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David Cameron to dispatch top gay Tory Nick Herbert to challenge homophobic Polish allies

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Reader comments

  1. Patrick James 22 Apr 2010, 12:23am

    So, Nick Herbert is to go to Poland in…


    Well that is pretty safe really with regard to the election. After all if Nick Herbert’s visit becomes a focus for LGBT protest then it isn’t going to have much influence on the election which will by then be in the past.

    All David Cameron can do in his attempt to hide his party’s deep homophobia is announce cheap stunts to take place after the election.

    This announcement comes the day before the second Prime Ministerial debate which has foreign policy has its agenda.

    It is so transparent.

    While Chris Grayling remains the shadow home secretary, LGBT people get from the Conservatives is a silly stunt to take place in the future purely to try and get Cameron through a TV debate.

  2. BrazilBoysBlog 22 Apr 2010, 12:26am

    “This now marks the fourth occasion during the election campaign that Mr Cameron and his party have tried to reach out to the gay community.”

    Really? Perhaps another word for it would be electioneering? (not backed-up by firm manifesto commitments of course)

    “Our point is that it is good to have a new group that is against a federal Europe, that wants free trade, co-operation and progress in Europe. And yes, some countries, particularly some of the Catholic countries, do have very conservative social views. They are on a journey in respect of that and it is a journey we can help them with.”

    Really? Perhaps it is better not to support a right-wing homophobic party in the first place? Or perhaps being right-wing and opposed to a ´federal Europe´ is MORE important to the Tories than gay equal rights?

    Congratulations Pink News on another piece of very pro-Tory reporting..

    How about publishing a Pink News editorial stating (truthfully) where your publication actually stands on this election? Then at least we would all know… But please, credit your readers with a little more intelligence by not claiming to be ´impartial´, yet producing pieces like this one.

  3. Benjamin Cohen 22 Apr 2010, 12:32am

    I’m not going to start an argument, but this is pretty fair reporting here by PinkNews. It lists counter points for each of the attempts that Mr Cameron made to “reach out”. Read it carefully, it’s as fair as you can get. We also get complaints that we’re too anti-Tory.

    PinkNews supports no one in the election. Our readers are split but the last poll we did showed (before the debates) the Liberal Democrats in first place with the Conservatives in third.

  4. Steve Craftman 22 Apr 2010, 12:43am

    Well done, David. But why did you have to send your most senior gay Conservative to Poland to sort this out? Any of your minions toeing the current party line (watch it disappear on May 7!) would have done instead. Or could it be that there aren’t too many conservatives that you could trust with such a job? I know what my betting slip reads…

  5. Yea right. Sending him to get some advice on how to be even more homophobic, morelike. One by one these racist homophobes are showing their true colours. They seem to be obsessed with doing down the Gay community and are totally unable to hide it. More like they are playing to the homophobic racist xtians in the home counties. They couldnt care less about our vote because they know most of us just wouldnt vote for them if they sprouted wings and made like the archangel gabriel. The main reason they are making a half heartyed play at appeasing us is to keep us quiet until after the election. Sneak into any tory meeting in middle England and you will hear the real racism and homophobia dressed up as “family Values” and “protecting married life”

  6. BrazilBoysBlog 22 Apr 2010, 4:02am

    @3 Okay, maybe it´s just the way I read the piece (and re-read the piece). What does everyone else think?

  7. A complete waste of time.
    He should divert his ‘plane to Rome and try there; he would have just as much success… as in none.
    Poland is in thrall – but totally – to the Catholic Church; there is a church every few metres even out in the countryside.
    You come across a hamlet; no more than a dozen houses, and there, rising out of the fields, is a huge, but huge, Titanic look-alike church building as in ‘yet another’..
    I regularly used to travel, as a passenger, by car from Lublin in the S.E. to Poznan in the N.W. for my work.
    I used to make what I thought was a harmless, light-hearted comment, “Oh! A church! How lovely! ‘Co na niespodzianka !’ .. ‘what a surprise’..!”
    That never went down well at all, as soon as it was realised, from the tone of my voice, that I was being schneid; so I kept my trap shut.
    After all, at best, it was ill-mannered of me to comment, as a guest in that country and – as a (very) lapsed Catholic – I was the object of “We will pray for you..!” – much ‘tut-tutting’; ‘faux’ sad faces and downcast eyes.
    Fine and “motor on!” Polska; but keep it there, please.
    Other nations and their religions and their claptrap, please do likewise.
    Why any of our prospective leaderines feel it necessary to cosy up to these sky-fairies is astounding because they will be wasting their time on this issue (homosexuality).
    Go to Lublin, the foremost Catholic University city in the land, where Pope JP II was a lecturer, prior to asssuming the papacy, and see for yourself.
    When lectures are finished for the day, just try and count the number of full religious habits (dress) in the street.
    Hundreds, yes hundreds, of nuns and monks in the full monty; veils, beads, sandals, beards – akimbo.!
    (Not on the nuns, I might add; no bearded nuns.)
    It is like stepping back to 1410.
    Lovely country, of course.
    Lovely food.
    Stunning scenery.
    Mind set?
    Debatable when it comes to religion.
    Of course not all Poles are religion-mad; many have come here, have set up and are glad to have escaped it all, my cousin being one such.
    But the overwhelming mind-set is .. ‘RCC’ .. and to get back to my opening barb … Mr. Herbert is wasting his time.


  8. Whoopy! Just because his name is Nick does not mean the Right Wing Poles will agree with him(!) As if sending one gay man will make a happens of difference to their bigotted hatred!!!!

  9. He is going to open up a can of worms. Roman Catholic Church/Redemptorist monks, (in particular a radio station called Radio Maria including a tv station run and owned by a multi-millionaire Redemptorist priest called Father Rydsek,) control of/over the Polish Law and Order Party.

  10. Good for David Cameron. Least he’s showing willing. Of course whatever he does he’ll come under attack from most on here anyway.

  11. Whoopy! So call me Dave is sending a man called Nick to Poland just in case they have caught Cleggmania and agree with him eh(!) Sending one gay man to convince all those Biggots and homophobes is really clever; they’ll probably stone him to death!

  12. BTW “Top” gay tory? Oh er Mrs(!) Nudge nudge say no more! :-)

  13. BTW “Top” gay tory ? Oh er Mrs, Nudge nudge(!) :-)

  14. Last week Pink”News” chose not to tell you about a police investigation into goings on at the Glasgow LGBT Centre. There is more in the news today – – will PinkNews report it and if no then what’s in it for them in sitting on a significant LGBT-related story?

  15. If David Cameron were serious about this, why did he do nothing for a year when he was criticised in the House of Commons by Liberal and Labour MPs, including at PMQs, criticised extensively in the media, and implored by the public?

    It was this, together with the response from my MP who I wrote to on the subject, that made me realise that the tories have not changed. They just have kinda-cool clothes covering a nasty underbelly. For that reason before all others I realised I can’t vote for Conservative and declared myself… out. (^_^)

  16. desperate despot tories

  17. Mumbo Jumbo 22 Apr 2010, 9:55am

    1. William Hague and David Cameron have spent the last year claiming that their EU partners were not homophobic.

    2. If these statements were true, then surely, this mission is unnecessary.

    3. To send someone on a mission simply because of their race, gender or sexuality is deeply patronising. Will they sending a black person out tomorrow to ask them to stop being racist?

    4. It’s often claimed that LGBT Conservatives are self-haters. Perhaps. But accepting such a mission certainly shows Nick Herbert to have no self-respect.

    5. The argument that the Liberal Democrat and Labour parties have homophobes in their respective EU groupings is to ignore the fact that these are fringe opinions that, sadly, happen to be there.

    6. The Conservatives, on the other hand, deliberately left the equivalent grouping of the centre-right parties, with the usual fruitcake quota, to intentionally form a new one, further to the right, knowing that homophobic and other objectionable views were commonplace amongst their new allies.

    7. Furthermore, the Conservatives stitched up the leadership of the new group for a representative of the homophobes at the expense of their own candidate who then resigned in disgust.

    8. Desperate stuff. It’s like watching the RC Church defending itself against child rape. Please stop, it’s embarrassing.

  18. This all reeks of both condescension and desperation. Call-me-Dave is not going to win a parliamentary majority and we should all be relieved. He and Gordy are hopefully both finished.

  19. I really do find the timing of this move offensive. The Conservatives heard all the criticism of these European associates ages ago and did precisely nothing. Now that Cameron does not appear to be developing into the darling of the British public that they once expected, they will do anything to garner the minority vote. They are not to be trusted. So far as I am concerned, they will have to establish a track record of positive support for gay rights before my cross goes anywhere near a box that has “Conservative” printed in it.

  20. I wish Pinknews would report what is happenning in Europe, just recently there was anrtilce in which stated Commission outlines EU justice priorities Published: 20 April 2010 – ….
    The European Commission will today (20 April) present its priorities for the so-called ‘Stockholm Programme’ to modernise and harmonise EU justice and home affairs policies. But it will shy away from tabling immediate proposals on the controversial issues of immigration and the rights of same-sex couples.
    However, there is no mention among her top ten priorities of improving the rights of same-sex partners. The issue had been kept at arms’ length by MEPs in their first vote on the Stockholm Programme last November (EurActiv 26/11/09).
    Mutual recognition of civil partnerships across EU borders thus remains no more than a mirage in Europe. “For the moment it is not a priority,” an EU official said.

    It doesn’t matter what the parties say if the commissioner is not putting gay rights at the forefront, the socialist/labour were voted out of the majority in Europe so we now have to depend on the cons and the such like, the more we can get on our side the better, labour hasn’t much power in the EU anymore, does it?

  21. Nick Herbert, clad in armour with a pink tunic and a pink plumed helmet, displaying the arms of Richard the Lionheart (who was gay) on his shield, charging the Polish Right wingers,
    “God for Dave, England and the Poofs!” he’ll cry as he rides into battle on a Pink Crusade to free Polish Gays from their oppressive Leaders! Tally Ho!!!

  22. It’s blatantly obvious that Pink News is a vessel for Tory propoganda.

    it’s truly quite pathetic how they pretend to be non-partisan.

    This article is an example of extremely biased and shoddy journalism.

    Or perhaps they received the press release from Tory HQ and reprinted it verbatim.

    The evidence of how disgustingly homophobic the Tories remain is mounting every day.

    If you believed Pink News this is not happening.

    Wake up Pink News. If you alienate your readers (a majority of whom distrust and dislike the Tories for very valid reasons) then your readership shrinks, which means that the Guardian Group Newspapers will no longer be interested in your pro-Tory operation.

    As for that self-hating Gay Uncle Tom – Nick Herbert. His time would be better spent pressuring CallMeDave Cameron to sack the revolting bigots within the Tory Law and Justice Party in Britain.


    Iain Duncan Smith
    Philippa Stroud
    Chris Grayling
    Julian Lewis
    Andrew Brigden

    etc etc…

  23. Would someone please tell me what #14 and #20 have to do with this thread. #14 has been trying to promote a non story for ten days now and nobody but nobody is listening or cares.
    I tried reading the story when he started spamming it on every thread but found it tedious in the extreme, as it was about a minor spat on corruption with a local council in Scotland and hardly a major Gay issue. I suspect the poster is somehow involved and trying to make it a national story, someone else involved may be disadvantaged.
    #20 does have some merit but again is being pushed on the wrong thread.

  24. I thought the article was about influening decisions in Europe and I’m afrad like it or not, the cons/right wing now have the power in EU ,and yes Poland and the Uk are part of the EU and yes what happens in the EU will have an influence on us both, so I guess sending a tory to Poland will probably have more success than sending a labour MP but most probably neither will have any success if the commissioner doesn’t want to promote gay issues in Europe. So , thanks for the vote that my comment has some merit but what exactly is the point of your comment? Didn’t you realise anybody can comment , however vague , relevant or irrelavant – is there any checks what people say, get over it and make some sensible comments of your own!

  25. JonCK, you may not care about police investigations of alleged corruption at Glasgow LGBT centre but your assertion that “nobody, but nobody is listening or cares” does seem to be contradicted by the couple of posts last week asking for more information. Even if what you wrote was true do you think it would be a good thing if everyone was like you and did not care about alleged corruption in LGBT organisations?
    I posted the link last week on half a dozen stories and left it at that. I posted this new link on three or four stories today and would have left it at that – people can read the story if they like or ignore it if they have no interest in the integrity of lgbt organisations – but have only bothered to respond to you as you seem to think that everyone thinks like you do – a mistake I would never make! Over and out, dear heart.

  26. PO'G formerly Patrick 22 Apr 2010, 3:06pm

    Its still a non story…………..Just because the people involved happen to be gay doesnt necessarily make it a national gay issue. Somebody i know who is gay broke a tooth playing football last week but i dont think it should become a major issue on Pink News…………….

  27. The Tories are REALLY getting desperate now. They announce that they are sending someone two weeks before the elections!?!?!? Really scraping the barrel to get a few more votes.

    And why send someone to “to challenge homophobic Polish allies” when Cameron and friends have been repeating for months that their polish allies are not homophobic? Am confused…

  28. ‘Gay Uncle Tom’ Nick Herbert is being sent to Poland to divert attention from the grotesque homophobia of the Tory Party in Britain which Cameron has done NOTHING about.

    1. Why has Chris Grayling not been sacked. He is the Shadow Home Secretary who was secretly recorded stating that he believes that owners of commercial business be allowed to break the law in the provision of goods and services to gay people. The fact that it is homophobic is bad enough but the fact that he is a Shadow HOME SECRETARY and is advocating law-breaking is truly shocking.
    He should have been instantly fired.

    2. Andrew Brigden agrees with Chris Grayling. Why has he not been expelled from the Tory Party

    3. Shadow Defence Secretary Julian Lewis starts spouting lies about how an equal age of consent for gay people increases HIV transmission. This despite the fact that across Europe, the UK has one of the higher ages of consent but also the highest HIV infection rate and teen pregnancy rate.

    Why has this homophobic, lying moron not been fired?

    4. Iain Duncan Smith is the person who would be in charge of mending ‘Brokun Brittun’. He proposes to mend ‘Brokun Brittun’ by reducing the parental rights of non-biological gay parents.

    Why is Nick Herbert going to Poland when the Tory Party are in dire need of education about homophobia themselves.

    Probably because there’s some big election campaign for the homophobic Tory supporters coming up and the Tories don’t want a gay like Nick Herbert offending the sensibilities of the homophobic Tories base supporters.

  29. SimonM: “Why has this homophobic, lying moron not been fired?”
    Might it be, God forbid, he isn’t lying? Maybe it’s just wankers like you in complete denial.

  30. If you REALLY want to see what is going on in Poland, check this new documentary I had a hand in:


    Your support is appreciated.

  31. Another PR stunt by the Stunt Master. It’ll yeld nothing but some burps and farts.

  32. Campaiging time folks. Send the gay token to Poland, and don’t forget to call the Newspapers.

  33. Pathetic

  34. just because he sits on poles he thinks he knows them. boom boom

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