have this nut as a president.

  51. @54:

    The rest of us are just having fun, but you are a fcuking racist, Frances.

  52. Ananacronym 25 Apr 2010, 1:33pm

    Sure , this chaps spouting nonsense, BUT..I remember, prob 20 years ago, a report in a serious medical journal regarding a girl child, somewhere in S. America, who was fully formed and pregnant, under 10 years old. And whilst the UK has banned the nasty growth hormones and other additives which took a day old chick to the table as a fully grown bird in a few weeks,much of the chicken eaten in the UK is imported from 3rd world Countries where no such bans are in place. If you have to eat Chicken, make sure it’s free range UK bred.

  53. another nutter looking for publicity – to be ignored

  54. That has to be the strangest marketing campaign for organic farming

  55. Margaret A 27 Apr 2010, 1:02pm

    This was an incorrect translation of his comments. Evo Morales was not referring to gays. Please see below:

    Evo Morales “reaffirms” his respect for sexual freedom
    translated from

    The Government of Bolivia has sent a letter to a gay Spanish group to “ratify” the respect for sexual freedom established in the new Constitution of the country, reported presidential spokesman Ivan Canelas.

    Canelas said at a news conference that the letter says that “under no circumstances,” was the country’s president, Evo Morales, referring to homosexuals during a speech last week when he spoke of transgenic foods at the opening of a social summit on climate change in Bolivia.

    The letter was sent to Madrid by the Ministry of Justice. “He has responded to a umbrella organization of Spanish lesbians and gays. We respect and affirm their sexual freedom and in doing so we ratify what is established in the Constitution,” Canelas said.

    “It never passed through the President’s head, from any point of view, to attack the rights of homosexuals,” the spokesman said, stressing that Morales was the driver of a new constitution, enacted more than a year ago, which prohibits and punishes all forms of discrimination on grounds of sex, color, age, sexual orientation.

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