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Bisexual men ‘not gay enough’ for softball team

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Reader comments

  1. If they identify as gay then they should be allowed to play as gay players – if they identify as non-gay then they should count towards the maximum of two non-gay players – it’s not rocket science! These guys identify as non-gay and yet want to count as gay.

  2. Pumpkin Pie 22 Apr 2010, 12:35pm

    no more than two heterosexual players on each team

    If that’s how the rules are written, I see no problem with having any number of bisexual players. You’d think somebody would have had the sense to clearly spell out in the rules exactly what their stance on bisexuality is. Might’ve saved a bit of trouble.

  3. SimonQQ, how did you work that one out?

    The decision on if they are gay or not should be decided on who their current partners are its as simple as that! Being bisexual does not exclude you from being gay or hetro.

  4. PO'G formerly Patrick 22 Apr 2010, 1:05pm

    Here we go again…..more idoicy from the good ole US of A. Who the fcuk cares, its a bloody baseball team fcol.

  5. Poor Abi thinks that ones sexual orientation should “be decided on who their current partners are its as simple as that!” which suggests that if someone is married because of social pressures then they cannot be lesbian or gay – Abi has spoken, how you self-identify is of no account in her world, it’s all down to the sex of the person you are having sex with at that particular point in time. Presumably if you are not having sex with anyone at a given point in time (like, eg, when you are playing a sport (handball is a sport, no?)) then you have no sexual orientation.

    I think most people would accept that how we self-identify in relation to sexual orientation and gender is the major element in how we should be treated – if Abi identifies as male or as female, or as black or white, or as gay or straight or bi or pan then we shoudl respect that – but she doesn’t want us to respect her self-definitions. The old Abi1975, who has a link to her facebook page, used to assert that self-definition was an important element in our sexual orientation and gender identity and that a person’s own definition shoudl be respected but this new Abi seems to disagree. But maybe the new Abi is right because she does end her statement with an exclamation mark which is always a powerful “argument”.

    So, if it is a gay handball team (why anyone would want to have a gay or bi or straight or pan handball team I have no idea but that’s their choice) then I say include people on the basis of how they self-identify, not whether they happen to be having sex with someone at the particular point you determine their application – for goodness sake they might be driving or making a hot drink or something – we don’t all have sex 24 hours a day and yet most of us think that we retain our self-identified sexial orientation even when we are not engaged in sexual activity at each and every moment of the day.

  6. If this silly organisation is private and does not receive public money it can be as daft as it likes. It certainly seems to be. It can restrict membership to polka-dot Martians as far as I am concerned.
    That said, I have always felt that rigid rules on this matter in lgbt groups organised around an interest not directly related to sexuality (sport in this case) are impractical and can hurt and alienate supportive people who don’t precisely fit the mould. Surely the point is that the group should be completely lgbt affirming and that individual sexuality/gender identities are secondary.

  7. Sexuality can be fluid, as can gender. There are no strict rules. Where is this rule book? Aren’t we free to express our sexuality anymore? Most straight-jacket people are happy to shackle themselves & deny any possibility of being attracted to a member of the same sex, even though many of them are. Where exactly do you draw the line? A community that sticks together can make a difference & change the world, yet many of you want to throw people out who don’t identify as ‘100 percent gay in your book’. If you want to be alone as a group then feel free to walk alone as gay fascists & fight your own battle against homophobia & the new rise of national socialism in today’s Europe. Destroy all the connections & strength in numbers of an LGBTI community that has already made a massive difference to our modern society. I’m sick of the prejudice by some of the gay community towards bisexual & genderqueer individuals. You’re nothing more than hypocrites.

  8. Har Davids 22 Apr 2010, 3:13pm

    Not gay enough in the eyes of some gays and gay for some straights. I had no idea there was such a thing as a gay/straight scale.

  9. Well technically they aren’t gay so all 3 of them shouldn’t have been allowed into the team in the first place since theres a limit of just 2 non-gays

  10. Ummm, is there kudos attached to playing in a gay team now? If not I would have assumed these guys were telling the truth and not just wanting to out themselves for a laugh?

  11. ‘The three men are each seeking $75,000 compensation for emotional distress.’
    Doesn’t this prove they’re 100% gay?

    But jokes aside. What an idiot wrote those rules? Maybe heterosexuals should have rules allowing a certain number of gays in their teams? Or should they extend it to companies, schools and so on?

  12. Bisexual people are bisexual, not heterosexual. They should not be counted towards a limit of heterosexual players. That’s just simple common sense.

    And bisexual people are bi, not people who switch between being straight and gay depending on who they’re sleeping with. That’s like saying that people who are single must be asexual! Get a grip.

  13. Maybe they can play “slightly-harder-ball”, or possibly get a couple to bat for their own team. ;)

  14. So which team are they supposed to play for? Maybe they should just do what they do in the privacy of their own homes & not get involved in any social activities because they obviously don’t fit in anywhere do they? Would that suit you gay fascists? There are so many of you in here, I’m shocked. Shame on all of you. Get your heads out of your own backsides. There is no gay hierarchy, there is no perfect gay, just be yourself. Stop playing to a gay image. I’m sure if one of your gay icons actually came out as bisexual, you’d be all over him wouldn’t you. I can read you like a book. Seriously pathetic. Grow up.

  15. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 22 Apr 2010, 9:15pm

    Strike Three your out, shut up, stop whinning, leave the field,
    and let the GAYS play soft ball. If playing the game of soft ball
    means that much to you, perhaps it would be wise to start a bisexual team. NOT a penney should any one of you collect.Go home. M
    F E

  16. Wow so most of you advocate discrimination against bisexual people. I would have thought that you would have been educated enough to see how stupid your comments are. There are heaps of stupid myths out there about homosexuality as it is and you lot are happy to promote the equally rediculous myths about bisexuals?

  17. Obviously the softball team isn’t the only scrumballs here.
    We got the entire anti-B to the LGBT group here. You should all *BLEEP* off.

    My girlfriend is bisexual and we have been together for over a year now. Monogamous, past, present and future.
    So shove your bisexual myths where the sun don’t shine!

  18. ZoeK: “So shove your bisexual myths where the sun don’t shine!”
    Well at least you have a choice… ;)

  19. I am all for bisexual inclusion (and also for bisexuals being able to organise as bisexuals and gay men being able to organise as gay men and lesbians being able to organise as lesbians) but Leilah and ZoeK do give bisexuals a bad name – I am all for excluding these fantacists.

  20. Leilah and ZoeK are making excellent points, the usual suspects come out to make this story into a joke and show their immaturity

  21. Mihangel apYrs 23 Apr 2010, 1:23pm

    it’s the “North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance” not the “North American Gay and Bisexual Amateur Athletic Alliance”.

    People on this thread have made an issue of saying that bi gay. In my opinion it is stupid to divide the “B” from the “G” elements of sexual orientation, but them’s the rules – change them if they’re wrong.

    However it is a bit rich for the “National Center for Lesbian Rights” to be wading in: if you asked them if they’d be happy with gay men invading their “women-only” spaces you’ dsee how quickly they resiled from “treating everybody in the community equally”.

    And 3 X $75,000 seems a bit much, probably enough to kill the Alliance… But revenge is sweet

  22. Right, because this is just what the queer community needs, inter-community-bigotry. Wonderfull, what leeps and bounds we’re making. God forbid we ever accept someone ever so slightly diferent to ourselves as being worthy of respect. As for recognising that there might just be more than two strickly defined sexualities in the world just because a few million people don’t fit those catagories, well that would just be rediculous, wouldn’t it.


  23. Mihangel apYrs 23 Apr 2010, 4:38pm

    should have been “bi isn’t gay”



    I agree that divisions are bad, but suing the a*se off a group isn’t going to achieve anything useful when working to change entry criteria would be.

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